1. One night, no matter the day or the hour, traveling in the astral body through the parallel universe of the fifth dimension, inebriated by a certain spiritual voluptuousness, I arrived ecstatic before the mysterious threshold of that marvelous temple of the Twice Born. The guardian of the Great Mysteries, hieratic and terrible as always, was at the door, and when I tried to enter, something unusual happened. Looking at me fixedly, he said with a severe voice: -Among the group of brothers who worked in the ninth sphere and who after having worked in this region presented themselves to this temple, you are the most advanced, but now you are stagnant in progress. Those words of the guardian, pronounced with such severity on the threshold of the mystery, certainly left me perplexed, confused, indecisive and the only thing that occurred to me was to ask: - Why? The hierarch, answering my question, said: -Because you lack love. -How? -I replied- I love humanity, I am working for all human beings, I don't understand what you are saying. What is this lack of love? -You have forgotten your mother, you are an ungrateful son -explained the guardian, and the way in which he intoned such words, as well as pain, I confess that they terrified me. "But I don't know where she is, I haven't seen her for a long time," I said, believing that he was referring to my earthly parent from whom I had to get away while I was still very young. - How is it possible that a son does not know where his mother is? -Refuted the guardian, and then continued saying-: I tell you for your own good, you are harming yourself. I truly confess that only after several days and futile inquiries to locate my earthly mother in the world, I was finally able to understand the enigmatic words of the Temple's guardian. Ah!... but the fact is that pseudo-esoteric and even pseudo-occultist literature, which abounds so much in the market, says nothing about that. If I had known before? Anyway, I thought so many things and prayed. To pray is to talk with God and I secretly prayed to the eternal feminine, to God the Mother. Then I learned that each creature has its own Particular Divine Mother and I even learned the secret name of mine. It is clear that at that time I suffered unspeakably dissolving the ego, struggling to reduce it to cosmic dust. The most terrible thing of all is that I had reached the Second Birth and understood very well that if I did not manage to die within myself I would fail, I would become an abortion of the Cosmic Mother, a Hanasmussen, with a double center of gravity. My efforts seemed useless, I failed the tests, and if I had continued like this, it is clear that the failure would have been terrible. Fortunately, thank God!, the guardian of the temple knew how to warn me and advise me. The work was terrible, the failures told me exactly where the flaws were. As proof it was enough to indicate to me, to point out to me the basic defect, the error. Meditating on each error was enough for understanding, although I was able to clearly evidence that there are degrees and degrees in understanding. Eliminating is something else, someone can understand any defect without being able to eradicate it. If we exclude the Divine Mother Kundalini, the work is incomplete, then it would be impossible to eliminate defects. Every defect understood was eliminated with the power of the Divine Mother Kundalini. Finally, one day, I reviewed my work in Tartarus, in Hell, in the submerged mineral kingdom, in those infra-dimensional regions or submerged parallel universes. And sailing through the waters of Acheron, within  the Charon's boat, I reached the other shore to review the work and then I saw thousands of devil egos, my associates, parts of myself, living in those regions. I wanted to resurrect something, an effigy that symbolized my own Adam of sin that lay like a corpse in the muddy waters of the river. Then my Divine Mother, dressed in mourning like a sorrowful woman, told me with a voice full of infinite love, "That is already quite dead, I have nothing to get out of it." Certainly my Mother had extracted from me all that legion of ego-devils,  all that set of dark entities that personify our defects and that constitute the ego. This is how I achieved the dissolution of the pluralized self, this is how I managed to reduce to dust all those aggregates that form the   myself.
