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The Guardians have created several sets of phenomena for the purpose of activating the DNA of the Human Raceline at this time. One of the phenomena used was the births of Six Avatar children who were born for the specific purpose of each birth clearing the miasms from and activating one DNA strand each. There were also the Indigo births who prepared the way for the 12 subharmonic DNA strands on each of the double helix in six DNA. That is the PIECE of the DNA activation that is covered on that one album titled COMPLETE PERFECT DNA INFUSION. The title represents the activiity performed by the births of the Six Avatar Children-- the sixth child was the rebirth of the template of Jesus as Ben Airon Sananda.

So, that is why that one album is so important.

The Manifestation Merkaba is equally significant because it contains the Codes in God Language that were given from the Guardians to activate the DNA from within the subatomic level of the body. Plus it contains the actual presence of the Merkaba spinning correctly into Oneness with Divine Love- the Harmonizor inot Attunement with Source.

The Dolphin DNA contains the Frequencies of the Oraphim Cetaceans who are on Earth for this exact pupose of the bio-regenisis project. These are the frequencies that are also required as a part of hte DNA activation process.

The Ecstazee to Zero point serves the specific purpose of melting the Crystal Seals that keep the DNA from activating until it is the proper time. There were miasms placed in our Crystal Seals to keep them from melting away naturally. This album melts the seals that have kept the Crystal Seals Frozen for Eons so that we could not become a normal angelic raceline.

These are only four of the pieces of the Guardians Plan of our entire ascension activation.

They also arranged for the Six Stellar Wave Infusions and Six Activations.
Those frequencies are in the Parallel universe Set.

They also raised the frequencies of Earth so that she could rise above the fallen Milky Way Phantom Matrix into the Cloud Cities to prepare for her alignment with Tara in 2017 and Gaia in 2022. Those frequencies are in the OVER THE RAINBOW set.

The Symphony of Love contains the frequencies of our new alignment with the new Cosmaya Sun called Eleisha. This Sun is the new Divine Love Element holding us in attunement with the new Cosmic Template that we are now within.

There are many more albums to consider. You may listen to each one of them and tune in to which of these pieces of the ascension process that you want to tune in to.

Those of us who were born with the codes that allowed us to activate early have been involved in this process with the Guardian Alliance for about twenty years. We have been preparing the way for others.

We only have a few years left before the entire ascension mechanism goes fully into activation. Those who have activated at least Five DNA with 24 subharmonic strands per DNA will be the ones who get to enjoy the ride to TARA by 2022.

The more on becomes activated, the more they can enjoy the complete journey of this wonderful ascension plan.


The teachings at the Crystal Magic Orchestra website are definitely a very advanced version of what may have been learned from former teachings found at Lightworker, Starseed and New Age sites.
These teachings come from a much more advanced raceline than the teachings that were given by Galactic Racelines, who were in fact Fallen Angelic Racelines who were only giving bits and pieces of a TRUTH that they knew many would strive for but never reach through their BROKEN teachings.
The truth is there is only one Cosmic Family who has been and always will be Guarding the Human Angelic Raceline. Those who are a part of the Emerald Covenant and the Crystalai Council will always align with Source and only Source Consciousness and align Consciousness with Eternal Life.
Most other racelines all Fallen Angelic Racelines who have only been interested in taking over the Stargates of Planet Earth and creating a One World Order that would control humans as their slave race. This is basically what has been going on in the interdimensional reality stations of Earth Consciousness for many eons.
What is different about the teachings on this website is they all come from the Frequencies of Consciousness of the Cosmic Councils who are overseeing the Ascension of the Human Angelic Raceline. This is a raceline that was created from the 12 code template of Eternal Life. That 12 code subharmonic is being activated in each of the the two double helix of each DNA strand in the Human Angelic so that the raceline may be returned to its Normal State. The Indigo Race has this activation doubled because they are in tune with their spiritual double. So, the Human Angelic is being activated at the 24 subharmonic level and the Indigo is activated at the 48 subharmonic level.
This teaching was brought to Earth as the identical teaching that was given by Jeshuwa 12 in 24 BC. The teaching is as complex as any Physics or Quantum Physics class, only at a much, much deeper Etheric Level. The teaching traces the foundation of the human body to the crystal body form which is the Divine Matrix of the Mind of God being the true DNA template of the Human Body. So, the true Body is not Human, it is the Human Angelic.
Man is not Material, he is rather Spiritual. Man is not a body who experiences 100 years on Earth and then moves to Heaven. Man is an Eternal Life for created from a Silicate Crystal Base of Star Dust.
The Man who was densified into Carbon Base form, is a creation of other racelines who distorted the original Human Angelic formula.
There are only two times in each 26,000 year cycle when there is this POSSIBILITY of the Rebirth of the original Normal Human Angelic. 2017 is the time of the half cycle when this rebirth can take place. The time period of 2000-2017 is the window of opportunity when humans can partake in this remaking of the Eternal Life Body.
The Fifth Dimension is the place we go to return to our normal Eternal Life Structure..
The place of the fifth dimension is a place where the frequencies of light and energy are higher than they they are in the slower moving particles of the third or fourth dimension.
If you focus on creating a tunnel from your third eye within your head out to 12 inches in front of your face and then see a white light at the end of the tunnel. That place 12 inches in front of your face is where the 12th dimensional frequency opens the door into Christ Consciousness and allows you to see the white light of the Fifth Dimension.
Another way of doing this is to use a Candle. Focus on seeing the full spectrum of light in the candle. The candle contains hertzian frequencies, infra red light, visible light, invisible light, x-ray, gamma, plasma and pink white light. If you stand within the candle in consciousness you have walked through the tunnel into the white light room. You stay there until you see a sphere of Blue Light. That sphere of Blue Light is the Fifth Dimension.
This is the place we have gone when we died the last ten million life times.
This time we don't have to go there because we are being told how to get to the fifth dimension without dying.

That is what is different about this website. I am providing the teachings, the frequencies, the sound and light energy that takes you into the 12th dimension, the 13th dimension of Inner Earth Cosmic Core Domain, and into the 14th Dimension of Heliotalic Plasma that then braids into the 8th Dimension of the Sun's Frequencies to create the Photon. I breathe this photonic energy into the Merkaba and then spin the merkaba into every cell in my body and focus the energy in the Crystal Heart and the Pineal Gland and then exhale these frequencies onto the Crystal spheres of Crystal Liquid Light, Crystal Gel and Crystal StarDust Microphone that is created in the palms of my hands.
The frequencies in the crystal sphere are then blown into the microphone to create the magical frequency albums that you purchase.
The Frequencies that many of you are attracted to at this time on this Website are the REAL THING.
They are created throught the Divine Formulas of the Cosmic Councils who really want to see the Human Angelic Race Ascend.

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