1. From the early days of South America I remember another curious case, a father brought his son, a young boy, to me so that I could prescribe him. The child had fallen seriously ill with the plague and the fatal outcome was inevitable. "I'll cure the child -I told him- and since it's a hopeless case, you give it to me as an adopted son". The father accepted my proposal. I proceeded in the act. I made the circle with the fique or maguey, blessed the plant, pronounced its mantra and ordered the elemental to heal the child from the terrible plague. I extracted the roots of the fique and prepared a decoction. As the water boiled, I blessed the pot and ordered the elemental to heal the sick person; he quickly recovered his health.
  2. During the government of the last Caesars of Rome, being incarnated there and having a reputation as a magician, I was called by Caesar to help him get rid of a political character, his mortal enemy. Once the commission was accepted, I operated with the maguey elemental. I approached the plant, I blessed it, I walked in a circle around it from right to left, I cut a leaf, I held it in my hands, I pronounced the three fique mantra; I imperatively ordered the elemental of the fique to go to the enemy of Caesar, disintegrate his thoughts of hatred and infuse him with love towards the sovereign. The result was surprising. A few days later the deadly enemies were reconciled.
  3. Passed by anguish, without any vainglory, in a state of novelty alert, I conserve with energy the living memory of that my Roman reincarnation known by the name of Julius Caesar. So I had to sacrifice myself for humanity by setting the stage for the fourth sub-race of this our fifth root race. Good God and Holy Mary! If I made a very serious mistake in that ancient age, it was having joined the Order of the Garter; however, it is obvious that the gods wanted to forgive me. Rising to the clouds above your friends is not really easy, and yet it is clear that I managed to surprise the Roman aristocracy. In recounting this I do not feel conceited, because I know very well that only I like to go up, climb to the top of the ladder, make myself felt, etc. I fulfill the duty of narrating and this is all. When I left for Gaul I begged my beautiful wife Calpurnia to send our two sons to meet me when I returned. Brutus was dying of envy remembering my triumphal entry into the Eternal City; yet I seemed purposely to forget my awful sufferings on the battlefields. The right to govern that empire was certainly not given to me as a gift; the divine and the human well know how much I suffered. I could well have saved myself from the perfidious conspiracy if I had known how to listen to the old astrologer who visited my mansion. Unfortunately, the demon of jealousy tortured my heart; that old man was a close friend of Calpurnia and I didn't like this very much. On the morning of that tragic day, as I rose from the marriage bed, head crowned with laurels, Calpurnia told me her dream: she had seen in a night vision a star falling from the heavens to earth and she warned me, begging me not to go to the. Senate. Useless were the pleas of my wife. -Today I will go to the Senate!” I responded imperatively. -Remember that today a friendly family has invited us to a meal on the outskirts of Rome; you accepted the invitation,” replied Calpurnia. "I can't attend that meal," I objected. "Are you then going to leave that family waiting?" I have to go to the Senate. Hours later, in the company of a charioteer, I was marching in a war chariot towards the Capitol of the Roman Eagle. Very soon I arrived there to the tremendous cheers of the inflamed crowds. “Hail Cesar!, they shouted at me. Some notables of the city surrounded me in the atrium of the Capitol; I answered questions, clarified some points, etc. Suddenly, in an unusual way, the old astrologer appears before me, the one who had previously warned me about the frequencies of March and the terrible dangers; He stealthily hands me a piece of parchment on which the names of the conspirators are written down. The poor old man wanted to save me but everything was useless, I didn't pay attention to him; besides, I was very busy attending to so many illustrious Romans. Then, feeling invincible and invulnerable, with a Caesarean attitude that characterized me, I advanced towards the Senate through the Olympic columns of the Capitol. But woe to me! The conspirators behind those heroic columns were lying in wait for me; the steely edge of the murderous dagger tore at my back. Accustomed to so many battles, I instinctively tried to wield my sword, but I feel like I faint, I see Brutus and exclaim: "You too, my son?" Then... the terrible reaper takes my soul. Poor Brutus... the ego of envy had devoured his entrails and the result could not be any other. I had two more incarnations in the august Rome of the Caesars and then very varied existences with magnificent dharma in Europe during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
  4. When I had the reincarnation of Thomas a Kempis, I wrote in my book "Imitation of Christ" -in that old reincarnation-, a phrase that says: "I am no more because they praise me, nor less because they vituperate me, because I I am always what I am"... So we must remain impassive before praise and blame, before triumph and defeat, always serene, impassive, always masters of ourselves, of our own psychological processes.
