Sugat Guraru

 Greetings to you (Greetings). I am another one you have not heard from although two here have heard from me previously. Not very often do I come through anyone here; only a couple of times, two times here as we understand it, have we come through this one James here. And must understand that I am the one who is known as Sugat Guraru and I hail from a Tibetan monastery high up in the mountains, a place where you could not get to in your physical bodies. But in your spiritual, in your astral or your causal or your etheric bodies certainly you can come there and visit and we would love for you to come and visit with us. Understand that we have been doing this for a very long time (laughter). I myself have been in this body for more than 1,000 years. Maybe soon I will be ready to leave it, (laughter) not so sure yet. But times are a-changing as you have a saying here and certainly that is what is occurring in  your existence, your momentary existence now. And we use the term momentary very emphatically here because you are in a moment to moment existence now. Your life is to be moment to moment. In other words, be in the NOW, be in the present moment. Do not be concerned about the future or the past, but be in the now. That is the only thing that matters at this point. And when you can find yourself in the perfect now, and it IS a perfect now, and you must look at it as a perfect now, as a beautiful now, as the now that is everything that you wished it could ever be and would ever be, you see? And that’s what you want to do, you want to be in that now at this very moment and not be concerned about anything else outside of yourself.


We understand you have been talking about dramas and things of this nature and we would say to that do not be caught up in the dramas. They are all around you, they are here now but if you get caught up in it then you are becoming a part of it, just as you have always been – you being “collective you” here. So be in the now, be aware of what is happening around you, but not get caught up in it. You understand that? (Yes, yes). It is very important to do that. Always know that everything is happening as it needs to happen in any given moment and you are a part of that given moment. And the more that you realize that you are only in the moment and not being concerned with the past, certainly the past, because what happens when you do this? You dredge up all the old things, all the things that are a part of your programming, and that holds you back, does it not?  It keeps you in the past. And when you are focused on the future and what is coming in the future, then you are not in the present now either. So you can look toward the future but do not become a part of the future yet. It is not here yet.  It will come, certainly. So let it be whatever it is going to be. The saying has been given many times, “go in the flow”, “be in the flow” of the moment and you will have everything that you wished for, and want, in your lives.


One other thing I would like to say at this time and that is you have also been introduced to the idea of attachments, have you not? (Yes) The idea of letting go of your attachments and also being aware of your thoughts. We know we gave this sometime ago through this James and it is not something though that is only come through here, it has come through many different sources on this. Be aware of your thoughts. Always be aware of your thoughts. Begin to control your thoughts because as you control your thoughts, you control that which is the next dimensional frequency. And the more that you control your thoughts, the more you are ready for that higher vibrational frequencies, you see? (Yes). So continue to do that and your attachments, let go of them. They do not hold with you anymore, rather they hold you back if you allow them to.  So let go of those attachments – they do not need to be a part of you anymore. You, my friends, are moving into higher vibrations, you are moving into what has been called  higher dimensional frequencies and as you are moving into these higher vibrational frequencies, you are being prepared to do so. You are being prepared to be in these higher vibrations and to be at that level that you are moving to. You understand this?  (Yes).


We are going to release now to one other here who wishes to speak with you, but as you are going through your daily experiences, your daily lives, know that all is happening as it must happen. And you are a part of everything that is happening, both within you and outside of yourself. And as things happen outside of yourself, you are responsible for those things happening, you see?  Everything affects everything else – it is what you have called the butterfly effect. Everything affects another and that one affects another and that one another, and another, and another. Always know this.  Shanti, peace be with you. (Shanti, thank you).


One Who Serves (OWS)


Om Mani Padme Um, om, om, om. Greetings to you this is One Who Serves. I apologize here, we apologize for the one who is the Archangel Michael was going to come through but he had other things to do (laughter…he’s busy huh?). That is not correct, we are joking with you here.  (Laughter). What is correct is the vibrations have not been right within this one James for that to happen at this time. There is something within his system that is not allowing for this at this point. That is all we need to say here on this. So you are stuck with us.  (Laughter). That ok? (Yes, it’s definitely ok). We will do our best to impersonate him, how’s that?  (Laughter). That would be a tall order though.


