By the end of this week, you will most likely experience a shift you will note far more than any previous shift. A bit like having the sniffles versus the flu... Even though you may not notice the difference immediately, you will soon find yourself thinking and behaving differently...You will no longer wish to be around people who make you uncomfortable...To shift from the Old Age to the New Age in physical form, you needed to be certain that the third dimension held little comfort for you. So you moved through your fears and became bored with life on earth as it has been for eons...You will not be bored by the end of this week


Dear Ones,

You have become quite adept at bouncing between energy bursts and adjusting your physical, emotional and spiritual being accordingly. You are now ready for the next phase – the solar eclipse.


We told you during yesterday’s Creation Energies show ( that you create the energy shifts you are constantly adjusting to. Today we wish to remind you that while you create energy shifts, you have done so – at least until now – on a subconscious level. Someone announces a date, such as yesterday’s 11/11, and others rally to the call creating information about what is to happen and why. You have united as one in this arena.


This week’s shift is different. Even though you created it in that you are encouraging the energies to flow through your being, this energy burst will shift your world as you know it.


Prior to this shift, you and your world changed in bits and pieces. Cleaning out a corner there, obtaining bits of knowledge or sharing joy experiences. You are now strong enough – as is true for earth – for this major shift with little or no down time.




By the end of this week, you will most likely experience a shift you will note far more than any previous shift. A bit like having the sniffles versus the flu.


How will this shift impact you? This we cannot tell you for you are moving at your own pace. But you will be different. Even though you may not notice the difference immediately, you will soon find yourself thinking and behaving differently.


You will no longer wish to be around people who make you uncomfortable. Perhaps you are thinking that such people are mirrors for your fears.


You have cleared your fears – both personal and global.


You have worked diligently to prepare for this shift. You created 2012 as the year you transition from the third to fourth and beyond dimensions. The first 10 1/2 months of 2012 were preparation for this week. By the end of December, you will have ascended (as some label it – even though you remain on earth) and the new earth will be firmly in place.




Think of this week as the installation of your new hard drive. You have gone as far as you can with your old computer/Old Age being. To shift from the Old Age to the New Age in physical form, you needed to be certain that the third dimension held little comfort for you. So you moved through your fears and became bored with life on earth as it has been for eons.


You will not be bored by the end of this week.


For you will uncover a sparkle, a new excitement that draws you further and further from any need to be an Old Age care taker, victim or outer-directed power monger.


As Lightworkers, you will experience this almost overwhelming transition sooner than those who remain steadfast in their need to be of the third dimension. You will not have a great deal of interest in their anger, “pity parties” or fears. It will be as if a magic wand was waved over your being and all you have dreamed of comes together in a joyous package.


Will you win the lottery, find a new mate or move to the perfect house? Perhaps. But more alluring will be the KNOWLEDGE that you are no longer of the third dimension. You will sparkle and shine internally and externally. And you will frighten those people who cannot or are not willing to comprehend that you are not of the third dimension.




They will try to determine how you are different and not understand. A bit like some of you see a beautiful rainbow and others the mess following a rainstorm. Even though those solidly in the third dimension will not see your rainbow, your demeanor will make them uncomfortable.


What does this shift mean for those who are just entering the New Age? They will be extremely comfortable with you, but not necessarily understand why. The complete spectrum after this week will be: you – the rainbow; others moving towards you; and still others only seeing the rainstorm mess.


How will earth change overall? There will be more divisiveness than has been true in the past. Not necessarily in terms of politics – for many politicians are of the rainbow set and others are enamored of those who are. But instead, that various groups will no longer be comfortable interacting with one another. Those who wish to continue in pain will not wish to be around New Age rainbows for their joy and excitement will make third dimensional beings extremely uncomfortable.


Some of you of the rainbow set are concerned that those remaining solidly in the third dimension will harm you physically, emotionally or spiritually. Merely Old Age thinking and memories. For the past few eons, you have indeed given third dimensional beings the power to diminish your joy. Such is no longer the case.


