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by Charmian Redwood


Ascension Signs: Questions…

Are you feeling lost? Do you feel like the things you used to do and the people you used to hang out with are just not a match anymore? Are you feeling disconnected, lonely, frustrated or empty? Don’t worry and congratulations, you are not alone. Ascension signs are all around us. The energy of the Earth is changing so quickly and those of us who are able to feel it or who want to feel it are leaning towards it, but don’t yet know how to bring it in. We need to stay grounded in our physical presence and yet be open to more light coming in – this is the struggle. You are emerging from the chrysalis of sleep to an awakening to your radiant butterfly self.


Ascension Signs: Frequencies…

The frequencies of the Earth have been steadily and measurably rising from 7 Hz in the 70’s to 16 Hz now. This means that our energy fields are changing, constantly harmonizing and aligning with the new frequencies. We have many old programs sitting in our energy field that we collected through the times. These are the dense programs of fear, anger, hatred, resentment and the lack of self-worth as well as the fear of speaking up and of being seen as who we are.

The new frequencies are those that our soul recognizes as home – the realms of light, truth and love. We want to be there, and yet we still need to remain on the Earth in a physical body. We need to find a new way of being in the world because we want to be shining and golden. Much of the Earth at present is still holding a low vibration with much conflict, division and fear. It is essential for those of us who are awakening to empower the golden part of ourselves as well as to feed and sustain that level by being with likeminded people and places along with meditation. So, find whatever it is that lifts you into joy and bliss. Find whatever that is for you, whether it be dancing, singing or being in nature, so that you can vibrate more and more at that level. Whatever makes your heart sing, do more of it and that will be different for everyone. Shine your bliss brighter and brighter and seal it into your energy body. It will feed and sustain you from within.

Ascension Signs: Gravitation…

Those individuals who are able to meet you in that energy will naturally gravitate towards you. In addition, those individuals who are triggered by it will be bouncing off and dropping away. You do not need to concern yourself with that. People who are still at a lower vibration and who want to keep on playing the ego, rage, control game will be triggered as you bring in more of the white light. Do not feel responsible or take anything personally. When people are triggered, they tend to explode, probably all over you. Just walk away, don’t try to engage with it, fix it or think you have caused it. It is just the energy that you are stepping into that is giving them the opportunity to shift and most people don’t want to. That would involve them looking at their own shadow, and it is much easier to project it onto you.


Ascension Signs: Coping…

Create a bubble of golden light around you and stay inside it, as the light will feed you and protect you. This light is the energy of creation; ask it to help you with anything you need and to create whatever you choose to focus on because you are now connecting with your true Divine Self who is unlimited. Know that you are safe inside your golden light.

You no longer fit into the old world, which is a good thing; it means that you have shifted out of it. We keep trying to bring ourselves back into the familiar old patterns, places and people, but that just isn’t going to work anymore.

You are responding to the light beams from the sun, which are recalibrating your DNA spiral. Congratulations, you are waking up. Be gentle with yourself as you go through this total makeover. You are morphing into the new form of the human race, and as with any radical change, it can be scary. Remember, you are not alone. You have angels all around you, so ask for help.

About the Author

Charmian Redwood, Ozark Mountain Publishing, author of “Coming Home to Lemuria,” will give her presentation A New Earth Rising, including a guided meditation utilizing a crystal bowl, at the 2015 Ozark Mountain Transformation Conference, in Arkansas. Charmian is available for private sessions, activations and Akashic soul record readings

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Comment by Suiris on August 28, 2015 at 7:05pm

Focus in what serves your best interest, no matter how much negative information and news you're being irradiated with.

The new paradigm is re-writting old limitations developed by those entities which you share faces with. Within this seemingly rebellious experiment, humankind lost connectivity with its higher expression of reality. Turning retrograde due to some manipulation within its dna.

Neglecting entrance into your higher perception of divinity.

Keep yourself within clear information that serves your well-being and exaltation, therefore allowing our global grid to upgrade into a higher form of perception, by tuning in to those realities which you perceive at Heart, while staying grounded.

Coherence and integrity of thoughts, without resistance towards what doesn't serve our best interest. Listen to your heart.

