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I have been sharing channeled updates from Ascension Teams in Inner Earth, Sirius B, and several other Cosmic Welcoming Teams who constantly monitor and modulate the Frequencies of Consciousness as they Cognize through the Galactic, Universal and Cosmic Neuronets of all that we are.

The schedule was announced over twenty years ago. This schedule was created millions of years ago. The schedule always required the exact moment of alignment with all perfect realities from past, present and future in all Star Systems throughout the Cosmos. This moment of alignment is coming closer and closer, and the Benevolent Frequencies of Cosmic Consciousness containing this moment is becoming more powerful as it plugs in to the Earth's Crystalline Grids and pushes that Consciousness out into the Biosphere through the Consciousness of those on Earth.

The Consciousness Frequencies will grow and grow until the Veil is popped and broken. The Veil or Frequency Fence will open to see the other side of reality- the Spiritual side becoming at one with the physical or the invisible becoming as real as the visible. This first step in the Ascension Process involves many other factors. It involves the readiness factor of each individual. Everyone will Shift or Ascend into a higher reality because the veil will be removed. However, there is a pre-process that must be completed to allow the old beliefs, the old realities to be completely removed from the old DNA. The removal of the old realities is a CHOICE.

We always have the Freedom of Choice. Not everyone chooses to remove the old realities yet. Those who choose to keep their old cultural beliefs will have the veil removed where they begin to see a new possibility beyond the one they have believed to be true. However, they still will need to make the choice to give up the old realities and make a place for the new reality. Those masters who have been working on transforming consciousness and melting away old DNA for several years already have been going through the process of INITIATION of the 5DNA to prepare for the Consummation of the 5DNA at the moment of the Great Shift in Fall 2016.

The moment that a Consummation of DNA takes place, the Initiation of the next set of DNA begins. So, those who ascend into the new reality of the 5DNA will begin the 5 year period of Initiation of the 6DNA. This means the 5DNA will grow stronger and stronger for the next 5 year period. By 2020 there will be a great number of people on Earth who have fully activated their 5DNA, which means multi dimensional consciousness. That will be the moment when the doors to Inner Earth will open to many more of the masses.

The veil that is separating Inner Earth and Outer Earth will disappear in Fall 2016 for many. This will be the beginning of the opening of relations between those within Earth who have been waiting to help us learn the ways of Eternal Life for millions of years. As the veil is removed, there will be a separation of Consciousness much like the separation of channels on the T.V. set. There will be more people watching the channel that shows the wonderful ways of the kingdom of heaven within Inner Earth and shows the technologies shared by other Star Systems. That doesn't mean everyone will choose to watch that channel.

There will be other groups who are still watching the war station and some watching the old medical station, while another group is watching the station with cures for diseases that have been available for eions and others who are on the station where there was never any disease or death to begin with. Each one of these groups will be on a different T.V. station. What is different about the new reality, is we each shift into the station that only contains those who are on the same station. We do not have to share the station of Eternal Life and Instant Manifestation with those who are on the War Channel any longer.

Dr. Angela "Crystalai" Barnett is a Cosmic Musician Composer with Crystal Magic Orchestra Crystal Magic Orchestra is at: Their music is Cosmic Future Holographic Revelationary Music Crystal Magic Orchestra's music is the Magical element that will allow for cellular transmutation, time travel, dimensional ascension and assist in preparing the listener's body to become a normal 5D Immortal Person and then also be able to manifest the reality that makes one happy and joyful.

Dr. Angela "Crystalai" Barnett is an accomplished recording musician and music composer. Her music is healing in a way that is not found in other music. Her music is heavenly and creates a healing atmosphere of love from the breaths of Cosmic Entities who are transforming our Consciousness and our world at this time. Individual ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM REALIGNS the Frequencies of Attunement from the Spiritual Parallel Universe into the Individual's Template. When the Individual is tuned in to the Mind of God through the 12 coded divine blue print of our original perfect blue print, the realities we project become magical, harmoniously balanced and continuously reflect supply, joy, intelligence, original principle and instant manifestation.

The realities that are projected to manifest into the individual's hologram are exactly like a symphony of frequencies of ideas, people and places. The creations that are manifested are first created as light and sound and then developed into an idea that is projected. All breaths of Divine Consciousness manifest through electro tonal frequency signatures in a variety of densities. Go to


Dr. Angela Barnett Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse Crystal Magic

Those who are hearing these words. Those who are understanding these words Those who have been pushing all of their lives for a change because they are the old souls who came to Earth to change everything. 2015 is the year of duality--last chance to choose which road to take 2016 is year of catalyst--energy transformer that makes things change The energy of transformation will saturate our consciousness in 2016 It is all about energy.

