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Ascension Quest; Regrouping Around Ascension – Part 2/2 Posted by Steve Beckow

Ascension 928

Regrouping Around Ascension – Part 2/2

from Part 1)

While Matthew Ward gives no timetable for gradual Ascension, Archangel Michael gives a rough one. He does not offer dates, but he does describe its beginning, middle and end.

According to him, “you are in the middle of Ascension.” (1) I asked him when the beginning was and he replied:

“I would describe the beginning over a year ago as we began these conversations, as people began the clearing, as they were riding the troughs and the waves. That was the beginning of this journey.” (2)

He described the middle as being “the opening of what you think of in human dates as 11/11/12 – 21/12/12. This is the middle. It is the opening of the floodgates.” (3)

He then described the end: “The end is when the full restoration, the complete restoration and the jubilation, the full restoration of vision and the knowing of your interdimensional self is fully there. Now it is already there for some of you. It is coming by degrees.” (4)

When I asked for a date for the end of the pause and full restoration, he replied that “it is not indefinite. It is not years. We are not talking hundreds of years or thousands of years. We are talking about a human process that is well underway. … We are talking about months.” (5)

    When I confessed that months seemed a long time to wait, he replied: “But it is not because there will be a lot happening in the interim.” (6)  On the surface the period between Dec. 26, 2012 and Jan. 16, 2013 appears to have been quiet, but I’m also aware of much organizing and activity among lightworkers which is preliminary to things happening and not visible to the outside world.

SaLuSa refers to the period before general upliftment as being short-lived, a period that will pass quickly because much will happen.

“We ask you to continue your life with the same focus that you had before, and think positively as all exists in the ‘Now’ waiting for you to manifest exactly what you desire. At different times you have been given sufficient details to know what to expect, and as the new paradigm takes over you shall have every opportunity to benefit from entering the New Age.

“The present period of uncertainty will be short lived, and soon you will both notice and feel the changes taking place. What you should register is the result of a general upliftment in consciousness levels, because it will bring about a new attitude and willingness to move your civilization into the New Age with all speed.

“Accept that some inconvenience is inevitable, as the scale of changes is going to be quite far reaching. However, we of the Galactic Federation are ready as ever, always adjusting our plans according to your coming needs. Once we commence, rapid advancement will be made, far beyond anything you are currently able to do.” (7)

   I personally expect things to pick up fairly soon and would not be surprised to find that what’s being waited for is for us lightworkers to revive ourselves from our responses to recent events.

Is there support elsewhere for the view that we’re in a pause?  There seems to be support from Gaia through Suzanne Lie, who spoke of “active waiting” and compared it to climbing out of a deep well.

“I say active waiting, as I must call upon your assistance. Your Unity Consciousness is a vital component of our safe transition into a higher frequency of resonance. If you, my humans, can slowly and steadily expand your perceptual field to include the higher frequencies of my planet, you can adhere your essence to that higher frequency of reality with your High Heart.

“I ask you to perceive the vision that you are climbing out of a deep well. See the ladder that travels up the inside of the well and be aware that the well is collapsing beneath you. The well is collapsing from its depths because I, Gaia, need to allow the lower dimensional frequencies to collapse into oblivion. However, I want everyone to move beyond that resonance before I close that frequency of the Matrix.

“Therefore, as you climb each rung of the ladder, you feel the collapse below you. However, I will wait as long as I can to collapse that lower frequency of Matrix. In this manner, those who wish to join our new frequency can still be adhered to my Earth body/reality. I realize that many of you have been ‘climbing this ladder’ for many years, and taking as many with you as you can. To all of you I say, Thank You!” (8)

      Archangel Michael squarely addressed the fact that some lightworkers are wrestling with whether they’ve been made a fool of. He confessed:

“Never do we seek to avoid responsibility for what we have said would come to pass and what hasn’t. Now in so many situations there has been the agreement with divine law that we will not interfere with human freewill. But I know that you say, well, this is simply too convenient.” (9)

He acknowledged that lightworkers were going through a questioning process at the moment.

“There is a process for lightworkers that is going on right now. And it is a process that is important to allow. Because not only have you done this magnificent work but now you are in a place where you are questioning and judging both us and yourself. Have I been a fool? Has this been a farce? Is this ridiculous? Do I need to simply shove this aside and get back to reality. So you are at another decision point. That is all right.” (10)

He accepted the process: “I understand and embrace the crisis of confidence that is your mind, not your heart.” (11) That’s an interesting distinction to make because my heart does want to believe while my mind rebels.  He promised us spectacular, tangible evidence: “I will give you very tangible evidence that does not need to be questioned that you are in sacred partnership not only with me but with many of us.”  (12)

   AAM: I say to you, yes, we have let you down. I will not use the word “failed.” And I say to you that we will, quickly, a day, the next couple of days, provide you with tangible proof of a nature of which you are asking.

S: Adequate. Not just a few things that….

AAM: No, you were asking for the spectacular. I understand.

S: Well, something irrefutable.

AAM: Yes. (13)

I anticipate that we’ll see this evidence.  It may or may not await us recovering from our process.  He expressed faith in the ultimate outcome of that process.

“We have complete faith in what this decision is going to be. So in many ways you are at the pause but you are at the pause and you are going to say ‘No, I am going to keep going.’

“But we cannot program that into you. We cannot make this decision and nor would be wish to.
“Because we know what you are capable of. And we know what the new holds. And so do you. You may not know it in your conscious minds. But stop looking at the old third hologram and look within to the new. That is our plea.” (14)

   Jesus through John Smallman also offers supporting evidence for AAM’s words. He tells us that we’re close to great changes and that more and more people are awakening and accepting the new energies.

“You truly are on the verge of enormous changes in the ways you experience life, and those changes will be well worth the long wait that you have been undergoing.

“The energy field that envelops the planet and all the sentient life forms that she supports — the field of divine Love — has greatly intensified and strengthened over the last few weeks of Earth time, and every day the numbers of you opening your hearts to accept its embrace increases exponentially.” (15)

Saul holds as well that “humanity’s journey has been long and arduous, and, although most of you have very little sense of it, you are very close to awakening.” (16)

We may lose some lightworkers, but I don’t anticipate that they’ll remain outside the circle for long. Rather I anticipate things picking up before too long and people returning either when the energies reach a height where all darkness is gone from the planet and only love remains or else when the first major event (NESARA, Disclosure, First Contact) occurs.

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Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on January 19, 2013 at 5:40am

Yes FW, I know what you mean, I feel something moving forward as well. Especially my hearing this month. I hear more deeply inside of myself. And I hear inside of my body as well. Last mo. it was my sight, seeing things different,especially colors and auras. I am hoping that my memory will return and be enhanced next because I have become very forgetful. I am also waiting for my body to stop needing so much charging, for the tiredness to go away and the need for so much extra sleep. So something is happening,I am mutating. Adonai

Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on January 18, 2013 at 9:42am

Well I am all for it ,but seeing is believing as for as the signs of the times go, that is Nesara, Disclosure and 1st Contact. This info mostly from this month as AAM promised through John.S. but the other promise sounds like he's talking only about Ascension and I am having small things happening now but nothing big yet.Time will tell. Adonai

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