Photo: A reminder Christ Jesus: “And everywhere you go, preach, saying, `The kingdom of heaven is at hand,’ and minister to all who may be sick in either mind or body. Freely you have received of the good things of the kingdom; freely give. If the people of any city receive you, they shall find an abundant entrance into the Father’s kingdom; but if the people of any city refuse to receive this gospel, still shall you proclaim your message as you depart from that unbelieving community, saying, even as you leave, to those who reject your teaching: `Notwithstanding you reject the truth, it remains that the kingdom of God has come near you.’ He who hears you hears me. And he who hears me hears Him who sent me. He who rejects your gospel message rejects me. And he who rejects me rejects Him who sent me.” The Bible: "Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles? Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. The Urantia Book: 5:2.4 It is because of this God fragment that indwells you that you can hope, as you progress in harmonizing with the Adjuster’s spiritual leadings, more fully to discern the presence and transforming power of those other spiritual influences that surround you and impinge upon you but do not function as an integral part of you. The fact that you are not intellectually conscious of close and intimate contact with the indwelling Adjuster does not in the least disprove such an exalted experience. The proof of fraternity with the divine Adjuster consists wholly in the nature and extent of the fruits of the spirit which are yielded in the life experience of the individual believer. “By their fruits you shall know them.” What your guardian seraphim do for you – The guardian of destiny influences you in every possible manner consistent with the dignity of your personality; under no circumstances do these angels interfere with the free action of the human will. Neither angels nor any other order of universe personality have power or authority to curtail or abridge the prerogatives of human choosing. 113:5.2 Angels are so near you and care so feelingly for you that they figuratively “weep because of your willful intolerance and stubbornness.” Seraphim do not shed physical tears; they do not have physical bodies; neither do they possess wings. But they do have spiritual emotions, and they do experience feelings and sentiments of a spiritual nature which are in certain ways comparable to human emotions. The seraphim guard you; they do not seek directly to influence you; you must chart your own course, but these angels then act to make the best possible use of the course you have chosen. Thoughts with spirit: In the end it is about understanding the goal and destination which is the piece of Paradise within you. “But angels minister to evolutionary creatures in many ways aside from the services of personal and group guardianship.” There is indeed much confusion in the collective muddied lake of the world and many points of view, but upon leadings of spirit I am reminding us all to not forget the point. We are here to work alongside our Paradise Parents and shine light for all men in darkness of separation, confusion, and illusion. Let us be about the business of the kingdom – Before we can reflect we must realize we already possess it within, and if we stay the course we shall find “God” – then we can be about magnifying by our experience God’s beauty and nature through our reflection of it. Until we depart in chariots of fire......

I, like many of you was very disappointed at the end of the year and the beginning of the new. No Ascension and I have been waiting these last 10 days to see if anything would happen, that maybe got held up in traffic. And finally it donned on me, Yep we've been duped yet once again and this time big time! The last couple of years some in the spirit realm and our some in the ET realm or space has made a lot of promises to us that never came true, not even one of them! Especially  in the last yr or so. Going back to the 11-11 event that never happened. I felt a little burst of energy but then it was gone. Next some were promised a ride on the Neptune ship that never happened and then the dams of the ocean that never happened and those two they had us sign up for. And later people complained that the men in black came to visit them and harass them. After that many people were upset especilly with Greg Giles who thought he was channeling the GFL. He was the major player who presented most of these promises. People were so angry at him and let him know it on this site , that finally he left. But the promises continued, next we were set up for the Big Event that was to start on 12-12 but before that we kept getting promises that Nesara was coming soon and that the DC was finished.And that they have stopped the Deadly Chem-trails and Nanobots, all lies!!


      Salusa and st. Germain was the two who mostly pushed that and they to along with others pushed for the big Event of 12-12 & 12-21 & 12-31. When many of us light workers were supposed to go into high 4th and low 5th and after 12-31 we would all be in 5D and the New Earth and of course  once again we've been duped, nothing happened or rather nothing much. Again I did feel something on each of these dates but then afterwards, nothing. It was like someone was turning off and on a light switch. It was here then it was not. In the last couple of wks some people wrote that they Ascended, some say they went past 5th to 8-10&12D. But there discription didn't give them much merit. Some of these same people did the some of the false channeling or promises that were never kept. Many of them were women who claimed the were the twein flame of Ashtar or Jesus or Divine Mother or Universial Mother. And for the men they claimed to be Jesus or Sananda or Hannton or a Commander or some other deity. Its not that I don't believe its possible but there demeanor wasen't there and there Ego was. In truth I think they had been had by the VISITORS.