We do not necessarily have message for you but we are sure that as, or yes we do here, yes we do have message, we just come with this here. We understand that you are speaking of things of energies and how energies affect you, and how energies are affecting all around you and we would say that your world now is made up of many energies, is it not? Many different types of energies. You have your definite frequencies that are in many ways bombarding you every day. You have your cell phones, you have your microwaves, you have your television sets, you have this electronic gadget and this electronic gadget. But we would say to you, those electronic gadgets in different ways, you might say, are available at higher vibrations as well. So it is not so much that those vibrations, those frequencies, are negative or bad for you for they are not. But it depends on where you are in the moment. If you are in your 3D paradigm and stuck there and focused on all of the various dramas and things that are going on, then yes these vibrations, these frequencies, will harm the physical body. That is correct.


But also understand that you, as the Lightworkers, you have been bombarded by different energies for a long period of time now.  These energies, these frequencies, have been coming in to the planet literally bombarding the planet with vibrations that have not been here before and these vibrations are entering your bodies and, eh, filtering out, you might say, all the negative, harmful effects of those other frequencies. Now we are not saying that it is something that you want to immerse yourself in, you would not want to get in the microwave (laughter) or anything of this nature, certainly. But know that these vibrations around you, if to an extreme they would be harmful for your physical bodies but if they are kept to a minimum, and a minimum is as long as you do not hold a cell phone to your ear all day long, seven, what is your saying? 24/7. Then you would be ok, you see? (Yes). It is in the consciousness this is what we want you to understand. It is all in the consciousness, so if you believe it is going to be harmful to you it will be. But if you know and believe that it is not, it will not be. It is just as if you believed that a snake could bite you, a rattlesnake since you are in the desert here, and a rattlesnake bites you and you believe it will not harm you, it will not. But you, yourselves, if this rattlesnake bit you, you would believe it would harm you so therefore it would, you see? It is all in consciousness and when you are moving into higher vibrations, higher consciousness, you will be immune to all of this. And you, yourselves, that are moving now into higher vibrations – you may not think you are, but you are – you are becoming immune to much of this now. Whereas you are immune to it, others around you may not be, you see? And those scientists and things that are coming up with these ideas of the harmful effects of various rays and things like this, they are not understanding what we are giving here in terms of consciousness, you see? Does this make sense to you? (Yes).


I have a question about it (OWS: yes, please). And I want to kind of ask a couple of things in a row. The Himalayas, for example, the Tibetan monks and the lamas that reside in the Himalayas are very, very, very careful about their environment and how they grow their food and what they ingest and they live very long. And the air that they breathe (OWS: very simply in many of these places) and they also are conscious of food combining and when to eat it and what to put in their bodies, and apparently their longevity combined with meditation and consciousness and love and food creates longevity for them beyond what the western world experiences. So given that example, and given the amount of disease from food substances like GMOs and flu vaccine and pharmaceuticals and things that we ingest in our bodies, I do agree that everything is consciousness. Why do the Tibetan monks care so much about what they put in their bodies if we shouldn’t care about what we put in our bodies?


OWS: We are not quite saying do not care, we are saying do not be concerned. There is a different sense of idea here. Those that you are saying the lamas and those in Tibet and other places, not only there but other places, where they practice these types of things, they are aware of what is going into their bodies, they are aware of everything that is happening and are in control of that. But you, yourselves, in this western influence are not in control or do not realize that you are in control so therefore you are not in control, you see? So you, eh each one, in this western influence are believing that these things are harmful and then, therefore, they are harmful. But those in the, as you have said Tibetan mountains, those there if they wished they could take anything they want into their bodies and it would not harm them.  But they understand that they do not need these things, you see? They have no need for, eh microwaves and all of these types of things. They do not have a need for that. So they live very simplistically. But they, themselves, could come into your western world if they wished to and imbibe in these various things and it would not affect them, you see?


Well I do, I do, however, um, the book called the Third Eye by Lobsang Rampa (OWS: yes, yes) which I resonated so deeply with (OWS: yes) has an example of a monk that was exposed to the western world and he got very sick from ingesting…


OWS: Depends again on consciousness. You must understand this. We ourselves, those of us that are in various places in the earth here at various different times – we move around a lot – but we tend to stay away from the influences of western types of influences and some of the eastern influences, it depends. And we tend to stay private, you might say. But there are times when we do go out into what you would call the public and do our thing. We practice healings and things, whatever is needed in that moment, and we are influenced by those things just as anyone else would be. So we tend to minimize those types of situations.


So it does harm you if you prolong it.


OWS: If it is prolonged, yes, that is what we are saying here. It is consciousness but if, if anything is in moderation it will not harm you. But if it is in large amounts, again if you stood in front of a microwave oven and it was going all the time, yes eventually it would start to hurt you, you see?


Sure. Can you transmute it by love?


