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We are in the planning stages of a US Summer Tour. This tour will include performances, footage gathering, channelings, events and festival appearances which will all be posted via the www. We will be going to Washington State, California, Arizona, Colorado and back across the US to the East Coast and then end up in Florida again at which time we will be preparing to open the doors to the City of Light, an intentional community dedicated to the dissemination of higher consciousness vibrations and information via multi-media avenues and the www.

I have been given the go ahead... BIG GREEN Light! (Actually it was bright white) ;)... but the message has been received. There will be a no holds bar in effect... basically meaning... direct communication will be given as it is received. I have held back a lot over the last 10 years due to fear of seeming insane but I must no longer let that stop me. When I was 17 years old in 1996 I was given the most incredible night of my life. Being welcomed by a Pleiadian and taken aboard the Pleiadian Mothership and shown the workings of the universe this night transformed my life.

There is so much happening right now and I feel blessed to be able to transmit both the frequency and words of light through music and my voice. Visit and

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Comment by The truth on May 20, 2009 at 5:35am
Want to see what ascension is really about guys?
Check out some real truth also

I'm not pushing you because there is freedom of choice but i beg you to look at this with your heart and when you do you'll know...


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