You have been placed in a bubble of Love that will make things happen very quickly We have three years to get used to the new energy that works with you to create the things that you want to happen when you want them to happen Energy of COMPLETION Transforming into the new humans It will change everything around it. The transformational energy will change everything around There will not be a whole world of enlightened people However there will be an awakening to new realizations of who they are that they were not able to conceive of before.

Those who have been laggards and chosen to stay in the old belief systems will be awakened to see that there is a reality beyond that . Those of us who are old souls and who have been understanding the concepts of the entire structure of the cosmos and getting to know our friends and families in Inner Earth and other old Family and learning all there is to know about the Invisible and how to get there will ASCEND TO A VERY HIGH REALITY Now when you do things the new world energy is working with you and when you have an intention the energy supports you and goes out into the world and makes it happen It empowers what you are doing. The energy will help you. It is like a wind at your back always blowing you forward into new possibilities. Just keep pushing forward to reach your goal.

The thing that you try will work Start expecting success. The new energy will call upon co-creation and synchronicity to you. Expect everything to work because it will. If it doesn't work at first just wait a few days and the situation will be rearranged for you and then it will work When you intend it signals are going out into the new energy and the energy will work with you and push it forward. Just do it. You are standing there with miracles in your pockets. Just take the miracle out and make it happen. You make the ball start rolling. The ball will not roll unless you step forward and make it happen. You will soon begin to have a supreme continuous lucky streak for the next ten thousands years. A new supreme healing energy will appear for you.

Talk to your body. Talk to your cells out loud with affirmations of beauty. You have the power to make yourself who you want to be. I am young, I am strong, I am a genius,

I am Christ Consciousness, I am unbelievably famous, I am wealthy, I have abundance of everything I can imagine.

Create a list of what you want to appear in your life. Continuously shift into the direction that you feel is right for you at that moment. Shifting continuously is a big part of using the new energy. Be passionate about everything that you do. This will bring the energy needed. Our friends in Inner Earth said there will be those who shift with us and with Mother Earth and there will be those who shift at a later time. They will be moved to a parallel planet reality.

The shift will happen in an instant. The shift will be universal- not just this Earth. Every star in all of the omniverses of past present and future will all align at one moment into the most perfect moment of reality for each of those stars. There will be no alignment with any of the moments in history where there was mis alignment. This will cause a massive amount of pure perfect benevolent energy to flow into the Earth's grids and into the cells of our body simultaneously. You will suddenly explode into the diamond light that you are and explode into Now and then you are there. This doesn't mean your body explodes

. It means the seals in your DNA turn into plasma, melt and in a flash, a new set of DNA appear. This has already been happening in preparation for the moment that ALL seven Seals pop at once to allow all of the old reality to disappear and the veil to melt away forever. The new DNA is strung into the complete omniversal consciousness of the Cosmos-- the NEW COSMOS of the NEW REALITY of All that Is. We are now deep within the new calendar of the new potential of a new humanity. We went through the re-calibration that began in 2012 and completed in 2013. Next, we entered the first year of the new potential of a new humanity in 2014.

The Year 2015 is year TWO of the New potential of new humanity. We are in our second year of our new shift. Year two is the year of Duality. We are looking at both sides of reality and making our final choices. This would explain why many people have left my site and chosen to look at the other side of reality again because they do not feel like they can understand the invisible, spiritual reality that is just as real as the physical reality that they can understand. This year is the final preparation for YEAR THREE- THE YEAR OF THE CATALYST. The Catalyst is a Frequency, and Energy of TRANSFORMATION. The Energy will be very great. It will PUSH us forward with so much power that it will be unstoppable.

The Climax of the Catalyst will be Fall 2016 when a new reality is presented that will force the Catalyst to expand and explode and climax into a brand new paradigm of beliefs and realities. For the OLD SOULS who were already awakened long before the new potential was presented, there will be an Ascension. There will be an Awakening to much higher realities for all. The Ascension will happen at a later date for those who are not Old Souls who have already been living in the understanding of the New Reality most of their lives. The year 2017 will provide a new structure for the new paradigm to begin on Earth. The year 2017 will provide a shift into a brand new reality of Inner Earth and Parallel Realities that were never seen before for those on the Ascension Path.

This completes a cycle for old souls Don't expect an enlightened population in three years. There will be a shift into a new awakening that allows others to begin to understand that all of the CRAZY Light Workers who have been talking to the unseen and knowing the unknown are not so crazy after all. There will be an awakening that allows those who are still asleep to realize that there is a greater possibility than they ever imagined. They will be shifted into a different parallel reality. The purpose of those who are old souls is to push the old energy that is not aligned with yours You who have always pushed against the world because you knew there was much much more on the other side.

