Announcement from my Spiritual Master

I will now tell & hoping that posting thru these groups this announcement can get as widest dissemination as possible. I will now reveal the true identity of my Spiritual Master, who He really is as He claims to BE. There are a number of books that He ordered published containing His messages for mankind & what is His relationship to mankind, the first ones written on 2002 & published in the Philippines. That mankind must mend his ways before he self destruct alongside his planetary home. This books entitled In The Company Of My God books 1 thru 5, and the latest is Kaballa Del Dius Ispiritu Sancti. Now the word Kaballa was derived as is, is the Spirits'(my God's) own term to depict a 'body of divine & spiritual knowledge' and above all is (my) God's Truth. From hereon, I will refer to my Spiritual Master as my God, as He is not necessarily everyone's God.He doesn't want us to just sit & meditate, but to obey His Laws in our everyday lives, to take action. Primarily the first phase of His mission is what He call the cleansing program. This is thru the calamities that we witness, weather phenomena that occurs with extraordinary strength & frequent-cy(ness), earthquakes across the oceans & continents claiming hundreds of thousands of lives, snowstorms, typhoons & hurricanes with extraordinary gustiness & occurrence, and so forth.These are (my) God's introduction for some of the books published:"Earth is overfilled with people, many of whom have become bad.Evil lurks in every corner.I cannot let the bad to lord over the good. For good to triumph, Earth has to progress from the current governance that is prone to corruption & serving the interest of a few people to one of divine governance where God, people & nature reign.Improved government structure and operating guidelines will not redound to benefiting mankind for as long as government is occupied by bad people who use their position to enrich and entrench themselves in power. We need a new breed of people for divine governance, officials who serve the people and do not steal.I gave free will to man. I have always respected it. This is the only way I can test who is with me.I operate on the principle of larga (go) and preno (stop). When free will brings man to the brink of self destruction, I have to impose preno. The time has come to do that.It is time to unleash calamities that will reduce the world population, eliminate many bad people, & screen those who will serve divine governance.Clemente (the author) was hoping that the change in consciousness can happen without going through the calamities. Consumed by greed & materialism, man however, does not want to change. He puts aside or heeds not my messages for him to be good. If he really does, then he would never be doing things of the devil.Man remembers God only when he suffers material loss, be it property, wealth, health or life. Thus I will unleash the calamities to cleanse Earth & remind man of God. The first stage of 3 years of calamities commenced on 2 January 2002. by the end of 2004, many will die far beyond the average of deaths assigned to natural disasters. If man does not still make the appropriate change, I will exercise another stage of cleansing with more massive calamities than the previous ones.Man cannot keep on relating to me just to ask for help in what he wants. It is about time he must also know what I want & do it.From here on, I will let my actions do the talking."- my God's preface on the book IV of In the Company of My God by Dr. Alejandro W. Clemente, PhD"It is 1 and a half years since I walked the Earth. In this period, 5 volumes of the book In the Company of my God have been released to the public.I have also been to many places observing people and helping Clemente heal the sick.I was hoping that people will reform & stay on the right path. The situation instead is getting worse with 70 to 80% of the people subscribing to money & the devil as their God. I cannot let bad win over the good or face my wrath.I have related to Earthlings mainly as a loving, kind, patient, caring & compassionate God. Clemente criticizes me that in this personality, I have become too lenient letting people get by in committing many bad acts. Maybe he is right. Sinners ask for my forgiveness only to repeat the same sins. People have gotten accustomed to calling me as a great provider to solve their problems. Once solved, they do not say even thank you. They even forget me when they celebrate happy occasions.I have another personality, that of a strict God. It is this personality that is on gear when I do not respond to prayers. At that particular instance, I do not find it the right time to help or the person deserving to be helped. There is another side of me that is hardly known to Earthlings, a God that can get angry & can destroy. This is the God Earthlings will see when I implement the cleansing process which is now underway since January 2002.I have been patient. In fact, I already decided to come down 114 years ago but still gave man a chance to reform. He has not. I am now tired of waiting for man to