Arcturian Sighting Parties

Hello Beautiful Family! 


I am so grateful to be sharing this exciting information with you today.  Among other things, I am an Arcturian-Telosian Fleet Commander.  I exist simultaneously in multiple locations, as do most of you!  Firstly, I am physically in Los Angeles California where I am a 25 year old Human working on the new superhero movie "Green Lantern" - It's a blast and I wouldn't trade it for anything.  In addition to that I exist in many places, but the most relevant for our work here would be an Arcturian Mothership, which is the "North Star".  The Arcturians are a non-signatory member of the Ashtar Command Fleet as are the Telosians.  My role is primarily one of a Diplomatic liason, helping to prepare as many of the Diplomatic Corps (that's us lightworkers) as possible for First Contact experiences.


I am writing because the we are interested in creating Group First Contact experiences around the world.  We call these "Sighting Parties", because we will show up in our ships in the sky reliably and repeatedly once a group has been properly trained to work as a "Ground Crew".  We will show up in the sky only right now, but we are really looking forward to "closer encounters" with the Ground Crews, dependent on the success of this project.


Right now we are looking for people who are interested in working with us on this project.  We need organizers with a high degree of reliability and persistence of intention.

Yes, we really are going to show up! As a Human I am no stranger to our ships visiting me on a regular basis, even over Los Angeles!


If you are interested in being a part of our mission, please comment below.  It's going to be a blast!






--Yes I Am!

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  • Would enjoy being part of  this also.
  • Yeh I got the goods to go, and I don't know about a group as I am just one a party of one at this moment.



  • Sounds all very interesting as usual, but even if I wanted to meet y'all, I seriously doubt you'd show up in my neck of the woods and that for a "party" of 1.

    Would like to see how this pans out though.

    Goodluck and Godspeed

  • @ Ashtar Commander - Well I already see and do and bla bla, the parallel that I call the Spiritual Realms. Dragone, Fairies, Spaceships is not new to me.  Some of what I can do there is already manefesting in me, like using the elements and talking to all souls. This include animal and plants.  What is needed now is to get all of other part of me back to one me.  Sigh, The flying bit, but it is not as simple as you make it to be.  It took me 9 years of dedication to achieve what I can do now.  It is NOT simple.
  • Well the teleport my Nightbat right now !! :) and please don't ask whom this entity is .. that is not needed ... contact already made ... pop a  direct linked dimension for moi xx  I did read what u wrote and have read many things like this .......... and feel it sounds like cozmic role playing that would take a lifetime and during the role playing .. enthusiasm could turn into living in it as real for some .. would this make it a road map of some  sorts towards enlightenment for those in areas that feel the urge to go in this  direstion ??

    Read more:
  • Hello!

    Wow, what a response!  I am so excited at the possibilities that we are weaving together!  I would love to query the group as to how they would like to be interfaced with in terms of pulling the teams together.  I very much choose to honor the integrity and sanctity of this wonderful forum - there is no need for us to pull everyone off to a new community unless collectively we feel that is our greatest excitement.  I really would just love to be a part of the family right here - this is, after all, the Ashtar Command Crew!  I say YES!


    I am on a very tight schedule due to the work that I'm doing on Green Lantern so the first step would be to assemble a team of primary coordinators that can take care of the scheduling, emailing, coordinating, finding members in other places, helping Ground Crew Leaders find enough members to assemble a large enough team to bring coherency, screening those members to determine their readiness and then coordinate the training of those members and their leaders.


    This is a great deal of work and while eventually these may become paid positions, this is presently a position for a dedicated volunteer who really has the time, energy and passion to facilitate First Contact experiences for Ground Crews around the world.  You will be working with the Arcturians on a regular basis and will eventually learn to interface with them directly.  Coordinators that have refined telepathic or intuitive ability can learn to interface with them nearly immediately.  Everyone can learn - in fact the main portion of the training will be teaching the Ground Crews how to directly interface with the Arcturians telepathically so that they can make the most of their First Contact Experience.


    In addition to this, we need to form a First Contact Council.  This would consist of at least 5 members with highly refined intuitive and higher self communications abilities, plus myself.  You would each be acting as a direct link to the Arcturian Unfied Command and would be asked to bring through messages from them that will eventually be identical to eachother.  This acts as a validator of the message - when a message can be relayed to 5 people the same way without each other being aware of the others it creates a way to demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt the validity and authenticity of the message.  This will take some time, effort and persistence to bring online, but the reward is the opportunity to be centrally part of something that is historically unprecedented - Yes!


    There is so much more to talk about!  We'd like to answer every single question that's been asked so far, and I'd love to get feedback from the group as how best to do that.  In the meantime, I'd love to answer one question in particular:  "Why haven't you landed already, dammit!?"