OWS: If it that is consciousness. That is a higher level of consciousness working from the heart center as opposed to the lower three chakra centers.


So should we be having concern about the food we eat then?


OWS: When you are looking at your various foods, it is the same thing again. If you are focused on keeping the body pure at a 3D level, now understand this, you are a 3D level or at least your mind is still occupying you there. And as you are there in that 3D understanding then you are operating in the 3D boundaries here, you see? So if you were operating at a higher vibrations in terms of 4th & 5th dimensional frequencies then it would not matter. But then there is another thing. If you were operating at those levels, you wouldn’t want those things anyway, you see?


So the answer is we should be concerned about what we put in our bodies…or not?


OWS: The answer is it is up to you, you see? It is what it is, it is what it is. And we would suggest to you, yes be aware of what you are putting into your bodies, certainly, be aware of it. Purify your physical form as much as possible in many, in all the ways you can do it. Purify your mind as well. Work on your mind. This is what Sugat Guraru was saying here. Try to say that one three times fast (laughter).


Thank you. I have a question. I have two questions. The first one seems kind of redundant to even ask you now; it’s for the James because Sugat Guraru came through and said “be in the now” and I know that’s where you exist is in the now. Um, about the Event and thinking that, like, if you’re the Pleiadian or galactics that they’re already in the future and so that it’s already happened in the future, so he doesn’t understand why you can’t give a time for the Event if it’s already happened in the future. Can you address that?


OWS: Yes. There is the James here looking for the “X marks the spot”


Yes, I was going to say that.


OWS: But understand that it is the 3D, eh inquisitiveness that is still occupying you in many respects, some more than others and some at different times and things. So to understand the question you must first know at the higher levels of vibration there would be no question here, you see? At the 4th and 5th D and higher, this question would not even be, would not even arise. But we understand from your point of view how that could be important because you are in the linear time frequency here still. And what you call, eh what have been called many timelines and things of this nature. And you, yourselves, are continuing in your 3D understandings and as you continue in your 3D understandings you are still going to be inquisitive about when this is going to occur and when that is going to occur. Because that has been your programming up until now, you have always been wondering about the next, the next event, the next thing you look forward to in your life. It is always a factor of time, being on time for this, being early for this, being late for this happening, you see?  (yes) And from our point of view, and from many others, in terms of galactic point of view and those of the Pleiadians and things, again they are not concerned with this. But if they were to look in terms of when the Event happened, they would know it has happened in their understanding. In their level of understanding it has already happened.

Now can they then turn around and say for you this is going to happen at this particular moment in time? No they cannot say that. Number one, they cannot say that because they are forbidden to say that. That is interference so it would take away from, and this may sound very strange to you but it’ll take away from your enjoyment, you see?  From the curiosity, from the “oh my goodness look at what is happening now”, you see? (yes, laughter) That is what you would be missing, you would be losing out on that.


And we’d be waiting for it, for that certain date, yes I understand.


OWS: Each day you are waking up and there is a little part of you, more in some than in others, but there is a little part of you that says “is this the day, is this going to be it?” (laughter) “Are we going to have it today?” And then the day goes and goes and it doesn’t happen and you go “well maybe tomorrow, maybe it’ll happen tomorrow”. (Laughter). And then you wake up the next day and again and again. And we understand that through this process many of the Lightworkers and such are getting discouraged in many respects. But we will tell you, as this is what AAM was coming to tell you, so I guess we are impersonating him a little bit here… He was coming to say that there is hope, you have hope. Do not lose that hope! Whatever happens in your world around you, do not be concerned with it, do not be wrapped up in it. Look at it as the movie as Susanna has said earlier. That is what is needed here. To be aware of it but not become a part of it. Because if you become a part of it, you are right back in the same position and part of the programming again. It is the same old, same old what is your saying of insanity?  What is that saying? 


Doing the same thing…


OWS: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting something different to happen. It ain’t gonna happen that way, people.  (Laughter)


Well thank you for that. I understand and I did have one more question. I don’t know that much about it like some of the others may know but something about supposedly a 13D Being the size of Mercury is headed towards Earth, is that correct? Can you explain what that is and what’s happening?


OWS: We can tell you this – that it is a great happening. It is real. It is not a figment of imagination, although remember what is imagination? But it is very real and becoming, going to become more and more real. But it is only real at the level that it can be to those that are ready for it. You see it is the same thing all over. Those that do not have eyes to see and ears to hear will not be aware of this as anything special. It is just the same as those that are unaware of all of these types of things and they look up at the sky and they see they sky riddled with these chemtrails and things like that and they say, “oh that is contrails, nothing to be concerned about”. (Laughter) Even though the sky is completely blackened in many respects (laughter) but they do not see that, you see? They are not ready for it. When one is ready for it then see it.


