Astral Travels: Blessing a Polluted River

416-small.jpg?w=380&h=285&width=253Written by Wes Annac


The following was written for the ongoing “astral travels” section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.

This week, we are going to travel to the surface of our fifth dimensional Earth and as we have been doing, we will be using our blessing abilities to give Light to another representation of lower dimensionality and pollution, which will act as a conduit for our Light to be given to the actual things it is representing.

We have been doing this for quite a few weeks now and while I’ve intended for each weekly exercise to be as unique as possible, I’ve been told that our Lightwork upon our fifth dimensional New Earth is so very needed so that Nova Gaia can be aided along Her descent unto our lower dimensional realities. I’ve been “getting” that our fifth dimensional Earth was largely established around the timeframe of December 21st or rather, we began a very rapid phase of our ongoing growth toward it.

Because of this, we are tasked with doing exactly what the term “Lightworker” suggests; using our natural Light in an individual and group manner and working with it to help heal aspects of our reality that are not in resonation with the fifth dimensional reality that their representations are displaying themselves to us in. We are performing these blessings from our New Earth specifically in part because of the presence of a myriad of ascended souls who are themselves performing blessings in a very similar manner as us.

To begin our exercise for this week, I will as I often do, recommend a light meditation so that you can feel the impressions of what we’re about to do in a clearer manner. As you will be reading and focusing on your computers in a sense, it may not prove as helpful to go into a deeper meditation but perhaps allow yourselves to take a few deep breaths and get “in the energy” so to speak.

As you do so, imagine, visualize and Create yourself with our entire group of subscribers, in a very futuristic-looking classroom. The children and teenagers in this classroom are not learning things about Life and their reality in the manner they have been and are rather, enthusiastically exploring much more complicated and spiritual subjects than would ever be expected to be taught by teachers or understood by students of the public education system.

These students have far learned past the standard grade level as defined currently, and are adamantly studying advanced and metaphysical concepts as well as poetic and spiritually-satisfying subjects. These children and teenagers are actively interested in understanding the oneness of humanity among so many other things, and the subject they are currently learning about is that of working with energy and pretty much doing exactly what we are about to do.

Visualize and watch as the teacher tells the students that we are about to display to them what it is like to work with energy and use it to heal and bless representations of lower dimensional things. As the teacher is discussing this, notice that the environment around us begins to shift and change from that of the classroom, to that of the shore of a river.

We have collectively traveled to this shore along with the students and the teacher who, again, has informed them that we are about to show them our blessing abilities. Notice that we are at a river that would otherwise be beautiful, but pollution has run amuck and unfortunately, it shows. The water is dirty and polluted; having had trash dumped into it frequently by human interests who did not care of the damage they were causing and only wanted to save money.

Notice that the air is musty and foggy, and what would otherwise be a brimming blue and sunny sky is a pale and smoggy sky. This has all resulted from the pollution humanity has fed and as we continue to notice things about this aspect of our fifth dimensional reality we know not to be in resonation with it, notice that this area has also garnered the attention of the large group of higher dimensional souls Creating upon and helping deliver our fifth dimensional Earth to our lower dimensional realities.

These souls will continue to travel alongside us when we make our ways to these realms, and notice as they too begin floating over to the shore of this river and themselves begin giving their energetic attention to the pollution and density manifested and fed in this area.

If you wish to, continue to notice or Create specific polluting or dense things about this area; not to bring you or it down, but to use and put in place as many representations as possible so that those things can actively be blessed by the collective Lighted energies we are about to give out with the rest of our growing group of higher dimensional souls.

The students are so very excited to witness what we are about to do, and some of them have already elected to perform such feats themselves as they are already beginning to discover how to do it. Overall, our group has grown very large indeed and I ask you now to ready yourselves to bring the clearest and purest stream of higher dimensional blessing and healing energy that you can muster up, through.

You are receiving and transmitting these energies through the heart, but the mind will be your ally in the sense that it will communicate which specific type of blessing or healing energy you wish to come through you and the heart will act accordingly. When you are ready, take a physical breath and visualize a pure stream of blessing/healing energy coming up through you in a spiral-like fashion, before being added to the overall Lighted energies being given out by our entire collective.

You can utilize the “silvery stream” of energy the Hathors have been teaching us to work with, and you can as well utilize the “short bursts” to add small but potent amounts of this energy to the overall collective “bubble” we have once again manifested. Notice that not only the teacher who traveled here with us, but every single one of the students now fully know and understand how to perform this feat and are already bringing the purest of energies through themselves.

They are very intelligent indeed, and despite the representation we are acting upon when being with these students, they are not and will not actually be taught in a school by a teacher and will rather, learn from the collective and the community around them in the fifth dimension. Continue to add your energies to this large bubble for as long as you would like to and as you do this, peek around and notice that quite literally everybody is adding to this incredibly large bubble of collective blessing and healing energy.

It has grown to proportions larger than anything we have yet manifested and now, I would like for you to visualize and Create as this energy hits and transforms the shore of this river.

A strong whoosh of energy could perhaps be felt and rather than our previous travels to these realms wherein the representation reverberated wildly from one thing to another upon being blessed, this area is completely transformed to what it is supposed to be and is meant to be: the most beautiful shore of the most beautiful river that could be manifested on our fifth dimensional New Earth.

The water is crystal clear; go ahead, jump on in! There is absolutely no pollution or density of any kind, and the peaceful fish and land animals are convening with us and celebrating the restoration of this land and its salvation from the uncaring actions of the Earth human collective. As you have been before, you are now invited to celebrate with these souls and with the higher dimensional souls we are increasingly working with, and you are as well invited to stay in these realms and continue this exercise far after it has been concluded.

You can continue to bless representations if you wish, or you can attempt to connect with a specific ascended soul who exists in these higher dimensional realms. Either way, your presence on our fifth dimensional New Earth is not only warranted and accepted, but deserved and honored.


This concludes this week’s astral discussion.

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  • I've never heard of Emoto Massaru, but that is incredibly interesting. It is wonderful to see souls out there genuinely proving that positive and uplifting vibrations have a positive and uplifting effect. Thank you so much for sharing, Feather. :)

    Much Love!

    Wes :)
  • Happy to be of assistance, Devi. :) :)


    Much Love to you!


    Wes :)

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