Ascension is Awakening and Awakening is Ascension

those of us who have awakened have already ascended to a 4.5 5th dimensional reality

any of the awakened ones experiencing the same worldly connections as those describe in their astral journeys,hint hint,

anything 5th dimensional can manifest in this reality, allow ecceptence the real life experieces that you have seen and felt at the same time in your bodies,this dimension is built on love, allow your true colours to shine.

caution you need to completely let go of any subliminal junk, eg listening to music about realities you dont want,watching television programme that demonstrate stupidity eg soaps as their known as in this country show your true colours why hide behind masks that are harming you,


we all crave to celebrate and express our culture of love in this love so why not, the human have forgoten cant you tell hint hint.

a polite message for lightworkers less baby sitting and more awakening, babysitting is tempory and a lie eg, 4d, let go of their fear, its theirs not yours, why allow it free vacancy in your heads bottlenecking your ascension when you can swallow your pride and ask for help you all know it works and all ask the same things.

ask ashtar cammand when you feel awakend enough to ask, what your scared of is them saying yes, i wander why, 8months later i got the point lol


love and light

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  • we ascend at different times,for our own protection from our own stupidity as a race that yet tu reunite
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