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ASCENCION Info - Our Noble Mission To Help And Educate People During This Biggest Time On Earth !

When we talk to ordinary people and try to “alert and awake” them,
very quickly we realize how tedious and risky this job is.
Generally, they are very reluctant to get out of illusionary “comfort zone”.
Ignorance about current crisis and attachment to existing (crumbling) style
of life is prevalent. Their illusionary “peace of mind” is coming to the end.

Between December 21st 2012 and September 21st 2013 people got extra
time for awakening. Now the change is done. We are in 5th dimension.
The official awakening of majority of humanity will be radical and extreme.
Every single person on planet Earth will be touched by the knowledge
which often he (she) previously rejected. The impact will be powerful.
This is how changes happen in our Divine Cosmos – by change of consciousness
of planet inhabitants. The only one fact, that was hidden from
Humanity – we are NOT alone – will cause tremendous impact on
people’s mind. Our planet prison will go though huge transformation
– something so difficult for us to imagine. The revelations that follow,
will shock people. After grieving and healing period we will welcome the much
better world for us. When someone refuses to talk about current situation, it is
unrealistic to start talking about ASCENCION. They refuse to listen about
“science fiction”. It is impossible to convince deeply programmed people
so strongly attached to TV on daily basis that in reality the opposite is true.
The Matrix of 9 to 5 job, watching TV on daily basis the world they live in is
total illusion and science fiction is actual the science FACT.

The biggest blow will be for highly educated, respected and regarded by society
people. They will be the last to accept changes and believe in truth.
It is always more easy to present opinion in writing, get people interested in subject
send them to particular internet site, then convince them in direct conversation.

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