       About 6 mos ago after Greg left someone posted a vid from "The Allies of Humanity" I remembered these from some time ago but never gave it much credence, because I too wanted to believe if we did our homework, then come Ascension time in Dec. Come Hell or High waters ,we would be out of here, gone to the 5D and the New Earth. But after reading the blogs that I began to post every wk for the last 6 mo.'s from them. I soon saw that they were right. That we were being taken for a ride by the ones called 'THE VISITORS" who were a group of aliens from many different planets and who somehow created a collective or Hive mind, that was extremly powerful. The Anunnaki were among this group and they have made a plan to use there old influnce of the false messages and materials, writings telling how great they were and what they did for man kind including the (false) ststement that they created us. Anyway they have been here for quite some time they are small in numbers but with there powerful hive mind they influnce heads of office  and govt's and the very rich except the DC. They are very good at imitating other beings almost word for word in channeling down material.

Photo: "Forget the past. The vanished lives of all men are dark with many shames. Human conduct is ever unreliable until anchored in the Divine. Everything in future will improve if you are making a spiritual effort now." - Sri Yukteswar

     So what I am getting at is this; Half or most of the material being channeled down to us on this site and others are from "the Visitors" and is not the person or beings that we think that they are , such as ,Ashtar command, Hantonn, Ashtar Sheran, Jesus, Sananda or Jesus Sananda, Creator Michael,Salusa, St. Germain, GFL. The Federation,and many,many others. They imitate and copy them almost word for word. The Visitors hive mind are so good at it that most of the time we cannot tell them apart. Note here; I am not saying that all of the above are false, just the ones that the Visitors do. What to look for is that they mix untruths with Truths so that we except them both but you do need to have done your homework to notice this also they like to make promises that never come true and when we confront them, they turn the mistake on us for not having done our part. But they do have there weaknesses, they cannot handle new info or truths, when we comment back to them ,they get angry.And when something doesn't come true, they always say its our fault!


They change the subject or like the report or blog from Linda Dillion, when aksed by Steve B. they avoided the questions. And the questions were; why hasent any of the things that both the spirit ralm and the space brothers promised come true. It was the same thing they done all last yr. ,back home we call it beating around the bush or double talk, like the politicians do. If they can't answer it, they simply change the subject, works every time. And thats what they have done to us all of this last yr when we confront them and say, what happened you let us down once again, your promises did not come true. If you corner them by always coming back to the subject and question at hand they will become angry, blame it on us and if we do it enough some more will do like Greg G. and the GFL and leave us. Of course they will just go to another forum who dosn't know about this and start over again!


       One of the things that the Allies of Humanity said was this, they have no agenda and the Visitors do. The Visitors want to take us over next, thats why they too are against the DC, so that they can take there place. The reason the Allies of Humanity are helping us by exposing the Visitors is this; They or another group did the same thing to them, when they were coming of age and another group helped them by exposing the Visitors . All of these groups were in contact with the Spirit realm and the angels helped and guided them. And some day when we are finally free from all of them we will in turn do the same by helping other newly awaken species, this is part of the Divine plan, as above so below. Now I think its time that we wake up to the truth; that is we are on our own, by that I mean, sence we don't know who is who, or what is what, we have to presume that most of what we have recieved is from the" Visitors" and therefore UNTRUE. We Must Learn Discernment.

