And so it is. You are perched on the cusp of something grand. You are but a mindset away from the glorious realization of your fondest hopes and dreams. It is this cusp which hugs the borderline between a dysfunctional world and another world of prosperity and balance; one, an existence of strife and illusion, with the other a paradigm of abundance and truth. You walk along the the border of war and peace.

Starvation and fulfillment. Hatred and friendship. Slavery and soveriegnity. Blindness and clear seeing. Which one shall it be, you wonder? Whatever shall be the end result? Why, it is entirely up to you, of course, and the first step is in the choosing.

So choose wisely, Dear Children, and know that at this given moment you stand quite literally with one foot in one realm and the other foot in another. You must realize that the time for procrastination is over and you need now decide for yourselves - will you take on a fresh approach to how you live your lives, or shall you stay with what society has taught you, however comfortable and familiar?

Dare you step out on a ledge and look outwards towards the truth and Light; and would you trust enough to balance there knowing that there is absolutely no way that you can fall? It beckons you, that Light, so warm and inviting.

Dare you spread your wings and let your heart take flight, going ever higher, until you reach that Light, which is the wisdom of your Highest Self?
How Divine and lovely you are, sweet warriors of the Human race. How brilliant and accomplished. You know it, deep inside, that this is so.

But dare you step out of self-doubt and believe it? There is nothing you cannot do, once you set your intention and develop faith in your own powers of creation. For to decide and be convinced that yes, ‘you shall be this, you shall do’ that, is to set into creation the realization of your dreams and goals.

You are the masters of your own destiny, my children. You are the architects of your own fate. You, and not anything or anyone outside of yourself - outside of yourself and and your unseverable connection to Source.

Those who have filled your head with such rubbish and falsehoods about your own limitations, did so out of fear. They feared the the day when you would remember that you are a powerful Being, without any sort of limitation.

They feared greatly the time when Humanity as a whole would remember and set to balance the scales of injustice. And most of all, they feared the loss of their carefully constructed illusion of control. It is long past time for every man, woman and child to fully grasp and understand the truth that each one of them is equally deserving of a fair portion of Gaia’s bountiful harvest.

Each is Universally and unconditionally loved. There is no separation between ‘myself and you’, ‘us and them’. These are merely societal constructs, words, concepts - and erroneous ones , at that. You must follow your heart and decide which truths you shall live by.

Shall you be the one who steps out of the box, a pioneer of fairness and equality? Might that be you, Child? Do you have faith enough to do so, and to know that even should you stumble, we stand a-ready to catch you with our open arms? If you do step out, then do so with Heaven’s blessings. May God’s love be ever with you.

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  • Although I beleive these things their is no mention of karmic lessons for those who lack-this is another attempt at forced collectivism and it's propaganda from the dark ones for controlShall you be the one who steps out of the box, a pioneer of fairness and equality?

    It is long past time for every man, woman and child to fully grasp and understand the truth that each one of them is equally deserving of a fair portion of Gaia’s bountiful harvest.

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