change for the good. Thus, I have decided now to use an iron hand & whip with the tail of a stingray. This is the only language man seems to understand. It can be another Noah's ark or Sodom & Gomorra replayed on a world wide scale.You can look at my programme of cleansing as a 100 meter dash. As is my benevolent way, I make the first step & then look around if man has changed. If not, I move to the second step & observe again. If man has not changed, I move a few steps more & observe again. What man must avoid is for me getting angry that I accelerate & not stop anymore until I reach the finishing line.I am just at the start of that race. I am holding my anger. But I will not hesitate to hasten the pace.Let this be the last warning in writing. From here onwards, I let my action, through the calamities, do the talking."- from book V of In the Company of my God"I have come down to help you prepare for a new world order. Those who will obey Me, & adhere to My will, will find the way to salvation. I am the Almighty path to Heaven. Divine light shall lead those who will seek righteousness. They will find the kingdom of God.Salvation is not something given on a silver platter. Man must work hard for it.I did not come down here to make people believe. Whether you believe Me or not, I am still God and nothing is taken away from Me. Therefore, I do not need to prove My Self before man. Conversely, it is man who must prove his worthiness to God. Thus, I will not convince anyone.I know these messages will not make people believe that I am God. Earthlings have replaced Me with material wealth like money, fame, power & greed as their God. That makes My task easier if people do not believe. I have waited long enough for man to change & follow my commands. I have set the timetable for cleansing this dirty world& their devilish beliefs & practices will just hasten My pushing the button to cleanse the Earth.I am not happy that I have to do this but the time has come to cleanse Earth. For disobeying Me, I will unleash calamities. Earthquakes of various destructive magnitudes, volcanic eruptions, tidal waves, fires of all kinds & floods will occur with such fury & regularity unheard of before all over the world. Even the sea will turn its belly.Between now & 2010, portions of a country will go under the sea while another country will sink & be erased from the map of the Earth.Incurable diseases, ailments, plagues and epidemics will come & go.There will be famine & drought. Impurities & poisonous substances will make air & water unsafe to breathe & drink. Animals, plant & vegetation will die.Within 5 years, there will be 3 straight days of total darkness with no energy.Wicked people who exploited their fellowmen & use their money, influence & power will die. There will be no air to breathe because I will withdraw air from them. Evil men will perish without knowing it while asleep, walking or working. Millions of dead bodies will litter the streets.I have been very patient with Earthlings, giving them enough chances to mend their ways. I see no changes though. In fact, where I am, I witness to all the atrocities being inflicted. Killings, murder & mayhem have gone unabated.No, I cannot let the bad win over the good. I have no choice but to come down & cleanse the Earth completely.I have spoken. What I have written will happen."- from Kaballa Del Dius Ispiritu Sancti by Fred C. LumbaThese are His 3 names from the Celestial realm that He came from:Señor IGNUTENTÉ(IGNUTENTE), Señor Nenúyah Pepsus (Nenuyah Pepsus), Señor Glawazâdi (Glawazadi)He said that each name corresponds to His different aspects.In addition to the part of Earthlings believing to Him Being God, He also stated this analogy:If in the 9 instances that a certain person claims that they spoke to God & all of them turn to be lies, then this 10th instance that He is truly speaking verbally & face to face to a human/group of humans will be dismissed as a lie as well. Just let it be like that and do no further in convincing, just present the facts & the truth.This will be the beginning of more discussion of His messages, particularly divine governance. I have researched in yahoogroups under the topic of God the father but there is already a group with such a name & objective as well. Same also goes for divine governance. I think for now it is better that different groups are supporting this topic & serving as a channel for the messages. Just like having a multi-disciplinary approach.Apparently, the first author, Dr Alejandro Clemente did not live up to my Spiritual Master's expectations as a servant; he is always complaining & embraced materiality instead. So my Spiritual Master devised His own way instead of relying just on him. He died of gut complications after his surgery, before which My God warned him not to undergo a surgery. And that yahoogroup believe that my Spiritual Master just let him down, so they don't believe Him & separated from Him. Inevitably, all of us are subject to His constant trials & judgement everyday of our life.That's it for now & ihzaway.
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