Photo: The opposite of illusions is not disillusionment but truth. Only to the ego, to which truth is meaningless, do they appear to be the only alternatives, and different from each other. In truth they are the same. Both bring the same amount of misery, though each one seems to be the way to lose the misery the other brings. Every illusion carries pain and suffering in the dark folds of the heavy garments in which it hides its nothingness. Yet by these dark and heavy garments are those who seek illusions covered, and hidden from the joy of truth. Truth is the opposite of illusions because it offers joy. What else but joy could be the opposite of misery? To leave one kind of misery and seek another is hardly an escape. To change illusions is to make no change. The search for joy in misery is senseless, for how could joy be found in misery? All that is possible in the dark world of misery is to select some aspects out of it, see them as different, and define the difference as joy. Yet to perceive a difference where none exists will surely fail to make a difference. Illusions carry only guilt and suffering, sickness and death, to their believers. The form in which they are accepted is irrelevant. No form of misery in reason's eyes can be confused with joy. Joy is eternal. You can be sure indeed that any seeming happiness that does not last is really fear. Joy does not turn to sorrow, for the eternal cannot change. But sorrow can be turned to joy, for time gives way to the eternal. Only the timeless must remain unchanged, but everything in time can change with time. Yet if the change be real and not imagined, illusions must give way to truth, and not to other dreams that are but equally unreal. This is no difference. Reason will tell you that the only way to escape from misery is to recognize it and go the other way. Truth is the same and misery the same, but they are different from each other in every way, in every instance and without exception. To believe that one exception can exist is to confuse what is the same with what is different. One illusion cherished and defended against the truth makes all truth meaningless, and all illusions real. Such is the power of belief. It cannot compromise. And faith in innocence is faith in sin, if the belief excludes one living thing and holds it out, apart from its forgiveness. Both reason and the ego will tell you this, but what they make of it is not the same. The ego will assure you now that it is impossible for you to see no guilt in anyone. And if this seeing is the only means by which escape from guilt can be attained, then the belief in sin must be eternal. Yet reason looks on this another way, for reason sees the source of an idea as what will make it either true or false. This must be so, if the idea is like its source. Therefore, says reason, if escape from guilt was given to the Holy Spirit as His purpose, and by One to Whom nothing He wills can be impossible, the means for its attainment are more than possible. They must be there, and you must have them. This is a crucial period in this course, for here the separation of you and the ego must be made complete. For if you have the means to let the Holy Spirit's purpose be accomplished, they can be used. And through their use will you gain faith in them. Yet to the ego this must be impossible, and no one undertakes to do what holds no hope of ever being done. You know what your Creator wills is possible, but what you made believes it is not so. Now must you choose between yourself and an illusion of yourself. Not both, but one. There is no point in trying to avoid this one decision. It must be made. Faith and belief can fall to either side, but reason tells you misery lies only on one side and joy upon the other. Forsake not now your brother. For you who are the same will not decide alone nor differently. Either you give each other life or death; either you are each other's savior or his judge, offering him sanctuary or condemnation. This course will be believed entirely or not at all. For it is wholly true or wholly false, and cannot be but partially believed. And you will either escape from misery entirely or not at all. Reason will tell you that there is no middle ground where you can pause uncertainly, waiting to choose between the joy of Heaven and the misery of hell. Until you choose Heaven, you are in hell and misery. There is no part of Heaven you can take and weave into illusions. Nor is there one illusion you can enter Heaven with. A savior cannot be a judge, nor mercy condemnation. And vision cannot damn, but only bless. Whose function is to save, will save. How He will do it is beyond your understanding, but when must be your choice. For time you made, and time you can command. You are no more a slave to time than to the world you made. Let us look closer at the whole illusion that what you made has power to enslave its maker. This is the same belief that caused the separation. It is the meaningless idea that thoughts can leave the thinker's mind, be different from it and in opposition to it. If this were true, thoughts would not be the mind's extensions, but its enemies. And here we see again another form of the same fundamental illusion we have seen many times before. Only if it were possible the Son of God could leave his Father's Mind, make himself different and oppose His Will, would it be possible that the self he made, and all it made, should be his master. Behold the great projection, but look on it with the decision that it must be healed, and not with fear. Nothing you made has any power over you unless you still would be apart from your Creator, and with a will opposed to His. For only if you would believe His Son could be His enemy does it seem possible that what you made is yours. You would condemn His joy to misery, and make Him different. And all the misery you made has been your own. Are you not glad to learn it is not true? Is it not welcome news to hear not one of the illusions that you made replaced the truth? Only your thoughts have been impossible. Salvation cannot be. It is impossible to look upon your savior as your enemy and recognize him. Yet it is possible to recognize him for what he is, if God would have it so. What God has given to your holy relationship is there. For what He gave the Holy Spirit to give to you He gave. Would you not look upon the savior that has been given you? And would you not exchange, in gratitude, the function of an executioner you gave him for the one he has in truth? Receive of him what God has given him for you, not what you tried to give yourself. Beyond the body that you interposed between you and your brother, and shining in the golden light that reaches it from the bright, endless circle that extends forever, is your holy relationship, beloved of God Himself. How still it rests, in time and yet beyond, immortal yet on earth. How great the power that lies in it. Time waits upon its will, and earth will be as it would have it be. Here is no separate will, nor the desire that anything be separate. Its will has no exceptions, and what it wills is true. Every illusion brought to its forgiveness is gently overlooked and disappears. For at its center Christ has been reborn, to light His home with vision that overlooks the world. Would you not have this holy home be yours as well? No misery is here, but only joy. All you need do to dwell in quiet here with Christ is share His vision. Quickly and gladly is His vision given anyone who is but willing to see his brother sinless. And no one can remain beyond this willingness, if you would be released entirely from all effects of sin. Would you have partial forgiveness for yourself? Can you reach Heaven while a single sin still tempts you to remain in misery? Heaven is the home of perfect purity, and God created it for you. Look on your holy brother, sinless as yourself, and let him lead you there.

