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Ascended Master El Morya’s Weekly Message for June 18 – 25, 2013 ~ Become Your Own Leader ~ via Julie Miller

Ascended Master El Morya’s Weekly Message for June 18 – 25, 2013 ~ Become your own Leader ~ via Julie Miller

Distractions are everywhere, and many distractions that try to sway your focus come from the many people that cross your path. They are everywhere; they are on the bus you ride, in shopping malls, wherever you look there are always people and these people are not necessarily from one race or culture, more often than not, you live within a multi-cultural community. Each person you meet, even just passing by is an opportunity for you to socialize and to communicate; even if your communication is a cheerful smile, you are sharing a part of your peaceful self that is beautiful and divine.

Peace can easily become shattered when your dedication towards something is questioned; maybe a co-worker has made an assumption regarding your work without consulting with you first, or someone said something unkind about you. It is too easy to allow your emotions to rule you during such instances; it requires great control of your mental and emotional faculties to maintain your state of peace and calm during your working day. Rude comments come, difficult situations go; how you react and respond will always make a difference. Responding through compassion and understanding is always the best way. By consciously choosing to keep a positive mind set, you already begin healing from any damage harmful words may have expressed and the stress from the situation has been alleviated. There are always choices in your day, you can choose to peaceful in all you do, or you can choose to allow your emotions to rule your thinking process and create chaos and war wherever you go. We encourage of course for each of you to choose peace. When you adopt a pace that is peaceful you move with grace and love in all you do, no matter how small or mighty the task. 

Maintaining your peaceful and calm stance in life and within your journey is important. Because each of you are incredibly interconnected, how one feels will carry to the next person. Choosing to react with hostility instead of with peace and calm will not solve anything but it will create greater difficulty that can also play havoc on your physical body. We have observed that many dear souls during a confrontational moment, felt it was better to say nothing and to do nothing… biting of the tongue is sometimes the best solution. When you choose to not respond to those that have said hurtful things about you, you demonstrate a greater inner power that is more powerful than the words you may have chosen in your defence. By choosing to act with peace and love in all you do, you are in control of mind and of your emotions. What someone says or does will not distract you from what you know to be true to you. You will maintain your peace because your heart and your soul works better when you are moving within a state of calmness where your whole self is in balance with both the external and internal world around you. 

It is important dear ones to create daily habits that become automatic to bring in more peace and to maintain it once achieved. Since your journey is filled with many diversions it is essential dear ones to create limits for yourself. Create a to-do list and do one or two things at a time that you feel important to complete, be honest and truthful with yourself. Let go of tasks that are not as important as others, learn from self-discovery which areas require greater improvements and begin focusing on those. We encourage you to end trying to be perfect and begin bringing yourself into wholeness. Aiming to be perfect will create stress dear ones. Through honest and truthful self-examination you will quickly be able to determine which areas are already good, and which areas are weak – trust your intuition more often. Learn to not follow what everyone else is doing and learn to follow the guidance of your heart. What one dear soul is doing on their journey will not necessarily resonate with the heart and soul of another. Each of you have your own unique journey to fulfill, it’s imperative that you learn to stop trying to be like everyone else and begin being you. 

Relaxation is crucial. Each day that greets you holds new challenges and obstacles. Some will be easier than others, and some will stay in your mind longer than you wish. Learn quick ways to distress and bring calm back into your person that is effective. Many dear souls have learned the benefit of breathing through their belly, some practice walking meditation, many sit a few minutes during a break in prayer, the techniques are endless and we are confident that you will find a few that will work best for you. Discover new ways that bring relaxation to all areas of your body that will bring you to feeling fresh and revitalized because you were able to redirect your focus and relax. 