  2. Some time ago I had the high honor of being invited to a secret council of the Great White Lodge. I must clearly inform the world that Hata Yoga was then disqualified, disapproved
  3. Come to my memory those times in which I left the underworld to enter the purgatorial region. My Mother had already thoroughly instructed me, converted into a true dolorous; She had sailed with me in the boat of Charon, she had shown me the dissolution of the pluralized ego and finally she had taught me that the mind devoid of ego continues with the bad tendencies. Oh my God!... When the pluralized ego dissolves, it leaves its seeds of perdition in the mind. I therefore needed to incinerate those bad seeds of the poisonous herb, it was necessary to enter the purgatorial region of the lower molecular world to burn the seedbed of ego. I approached until I reached the place that before had seemed to me to be a break, similar to the gap that divides a wall and I saw a door to which one climbed by three steps of different colors; On that terrible portico was engraved with indelible characters the word "Purgatory." And I saw a doorman who had not yet uttered a word, that genius was standing on the top step, he was an angel of extraordinary beauty, imposing, severe, terribly divine; in his right hand was a naked sword that reflected lightning. Anyone who tries to enter the purgatorial region prostrates himself devoutly at the feet of that angel and begs him for mercy to open, before giving himself three chest blows. Unforgettable and terrible moments are those in which the angel writes the letter "P" on the initiate's forehead with his sword, repeated seven times. Then the following phrase is heard from his lips: "Try to wash these stains when you are inside." Do you remember the case of Lot's wife? Looking back, she was turned into a pillar of salt. In the same way, the angel of Purgatory warns that the one who looks back, after having entered the lower molecular world, loses his work, he goes back out the way he entered. This means absolute repentance, not repeating the same mistakes of the past, not committing a crime. Whoever looks back fails, repeats the same mistakes, returns to the sinful past, does not purify himself. Anyone who looks back becomes a purgatorial failure. In purgatory one must march steadily forward. I saw and heard horrible things in Purgatory; reliving there all the bestialities of ancient times, I felt truly converted into a mud pig. One of those many days, talking with a fellow soul in Purgatory, I told her: -My sister, here we have become pigs. "That's right," he replied, "here we have become pigs." Time passed and I suffered unspeakably incinerating evil seeds; removing crap. And many fellow souls in the purgatorial region seemed like rotting corpses lying on beds of pain; they eliminated seeds, horrible filthy larvae, bad tendencies. Those poor souls sighed and groaned. I never forgot my Divine Mother, I always begged her to help me in this purgatorial work, to eliminate this or that psychological defect. The fight against myself was terrible. Finally, one night, the Blessed Goddess Mother Kundalini entered the purgatorial region disguised as a man. I recognized her intuitively. Why did you dress up as a man? – I asked-. -To enter these regions, was her answer. -When will you get me out of here? She, the adorable one, then set the date and time. -The viewer instruction will come later, she continued. It is clear that I understood everything. Several details confirmed my Mother's word; the seven "P" had already been erased little by little one by one, the purifications were evident, pathetic, clear, positive.
  4. The Divine Mother Kundalini always keeps her word. I waited patiently for the day and date and time. The purgatorial region is very painful and I wanted to get out of it; I longed for emancipation. Cato, the angel of Purgatory, fights in these molecular regions for the freedom of souls. This angel suffered enough when he lived in the world; any Initiate knows that this being was a man and that he preferred death in Utica, Africa, before living under the chains of slavery. I also wanted freedom and I asked for it and it was granted to me. Every time a soul leaves the purgatorial region, it causes intense joy in Cato's heart. And the longed-for moment arrived..., I had known the temporal and the eternal fire, I had left the steep paths and the narrows and I had to meet the sun within my own soul. I felt that something mysterious was forcing, violating from the unknown the intimate atomic doors of my Inner Universe. Useless were my fears, the vain resistance; that compelled, constrained, pressed and finally, oh my God!, I felt transformed; the COSMIC CHRIST had entered me. And my individuality? Where was he? What had become of my vain human personality? Where was it? Only memories of the Holy Land came to mind; the humble birth in the stable of the world; the baptism in the Jordan; fasting in the desert; the Transfiguration; Jerusalem, the beloved city of the prophets; the human multitudes of those times; doctors of the law, the Pharisees; the Sadducees, etc. I floated in the surrounding environment of the temple and I bravely advanced towards that table before which the modern caiaphas were seated, the highest dignitaries of the Failed Church; they, dressed in their priestly robes and the cross around their necks, projected, devised, secretly plotted insidious and perfidious plans against me. -You thought I wouldn't come back and here I am again. That was the only thing I could think of to say. Moments later the Lord had left me and I felt like an individual again. Then together with Litelantes I rested for a few moments at the foot of my cross. I cannot deny that the thorns of the heavy wood hurt me unfortunately and I briefly commented on this with Litelantes. Then she and I walked towards the temple platform. A Master took the floor to say that the Christ has no individuality and that he incarnates and manifests himself in any Man who is duly prepared. Hercules has repeated in me all his deeds, all his works, he had to strangle all the poisonous snakes that wanted to take his life when he was still very young. The Christ, Hercules, practices what he preaches and every time he incarnates in a man he repeats all his cosmic drama that is why the Lord is a Master of Masters.
  5. If people woke up consciousness, they could talk face to face with the nymphs of the stormy ocean. I met two wonderful nymphs when I was sailing on a sailboat in the Caribbean Sea. They came to meet us through the raging waves, they were of incomparable beauty. One was the color of violets, a delicate maiden, she floated in the water and sometimes walked with a rhythmic and innocent step; sweet, agile and simple advances, without anything animal and a lot of divine; she looked more like an Indian with bare feet. The other had the marvelous color of corals; in the cordial shape of her mouth, the strawberry left its purple and in the subtle delicate drawing of that face her eyes shone. The dawn was scratching the ocean, I saw them and they spoke to me with the verb of light; then very slowly they approached the beach and climbed on the rocks of the cliffs.
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