I mean look at all the false promises, not one of all the things promised to us has come true, so it is all LIES. And as much as we wont them to become true doesn't change anything much, except our perception. Sure we want someone to rescue us from the bad guys, who at this time is the DC, Reptilians but the Visitors are next in line after them and who's after them ? It only goes on and on until we say, OK ,sure it would be nice to have someone rescue us but what is your Agenda, what do you want out of it. Sure we want FREE Energy and Transportation, food to feed the Hungry, cheap housing for all of mankind.; BUT if we let you give us those things,-then we become Dependent on you and what ever it is that you want from  us, which by the way is,our natural resources. 

   And where does that leave us, it leaves us in your control, we will still be slaves to a Master, its just the Masters that have changed and will keep changing as long as we let it all go on in this way. BUT on the other hand, if we say NO, we don't want your free Energy, we have our own ,which is locked up right now by theDC, So first we have to get rid of the DC, with or without your help, then not only do we get our natural resources back but we get back our own free energy devises, with that we can then put money back into the pockets of people and at the same time start a new real money system backed by gold and silver. With cheap food and housing and transportation we can then begin to addess the problem of war and conflict, which has mostly been caused by the DC ,who profited from it.One proposal is FON-Federation of Nations. When we by ourselves have completed that ,then we can join the Greater Community of the Universe. We will be adult enough and wise enough not to be taken in and loose our precious planet like so many before us, who ae probably some of those who want to take our planet now. And unless we can do this on our own, it will never happen, for the greedy ones who have destroyed there own planets and emptied them of natural resources, do want to do it to us. Even though they may pretend otherwise and they may say otherwise. Because now we know they are deceivers and liars, we are learning Discernment.

Its been extremly hard for me to except this message from the Allies of Humanity, I mean I even wrote a book that was in part about how our ET friends were going to rescue us. ( 2012 New Earth ) And just in the last wk I finally gave up and come to the conclusion that we are being decieved and have been decieved and that no one is going to rescue us but ourselves. The Aucturians and Pleaidians do seem to be less infiltrated by the Visitors and they too have been saying the same thing in a very gentle way. I have been up on both of there ships but don't remember much, maybe this has something to do with it. Anyway what they have been saying is this; We are children in this universe and some of them are our parents in some form or fashion. They are here to help us but not do it for us, its like when a parent reaches there kid to ride a bicycle, the kid may not want training wheels because the other kids would make fun of them. So the parent stands next to them and walks with them, catching them if they start to fall and coaxes them on, next thing you know the kid can't hear there voice anymore and they see that they are riding the bike on there own. If you think about it, its TRUE, we are the ones who have exposed the DC so now the whole world knows about them. We are the ones who have developed the Nesara system and of course we had help from those above, and we are the ones who have developed free energy, even though it was taken from us, we can get it back or recreate it again and there are many systems, not just one. And we are the ones who are going to have to reestablish our governments into honest govt. and even a world govt, a spiritual one. And we are the ones who are Ascending, on our own, with guidance from our true Allies.

