Astral Travels: Blessing Turkish Protesters

Turkey-Protest_Horo11.jpgWritten by Wes Annac


The following was written for the ongoing “astral travels” section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.

This week, we’re going to bless the Turkish protesters who have been victims of police violence and unnecessary force in the past week. We’ve been getting steady reports about the protests occurring in Turkey, and what started out as peaceful protests were brutally answered-to by their government and by the police forces behind the brutality.

Every country and citizen on this world is to find the freedom and sovereignty we all deserve, and no body of people deserves to be oppressed when attempting to proclaim the innate sovereignty we all possess. It’s time for the will of the people to be widely-expressed and to topple corruption, and this week, we’re going to help see to it that the actions of the Turkish protesters bear positive fruit.

Turkey is just one out of many countries experiencing an uprising of their people in the form of peaceful protest, and no peaceful protests or collective assertions of our rights should be met with violence or oppression. Our Lighted energies are going to be funneled to the country of Turkey and to the souls protesting there, in an effort to energetically aid them and given them as much higher-dimensional energy as they need for what they’re doing.

To begin our exercise, we’re going to travel to the beautiful beach we traveled to last week. Last week, we performed blessings of various whistleblowers and people working to expose corruption and tyranny, and this week, we’re going to travel to the same beach and use a familiar visualization technique to bless the people of Turkey.

Take a few deep breaths, and ease-into a light meditation if you’d like. Ease-into a meditation that’s just deep enough to solidify your visualizations and to help you feel a steady flow of metaphysical energy as you perform this exercise, but shallow enough that you can actively perform your visualizations. In short; get into a groove of feeling the good, meditative vibrations before we make our first visualization.

Our first visualization for this exercise will be auditory.

Visualize the sound of waves crashing up against the sand of the beautiful beach we worked from last week. Hear the water flowing peacefully into the sand at times, and crashing intensely into the sand at others. Really hear and feel the ‘swooshing’ sound the water makes as it travels in waves to and from the beach, and when you’re ready, visualize the beach these waves are crashing onto.

As we did last week, notice that this beach extends out very far on every side. It seems nearly-endless, and the sea extends out as far as the eye can see and indeed, much further. Quite-dense jungle meets the end of the shore and in that jungle, the most harmonious and wonderful of pure vibrations can be felt and the most intensely-beautiful of visual scenery can be experienced.

While we may perhaps work to visualize the jungle in a future exercise, we’re going to focus on the beach itself for now. Feel the warmth of the sun’s rays as you exist in this land. Visualize specific elements to this beach or to the sea or jungle, and visualize the various different insects and animals teeming in this incredible area.

Visualize the big blue sky and a few small clouds, and take-in the fresh air and the smells of nature around you. Continue to hear the sounds of the waves coming to and from the beach, and when you’re ready, we’ll bring-forth the next part of our exercise.

Notice, as you stand/float on the beach facing the water, that a metaphysical “screen” of sorts seems to manifest out of the ether. Floating between you and the water is a portal of sorts, which is going to show us a specific landscape or scene; in this case, a scene related to the protests occurring in Turkey.

You may all see this portal or screen differently.  For example; some of you may see a television screen of sorts manifest out of nowhere, while others may see a stargate or an energetically-constructed portal. No matter what each of us individually sees or visualizes, we’re now going to focus on what we’re being shown as we gear-up to offer our blessing energies to the people of Turkey.

The scene we’re offered on our screen is one of young and old protesters alike, peacefully protesting the replacing of their cherished Gezi Park and the cutting-down of over six-hundred trees so that a shopping mall can be put in their place. The protesters wish to proclaim their right to have a say in the decision to do such a thing or not and to that extent, they protest and attempt to assert such rights.

The mood is light and uplifted, as the satisfaction of standing-up for themselves and their rights breeds an air of sovereignty for every individual involved. Enjoy this scene for a moment, and feel the uplifted vibes of the protesters. Perhaps even attempt to expand-upon those uplifted vibrations, and send them right back to the protesters in abundance.

