April is for swingers and warriors because the action will be non-stop if the beginning is any indication.We’re expecting a flood of information this month. Much of it shocking, regardless of how informed we are. The great Reveal has to come at some point before the Great Awakening and we’re inching toward that. How will that look? We’ve shared some suggestions in the past from those who may be in the loop. Here’s another hint.

How do you unite Republicans and Democrats? It’s simple, you arrest both Democrats and Republicans who are guilty for their crimes. Then you bring out some uniters that everyone thinks are dead but are really alive. Now that would be a party like 1999.

The suggestions were: John F Kennedy (Jr), Princess Diana, and Michael Jackson.?

Before you read another word or do anything you simply must watch this 4 min video video just shared by Charlie Ward’s team on Telegram. It will knock your socks off. It’s citizen journalism right from Calgary, Alberta Canada and they say it’s Easter so it must be from either yesterday or today. This is a church, and the man who sent the police and health inspector goons packing knows. Listen to what he says and this needs to go viral. I can only provide a link to the post on Telegram.

The ship of fools has sailed and the dark will never recover from this White Hat operation.

The Evergreen plane incident was under my radar but now the image a friend sent (below) and the Telegram post below (#5 in red) have connected the facts and the dots.

This speaks to the massive, global, organized crime syndicate running this planet. People have to see it..DC,DS,NWO.

Anyone who refuses to acknowledge that these events could not possibly be a coincidence needs to get their head out of their sweet patoottie and get real or remain stuck in 3D. Future proves past, as Q said.

Evergreen cargo vessels on sea, land, and air all crash at the same time. Qincidence? It just might take the SEALs to spearhead the problem.

The patriots are paying attention and things were happening late Friday our time and this popped up: Link to post.

JUST IN – USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier just passed through the Suez Canal southbound. @disclosetv @disclosetv_chat

In anticipation of being able to publish a post today barring a shutdown, I included this update for anyone who may have missed something or forgotten details in the Evergreen cargo incidents—plural—last week; which Q told us precisely three years ago would happen. Link to post.

Let’s recap on this…


#1 On March 23, 2021, the EVERGREEN ship had a “blackout” meaning the ships computer system went down, during this time the white hats took control of the ship and waited for the right time and ran it aground at full speed causing it to be stuck and fully blocking the Suez Canal.

#2 Hillary Clinton’s secret service code name was EVERGREEN.

#3 And it just so happens that the EVERGREEN ships call sign is H3RC / HRC = Hillary Rodham Clinton.

#4 In 2006 there was a Dexter episode made in Hollywood about the EVERGREEN ship and child trafficking. Dexter S12-E12 (Airdate: 17 December 2006).

#5 In the same week as the EVERGREEN ship was stuck in Suez Canal, EVERGREEN  trailers/containers are just “coincidently” in three different accidents. [image above]

#6 Q posted a 3 Year delta [March 23, 2018] 3 years to the date of the EVERGREEN ship being stuck in the Suez Canal that stated the following:

Define Evergreen.
When do you call a PLUMBER?

Maybe when a container ship called EVERGREEN is stuck and blocking the Suez Canal?

The US Navy, The US Marines, and The US Army Corps of Engineers were the plumbers.

In closing:

Those ships are on auto pilot most of the time. The computers do the work. The ships computers were hacked by the White Hats as This was part of the plan.

The ship had left China days before. Heading for the Netherlands. So, its cargo was updated from babies and children (for 4dr3n41chr0m3) to teenagers and young adults (for s3x trade). The children cannot testify as to where they have been and what they have been through. The teenagers and young adults can tell what they have been through.

Once the ship went back on course, the Captain and crew thought that the hack was gone, and they had full control again. Looking at the Suez on maps, they went aground in one of the most narrow spots of the canal. The White Hat hackers waited till the ship was there, then took control again and ran it aground at full speed. The ships Captain said there was a blackout. That means the ships systems must have went dead. Our Space Force has blacked out entire countries recently. They were hacked during reboot of the ships systems. A vulnerable time for computers that have a virus, where the virus allows the hacker to take control.

The fallout by the hack were the white hats letting the crew and the Deep State know that they are trapped. The fallout from unloading the crates in order to get the ship “unstuck” and out of the canal was be huge as this was plenty of time to inspect all of these containers on the ship.

And let’s not forget the fact that the Soviet Navy vessels were on one side of the ship and the US Navy vessels were on the side the ship came from. White Hats were in control. They planned this. The ship could not escape.

Folks this is not a coincidence.

To add another dimension to the story, a video decode. Good stuff.

Gematria decode – When do you call a plumber?

Human trafficking must stop and children cease to be used as the currency of the rich and famous. While the fake president says hoards of illegals flood the US border annually, we know different and it’s not about “dreamers”. It’s about the most evil and degrading activities on the planet. Buying, selling, and stealing Humans for profit. The globalists are the drug lords and provide the arms and ammunition to those who will deliver their supply of Humans.

How do they do it? Money. Money stolen from taxpayers and generated by illegal means. They think they are privileged. They believed they were untouchable. Wrong. Dead wrong. Patrick Byrne elaborates.


In late October, 2018, about 14 days before the election of 2018, a federal officer came to Utah to deliver the following message:

Patrick, you need to understand that there are billionaires walking around this world that we made, and we are prepared to do the same for you. You just have to stay calm, you just have to stay quiet…. Through the election.

READ more here  https://www.deepcapture.com/2019/11/rejecting-a-1-billion-bribe/

Unfortunately, a related topic… the Kung Flu war yet rages globally.

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