So all in all we are truly the only ones who should and will rescue us, we do have help and back up but we have to use much Discernment. If they say they will support and inform us but not do it for us, then truly the are are Allies. but on the other hand if they say they will rescue us, will its like giving candy to a child to become there friends, or better yet, trinkets to the lost tribes to make friends to then get whatever they want from us, which is for us to be there slaves once again and to mine our natural resources for them to take away, like the Anunnaki did with the Gold, and we all know that story. So history will keep repeating itself until we, the citizens of planet EARTH, declare our sovereignty-our Freedom. And take the power back into our own hands. But we must first awake to what is really going on and say to these Visitors and the DC and anyone else in line that;STOP IT, we will now take our power back, we know who all of you out there are and we only want assistence from certain groups. And just because we see ships in our sky's dosent mean they are all the good guys, some of them are and some of them are not and that is why there is still fighting going on above us. But until Disclosure and contact is made on our terms. So we are not sure who is who and with all the false chamnneling going on,it the same problem, we don't know for sure who is who on those ships but we are learning fast. That anyone who makes promises and dosn;t keep them , are not the good guys. The good guys are the ones who always tells the truth, no promises or claims and is consistent. The Visitors will be on the Run , when they know, that we know who they are, and how to bring them down!!!

Now to wrap things up we have a lot of homework to do. We have a lot of discussions and Discernment's to do. We have to re-awaken re-direct our intent,re-create what the Visitors took away from most of us and do you know what that is ? We have lost our sense of purpose, our Desire, our Mission, our Goals ,our Proprieties , our Discernment. Now we must stop and re-assess our truths, our beliefs. I myself has had to make a about turn of 100% or turnabout from what I believed from before and what I believe now. We have the truth now, we have been Duped big time and for the last time. We have to use much Discernment with all of the channeled material. We need to turn to each other for our sources of info and truths of what is really happening. We must make sure that we make Disclosure and contact with the right space brothers. Remember even the DC has ships, so does the US  air force, Deep Space Command, and Europe has them too and like the USA its all secret.Also other DC allies and unfriendly aliens plus the Visitors, so we must excerize caution here until we know for sure who is who, again Discernment is the magic word, And for Ascension, well I still believe in it but not what we've been told by the Visitors, Again all of our True Allies report that it will take some time, say 1 to 3 yrs. to get all the light workers into 4D and another 20 to 30 yrs to get the rest of mankind, who choose Ascension, into 4D and then another 2 to 300 yrs before we can begin to Ascend into 5D. I hoped this helps to explain what is really going on, at least from my perspective after 42 yrs. I welcome all comments and Questions that are done politely. The Golden age begins here and now with us, for we are all one family. L&L,Adonai


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  • Well Ladies, your very active and I like that and your comments are right on. Especially about exposing the dark ones and fighting for our rights, for no one is going to give them to us, we have to create them. So your on the right path. And thats a really nice poem,Dawn. And yes Discernment is the name of the game, cause there is so much false channeling out there. I wish there wasn't any. I became hooked on channeling 25 yrs. ago. I like many others found it to be the best way to receive info because there was no Ego involved. But over the yrs much of it was infiltertrated 1st by the DC and the Archons and now more recently by the VISITORS. And as all can see we've been had. But by being had,{that is all the predictions that didn't come true}, we have learned our lessons or at least some of us have and now we are trying to wake up the rest, who still wont to believe that all channeling is the truth. But even they must admit that something is amiss. And its not a easy job cause 1st we need to know the truth from past memory's or learning of just what the truth is, so when we see truths mixed with untruths, which is the way of the deceivers of the dark ones, we know that something is wrong. So then we don't except them like others do, cause we know better but if your new to all of this, then you can fall for there tricks. And as they say the divil is a trickster.

          As for David Icke, I believe he is really good at getting the info out there about the DC and the Reptilians, rummers has it that he himself is a hybrid but a good one and thats how he knew all the stuff that he knew. He still ranks high in my view but I do wish he would go back to being more spiritual like he once was but he has helped this movement a great deal exposing the DC, like no-one else has. As for Alex jones I agree that he is a fear Mongol, but he too is fulfilling his task. If it wasn't for those two guys most 3D people would not have awakened to the fact that we are slaves to the DC. And again he could use a heavy dose of spirituality. He needs to balance things out. SO were all playing a role, I myself have to struggle with this balance too as I am a rebel first, a renegade, a light worker warrior. Exposing the dark forces is as much of my mission as exposing the spiritual realm. From one comes Darkness from the other come the light and that is why they call us light workers. I thank all of you for truly you are light worker warriors as well. And the battle of all Battles is about to be won, that is if we keep going and not give up. We are here to encourage and uplift each other, that is where our true power is and always was. We get side tracked by the tricksters sometimes but now our spies, our Allies have pointed us back into the right directions, and we have Divine Guidance as well. L&L, .Adonai

