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by Ashtar
(channeled by Rev. Deb Wright of Sananda's Eagles)

Dear ones, my name is Ashtar. I am an etheric being from many
planets, stars and incarnations. However, for billions of years, I
have taken on one project, the project of populating many planets
with "Star Seed", and the project of bringing those planets through
evolution. Earth is not the only one! Still it was myself, among
others, who brought life to Earth in the very beginning and I did
this, as did others, mainly through intention and through the
process of creation relative to the human being. Now, because the
Earth is out of balance and because I have an interest in the
people, I come to assist at this time, to see her through the
evolution into the Fifth Dimension.

And so, I come as a shepherd, gathering together his sheep safely,
carrying the ones who hurt, just being there for all of them,
finding the strays and bringing them together. This is my task, at
this time, relative to the Earth. Ashtar means "Shepherd". I am
Ashtar, shepherd of the Earth. I wish to bring to your awareness
another shepherd, for there are many. This shepherd you know very
well. His name is Jesus. Jesus was an incarnation on the Earth of a
very high being, known to those of the Light as Sananda. This one,
of course, you all know personally. He is the one to whom you pray.
Jesus. Sananda.

Dearest ones, I work directly under the leadership of Sananda.
Therefore, you know and understand that we of the etheric inter-
dimensional forces work directly with the Light, with Jesus and
with God. Your Heavenly Creator is the one whom we worship,
just as you do.

We are working with you as partners, to bring the Earth into a
higher dimension. That is what is occurring and is what the Book of
Revelation does not say. All of the changes upon the Earth are
cleansings to prepare for this and they are explained in
Revelation. It would be helpful for you to read that book, the last
chapter in the Bible. As you read, you will see and you will
understand there are prophesies, and that on the Earth those
prophesies are being fulfilled right now. I give you these words
with much love, dear ones. I give you these words in order to bring
understanding to your heart.

I bring you these suggestions so you will be able to look deeper
and understand better. I wish to thank you at this time...all of
you who are of the stars...who are awakening to the reality that is
not in the history books. These realities are coming through in the
form of channelings, realizations, insights and dreams. Dear ones,
I suggest that you get together with others of your philosophy,
either by postal mail, by email, or in person, so you can discuss
these matters, and thereby understand more.

Daily, dear ones, invoke the Light upon your entire being, your
life, and your loved ones. The White Light is your protection and
it is a beam through which we, in the Heaven Worlds, can guide




by Ashtar
(channeled by Rev. Deb Wright of Sananda's Eagles)

"I want to make it very clear up-front that there is only ONE of me
- one Ashtar - and that I do and can work in and through several
members of my 'Command'. Yes, dearest ones, there is a 'Command'
which bears my name, but perhaps not in the same vein as you have
chosen to view it. Now, this is ground which has been covered and
explained many times before, not only by me but through our dear
sisters Tuella and Thedra and Deb as well as others. This
'organization', if you would prefer to call it that, is not a
'Command' as one is viewed from a 3rd-dimensional consciousness.
Perhaps you could choose to see it as a tightly-knit group of the
angels and Masters, come together under Source, and working for
Earth and mankind under a banner of Love. You realize, of course,
that these angels and Masters include those who have chosen to be
on Earth at this time. I am the 'figurehead', so to speak, of this
organization since it bears my name. And, yes, it is a 'Command' -
a Command of Love - Love for the Creator and Love for All Creation.

We in the Higher Realms, as well as those of my Command presently
on Earth, do not constitute any sort of 'cult'. We work for the
Good of All, under All That Is, serving and carrying out the Divine
Blueprint. In order to do this, I, Ashtar, work through many of the
Earth-based members of my Command. I am not  'sole property' of
any one Being or group, nor does an initial contact which took
place nearly fifty years ago give any one individual, group, or
estate, what they may see as 'exclusive rights' to my communiqués
with the peoples of Earth. I have several messengers upon this
plane, as do others in my Command, and each one is used to bring
forth pertinent information from us as is deemed appropriate at the

