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Connecting with you on the other side of the new energies of this eclipse. This was one of the most powerful energy Eclipse I have ever experienced and still feeling the effects in my life.

We are currently experiencing the most powerful and potent energy shifts from the latest solar eclipse. Many of you are now experiencing the plasma energy emanating from this cosmic gateway, where you are undergoing a process of transformation and realignment.

These potent emanations will continue through this week and the following, as you adjust to the new energies and frequency resonances.

The force of streaming light that comes from this eclipse after the initiation entry causes this energy to push powerfully through you, causing the resurfacing of your core wounds, your holy purpose, changes in relationships, and a new expression of your being.

Even days and weeks after the solar eclipse, you may feel a buzzing of energy as the planet’s frequency vibration has shifted. The Blue Ray’s, Ultra-Sensitives, Starseeds, Lightworkers, and Empaths are feeling the effects and changes in your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, making you feel more sensitive at times.

(Your empathy and sensitivity are a holy power, and a divine mission of the Sacred Feminine Spirit, restoring the divine vibration on this planet that is changing the human species).

Physical Ascension Symptoms: The Celestial Process ~The Sensory Aware New Divine Angelic humans

It is suggested to consult a healthcare professional for symptoms as not every symptom is from ascension. And though it may be an ascension symptom, you still may need assistance with the process.

  • Times where you can feel the energies running through your body there is almost a buzzing sound.
  • Feeling a burst of inspirational energy, well-being, and joy.
  • The release, liberation, and freedom after the slow sludge energy.

Some can experience a period of slow energy, where it feels like the energy is thick and it is more challenging to accomplish your work, daily activities, and projects. And where you are not as productive as you would like to be, however, certain projects, people, and meetings just breeze through.

Know there is a reason and cause for what feels like the slowdown of energy; you need the time for your body, mind and spirit to adjust and realign to a new higher flow, divine timing, and frequency shift.

  • Some can experience hair static where there is more electricity and plasma in the air, as well as muscle cramps.
  • Sleep disturbances include waking up earlier or later, as well as in the middle of the night.
  • Reassurance of the realms you are connected and a part of the Angelic, Fairy, Mother Earth, Shambhala, and Cosmic. This is not just for you; it is for the world to receive this through you.
  • Vivid and powerful dreams and messages from your dream state.
  • Digestion: Some will be more hungry than normal, and others can find it difficult to eat food, with occasional queasy stomachs. Also, some foods you eat at certain times go right through you.
  • Out-of-body experiences, feeling like your energy is wavy in and out of your body.
  • High-pitched ringing tones in the ear that come and then go
  • Tiredness, fatigue, or a trance-like state—this can be on and off for a day, days, or weeks.
  • Some can experience the energies so thick they come over you like a trance where you have to lay down. These are the times your body needs to be quiet and still, for re-adjustments and new energy circuit balancing.
  • Emotional healing and release as old wounds of the past resurfacing
  • Increased intuition
  • Challenges with time, shifting in and out of time
  • Relationship changes, shifts, endings, and new beginnings
  • Everyone is shifting in frequency in some way, some more significantly than others. Not all will be able to choose to meet you at a coherence frequency. This will cause a transformation in relationships, including your personal relationship with yourself. Relationships will either shift up together or not in resonance.
  • The God experience: the Holy Spirit, the Shekinah Sophia. This experience began following the first eclipse of the year and has continued throughout, particularly through the Cosmic Gateway portal. It will be an experience where you have a powerful understanding of the Creator that will be tied to who you are, your mission, and your soul’s history. Some will have visuals of the God Experiences where they see in their environment other worldly beings, phenomena, and creation taking different forms to communicate and show you.
  • Daily Message for 4/18/2024


    When one has realized their godliness, their reality starts to change. They no longer play by the old rules, of simply accepting what is, but begin to create that which they truly desire. ~Kejraj

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