I find it kind of exciting though because it’s…I think 3D scientists I don’t know they might be of higher consciousness but…that it’s actually kinda coming in to the 3D realm. You know what I’m saying?


OWS: Yes. And at one level they will be aware of it and are aware of it. But at other levels it will be beyond their awareness.


Because it’s maybe more than maybe what they think it is.


OWS: Yes it is a precursor to that which you are calling the Event.


Well, that’s fantastic.


OWS: Definitely a part of that.


Well thank you. Can I mention one more thing? Do you guys mind?  It’s fine…I wanted to tell you OWS said you know I had a channeling in Sedona, a private channeling with James not too long ago, a few months ago and I asked about a dream I had… a scary dream and the OWS said “oh you call on Sananda, Sananda and AAM and we hear you but” and it was funny but then you said “but you can depend on yourself because you are God and you are the Light so you don’t actually have to call on everybody to come save you”. And I just wanted to tell you that I took that to heart because I had a dream the other night which was scary and started turning into a lucid dream. And this dark being came around to my bed and I remembered what was said by the OWS, by you, that, you know, that I could depend on myself and not have to call on anybody. And so I didn’t call on anybody and I just stood up for myself, like in my mind, and stared it down and it disappeared. And I woke up. So I just wanted to give some credit to you guys because I followed your advice and it worked.


OWS: The credit, my dear sister, is all yours. There is nothing to do with us here other than a little nudge here and there is all we are able to do.


I thank you for that because it worked and I didn’t freak out and call every Master known to man to come save me so I appreciate that. (Laughter)


OWS: We would ask here if you wish for this to continue the AAM is standing by and would like to come in and speak. (yes, yes) The energies have risen here but this one needs a cover around him, a blanket of some sort, there is shivering going on and the energies are very strong here and this one cannot withstand this. We release here and see if this will work here.


Archangel Michael: I am the one you call the Archangel Michael and I am come now to be with you in this respect, in this manner, to help you understand that all is right in your world. All is as it needs to be. There is no reason to be concerned in any respect for everything that is happening now in your world, both in your world in your inner world and outside of yourself, is all happening for a reason. Each of you is a part of, and have been in, this play that you have been a part of for a very long time. And you are playing your parts to perfection, I would say here. And from our point of view, you are all playing your parts to perfection. ALL of you.  There is not a one among you that is not. Now you have heard before that those of the dark forces, they are evil in all of these respects. But they are not evil because God the great Creator cannot be evil and if they are a part of God, how can they be evil, you see? So you must allow for different expressions to come through because they are all coming through for a reason. This is what I wish you to understand. That as you continue on in your programs, these programs that are changing daily, it would appear to you, and to us even they are changing every moment. And every moment the plan is being reworked in this way and that way but it is all to bring about the changes that are expected by all of mankind, by all of the solar system, by all of the galaxy and all of the Universe. Because everything that is happening here on the earth is happening at the higher vibrations, is happening at the solar system level, is happening at the galaxy level and is happening at the universal level. All is being affected. This is why when there were those nuclear weapons going off, when it was finally said “no more” because they are having an effect across the galaxy. And this could no longer be allowed.


So at this time now none of that can be an issue for you. There is to be no concern of that whatsoever because it cannot affect you anymore. The plan is in place, the plan is changing daily, momentarily, and as it is changing it is becoming a better plan every moment. And it is becoming a better plan because it is incorporating all of you, not just a certain few, but all of you are being incorporated into this plan. And it is being reworked and reworked to allow for consciousness to develop, for consciousness to expand.  So please, my brothers and sisters, do not become wrapped up in all of the happenings around you. They are going to happen regardless of what you believe or know is happening. They are going to happen anyway. So just be aware of it and move on. Go with the flow. And as you go with the flow, you will be in the flow with the Universe itself. All of my peace and love be with each of you as the days become shorter and shorter. Peace and Love.


(thank you)


OWS: Greetings, back again here.


I think you raised James’ vibration by making us laugh and happy.


OWS: Joy can definitely do that, can it not? But be in joy in the moment, every moment that you can. Let those others around you continue to look for only their moments of joy, you be IN the moment. Are there any further questions here before we release?


