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Are You an Empath?



Some people believe that because they are highly sensitive to the needs and feelings of others that they are an empath. However, there is more to being an empath than simply knowing and being able to imagine what others are feeling. An empath will actually experience the same emotions as those around them, whether that is their intention or not.

An empath may be feeling great and in an amicable mood but if they visit a place such as a large mall and all of a sudden feel depressed or angry, that is due to the fact that a person or people around them are feeling those same emotions and so, the empath will internalize those emotions and make them their own. An empath can eventually learn to block out the energy so they are not afflicted by it every day wherever they go but it is a learned skill and one an empath must strive to achieve so that they too may lead a good and happy life.

Empaths may also feel physically ill when someone else is sick. This is usually when the person who is actually sick is a loved one or someone very close to them but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Empaths don’t even have to know about the other person’s sickness, they will simply feel the exact same symptoms even though there is no physical explanation for their symptoms.

Empaths will also know what someone really means when they are talking to them. Often times, our intuition will tell us that someone doesn’t mean what they say but with empaths, it goes beyond the realm of intuition. They will immediately be able to tell that a person is lying and they will know why the person is lying. If the person is lying so as not to hurt the empath’s feelings, the empath will know that and if the person is lying to be deceitful, the empath will know that as well.

Empaths will absorb so many feelings during the course of a day that they often need some time to process what they are feeling, block some of it out and reconnect to their own inner psyche. However, during these times people will often open up to the empath about what they are feeling even if the empath prefers that they don’t. This is because people are drawn to empaths because they sense the great caring and giving spirit within the empath.

One of the most important ways to tell if you’re an empath is to determine if you have the ability to physically heal someone. Empaths have this ability because they feel the emotions or the physical hurt so much that they actually draw it out of the person that is hurting. Empaths sometimes need to learn to harness this ability and so if  you think you’re an empath but don’t have this trait, you may still be if you possess some of the other traits.




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  • Thank you for sharing this post. It provided me with helpful information, as well as, Kelly's shared response. Have spent the past several years trying to find a starting point with what has been effecting me all my life. Have no idea why it took me so long to read about empaths, now I have knowing and can move forward. "Hi," I am Mark, and I am an empaths, thank you for teaching through healing. Love and light : )

  • Yup, this is me lol... except empaths have also had negative relationships because they are attractive to those people who cannot "fill their battery up" on their own... so we end up filling the battery up of our loved ones until we're sucked dry... or learn to cut off our "parasites". 

    Many empaths self medicate out of confusion, but eventually I think they all get it together because their natural state is of grace and loving kindness- when you can feel negative emotions so often you ground yourself in Light and sunshine and good feelings, it spreads outwards, drawing others in. 

    Good post Karma :)  Thanks for sharing!

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