It is our greatest desire that all those through whom we are
currently speaking will work together in a spirit of Oneness, Love
and cooperation. We have many mouthpieces, and no one person, on
Earth or 'otherwise', can claim exclusive rights to our words. We
work with/through those we have seen to be, and who have proved
themselves to be, an open and loving channel of pure Heart and
intent. We do, and will continue, to work closely with these
awakened Earth-based members of my Command. We have a job to
do… a Divine Function… as do you, and we will continue to employ all
means, ways, and messengers at our disposal to do so, in the most
expedient manner possible. And so be it. I am Ashtar, of the Ashtar
Command, through one of MY chosen messengers."





by Ashtar
(channeled by Rev. Deb Wright of Sananda's Eagles)
This is going to be a little bit different. I'm going to teach a
class and you're the students. Are you ready? Good! We have quite a
number of things to talk about this evening. It's a good thing you
got two tapes out. This will take awhile. Things have advanced
greatly, you realize. Globally, I think is what you call it. Now,
some of you think that I come in here and I put you in a position
to where you have to agree with me. That is not true. My brother
Sananda tends to come in at times and he 'cheats'. He puts out an
energy, when he comes in, that forces your Higher Self into
attendance. So some of you come in and you sit down, and things are
discussed, and after the energy is gone, it's gone from your
memories. It's like a 'faded' memory. That's not going to happen
this evening. I don't believe in doing that. I believe in giving
people their own choice in doing things. I even give them time
sometimes to make an appropriate choice. Well, it's time to get the
ball rolling.

We've been waiting patiently. This is OK. Things come when they are
right, yes? Good. I usually come in when it is time… what is it
that you say?… to 'kick butt', I believe is your term. But it is
done in complete love, and it is done out of necessity. And some of
you might walk away this evening feeling that that's exactly what
has happened. However, it will only be from YOU if it happens, it
will not be from me because, as I said, I'm here to do nothing more
than teach a class. I will ask a series of questions during the
course of this evening. I might even look at you, or look at you,
or you, or you [etc.] I might even look at the little furry one
[Dolly] that's running around. But please take note that when I ask
a specific question, I am not asking for a verbal reply… I'm just
throwing out a question is all. ...But please take note…they
are for a 'targeted group'… and this is the group that refers
to themselves as 'Lightworkers'. I believe in asking questions
that are good for the many, not just the one or two. Now, you
do not have to remember these questions or the answers
that you get from your 'self' ....they are not to remain with
YOU. They are to be shared and distributed widely.

You see, many of you… and in this term I speak generally… have
had a sense of 'urgency'. Many of you have had a 'feeling' that you
might not quite be able to put into words. And many of you have
felt a 'heaviness', perhaps even lost your temper? But you see,
that is because it is now the time. The Awakening Process is done.
Those who have refused to awaken are not out of the picture. They
will be allowed to continue sleeping. Some might even have a little
bit of an awakening later on, however, their missions have been
suspended. Does this tell you anything? You may continue with the
work you are currently doing, and you may continue shaking these
people if you wish, however, now is the time to shake those that
have been saying they are here to awaken others. Are you ready for
the shaking?

Now… we shall begin. You have been told, in this human realm, that
you use approximately 10% of your brain's capacity, yes? This is a
falsehood. It is more like 8-1/2%… for the very brilliant ones, at
that. The average among Lightworkers is approximately 7-1/2%. Of
the average human, you can cut that in half. I will let you do the
arithmetic. Many of you have heard the term 'ascension', and some
of you have been striving for this. Now, how many of you in this
room feel that you are ready for ascension? Please bear in mind,
this is one of those questions you are not suppose to answer
verbally. We are bringing your ego into the forefront. In order for
Lightworkers to begin doing their job more proficiently, it is time
to put the egos in check, and in order for you to do this, it is
time to see where your egos have led you, yes? There is not a
person on this planet today that is ready for ascension… not
ascension in its 'perfection'.

...We have been here all along. We have been here to give love, to
give comfort, to give support. We have been here to 'cheat' when we
can, to give little tidbits of information, to make you laugh, to
share with you some of the experiences that might possibly assist
you in what you volunteered to come here to do. You volunteered to
come in with freewill choice. You understand this? You volunteered
to do what seemed, at the time, to be a most easy of jobs. You
volunteered to come in to help rise the vibration of the peoples of
this planet so the vibrations of this planet, herself, might then
be raised. You understand this? You acknowledge this? And you say
that you do this. I have not come this evening as a judge, I have
come, more or less, as a 'statistician'… to share with you how much
more needs to be done.