I have one small one…


OWS: By the way did you notice the dogs were going crazy when you were ohm-ing?


Yes, they were joining…


OWS: You had a chorus of angels and you, yourself, were the angels here as well.


I felt and saw that.


OWS: Did you feel like you were angels? And there were many angels around you.


Yes, yes – I pictured that – angels were singing…


OWS: I just wanted to throw that one in here.  Yes, your question?


I want you to define attachment for me.


OWS: Define attachments…


Because we are supposed to let go so I want to know what they are.


OWS:  Yes. Attachments are those things that hold you back, that keep you in the past, that keep you in the programming, that keep you in the 3D paradigm as a part of the continuing hologram that is here. Those attachments can be many different things. You can have attachments to money, you can have attachments to computer equipment, you can have attachments to cars and homes. You can have attachments to people, you can have attachments to your children, your family. All of these things are attachments.


How about attachments to drama?


OWS:  Yes, certainly that as well. Attachment to movies and tv and you have all of these types of attachments. But we would say to you, and please now remove the blanket here the body is now becoming warm. We would stay to you to let go of these attachments, to let go of anything that would hold you back in any respect. And if you are unsure of whether it’s going to hold you back, then let go of it anyway, you see?  Because your world, your 3D world, is attachment, after attachment, after attachment. If you look around and those things are things are everything that have been holding you back for lifetime, after lifetime, after lifetime. Thinking that you came in here to learn your lessons and we have said this before: you did not come here to learn lessons, people! (Laughter) That is not what this whole thing is about. You came here as volunteers to raise vibration. Now there are some here that come here for the school, they come here for those lessons. And you, yourselves, in your past lives have been here for, and have learned, lessons. But your whole purpose for being here, the whole plan that you as the Lightworkers are here for is not for that.  Your whole plan is to be here to raise vibration. This is what you came here for, this is what you are doing and this is what you are going to continue to do. Do you understand this?


Yes, yes, but isn’t raising vibration correlated somehow with learning a lesson so that you don’t repeat it?


OWS: Only if you are thinking of it in terms of 3D. That is lessons, that is the school that you came here for, or many believe they came here for. But that is also part of the programming. For that is what you call the cabal, the dark forces here, have created this programming. They wanted you to think that you came here to learn lessons. This is all part of the religious teachings and such.





OWS: Let go of that idea. You are not here to learn lessons. Do not think in those terms any more. And we know this will go against the flow of many, but it is important to know that that is not the reason you are here.


So can we reframe it and, I don’t mean reframe it like 3D reframe it, but have in our minds that as creators we are enjoying the discovery of things, discovering more.


OWS: Yes that is a good reframing as you are calling it. Seeing the beauty all around you, looking for those things of positive nature. You have a saying, “seeing the glass half full”, as opposed to “half empty”.


So there really wasn’t any karma?


OWS:  We are not saying that. There is karma if you believe there is karma. If you are involved in a 3D paradigm and this hologram that has been created, the illusion that you have been operating in, then yes you are in karma. Yes you do go through that, and if you believe the various religious teachings and such that say you’re going to go to hell if you sin and all of these types of things, then you will be in part of that. But we got news for you, people. When people pass through, eh leave the physical body, they go initially to what they believe is going to be, but there is no hell. There is not even a heaven as you have come to understand it. It is all in consciousness.


So karma, death and sin and devil, they are all illusions…


OWS: Yes. You all as a collective created this. And now it is time to uncreate it. Tell it to go bye-bye. (Laughter)


So is there evil?  I mean, are there creatures that are evil? Or is that a figment of our imagination as well?



OWS: There are those that have taken on the evil or the dark persona and have held onto that for a very long time as part of their programming, as part of what they came in to do. But many of those that came in with this and volunteered for this part of the mission came in and did their part but they decided to continue to do it. And that was not part of their plan, part of the programming. They were going to give it up a long time ago, you understand this?


Yeah, yeah. One more thing…


OWS: They got caught up in the glamours of the 3D world here, yes.


So, so in order for us to…this is my experience. I don’t know if it’s, um everybody’s experience, but my experiences is as I expand my consciousness through experience I am able to understand more and able to move up the ladder of, the dimensional ladder so to speak, by understanding experiencing so I love and enjoy tremendously having experiences. Even the experiences of being afraid.  Just any experience feels right to move through experience, so my question is, is experience the way to expansion?