    As you can imagine the answer to this question from the perspective of this reality is nuanced and extremely complex has everything to do with exopolitical negotiation, cosmic and meta-cosmic timings set in place aeons ago and treaties with governmental and para-governmental authorities (for example, due to certain treaties the US has signed with other ET nations, we technically aren't even allowed in US Airspace, much less allowed to land.  This doesn't stop us from showing up at a sighting party and as far as landing, there's ways around that  as well - For example, Native American (indigenous people) Reservations that still possess true sovereign rights to their land don't count :-)  )


    The simple answer, however, is annoyingly, just that - simple.  We haven't landed yet because you (the person reading this message) made a choice to not be in a reality where we have landed yet. 


    I know, right?


    The fact of the matter is that you really do "choose your own adventure" in EVERY sense of the concept.  I very much look forward to illustrating this concept in much more depth, but in short, the best way to look at this would be to consider that in every single moment you are constantly traveling into a parallel dimension.  Your future is NEVER fixed.  Even Destiny, which represents fixed points of experience in your future, is completely changeable - it's simply a matter of negotiating with the part of you that wanted those fixed points in the first place.


    You can literally manifest us landing tomorrow, or even manifest a reality in which Dragons once again live amongst humans simply by choosing to be in that reality.  You won't actually manifest Dragons or spaceships into this reality, you'll simply travel seamlessly into a parallel reality just like this one, except with Dragons or spaceships showing up.


    Not that simple you say?  It really is that simple - all you have to do is choose to undo all the choices you made to make it more complicated than that.  But in order to to that, you have to choose to undo all the choices you made to set up defense mechanisms to actively defend those choices to make it complicated. Oh, and by "you", we mean you as both as an individual being, as well as a collective and ancestral being dating back to your orignal creation, because all of that is contained in your DNA and it is literally allowing or blocking every single aspect of your experience, from your weight and appearance to your ability or inability to teleport or fly!


    Although that process sounds complicated, it's really not that hard, and I really look forward to teaching you all how to do it, but in the meantime, certain types of ceremonial magic as well as many healing modalities such as "Theta Healing", "Huna" or "Matrix Energetics" do exactly this, and if you're eager you can start learning on your own.


    So the bottom line really is this - We haven't shown up because you, on one level or another, didn't want us to...yet!  You have the power to change that!  It's going to happen one way or another, whether you choose to wait it out until this reality is fully baked, or you choose a different reality in which it's happening already.


    Either way, Are you ready to do so now?




    --I Am!

  • I get a sense we all have glimpses of our spirit within .. removing blind spots is a daily cleansing and daily communication with our selves .. yeah xx
  • @-RJK - My take of first contact is this: "Get in contact with your true self. Remember your past lives.  Learn what is needed from them, clear the outstanding issues that you have not done yet.  You cant ascend with unresolved issues from your part.  Remember who you are and who you were.  In your own past lie the path to your future.  Commit to who you are and trust yourself and your own vibes.  Never put your trust in others, to do this for you.  Many say God will save me, Yes he will, with the 2 hands you already have.


    You already have the means to help yourself, now just connect to who you are.  That is first contact.


    To get back to who you are, then you learn who you were and then you learn to connect to all there is, only after that, we will be ready to connect with the rest of the universe.

  • @RJK, only the first paragraph was meant for you, not the rest of it, that was just a generalisation!

    & in answer to your question, NO I don't feel like getting doffy with you! :-)) Aint nobody gonna save us but us!

  • :)))) my words r food for thought !!! and who r wee to say they r literally there or not literally there ... we r only floating in certain frequecncies bound to earth plane ...and I am not that big that I can say they r or r not there .. our dreams are another world ....... all in all imagination is a  wonderful world to be in and some of the best movies come out of parts tapped that others can't in their world of imaginations .. all in all ... who r we to say they r or they r not ... and let the merry go round  keep spinning .. it beats sitting on our butts not thinking out of the box at all ............... have a good glass of ur best at the club for me and enjoy the ride .. isn't it all about the journey  ........... u feel like getting doffy with me go for it ...... script writers love places like here too ... as far as new age .. what is new ? just the fads made out of what's beeing going round in circles for god knows how long  ............ none of us are that above ot to say yes or no .. only keep adding opening spinning our webs .. connecting laughing etc etc ... Personally I have never waited for anything to come .. never thought of of saviors on their way ... and  yes .. gullible spots we all have ... just depends on where ........ people  still in  doubt of themselves for the most lean towards promises in the area u  talk of coz that's where they r at .. not for us to judge is it ................
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