Ashtar ~ The Year of Revelation


Note: I just machine-translated the original french message by google translator. Seban.


Channeler: Monique Mathieu

Source:  (In french)

"I am Ashtar Shéran ! It is with pleasure that I have yet to speak to you today.

Of course this transmissive , this child of Light, is very difficult to accept that it was me that actually communicates with it! Somehow it is to his credit because it does not want to be abused. Be assured that I do not believe ! I really am Ashtar !

I just tell you this: I know that many Lightworkers, many who have voluntarily accepted the incarnation on Earth to accomplish their mission began to be sad, anxious , because nothing happens , because everything is too long and they lose confidence.

Me and my brothers in the great ship Star Celeste can understand , but we still ask you a little bit of patience. Put that time to good use patience to refine what you are.

You know that I speak the truth as you see more of what you call ships , you will see several forms , you will see balls of light , and you will increasingly feel that any approach now large, very great changes are at hand .

This year should be a key year, the year of revelation , the year when many beings wake up as if sleep was completed and will be reconnected to their reality. This year , many things will change.

We are demonstrating more and we'll tell you this: many Lightworkers we will ! Some of them will see a much larger and very bright star in the sky , others see as the channel and saw our friends, large spheres which are vessels of Light. It will wait for them and as if to say : "We are here We are present in your sky We have never been so close to you, then have another little patience ! "

Your world ends! Your civilization ends! He is preparing a new cycle in which humans live completely differently , where men will be freed from the yoke of domination where men believe in brotherhood , joy and beauty .

I speak of a new cycle because you will actually begin a new cycle ! You are more vibrations in the fourth and fifth dimension! Many will feel the beings , will feel much lighter, perceive many things they did not used to collect or will experience things they did not used to feel .

I put you on guard against : Beware the illusion , the illusion that attention can create your desire ! Just be careful!

I , Ashtar , I will be more close to you. More I will guide you through sincere and pure channels. More I warn you of crucial moments that you have to live. This is your reward for waiting that seems endless! However, when I warn you , I will not do that through a single channel as a single channel is not necessarily credible ! While I was talking to some future events to our current transmissive , it does not return because it would not have confidence in the reality of what I said to him .

By cons , if more intuitive people , whether canals or other , receive the same information , you will know that it is credible, that is the reality, and you prepare completely ! You prepare yourselves , you prepare to deal with what you have to live !

You will be warned! It's the least we can do because you have worked for years and years with courage, selflessness and love! This is the least we , your galactic brothers and I , Ashtar , can do for you ! We will not say that it is a reward , it is only the just reward !

So do not worry if some events begin to occur , you will see us , you will feel us more close to you ! The time is not yet quite there , preparations are still in terms of the invisible , many things are taking place because some energy must leave this world, willingly or by force! When I talk about energy , I also talk about non-human or even human bodies !

Today, early this year, I came to give you confidence and also so that you still have a little patience. Everything happens , but also you have to understand before we can live in wholeness, there will be difficult times. I do not say only for you who hear me , I say to the world in its generality.

The major changes are often in pain , but they are often necessary to go to whatever you want so long. Life in this world can not continue as it is! Humans have done wrong ! We have warned more than once and they did not listen , because they were recommended by other energy sources (I prefer naming energies).

Increasingly , humans who have awakened will consider what we tell them . Ashtar Command will make contact with many humans , it will make contact with some politicians , who will be able to understand, accept and implement what we tell them . We act for the good of humanity!

We could be there twenty years or more , but we could precipitate certain events and therefore we would prevent a certain evolution in humans . It has been given extra time to a maximum of humans open a new awareness and prepare . Now this time is almost up ! Me , beings Command , and all beings that help the planet Earth will ensure that maximum beings still open !

Meditate on what was said and work on! Again know, Lightworkers, Starseeds, you are not alone , know that there are many of your galactic brothers who , at this time, help the Earth humanity. There are hundreds of thousands of vessels waiting around the Earth that you still can not receive because they are in the fourth dimension , which will manifest more and more to make you aware of their actual existence .

Everything that is hidden will be informed by our Light All will be revealed ! As you say , you are the period of the Apocalypse ! In the true sense of the word is the time of the Revelation ! Some revelations will result in suffering.

I salute you , Children of the Earth ! I greet you sometimes just on our ships at night to find us! I greet you on behalf of all my brothers , your galactic brothers , I tell you how much I love you and how much me and my brothers protect you .

Again I tell you, be a little patient! Everything happens ! You are not far from the other side , but there will be times where a little obscure light can not penetrate and it will still pass !

I love you! Be brave and patient!