This week’s shift will alter power patterns beyond anything you can imagine.




As a Lightworker, you may try to be grumpy, sad or in pain, but such feelings will not last long as they are no longer your point of interest. Too many sparkles of light will be within your being for you to maintain a cloudy demeanor. You will dance with joy only to have those remaining solidly in the third dimension frown and try to curtail your enthusiasm. They will tell you to be quiet, follow the rules, be careful and continue in pain and sorrow – to experience anything but joy.


This week is the tipping point. No longer are third dimensional beings in control of you or earth.


Previously, you maintained your New Age/new earth beliefs despite hits from those with outer-directed power or the third dimension. After this week, you will not need to curtail your love of life, joy or enthusiasm because you are now the leaders in thought, feelings and action.


Perhaps some of you remember how outraged many were when rock stars of the 60′s starting wearing unusual clothing and let their hair grow longer than was acceptable. Slowly such looks became the norm for rock stars, as well as many adults.




You have slowly (in your mind) transitioned to this week of phenomenal importance in this New Age shift. You are today’s rock stars/trend setters. You are the ones others will emulate and admire.


Welcome to the New Age in all it’s glory and all your sparkle. Those of the third dimension are outdated and old-fashioned.


What will become of those of the third dimension? Nothing other than their importance will be swept aside starting this week.



So be it. Amen.





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  • Thanks for the update! Interesting !!!!  I have felt moments of sheer bliss which lasts for a moment. This has been stronger in the last few weeks. Although my life has not changed and was depressed but somehow i find it difficult to get depressed now. II feel my thoughts are changing with moments of joy that appear out of no where. I have been pondering as  to why , and now I know!! Great message, it explains my situation. lol Nikki    

  • Funny but in regards to some posts such as this one for example, we are experiencing what is being claimed, and you are not experiencing these just as is also claimed.  Just because you dont feel or experience these things does not make it not real, it just makes it not real for you.  Ive been feeling the waves for months now strongly to the point it at times makes me something akin to dizziness, and then there's bliss, and then moments of extreme clarity where I can just about take it all in, in a single picture of understanding.  And here lately i haven't even been on here to read the posts but when i do pop on occasionally I find the posts that line up perfectly with what I experienced in the days since the last time I was on, oh and telepathy or something akin to a group mind like memory and understanding seems to be the means for some of the recognitions of what is going.  Seems like it just about has to be since i am getting the message that some of these posters are posting before i ever get online and run across the message.  Must be the Akash express mail.  I guess the power mongers in the world done hacked it and are using it to dupe us sheeple even more.  HAH... 

    I will says this that those sheeples that think that its all rosy are sheeple, but those sheeple who know there may be times yet to come where they will have to stand there ground, those are the sheeples who have been grazing the right fields.  So if you dont believe in ANYTHING on this website, and if all you want to do is spread your foxglove attitudes and nightshade semantics,  "BEN I APOLOGIZE "  then by all means I politely ask you to get your tooshie and your weebles OUT OF OUR FIELDS, before you make a further Tooshie out of your self.   Good Day and Please Good Bye. 

  • Dear Eion, the ringing noise in our head is your pineal gland starting to sing its song.

    It's beginning to respond to the energies. 

    Good chance your High heart is beginning to open

  • 8114395878?profile=original

  • Beautiful message!!!

  • 8114490487?profile=original

  • I tell you I fell so out of whack at this moment, it is hard to concentrate on normal day to day things. I have a ringing sound in my head and pains all over sometimes. And the white whale that was seen this week, and we have a volcano that will blow in a few days time here in New Zealand, lot's of signs of the shift. I can't wait for the photon belts effect on this planet on the 22nd of December, we down under have that date not the 21st, we are the first to see the new year, so you all must come to New Zealand to see the events take place.

    Love to you all.

  • This is good news, thank you for sharing. Peace and joy to all : )

  • k

This reply was deleted.

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