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It is glaring the existence of a extraordinary plastic intermediary in that intellectual homunculus mistakenly called man. I want to emphatically refer to the Solar Plexus, emotional center wisely placed by nature in the navel region.


Unquestionably, this magnificent ascendancy of the tri-brained or tri-centered biped is entirely saturated with sexual essence of our creative organs.


It has been told that the "Magic Eye" belly is often stimulated by the Sexual Hydrogen Si-12 rising from the s** organs.


It is therefore an unbreakable axiom of Hermetic Philosophy which in the belly region there is a powerful sexual energy accumulator.


Through the Sexual agent any representation can take shape in the magnetic field in the Solar Plexus.


The representative Ideoplastic constitutes the content of the underbelly.


In no way exaggerating when we emphasize the basic idea that in the belly are gestate the plural Ego emerging into existence later. Such psychological, ideoplastic entities, in any way come into existence without the Sexual Agent.


Each I is therefore a living psychological representation that emerges from the womb; the personal Ego is a sum of Selves.


The intellectual animal is certainly a machine controlled by different Selves.


Some Selves represent anger with all its facets others the greed, lust those, etc.


Those are the "Red Devils" cited by the "Book of the Dead" of ancient Egypt.


In the name of truth it is essential to say that the only thing worth within us is the Essence; unfortunately this in itself is scattered here and there and everywhere, bottled up within each of the different Selves.


The "Prestidigitator Devil" takes shape in sexual potency; some very strong Selves usually produce many amazing physical phenomena.


Waldemar relates a case of a possession of a girl of 15 years old and then after the exorcism of, as we know much about many cases like nowadays not necessary to relate it here:


 It is clear that the sadistic demon who tormented the poor girl, was beyond all doubt, the Devil Conjurer, a strong maiden devil that took shape in the sexual potency of herself, that's all.


The flow of ideo-plastic sexual exteriorization, manifested especially during the years of puberty, usually is really tremendous, then is when we create terrible psychological aggregates (Selves) capable of producing sensational phenomena.


The rage of not being able to love or the fact of feeling cheated by someone, is beyond doubt the real hell and brings those dreadful sexual fluidic emanations capable of becoming the Juggler Devil.






The esoteric Christic Spear of the Holy Grail and the pagan Antler of the magical pacts, displayed by Wotan, is the same blessed lance held as holy by all peoples since ancient times.


It is indeed, having a phallic and symbolic character of virile sexual power, either because it is the archaic weapon of combat that at the dawn of life could imagine the man, is certain that the Roman pole was, as is known, something like the Scales of Justice, presiding over all legal transactions of the right primitive citizen of the ancient Rome or of the spear (Kyries), and especially to the nuptials, including the right to citizenship enjoyed, certainly very precious.


Roman matrons who were under the protection of the blessed Goddess Juno, were called wisely CURUTIS (Cauretes or Kyrias, and here VALKYRIES), because of Cures or tower, city of the Sabines, founded by Middle Fidio Himella, their ineffable Gods. And so the leaders and other men of the Roman Curia who distinguished themselves as heroes in the war, used to prize them with a small iron spear, called HASTAPURA, a name that certainly remember the city HASTINAPURA, divine symbol of the Celestial Jerusalem .


It is clear and plain that the trunks or tables of the Law, where the prophet Moses wisely write by the mandate of Jehovah the Ten Commandments, are not in reality but a double Runic lance , on whose phallic meaning exists much documentation.


It's not over emphasize the transcendental idea that there are two commandments more in the mosaic esotericism.


I want to refer to the commandments eleven and twelve, closely related to the Arcana XI and XII of the Kabala.


The first of these, or the eleventh, has its classic expression in the Sanskrit Dharman Chara: "Do your duty."


Remember brother/sister reader that you have a duty to seek the narrow, narrow and difficult path that leads to light.


The Arcane XI of the Tarot enlightens this duty: the wonderful force that can dominate and hold the lions of adversity is essentially spiritual. For this reason it is represented by a beautiful woman without apparent effort he opens with its delicious hands the terrible jaws of Leo, the frightening puma, the furious lion.


With the eleventh is related and intertwines the twelfth commandment of God's law, illustrated by the Arcane XII: "MAKE YOUR LIGHT SHINE".