I am Ashtar ! "


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  • "I love you! Be brave and patient!
    I am Ashtar ! "

    Well, since We're all One I suppose that's the truth. :)

  • Thank you, really very good. I can confirm that I feel the same energy as in the text. I feel the change is here and possible the time that is almost up is 2017. We will see, the key focus for me and I hope for many also is to help as many of our brothers and sisters to pull though and raise vibration. We are all one and one can help the all. As an African proverb states: if you think you are small to make a difference then think how much difference one mosquito can make in a huge room in the night.

    Peace and love 

  • Dear Drekx, you must be a very nice Ground Commander of GFL. LOL! Thanks for your gratitude for ONENESS! Also, thanks Michael for nice pic. Seban.

  • 02

  • Oh indeed, a Taj jai dan ("happy new dawn" in Sirian) to you, too....

    And certainly, this is not about winners and loosers....The truth is simply the mighty truth and it will prevail, as the old templar axiom goes....


    No hard feelings I hope, Avatar.....??

    The ever so humble, Drekxy16

  • Dear Drekx

    Happy New Year!.

    Anyway, we are in abroad the same ship, even the belief system were somewhat different,

    so we should be in anytime in humble, so unlike the 3D concept of winners and losers,

    we should anytime see the every manifestation as in humble viewpoint, not in winners takes all mode.

    You know what I mean?

    You should in humble see the any respected person like in oriental mood, but you overpassed somewhat in winner's mood.


    So, be quiet against your triumphantly feeling.


    You don't know the much bigger considerations on the Humanity from the Heaven, so don't judgement in earlier as in 3D viewpoint.


    Don't overview and over mis-conclude everything of misfires in 3D as CIA espionage "in whoelsalely."


    Actually, they have no empowerment right now for any further espionage.


    So, I would like to recommend that you just humbly feel that everyone visiting the ACC is our same side brothers and sisters, so not disputable against anyone.






    We are collectively making the 5D Earth upgrade with loving and careful consideration with every Souls!


    For the aspect of our Source, he/she already assigned each mission in order to awaken every Humanity, although what missions they assigned. So, we, everyone have every important missions and have perfomed every missions well until Now Moment. So, in making the 5D New Earth, we are trying to make in our own fullfillment of each and everyone's cherish Missions.


    So, please do not have any 3D mind in the next time. Just humble in everythings and in everyway!


    I'm not sure but this message might be in part coming from the SOURCE, I believe


    Everytime, respectable with humble, like Sananda!


    Love and Light, Drekx


    Seban. <3



  • Very true, orb seeker.....There are several so-called "channels" who work for the dark and have placed as much confusion in the minds of the new age community, as they possibly can....

    Certainly, Suzanne Ward is one of these, Beth Trutwin, another...There are many others, too...Some flip flop between true lighted messaging and personal glamours...people like Mike Quinsey...

    The GFL has to be very careful in selectng the right material to convey to humanity.....This is only as good as the channel used..And most known of are NOT USED by the GFL at all...

  • Everything we have been getting from the channels is wrong it has been proven to be wrong!!! When are we going to stop listening to them? There is now a controversy btwn Matthew and Jesus (Linda Dillon) they are giving conflicting reports of the crucifixion? I have come to the conclusion that its all BS. I know the shift is going to happen but these people who claim to be speaking for higher entities are BS. I could sit and write anything and say its from whoever I wanted that is evidently what they are doing and I'm sick of it, no more for me.

  • Hi Michael,

    Yes I would like a mass landing straight away, but there are reasons for caution..


    So, in spite of CIA Psyops disinfo about ISON, there are genuine plans for a mass landing by the GFL......However, this complex project will become active when humanity is ready for it, as a collective....

    There is a vast need for a change of political governance and economic reformation, before First Contact....

    The GFL S&E Fleet is ALREADY IN PLACE........awaiting the command to go ahead with the project...

    There is an alternative emergency landings senario (established in 2011) already in place, in the event that the dark governments of the world proove too difficult to remove.....I did place some data of the net about this eventuality on several websites...I'll find the link for your perusal.....This might still happen if the dark nut fails to crack first..

    I have placed data on this possible alternative mass landings event on several websites, as it is important as a useful logistical backup to the prime scenario, currently aimed for...

    Cheers, Drekx




    One Vibration
  • Actually, the "polar vortex" is simply another US buzzword for the well known Jet Stream, which has migrated south of it's normal arctic latitude, over several winters...

    I note that Nancy A still believes in the ISON fantasy, in spite of evidence to the contrary....Like the vortex, minds continue to spin around and around, this winter....LOL

    Muddled minds may manifest unfriendly events, it seems...and what comes first, the chicken or the egg...??

This reply was deleted.

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