Greetings and Angelic love extends from my presence into your being and your pathway.

I, Archangel Michael, am present as a protector, a guide, to anchor and enhance the divine will of the Creator within you and to ensure the purpose of your soul is carried out upon the Earth.

I come to be present with you now as an expression of the Creator so you may be present with yourself as an expression of the Creator. My purpose is simple, and yet magnificent, as I encourage you to be as one with the Creator both consciously and unconsciously, with a powerful knowing of the truth within your being.

There are many steps, pathways, and processes of awakening, which lead you to greater oneness with the Creator. Yet there is a focus I wish to share with you to support your further experience of the Creator.

I invite you to be present with others, which is to be observant and aware of those you speak and share with. Give them your attention while simultaneously inviting yourself to hold the presence of truth within your being.

I invite you to be present with yourself, to take time to listen, observe, and share with yourself, thus being present with yourself as you hold within you an all knowing presence of the truth. Awakening the presence of truth within your being can be seen as recognising all and yourself beyond illusions, as the truth, which is beyond this world.

In order to develop the presence of truth within your being, you may wish to affirm this affirmation:

‘I am the truth, I allow myself to be free from illusion, eternally recognising the Creator.’

When you allow yourself to resonate with the affirmation during your quiet time and meditation, you will feel, sense, or acknowledge the energy awakening within you like an active presence.

As you place your trust in the active presence of truth and the Creator within your being, you will be able to bring your focus to a place of truth within you, thus viewing, sensing, and awakening the world around you and within you from this space.

This will encourage you to move beyond the illusions created by others and yourself, allowing the truth of the Creator to be eternally present.

There is simply a need to spend time connecting into this space of truth within you; then you will find you carry it as an active energy, eternally, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, thus you are more able to be of service to yourself and others.

The space of truth I am speaking of, I wish to label it as ‘Your Presence of Now.’ You are aware that time encourages you to move forth, and yet there is in truth only your present moment.

Every present moment is filled with energy of now, meaning that in each moment everything within the universe of the Creator and upon the Earth exists.

There is no escaping that everything you are and all that is the Creator is present, active, and conscious in every moment. Each moment is not stagnant or lifeless; lacking purpose or divine presence. Each moment is alive and filled with the Creator.

Within each now moment, there is a presence. The presence is the Creator and yet the concept of ‘Now,’ is also filled with the life-fulfilling and life-giving aspect of the Creator. ‘Now,’ is not a moment in time, it is simply the eternal presence of the Creator.

‘The Presence of Now’ means that within every focused moment, there is an opportunity to connect with the expansive presence of the Creator, which is an active presence or manifestation within you which is timeless.

You are a part of the powerful presence of truth and the Creator, which is present now within your being. You are also the deliverer and expression of the powerful eternal presence of the Creator.

Your greatest purpose and potential is to give, provide, and present the universe of the Creator, in truth, all that is the Creator, to yourself and others as a tangible energy or presence, which can be absorbed and accepted.

However, it does not require to be understood. It is only your mental body which holds the need and the desire to understand the Creator. We can see that to understand the Creator is impossible and only creates more forms of illusion.

Acceptance allows for understanding of the Creator beyond the mind and mental body, bringing the truth of the Creator and the universe to be a presence within your being.

Truly, what I wish to share with you is that there is a presence within your being which is active, alive, and conscious. This presence is an aspect of who you are as a physical being and an inner planes being.

This presence is your gateway to the divine flow of the Creator and emanates the truth of the Creator with great magnitude. It has the ability to listen to the truth within your own being and within others, illuminating the beauty of the Creator, to give space to its further expansion and presence within all and upon the Earth.

This presence can only be recognised in the now moment. It is only in the now that you can connect with this presence, encouraging yourself to experience it more fully and absolutely. To comprehend the ‘Presence of Now,’ is to comprehend the entire universe of the Creator in one cycle of your breath.

Each new cycle of your breath offers a new opportunity to comprehend all that is the Creator, expressing it as a single vibration, light, and love wave from your being, with the ability of connecting with everything it greets.

I wish to share with you an invocation to further your connection and acceptance, which can be said within your mind or out loud in order to lead you into a space of deeper truth within your being:

‘I now recognise this moment of my existence as all there is. I recognise this moment as my Now, filled with the abundance, truth, love, consciousness and all that is the Creator.

‘This moment is special, as it offers me the opportunity to recognise the Creato,r and all that is the Creator, as my companion within me; a powerful active presence within my being, of which I am a part, which nurtures all forms of life and exists beyond illusion.

‘This powerful presence has the ability to see, sense, and acknowledge the truth within myself and others with ease. I now recognise and enhance this ability, grounding it into my physical being and expression.

‘I acknowledge that it is in every present moment, meaning every Now moment, that I have the opportunity to connect with and deliver forth the powerful presence of the Creator within me. This is my service to myself and all. I honour myself for this powerful service. Thank you.’

Take a few deep breaths and allow each breath you inhale to carry your attention deeper into your being, maybe into your heart, soul, or wherever you feel guided to be present within your being.

You are allowing yourself to be focused in this moment, to be focused within your being, seeking and accepting an active presence of truth, which you can allow and encourage to overflow into your entire being.

Please do not judge yourself at any time. This is something to focus upon regularly. Allow yourself to strengthen your connection with the presence of truth within you. Then you will discover it is your companion in every minute of your day.

You become this presence, and allow this presence to work through you. It is not a separate part of you, simply a fuller part of your truth and all that you are. It is through practice and focus that you will allow yourself to move to a place of greater contemplation and experience of that which I express to you.

The process of recognising the ‘Presence of Now’ will encourage you to realise you are eternally supported; your life is so full and filled with all you could possibly require, as this is born from the magnitude of life and existence within you.

It is simply your purpose to project, manifest, and reflect this in your own embodiment and reality upon the Earth.

With love and in truth,
Archangel Michael

Source:“Archangel Michael: The Presence of Now,” channeled by Natalie Glasson, May 22, 2015, at http://omna.co.uk/the-presence-of-now-by-archangel-michael/

Source Links: Sacred School of OmNa, Natalie Glasson OmNa School

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