For light, which is the Essence bottled within the ego, can really shine and glow, it must be released and this is only possible through the Buddhist Annihilation, dissolving the Ego.


We need to die from instant to instant, from moment to moment, only with the death of the Ego new comes.


Just as life is a process of gradual and ever more complete externalization or extroversion, also the death of the ego is a process of gradual internalization in which the individual consciousness, the Essence, slowly strips away their useless clothes, like Ishtar in her symbolic descent, until she was completely naked in itself before the Great Reality of free life in its movement.


The spear, the s**, the phallus, also plays great role in numerous oriental legends as marvelous instrument of salvation and liberation, which wisely brandished by the longing Soul, allows it to reduce to cosmic dust all those cavernous entities in their sinful whole constitute the "myself".


In the sacred land of the Vedas, Shiva the Third Logos ( The sexual energy) has been analyzed deeply in their creative and destructive aspects...


It is blatant, clear and visible, that the subjective sexual aspects.., fatally crystallizing in those multiple entities whose total sum is that the Egyptians called Seth (Ego).


It is manifest the normal generative power of our sexual endocrine glands.


It is transcendental objective the creator power of Lord Shiva when works by creating the Wedding Dress of the Soul, the TO SOMA HELIAKON, the Body of Gold of the Solar Man.


The Sexual energy is highly explosive and marvelous. Truly I tell you who knows how to use the weapon of Eros (the spear, the s**), can reduce to cosmic dust the pluralized Ego.


Prayer is talking with God and one must learn to pray during intercourse; in those moments of supreme bliss ask and you shall receive, knock and it shall be opened...

Who puts heart in supplication and begs his Divine Mother Kundalini who wields the weapon of Eros, you get the best results, because it will help then destroying the ego.


But I say that this is a long process, patient and very delicate. It is unquestionable that the hunter who wants to hunt ten hares at the same time, there is no hunting, and who wants to eliminate all psychological defects simultaneously, does not eliminate any.


Within each of us there are thousands of defects and all of them have many roots and facets that are hidden among the various subconscious recesses of the mind.


Each one of those psychological defects has animalistic form; within such submerged creatures is bottled the Essence, Consciousness.


Previous condition to any elimination is complete understanding of the defect to be eliminated.


Beg if you are sure you to have understood and retire intercourse without ejaculating semen.


By transcendental synthesis of very long hard work, we would say: you must first release the Essence so the light shine on us; then merge it with "ATMAN" (the Being), to free the mind; later give it to the "Ancient of Days" (the Father who is in secret, the Monad) to become Resurrected Masters, Perfects. And finally definitely absorb in ISHUARA, the Logos, first emanation of the Supreme PARABRAHMAN (the great Ocean of the Universal Spirit of Life).


Now we conclude this chapter with the following story. It has long, when I still had not reduced the Ego to cosmic dust, made a formidable magic invocation.


I called a great Master of the White brotherhood saying, "Come! Come! Come! Prophet of RA HOOR KHU. Come to me! He wants to fulfill it! He wants to fulfill it! He wants to fulfill it ! AUM ... AUM ... AUM ..." (intoning the last word properly opening the mouth with the" A "rounding it with the" U "and enclosing it with" M ").


It is worth clarifying that the atmosphere was saturated with infinite harmony, charged with "OD"...


The result of the invocation was immediate and great prophet came to me.


The Kabir assumed a formidable symbolic figure who could see, hear, touch and feel throughout the presence of my Cosmic Being.


The Venerable seemed divided into two halves: From the waist up shone gloriously; his forehead was high as the unconquered walls of the heavenly Jerusalem; his hair as white wool falling on their backs immaculate; his nose straight like a God, his deep, penetrating eyes; his beautiful beard as the Ancient of Days, his hands as gold rings set with the beryl; his lips like lilies, dropping sweet smelling myrrh...

But in the lower part of his body, from the waist down, I saw something unusual; horrifying bestial forms, personifying errors, Demons-Reds, Ego-Devils, within which is bottled the Consciousness.


"I have called to ask for enlightenment." Such was my prayer! It is obvious that in his presentation was the answer.


The ancient put his right hand on my head and said, "Call me whenever you need me and I will give enlightenment ... then blessed me and left!.


With infinite joy I understood everything; eliminating only those animalistic creatures with the spear that we carry inside between which sleeps Consciousness, advents to us enlightenment.

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