You see, we understand what you FEEL that you need. We see it
constantly. We LOVE you, we MONITOR you. We want to make
sure that you are safe and protected. THAT is MY job. Do you think
that I enjoy watching you struggle over MONEY? Over LOVE? My
brother Sananda… rings the wind-chimes to make sure that you do
not forget that he is here with you, loving each and every one of
you right now… he cannot do this for you. You see, it is what YOU
decided, it was your CHOICE.

Do you want love to be your sole purpose for being? Love already
IS your sole/soul purpose for being! Give in to it!  I'm talking LOVE.

I will tell a secret. You may appreciate this. You all know that I
have what you refer to as a mate, yes? Beautiful in her fifth-
dimensional form… absolutely radiant in her pure form. She is me,
and I am she. Does that mean that I do not love others? I love ALL
others. Wouldn't I be a sad sort if I didn't love you, or you, or
you? Relationships are bound upon this earth. Do you realize this?
What you refer to as relationships are something that happen 'in
polarity'… here. You see, if you're 'here', you're striving to
become One with each other… which is EVERYONE, not  a select
one, but with all. Can you crawl into another person's body, heart,
and mind so that you may feel freely what they feel? So that you
may see clearly what they see? So you may BE who they are?
Well, of course not, you're in this dimension, on this plane, in this
contract, on this mission. But I can, as can all others that are
here striving to assist you. If you have a 'bad day' and I come in
and I say, "I love you,", and I say it shall get better…these are
not just 'words' that I say. For I have stepped inside of you. Oh!
Now that brings up another question, does it not? You might refer
to that as invasion of privacy, yes? Oh, privacy, too, only issues
forth from this planet. Why? Because of polarity. Why? Because you
need 'secrets'. Why? Because you need to have just 'yourself'. How
can Lightworkers decide to be out helping others and helping the
planet when they insist on remaining so private? But you see, I GOT
your permission… you just don't remember that I got it. I have it
as a matter of record. It is written down in your contract. It is
how we know you are OK, it's how we know when you've reached a
certain point, that we may assist you a little bit more. For you,
each and every one of you, determined the level… each and EVERY
level… that you would receive more assistance, that you would
become more open, that you would allow more 'invasion'. You see,
that is a human term. Carries a negative connotation, does it not?
But that is OK, for that is where you are now. And how can you
sally forth from this eve and share this with others if you cannot
hear the polarity of the words themselves? [and get beyond the

If you cannot do your mission to the fullest, that is your choice,
that is part of your contract. And you can support others in their
missions. Sananda referred to it as 'tithing', I call it fair-energy
exchange… no matter what you call it, you CAN assist those
that ARE living their mission. You can  finance THEM.
You can give them a place to work. You can call it tithing, you can
call it charity, you can call it fair-energy exchange, I could care
less what you call it. But if you are not doing your work, someone
is doing it for you. And if you wish to share with the energies
that they receive from doing this work for you, you'd better pay
for it, don't you think?

It's time to get your MISSION done, and you'd better get started.
If you have limitations, that you feel you can only work in a certain
atmosphere, then work in your certain atmosphere. But if you claim
that you do not have that atmosphere to work in right now… who's to
fault? Go out and find it. Find a new one. For all you need…
EVERYTHING that you need… you have. It's right here [heart]
inside each and every one of you.

...For what it is going to take to get this job done is for each and
every one of you sitting in this room or reading this on your
computer in a couple of days carry approximately 1000th of a
percent of what you need know. Ohhh… that isn't what you wanted to
hear, is it? I guess that that means that you need to start
grouping together? Because if you're only using 7-1/2% of your
brain, my oh my, where are you going to put all that other
information? Because so many of you feel that you've gone through
so much… you've taken so many classes, you've gone to so many
conferences, you've listened to so many seminars, you've read SO
many of the books, you MUST know it all, or at least a great deal
of it. How on this planet could you POSSIBLY contain more
information than that? You not supposed to. You may call it the
Hundredth Monkey Syndrome, you may call it critical-mass, you
call it group consciousness, whatever it is that you wish to call
it. It's all telling you the same need to gather together!