Just like dealing with children, you must learn to pick your battles and decide how to handle every situation. Take a moment to think before you respond. Remember your words carry power; once you unleash them you cannot retract them. We encourage you to not make simple matters into difficult ones. Think about the stressing matter in front of you and question yourself, “Will this situation make a difference to you or to the other person in the next few years?” Every conflict can be handled peacefully, if you choose peace to begin with. When you look back at some of your previous grievances with honesty, you will clearly see many of them were not that bad and you were able to handle them. Uncertainty can create panic and sometimes when the panicky feeling becomes overwhelming unnecessary words and feelings are expressed. The more you are able to maintain control of your thoughts and emotions, the more peace and calm you will attract into all areas of your life. 

More and more dear souls are rushing everywhere, seeing what others are doing and wanting to do it all NOW. Realize dear ones, you are not meant to do everything now. From all the rushing about, you create unnecessary stress to your whole self. You have your entire life to complete your journey. There is no one person holding a stop watch, telling you when you must accomplish this or that unless it’s work related. Slow down dear ones. Enjoy your journey. Greet each challenge with love and gratitude and learn every piece from each experience before you set out and move on. Don’t worry what others are doing; focus on what you are doing. Instead of being a follower, become your own leader.

Because your day is filled with so many distractions from the many people that cross your path and from the many things you have to accomplish throughout your day it’s important to learn how to de-clutter your mind from the world around you. Allow yourself a few minutes during the day and close your eyes. Empty all your thoughts and become nothing. Let everything melt away, all the noise, all the smells, all the thoughts… everything. When nothing enters your mind or disturbs your quiet, for a few precious moments you will drift to nothingness and through this peaceful state you will experience a few moments of pure bliss and healing. If you are working either out of the home or from home learn to reduce the items on your desk. Keep your space simple, yet tasteful without distractions. Bring peace into your work place without adding clutter. 

Difficult situations will come and go. They are a part of your never-ending journey. We encourage you to learn all the necessary lessons they bring, give gratitude for them because through them you come to know yourself better, then let them go. Don’t live within those moments and become stuck in them. Let them go and move on, taking the knowledge with you, and applying that knowledge through new opportunities that developed as a result. Even if what remains on your mind are hurtful words spoken by another, they will prevent you from moving forward if you don’t let them go. Accept that this incident is in the past and reclaim your power dear ones and refocus on the present with unconditional love. 

There are many novel ways to mentally escape each day from a diverse genre of books to television shows. It is simple pleasure. But through them you can feel the stress of the day filter out and finally relax. There are many ways for you to discover what will help you maintain peace, and you will discover what will work best for you and make it consistent. A television show may be fictional but it can be therapeutic as well. 

We know many of you chew over problems that are heavy; they are pushed aside instead of being dealt with. Stop procrastinating and deal with these heavy issues. The sooner they are out of your way, the sooner you can set your mind at ease from them. By avoiding them you take away your peace and calm and replace them with stress and discomfort. 

Learning how to breathe that alleviates stress will not only benefit your peace of mind, but provide healing benefits for your overall body. Through your body, channel your breath work by focusing that each intake of breath is fresh rejuvenating breath and slowly through the outbreath any negative discord that is within you is breathed out. Breathing deeply where you feel your breath in the pit of your stomach will help reduce stress and produce a calming affect that will be felt throughout your body and many people experienced a calming from the inside, a sort of melting feeling. Relax dear ones and become the peaceful loving dear souls you were meant to be. 

Each day presents so many opportunities and possibilities and through all is the potential that some of your interactions will produce worry, stress, possible fear and a feeling of being rushed. Learning how to cope strategically, being mindful and compassionate will help maintain your inner peace and calm. Achieving a state of inner peace and calm is a blessing and a reward that illuminates the hard work you have applied. You will become more confident on how you deal with difficult situations and you will become very efficient and affective with diminishing their destructiveness. 

Even if you are within good financial standing and decent health, anxiety can still easily occur and peace can be lost. Remember dear ones, attaining peace and happiness always comes from working within, not from external circumstances or situations. You may not always be able to change your external situations, but you are able to change how you will deal with them. It is you that brings new changes to your journey by how you change your thoughts and reactions. You are the one in control of your journey; all that you choose affects everything. Learn to trust the guidance of your heart dear ones and have peace become a constant companion. 

And so it is… 

I AM Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller 

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