Fighting negative thoughts, aspects and entities will only empower them, since you're focusing perception into the problem itself, making the manifestation of said conflictive information even stronger within reality, dear watcher.

Transcending low vibrations involves staying radiant within your space. Lighting up everything with positive thought and clear mind. No other adversary than yourself.

Your very being exceeds every belief and rule that you've been taught.

Share your light, stay radiant!

Comment by Vera Daroga on August 28, 2015 at 5:42am

Yes. It is so important to love and to forgive all. It serves no purpose to live in hatred and to grudge your compassion and love to those who need the Light of love, especially to those who are physically helpless and the aged who need the physical contact of their loved ones. Live as an extended Arm of God, and display unconditional Love to all without judging and condemning those who may have hurt you in any way. These are all excuses to shirk your responsibility. If you have decided to walk the Path and live in the Light, you need to walk in the footsteps of the Great Beings of Light, and do what They would have done if they were in your place. 

There are many who, when it is time to take responsibility towards their loved ones, would hide behind spirituality and say they are giving spiritual help from the comfort of their homes when in reality, their presence is what is really needed. Be Light in the real sense of the word, and brighten the bleak sunset days of the bereaved by bringing joy in their hearts. You can be happy - I mean truly happy - only when you see the tears of joy shining in the eyes of sick and the old ... when you see the smile on their face ... when you hear the heartfelt words of appreciation ... and when you receive their blessings. 

It is only when you live Light that you will start to resonate with the higher energies that our planet is being flooded with. So put aside your ego and live free. The troubles and strife, the difficult situations and people are all bringing you the lessons of love and forgiveness - so are you going to give in to your ugly ego with the emotions of the old consciousness or are you going to join hands with your Higher Self and strive to practise unconditional  love with all. Forgiveness is the secret Key to your spiritual progress. You cannot rise with unforgiveness in your heart. 

Be Love. Be Light.

Comment by Dr. SohiniBen Shukla on August 27, 2015 at 6:45am

Dear Friend,

Thanks a lot for the message which can give positive clues...

Yes, very important to know also...

Comment by Maria Szurek on August 26, 2015 at 9:26pm

Thank you so much.It helps a lot.

Comment by Tamara on August 26, 2015 at 9:15pm

Thanks so much as I can relate a lot to this message. Very positive things to look forward to and explains a lot that is currently going on.

Comment by Sigbjørn Ørjansen on August 26, 2015 at 5:40pm

A short uplifting article which truly resonate. Thank you so much !

Comment by UniverseMother3 on August 26, 2015 at 3:10pm

Eating habit , people tend to eat less or more, and body temperature change, We become empathy, I have not seen anyone allergic negativity, I already ascended, we still have these unique energy, It mean upgrade vibration... What the elder , more brigher you are, they can see you. you star light tune highest vibration. most in ascension, higher stage at the movement. light so briaght, i can see you . lol...

It hard on I , Ashtar, know i am unique, I got higher Et stop calling I special. They honor I too much...... I told them i am equal, they love us........>>ASHTAR say, we are most advance spiritual being in universe, being on mother earth, we carried, earth vibration and universe as one. are spiritual advancement highest level. I keep thinking we are super spirirtual human. lol Ok i had sense humor talking to ashtar and his brother. yesterday.

Ashtar have sense humor, he make me laugh, I try to get him dance did not work . darn. Learning should be fun and creativity........ Universe father dance with my energy, just odd. He manic I, Joining high energy , is nice. we can love et. no limit to love.........

>>>>>>When wake up, interaction space family in harmony......

When i see Starseed, i can reconginze them, I see them waking up, when see I , they wake up . Young easy to wake up now days. i hope you come up Children PDF book on awaking..... this where we need to aim at and adult. children are awaking up, i can sense them. i can see them in public, i can see their starlight changing, ........universe love, strongest love. bring joy in my eyes. not dancing mood. lol.......

Awaking happiness, like a dance or singing or musical, your energy speak. thanks for sharing,,,,,,,, >>

Comment by Earthling on August 26, 2015 at 12:25pm

Thank you for the wonderful share. May I please ask for your permission to share this article on my website with credit to you and a link to the Ashtar Command websie. It is something many people will be able to resonate with.

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