In order for you to 'get it', you MUST COME TOGETHER! IN
GROUPS! Group-mind. It's called synchronicity. You have been
told this for years now, have you not? The more you get together,
the more you come together, the more you share with each other,
the more that comes. The more that comes, the more you know.
The more you know, the wiser the group gets… not the individual.

There is not a one of you that calls yourself a Lightworker that's
here for YOURSELF! Let me repeat this. There is not a
one of you that is here for yourself. You have come here
for the planet, you have come here for the peoples of the
planet. You are not here for personal gain, you are not here
for personal recognition. You are here to do a job. You're
here to, hopefully, save/ascend the life of a planet… a [Being
that has desperately to cry out for SOMEONE to hear her!


Here's another one of those wonderful questions. When was the
last time any of you talked to the planet Mother Earth, listened
for her, told her that you love HER? How many of you want to
hear someone say, 'I love you'? Don't you think that planet needs
to HEAR that? Don't you think this planet needs to FEEL that?

And Mother Earth is to the point now where you will have to come
together in groups and scream as loudly as you can, 'I LOVE YOU', in
order for her to hear you.

If I could be embodied on this planet, right now, and know that it
would help, I would do so. However, even when I come into this
one body, how many can I talk to? I sent my CHILDREN! Is that not
enough!? For those of you in this room, close your eyes. Feel
me NOW! Is THIS a figment of your imagination?! FEEL!
BREATHE! Some call me a 'space jockey'. I laugh at this, too.
Some call me a hard taskmaster. I laugh at this, too.  I am not
your boss, I am a fellow co-worker that is just working from a
different plane. I am a brother that cries because I cannot pull
you out of your depression. I cannot gift you with what you THINK
you need to do what you are to do. I cannot interfere. If I
interfered, how would YOU learn? You see, we have prevented the
destruction of the peoples of this planet five times in your past
decade. Do you realize this? It is part of our job to prevent
stupidity of the human race. We cannot allow the few to destroy the
many, just out of greed or lust for power… or pride. The last time
we prevented the destruction of the human race was very recently.
But that's MY job. Now, some of you might think that is an all-
important job. It is nothing. It is done with technology.

What if I were to say that each and every one of you can save this
planet, can save humanity? Would that make you feel better, or
would that make you feel more depressed? I believe the term is
'It's one hell of a responsibility', but that's what I'm here to
tell you. That's your job… to save humanity. Do you realize this?
THAT'S YOUR JOB! Now comes another one of those wonderful
questions. What have you done for humanity lately? I neutralized a
nuclear warhead… with technology. I didn't do it by myself, either.
There was approximately 7000 of us working on that. Do you realize
it was that close? Do you realize that it's that close on almost a
DAILY BASIS right now?

Now… is that going to prevent you from doing your job, or is it
going to make you work harder?  COME TOGETHER! That is
YOUR job.

I came for one year to walk upon this Earth in a human form just so
I could have that experience. During that one year, I fathered one
son and one daughter. That one son, of my seed out of that human
body that I inhabited for that year, has taken his freewill choice
to remain obscure. I have four sons and two daughters that have
walked into the bodies that are on this planet right now. These are
my children. These are my 'little Lights', that came to do what now
needs to be done. Unity. Unification. The joining of forces. The
common ally to get the job done. They will know each other when
they see each other… but they have to SEE each other. And they will
all be attempting to do the exact same thing… to bring Unity. For
that is their job, that is their mission… whether they like it or
not. But you see, it is passed that time. Who would have thought
that one little old lady [Tuella] would pass on, and that energy
would be thrust into the winds? All of the unity, the feeling of
family, would disappear?

Now, instead of having One Family, we have thousands. And if we
have thousands of these little families, and they all now came back
together as One Family, oh! would that not be a formidable force! It
seems that the humans hold in their minds the magical, mystical
number of 144,000. Well, if this one family were to all get together,
it would be closer to 144 million. Do you realize this? I'm removing
veils a little bit, one at a time.

It's called 'dedication', it's called setting your sights to the
job to be done… and the rest of it be damned. For if you set your
sights for the job to be done, ahhh… your soul sings that magical,
mystical song that calls in all of the forces for you to have
exactly what you need to have. ... ... Do your REAL
LIGHTWORK  job… and STILL get money for it. [Because
the money and resources will appear. Bet on it.]