The year 2016 represents the catalyst that will bring an old soul in a new paradigm. What is the new paradigm? It doesn't follow the calendar because it is different for everyone you don't have to push against old energy any longer The old energy will disappear. The old energy that has been pushing back for the past millions of life times will stop pushing back. There will be a new energy that works with you that allows you to push forward and it is like a wind at your back pushing you forward. It is time to remove all old energies. That means anything that presents itself as a contradiction to love and harmony. All energies of hate, war, jealousy, confusion, etc. must be removed and melted by the Sun's Light.

The Old Soul must take the responsibility of creating a brand new reality and placing it in the cells by imagining the reality on to the cells. The old energy is dying It will shift into nothing little by little the MASS human consciousness will clean itself up If you drop the paradigm of expectation of failure and start expecting success when you deal with family and with world issues. The old energy goes away and is replaced with a new tool The new energy will become more You will have HELP You are going to start having help instead of pushing against old energy The things that you try will work if you drop the expectation of failure. You will call upon the energy that creates synchronicity with places that you don't even know exist. These will work with you and push you forward This change is difficult.

Old souls have pushed for millions of life times Akashic records of no one caring all of those life times Old souls have miracles in our pockets We will start having cooperation in places that we need them. The time capsules are pouring out information into the grids and it will make us feel better about ourselves The crystalline grids of Gaia are the tools within the Earth and within you The grids know how to work with us. The time capsules will become active in years 2,3,4. We will have more and more good luck-- more synchronicity. We can create our dreams come true. What did you really come here to do? Now is the time for you to work the puzzle that you came for. No one should be sick. We didn't come here to be sick. We didn't come here to be disfunctional.

Now there are new healing energies coming to Earth. We will bring these new healing energies into the body in year 2,3,4. Talk to the cells in your body with affirmations of beauty The affirmation of I AM PERFECT, IAM HEALTHY, I AM THE IMAGE OF GOD I AM A MASTER I AM THAT I AM I AM ASCENDING INTO ETERNAL LIFE I AM A GREAT HEALER I AM CHRIST Consciousness Now you will start feeling SUPPORT It is you with the rest of the energy pushing and helping you along We have help now

Those in Inner Earth have been waiting for 12 million years to help us They have not died or been sick for 12 million years They have been living in glorious harmony and joy of musical symphonies for millions of years watching and waiting for the time when we would raise our frequencies high enough to see the doors when they open them into inner earth We can raise our frequencies to the level that allow us to walk through the mirror- go through the shield remove the veil. The doors to Inner Earth will open to those who have raised their frequencies into the Ascension Vortex that leads to all multi dimensionality Don't be surprised if all of the doors fly open for you into new opportunities new realities into the inner Earth of Eternal Life.If you push on the door and it doesn't open raise your frequencies a few more days and try again and then raise them some more and try again In time all of the doors WILL FLY OPEN The doors to your dreams will open in the next few years into new energies that will open your doors into a brand new reality. Some will be successful and some will not. Those others will just take longer. Some are not old souls. Some have not gone through the experiences needed to prepare to open their doors. Some are happy in their old reality and so they have never tried to push past it.

Will you accept the shift? Will you try your hardest? All have the opportunity to re write the old reality as we knew it and to move into the reality that creates light for all and to heal all on Earth all situations will open to you HEALING METHODS THAT HAVE GONE UP A BRICK WALL IN THE PAST WILL BE ACCEPTED THERE WILL BE LOGIC INVOLVED IN THE HEALING THAT IS SPIRITUAL MAGIC The old Science will no longer block the doors to True Reality. Consideration, compassion A greater acceptance of those things that were not agreeable with main stream thought Push on the doors that you thought were closed Don't be surprised if there is someone on the other side waiting for you If you push on something and it resists, stop puhsing Try it again a few weeks later to see if the energy has changed Energy is changing constantly When the energy becomes high enough the door will open Perhaps you need to push in a different way You are having help with energy that will create a new paradigm that prepares a new reality to begin You will see the energy is available to push you into the shift. After the dulaity of 2015 we move into the catalyst of 2016 and the climax of the catalyst in Fall will grow into a NEW STRUCTURE in 2017 One of the attributes of the new energy is shift Are you ready to shift right now Are you cultural dependent? Are you holding on to old realities? Are you holding on because you have never seen where you will go if you shift? All of you have the opportunity to re write the old reality The things that will create light for you on this planet. Situational changes that make sense that you have asked for. Make your list of what you want. Write the list. Read the list. Move into the Highest Frequency and KNOW YOUR LIST INTO REALITY There is no judgement if you say no You can keep your old realities. All of your old lives have come to completion Innate is listening The Grids are turned on.

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