OWS: Yes, understand that all of your experiences lead to awareness and awareness leads to movement, movement in consciousness. So the more you become aware of various things that are going on within you and around you, you are then moving in consciousness. And you use term “moving up a ladder” did you not?  (Yes)

Yes and the creating of awareness, the increasing of awareness coming from your experiences leads to higher levels of consciousness, therefore, moving up the ladder of consciousness.


So the people that don’t, like, do the same things every day don’t really get out and experience things and don’t…are not moving in that direction…are they expanding in consciousness?


OWS: It depends on that individual person and what their plan is, what their blueprint is. Some at this point in their existence have come to the point where they are saying “I’m done, I am tired, I do not want to do this anymore, I’ve had enough of this.” And when they come to that point, they are resting. There is an energy and a rest in the Universe. All is an energy and a rest.


So should they be happy with that or should they…



OWS: There is no shoulds here, there is only what is. But we wish to continue this here. The energy and a rest and when they are finding the time, or the need rather, to rest then they should rest. And there will come a time when the resting time is over. The alarm clock goes off and it says time to get up, time to move on, new day, new dawn. Hint, hint.


(Laughter) Is that our call? Are you calling to us to wake up?


OWS: Yes, yes a new dawn it is coming.


Thank you.


OWS: Anything further here?


I have a quick question. It’s not even important but I just was wondering. Remember…


OWS: If it is not important then why are you asking? (laughter)


I was just making a correlation in my mind…


OWS: We are just joking with you Cynthia, you must know this by now.


I know, I don’t take it, anything personally like that. But remember those stairs, those steps from the readings?


OWS: Yes


So I take it now that those are dimensions or something, is that correct?


OWS: Yes. Those were…


Because we didn’t quite understand back then but we knew we were at the very bottom of the rung (laughter) so to speak.


OWS: That particular presentation, yes, not at the bottom of the bottom of the bottom of the rung.


But so those 90 degree angles are dimensions.


OWS: They are shifts into the next dimension, yes.


Yeah, thank you. I don’t have anything else.  Are the teachings of Thoth something we should review again because it was hard to understand before but it seemed like it time for us to do that. What do you think? Let’s stay out of the angles. The teachings of Thoth…


OWS: There is again, no shoulds. You use that word again.


I didn’t say “should” I said is it time…


OWS: That was your second word. The first one you said is “should” we do this, yes and second was the time, is this the right time. And we would suggest to you that there…whatever is right for you is the right time. In other words, if you are…believe that you are ready for that particular type of understanding then it is time for it. If you do not believe you are ready for it then it will be an exercise in futility. But understand this, even if you go into it with that belief that you will not understand it, you will still come away with certain awarenesses that will take you to a higher vibration as you read it. Now, those that have read it before many years ago got it at the level that they were ready for at that time. If you were to re-introduce it again now it would come at a new level that you are at now. Therefore your understanding would be much higher at this point and you would have many what you would call “aha” moments. Aha now I understand what that was saying before…these 90 degree phase shifts, the angles… oh it’s the same thing. You see?


Yeah, I’m gonna dig it up.


OWS: The James knows where it is.


I do to.I think. Thank you.


OWS:   We will release channel here now.  There is a lot to transcribe here now, no? (Laughter) Shanti, peace be with you, be the ONE. 


Shanti, thank you.


Channeled by James McConnell
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"This is a very good example of modern, 21st century funk, almost exactly mimicking 1980s old school style...I enjoy music, generally, but also have a penchant for it's technicalities...As follows:

Get It Started (Magoo Remix) · Stephane Deschezeaux…"
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A basic conclusion is provided at the end for the uninitiated. Joe Biden announced his refusal to seek a second term on July 21, 2024, at around 11:00 am in Washington D.C. Biden's horoscope is about to get a second transit of Neptune Trine Sun…
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 Check @ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11076201/amp/Runaway-giant... joke is as it is British trains have a reputation of delays and cancellation now in this case they are…
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"New Video Shows Secret Service Perch at Trump’s Butler Rally Had FULL VIEW of Roof Where Shooter Carried Out Assassination Attempt
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"There was another black-ops sniper, in the nearby woods, who shot into the crowd and interestingly, several people were injured, but did not reveal this to the authorities, or media...(Maybe told to keep quiet...?) So the reports talk of Trump being…"
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Drekx Omega replied to AlternateEarth's discussion New audio forensic analysis reveals at least THREE SHOOTERS at Trump campaign event
"There was another black-ops sniper, in the nearby woods, who shot into the crowd and interestingly, several people were injured, but did not reveal this to the authorities, or media...(Maybe told to keep quiet...?) So the reports talk of Trump being…"
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