  • Thanks folks for your replies. And Richard I am confused with what you are trying to say. I agree with you that David Icke is great but he does not address this problem of the Visitors. Thats why I am doing it. We also have to deal with the Ascension Event that they and the DC have brought to a pause and david doesn't talk about these things and they do need to be addressed. What the Allies of Humanity are saying is that we must take great caution in whom we are dealing with other wise we will end up in the sam mess that we are in now, & I agree. 

    We R 1, I don't know about being timeless because this is a very special event that hasn't happened for 4-1/2 million yrs and that time they in the higher realms did it for us, now we have to do it for ourselves . But I do agree there are those of our future who has come back to assist or advise us, if thats what you mean.We R1.Adonai

  • People please get your head where your heart is and find some real information. It does sound exactly like dark ones agenda. Search david icke, "lion sleeps no more" from web and youtube or much better read his latest book from 2012 "remember who you are".

    Quite a many people were trying to tell the "truth", but they were not clearly been listened. It was message that people did not want to listen. When you know the basics (read the icke book) you may actually listen and start working towards new realm,rather that waiting for it to arrive on silver platter. It has been dark ones agenda the waiting game and "new age movements". Truth will set as free-we see on the other side.

    Wake up, please. you are needed to wake up, now.

    love and light



  • On Ascension, my heart tells me and I have heard that the Earth has ascended to 5d. We merely have to catch up and recognize we are there to. Remember, that we are timeless and can always go back to do it the way we should have the first time.

  • This resonates Rev. Joshua Skirvin. Thank you for sharing! I will discern. Much Love. We are ONE!

  • I do believe in the Ascension Event. But not the one that they imposed upon us, to spring altogether into 5D. I think this was another mind game of the Visitors. I had a strong feeling and even said so many times, that I believed it was going to be a slow, process. I think what they were trying to do to us, is"make us disbelieve"not only in the Ascension process but in our true Allies both Spirit Realm and Space. They caused us to become disappointed in all, cause we could not tell them apart. Each time that we were lied to we became a little more distrusting of the whole process. And this last really big one, broke the camels back, many lost hope and faith in any of it ever happening and they judged themselves, as not worthy as the "Visitors"still today blame us as they did every time they lied to us and nothing happened. This mind game is designed on many levels. Not only to piss us off at all of the Spirit and ET realm but to get pissed off at ourselves for failing to Ascend, cause "we were trying to reach there standards or goals not ours".This was designed by them, to get us to quit, not to try anymore and to give up on the whole thing.

    But we can't let that happen !, we know they are full of crap, we know there are still some good ET's and Masters who are trying to help us to Ascend and to evolve the new Earth or Earth 2. And at the same time especially last month,they were pushing us big time ,pumping us up, the DC was churning out the Fear on the News for a possible WW3, economic collapse ect,ect. And for the month of Dec. they were spraying us more even heavily with the"Deadly Chemtrails and Nanobots,"plus also once a wk they dumped liquid chemtrails on us, that gave many people including myself terrible stomach pains. So how are we supposed to Ascend with all of this going on and many of us sick or partly sick. So they sabotaged the whole Ascension Event, on the mind ,body and psychic levels.

    So we are back to reality of 4D and thats OK, we can handle that and we have 7 levels in 4D before we hit 5D. It should take us about 2 to 3 yrs to get every one of the light workers into 4D. Then another 20 to 30 yr to get the rest of mankind ,who wish to join us into 4D,as many of us will then be going into 5D. All those in 5D will then help the others of mankind up the ladder of 4D then it will take another 2 to 300 yrs to before finally all of mankind will have arrived at 5D. And in cosmic time, that is exceptionally fast. OF course the DC, Visitors and other Dark entities will not only miss this event, but we will leave them far behind.

