Are we aligned with the “Galactic Center” Yet? ~

Are we aligned with the “Galactic Center” Yet?

--- sarcastic and provoking article by Vic DiCara ~ whoever reads till the end - congratulations! ;)

Winter solstice

Hi folks.

I see and hear you out there, flooded with constant torrents of (mis)information and unable to find the needle of truth in the haystack of hype and hysterics. I feel for you, as they say. So I’ll take a little time out of my morning to try to explain a few things to you.

If it makes you pay more attention, consider this a message channeled from the Pleiades (Rohini) to you.

First, dig this:

The concept of a “galaxy” is relatively new. It’s not new compared to iPhone 5 and Nintendo wii.u, but compared to the history of astrology, human civilization, etc, its about as new as you get, as new as the iPhone 5, yes. The idea of a “galactic center” is brand new. Its not something in the Wikipedia of any ancient culture, Mayan or otherwise. So, its not something that would play a role in any ancient prediction.

So far so good? Let that sink in a little bit, then proceed…

The Sun moves through the stars every day. If we measure the complete circle as having 360 degrees, the Sun moves almost one degree every day. So that means in a year, about 360 days, the Sun has aligned with every single point in the heavens. In other words, wherever this “galactic center” might be, the Sun “aligns” with it at least once a year, every year, since the beginning of “time.” In other words, “galactic alignments” (a newly made up term, by the way) happen every year.

Still OK? Getting ready to throw away your tin-foil cap? :)

Alright, but this year – *****2012**** – is special, right? Because the winter solstice aligns with the galactic center. (BTW, the “winter solstice” in this context means the position of the Sun relative to the stars on December 21st, the Sun’s most southerly point in its yearly journey around the equator).



There is a long span of years – decades – during which the winter solstice “aligns” with this new-fangled “galactic center.”

Well, isn’t that exciting – to be in the middle of those years!?

No, why should it be?

But it only happens every 26,000 years!

Lots of astrological things only happen every 26,000 years. In fact the astrological alignments of each and every minute of each and every hour of each and every day of each and every month of each and every year only happens once in the entire cycle of time.

English: Inti Raimi, the festival of winter so...

English: Inti Raimi, the festival of winter solstice and the beginning of the year (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But folks get hyper about Mayan calendars  The span of time covered by the Mayan calender ends during the period of time that the winter solstice is “aligned” with the “galactic center.”

Yay, except (a) calenders end all the time, (b) the Mayans didn’t live in a universe with galaxies in it, much less a galactic center. So what’s the big deal, exactly? And (c) why are the Mayan’s suddenly the new Nostradamus?

I used to laugh at fanatical Christians expecting the return of Jesus Christ. Shortly after he died, people started saying he was coming back. When he didn’t show up, they postponed the date. And he missed that one too, so they postponed again. And this just kept on going for 2,000 years. Now its a little bit out-of-fashion to say “Jesus” (at least in metropolitan areas), so now it gets repackaged with “Mayans” and “Astrology” – but its the same bullshit. (With all respect to Christ himself, I am calling the zealots expecting his immanent return, and subsequent apocalypse, to be lunatics. Christ himself gets all my respect)

Why are people interested in all this crap?

No, seriously, this is the really interesting part… Why are people interested in all this crap about the world ending?

Because their lives suck.

They want, need, a big dramatic end, a big dramatic change, because their lives suck and their nations suck, and their world sucks.

So they are just foaming at the mouth for an apocalypse  Just bring us an apocalypse and we are yours forever. We just want a freakin’ apocalypse already damn it, we don’t even care anymore if it comes from Christ or an “Indian”. End this freaking world – we don’t even care if it comes from a green Martian in a Flying Saucer UFO. We just need a fix – a goddamned break from this numbingly cold, boring, repetitious, meaningless pile of shit that we soak in day in and day out.

Well guess what, everyone – the world sucks because we suck.

It doesn’t suck because of alien lizards from Planet Z.

It doesn’t suck because something is fu**ed up in the stars.

It doesn’t suck because of a secret society.

It doesn’t suck because of your government.

It doesn’t suck because of your parents.

It doesn’t suck because of God.

It sucks because we suck – because after all, the world is nothing except us.

If my world sucks, its because I suck, and that is good news because I can actually change myself.

Stop asking Jesus Christ to send UFOs to pick you up from the top of a Pyramid a little bit after Y2K to rescue you from your humdrum existence. Just sit down in your room, be quiet, be still, stop listening to the tsunami of bullshit broadcast over the Internet, TV, and magazines. Shut your eyes. Sit up straight. Breath deeply. Calm your mind. Focus on your heart, and FEEL THE DIVINE in your heart. Commune with that divine every day, and your life will transform from black and white to technicolor.

You completely have it in your power to cause your own personal “apocalypse” and restart your world in a transcendental way RIGHT NOW. Stop asking someone else to be your savior, and save yourself.

Thank you.

The transmission from the Pleiades ends here, “my dear ones.” ;)

- Vic DiCara

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  • The world is a vampire--

    But it is the hopeful relief from suffering-- that happens without our control and our final liberation-- that drives us on to seek



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