Now – visualize as the scene we’re viewing changes into something much different and more sinister.

Peaceful protesters, young and old, are being teargased routinely. Police are using batons and a plethora of other weapons to crack-down on the people peacefully asserting their rights. Corrupt individuals in the Turkish government have ordered complete and full crack-downs on their own citizens, and the result is complete police brutality and corruption, taken to unprecedented extremes.

The drive in the protesters to continue standing up for themselves and to expand their aims, now that they’ve experienced such illegal brutality and inhumane crimes against them, only grows stronger as they’re attacked with tear gas and beaten-down. Physical pain can only do so much damage, and spiritual motivation will forever outlast any pain.

These soldiers of Light continue-on in their mission to stand up against the clear tyranny being wrought against them, and they continue to experience brutality as a result. As we view this scene and likely feel aching in our hearts for these dear protesters, we will gear-up to perform our blessings.

Notice as, seemingly out of nowhere, our entire group of subscribers now stands/floats with you. We’re here in quite a large group, and we’re going to use our collective blessing energies to funnel Love through to the scene we’re witnessing, as a group.

Make a personal affirmation that the purest of Christed consciousness be summoned-up from within you, directly from the realms of Source. Of course, you won’t receive Source energy in its purest form because we don’t yet exist in the fully-undistorted realms of Source, but such a strong affirmation will see you summoning vastly-pure energy from within.

Visualize this energy as it flows up into your feet and begins traveling up your spine. What does this stream of pure Creator-energy look like as it flows up through you?

What color (or colors) is it? What specific features does it have? Is it transparent, or more solid-looking? Make specific visualizations regarding this energy, and continually affirm that it’s pure and potent in structure and in the amount of good it’s to do.

Notice that as this energy flows up your spine, it pours out of each of your chakras.

It quite literally flows out of your astral chakras as it comes up through you, and every bit of energy flowing out of your chakras is being added to our now-forming collective “cloud” of energy. Our collective energy-cloud is already growing quite big, as the chakras of each of us pour this energy out in buckets and add it to the cloud, while our small streams are added to the cloud as well.

Spend as much “time” bringing this energy through as you’d like to. I’d recommend spending quite a lot of time and energy on this transfer, for the people of Turkey need all the positive energy and assurance they can get. Really pour the Creator-energy you’re acting as a conduit for into our collective cloud, and when you’re ready, we’re going to send our cloud off to the dear protesters.

With one grand visualization, watch as our collective cloud squeezes-through the scene we’re witnessing, and washes-over every facet of the scene. This energy washes-over the peaceful and oppressed protesters, and covers them in pure, blessed bliss. Our blessing energy washes-over the men and women; the children and animals.

This energy washes over the young and the old; the oppressed and the oppressors. The Creator looks upon Turkey with a smile, and offers the energies we’ve just given for the Turkish people to take and absorb.

While I couldn’t yet offer a visualization of what the situation looks like after our blessings have been given, I can recommend continuing to send your positive affirmations and visualizations toward the protesters and toward the uprising occurring in Turkey.

We’ve done what we can in sending our pure blessing energies toward the dear protesters, and I’m confident they’ll be able to actively pick-up on and absorb our blessings and use them to rise-up against the corruption in their government, in a way that sees as minimal loss of Life as possible.

Say a prayer for the people of Turkey every morning and night. For that matter, say a prayer for the citizens of every area of this world attempting to stand-up to the corruption that’s attempted to take away their natural right to use their voices and speak-up.

Say a prayer for the revolution of mankind, because Turkey and so many other countries are leading the way. Our blessing energies have been sent to the protesters in Turkey, and we can continue to keep them in our thoughts and send positive energy and intent their way.

For now, continue to spend time in this realm if you wish to. Perhaps perform more blessings for the people of Turkey or for the people of any other country working to uproot their oppressors, and continue to visualize a brimming Galactic society built by the people. We’re building such a society, one country’s revolution at a time.

This concludes this week’s astral travels.

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