    They will in very short time lose power over us and in fact will be scared of us, and rightly so because we will much more powerful than they will ever be.So lets not give up the good fight, as we figure this whole mess out of who is who and what is what. And most importantly we must continue on with our Ascension, for its not only our greatest gift from the Creator but also our greatest weapon against all those who wish to enslave us. I hoped this helped to clarify all this mess. If we put our hearts & minds together, with the higher power. Then nothing can stop us,right. Adonai
  • thanks for sharing.
    i.m.h.o. i have SOME SCIENTIFIC FACTSS i would like to share with ALL OF US, for i like to connect the dots of what i feel, MAY give some sence to what is going on right now, with my 5 senses and maybe other.

    we all know about the tunning fork and the glass of water test; on resonnance frequency balance between the two objects.
    the sun and ALL the planets have INCREASE their magnetic pulse field. the for example the earth has had the signiture of pulse hz of 7.8hz for thousands of years, and now is in the manifestation of 12.5hz.!!!!!!!!!!.

    we all know about the russian boy and others who can bent spoons either by touch, or by sight alone. this is proven to be no trick or any kind of woo-woo, and documented fact.

    Most of us know about the people and infants who have 3 d.n.a. nodes connected and funtioning instead of only 2 d.n.a. nodes. e.s.p. is not a trick for these people do some amasing things with their soul power of their heart.
    the first organ the human body develops is the heart NOT the brain. the heart has BRAIN CELLS in the tissues, this is proven fact.
    the photon belt was known about many thousand of years and it's percise time intervals was known of WHEN it is to come around to us to breath it its particles, may be the trigger to the d.n.a. codes to change, like 5 d.n.a. nodes to come on line very soon, as was told about by over 30 different cultrures, with thousands of years of distance and many miles apart of when each one figured it out.

    the pieramids of egypt has caught my eye (WOW) for on one wall was a picture that shows helicopter, tank, and other machines we us today, i feel it is a marker of time, for our wake up to higher i.q.

    i can keep going on and on. i too was upset with these promisses not comming true, like a kid who has been fooled to open my heart brain to want with all my being the light of compassion, trust, hope to manifest now on earth for all of us. i will however be open minded, and by the way my e.s.p. is improving , as if there was a guide actulliy talking to me, and flavor i NEVER felt before, i can only call it a flavor for i have no words to explain to myslef and others the events that happen to me.

    blessings to all of us for we all one
  • I and my friends think that you are right.We,personally,have reached to the same conclusion! They are liars and the December / lack of ...Event/ nearly destroyed our hard lives.We were wainting for the Event since more then 20-30 yrs!!!We have been meditating,living only for light and truth .And now we have nothing to survive,we have evictions lack of essentials needed to survive.And all those for nothing.They blame us,and we blame ourselves to be so stupid to listen ,first to all those "Masters" and later ET"s.We ARE DUPED!!! WE are old now and its more difficult to start a new life with no money/ lost for many "gurus meeting" -the very expensive ones.We did never care of just making money.Our fault!

  • Maybe "they" set up these "ufo's/crafts" these strange images, these strange  phenomenons these things that make us, you, question the origin the past the future etc. these all made to draw you in, thinking your open minded but in truth you only have been sucked into another fantasy a dream, illusion, these "beings" DO NOT make dates, you have been told this for many times and times, why though why would you believe them? fear? hope? why do these thing when you stop believing do you soon get sucked back in? well the brain is very mysterious, you get back sucked in because you see them again you know they are there but you get fooled over and over by "the man in the van" your a child with the same repetition of "touching the hot stove" again countless times, just stay strong live your life as you would and dont pressure your mind into this as were you get depressed, just live,i am now 16 i have been here since 13 i have been "watching" 

    phenomenons - Google Search
  • Thanks down, wonderful vid. I am going to take time to see the rest of them. And yes ladies this site  and this blog has a lot of problems. It acts like a virus but a smart one. I have to trick it just to get any thing done. I think the DC or the Visitors are behind it. It tried to destroy my work on the is blog and others many times and nearly did. There are many things on this site that I cannot do anymore, now for a long time. The two nights that I was working on this blog, I had really bad dreams and a feeling of pressure in my head. I prayed most of the night or I should say my sleeping time, to AA-Michael, Jesus and  Creator Michael but little relief. Maybe its one of the 3 implants in my head, one of them is in my brain. I was also attacked by SuziG but finally I was able to delete her today. So your right somebody does not want this info to get out, but its to late its out now. ! L&L,Adonai

This reply was deleted.

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