There is SO much that I wish to come in and share with you, and
there is so much that I am not allowed to share. But you see, if
this planet is to heal, do you honestly think she can do it with
life on her? She has to go into a cocoon state. Do you realize
this? Yes, you will see Heaven on Earth… you will just 'take a
vacation' first. Some of you will not be able to tolerate the
vacation, so you, too, will go into hibernation. And one morning,
you shall wake up, and you will find a whole New Earth. And you
will wonder, "Hmmm… how did this happen? I guess I wasn't paying
close enough attention." You have been told that the evacuation is
not going to take place. Believe it…LOL… if you wish. And you shall
wake up one morning and go, "Hmmm… I haven't been very observant
lately." Do you understand? Why would she be in orbit in this galaxy
if she were not needed? And if you don't know what 'she' I'm talking
about, do a little bit of research, OK? We shall have a fun time…
for those of you that choose to remain awake.

And that shall also be the time that some of you choose not to
come back… because the party is really happening onboard. And
when it's an etheric party, why come back to the mundane? It will
happen soon... It just depends on how busy you get, doesn't it?
How many hibernation chambers do you really think we have? We
would MUCH prefer to have the BIG party. The more that can enjoy
the ride instead of sleep through the ride, the better. And that is your
job. And, yes, there has been times that information has been given
that this is not going to happen.

However, please come to the understanding that
this has been in flux for quite some time. Things have changed. The
count is in. The statistician has now given the report. Do you want
to fly while you're wide awake, and enjoy the scenery… or do you
want to sleep through it? That's your choice. For only those that
are dedicated, and those that assist, are the ones that will have
the most fun on the trip. We have quite the celebration awaiting.

Now, let me ask another one of those questions. How many of you in
this room would be willing to start over from scratch… to save
humanity… to save this planet? Because that's what some of you are
going to have to do. And don't hear it from me, don't believe it
from me… take it to God, tonight, tomorrow night. Go into prayer
and ask God to show you the truth… and then listen and feel. Do you

I have one more question to ask you. And this is another one of
those questions to not answer verbally. Here is the question: If I
were to tell you that, in order to save humanity… to do your job…
you would have to wake up tomorrow without sight, without hearing,
or without speech, would you DO that? If it was a choice, WOULD
YOU DO THAT? If I told you that you could leave tomorrow, without
doing another thing, and humanity would be devastated because of
that… would you do that? Would you leave? If I told you that on the
morrow, when you woke up, you would leave… you would go Home…
you could come onboard ship and live with us, but the planet
would be destroyed because of that… would you do that? These are
the final questions that I'm going to ask you because it's time for
you to make these decisions. Please bear in mind, I'm not telling
you that you're going to wake up tomorrow and be taken onboard
ship, but these are the choices that you have to make… because if
you do not get busy, you might as well leave. The time for what you
refer to as 'personal sacrifice' is done. Your 'self' is not
important, but you CAN be thankful for one very important thing…
not being asked to hang on a cross in humiliation and pain. Now,
you might think that's a vile thing for me to bring up now, but you
see, that was the price of ascension 2000 years ago. So what do you
think the price is now?

That is said out of love, to wake you up. For the Lightworkers that are
going to be working are awake. Now it's time to wake up to clarity, to
know a little bit more about what it is that you are to be doing. Do you
understand? If you cannot go forth and do the jobs, that's fine, because
some of you contracted to help support lightworkers. Do you understand?
Support financially, support emotionally, support mentally… whatever. 
For we have many of youf or many jobs, and some of you manifest more
easily than others.That is your job… to help those that ARE doing
the grunt work. And you can be highly thankful that you're not one
in the trenches, yes? Search your heart, take it to the BEST
'Father'… take it to God. God will answer now. Make sure you
listen. And if nothing else, Sananda shall keep coming in and
making you laugh. All you have to do for that one is give him a
piece of chocolate. <sigh> Well, I think I shall go now. Your
neighbors might complain about the noise that he's making
[windchimes] this evening. That was a joke… you may laugh.




               ....we are not YET
                                         scattered to the Four Winds....

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