  5. Scenes from a past reincarnation of mine in the Middle Ages come to mind right now. I lived in Austria, and according to the customs of the time I was a member of an illustrious family of rancid aristocracy. At that time, my people, my lineage, bragged too much about blue blood, difficult ascendancies and notable ancestry. It even makes me sad to confess it, but, and that's the most serious thing, I was also stuck in that bottle of social prejudice. Things of the time! One day, no matter which one, a sister of mine fell in love with a very poor man, and of course, this was the scandal of the century; the ladies of the nobility and their foolish cavaliers, skinned their neighbor alive, made a mockery of the unhappy woman. They said of her that she had tarnished the honor of the family, that she had been able to marry better, etc. It didn't take long for the suffered woman thing to become a widow and the result of their love, of course, was a child. If she had wanted to return to the bosom of the family? However, this was not possible, she already knew too much the viperine tongue of the elegant ladies, their annoying counterpoints, their snubs, and she preferred an independent life. That I helped the widow? It would be absurd to deny it. That I took pity on my nephew? That was true. there are times when for not lack of mercy one can become ruthless.That was my case. Taking pity on the child, I admitted him to a school (apparently so that he would receive a robust, firm and vigorous education), without giving a damn about his mother's feelings, and I even made the mistake of forbidding the long-suffering woman to visit her son; I thought that in this way my nephew would not receive damage of any kind and could be someone later, become a great lord, etc. The road that leads to the abyss is paved with good intentions, right? That's right. How many times, wanting to do good, one does evil! My intentions were good but the procedure was wrong; however, I firmly believed that I was doing the right thing. My sister suffered too much from the absence of her son, she couldn't see him at school, it was forbidden to her. It clearly stands out that there was love on my part for my nephew and cruelty for my sister; however, I believed that by helping the son I was also helping his mother. Fortunately within each one of us, in these intimate regions where love is lacking, the Karma Policeman, the Kaom, arises by enchantment. It is not possible to run away from the agents of Karma, within each one of us is the policeman who inevitably leads us to court. Many centuries have passed since that time; all the characters in that drama grew old and died. However, the Law of Recurrence is terrible and everything repeats itself as it happened, plus its consequences. In the 20th century we have met all the actors of that scene. Everything has been repeated in a certain way, but it is clear, with its consequences. This time I had to be the one rejected by the family, that's the law. My sister found her husband again; I am not sorry that I have reunited with my former priestess wife known as Litelantes. The nephew that was so loved and discussed was reborn this time with a female body; she is a very beautiful girl by the way; her face looks like a delicious night and the stars shine in her eyes. In any given time, the date does not matter, we lived near the sea; the girl (the former nephew) could not play because she was seriously ill, she had an intestinal infection. The case was very delicate, several children her age died at that time for the same cause. Why should my daughter be an exception? The innumerable remedies that were applied to her were frankly useless; in his childish face that unmistakable profile of death was already beginning to be drawn with horror. Clearly the failure stood out, the case was frankly lost and I had no choice but to visit the Dragon of the Law, that terrible genius of Karma whose name is Anubis. Fortunately, thank God! Litelantes and I know how to travel consciously and positively in the astral body. Thus, appearing together in the palace of the Great Being, in the parallel universe of the fifth dimension, was not a problem for us. That temple of Karma was impressive, majestic, grandiose. There was the Hierarch, seated on his throne, imposing, terribly divine; Anyone would be scared to see him officiating with that sacred jackal mask as it appears in many bas-reliefs of ancient Pharaonic Egypt. At last I was given the opportunity to speak to him and it is clear that I did not let it pass so easily: "You owe me a debt," I told him. -Which one? He replied as if surprised. Then, fully satisfied with myself, I introduced him to a man who had once been a wicked demon; I mean Aztaroth the Grand Duke. -This was a lost son for the Father -I continued telling him- and yet I saved him, I showed him the path of light, I took him out of the Black Lodge, now he is a disciple of the White Brotherhood, and you have not paid me that debt . The fact is that that girl had to die in accordance with the Law and her soul had to enter my sister's womb to form a new physical body. That's how I understood it and that's why I added: -I ask that Aztaroth go to my sister's womb instead of my daughter's soul. The Hierarch's solemn response was final. -Granted! May Aztaroth go to your sister's womb and may your daughter be healthy. Needless to say, that girl (my former nephew) was miraculously healed and my sister then conceived a boy. I had to pay that debt, I had cosmic capital. The Law of Karma is not a blind mechanic as many pseudo-esotericists and pseudo-occultists suppose. As things were, it is clear and easy to understand that with the possible death of my daughter, I would have to feel the same pain of detachment, that bitterness that in ancient times my sister felt for the loss of her son. Thus, through the Great Law, the damage would be compensated, similar scenes would be repeated but this time the victim would be myself. Fortunately, karma is negotiable, it is not a blind mechanic of astrologers and fair palmists . I had cosmic capital and paid off that old debt. Thus, thank God, I was able to avoid the bitterness that awaited me.
  6. In the name of truth I must solemnly assert that I was born remembering all my past reincarnations and swearing this is not a crime. I am a man of awakened conscience. Once, when the seas were infested with pirate ships, I had to go through tremendous bitterness. So the bodhisattva of the Angel Diobulo Cartobu was reincarnated. It is worth emphasizing that that being had a feminine body of splendid beauty. It is ostensible that I was his father. Unfortunately and in an unlucky hour, the cruel piracy that did not respect lives or honor, after devastating the European town where many citizens lived in peace, kidnapped the beautiful women of the place, among whom it is clear that my daughter was an innocent maiden of the times gone. Despite the terror of so many villagers, I bravely managed -and endangering my own life- to face the treacherous captain of the corsair ship. -Get my daughter out of that hell where you've put her and I promise you that I'll get your soul out of the hell where you are already stuck! Such were my painful exclamations. The fearsome corsair, looking at me fiercely, took pity on my insignificant person and with an imperative voice ordered me to wait a moment. I saw with infinite anxiety the filibuster returning to his black ship; I understand that he cunningly outwitted his ruthless sea lions; the truth is that moments later he returned my daughter to me. Good God and Holy Mary! But who would have thought that after several centuries I would rediscover the ego of that fearsome corsair reincorporated into a new human organism. One night of great spiritual restlessness I found him joyful again among the select group of aspiring Rosicrucians. That old corsair also spoke the English language and even told me that he had traveled a lot, since he was a sailor for a North American shipping company. That friendship, however, turned out to be a "fatuous fire", a "flare of straw", because very soon I had to fully verify that such a man, despite his mystical longings, continued in his most intimate backgrounds as an ancient corsair dressed in modern fashion. Any day of so many we arrange a transcendental metaphysical appointment, in the SSS (Sumum Supremun Santuarium) of Berlin, Germany This was a relatively new experience for me, because certainly until then it had not occurred to me to carry out the experiment of the voluntary projection of the Eidolon, however I knew that I could do it and that is why I dared to accept such an appointment. With complete clarity I remember those solemn moments in which I became a spy in my own dream. In mystical stalk I awaited the instant of transition between vigil and sleep; I wanted to take advantage of that moment of wonders to escape from the physical body. The state of lassitude and the first dream images were enough to fully understand what and the long-awaited moment had arrived. I got up from the bed at the time of being dozing, the astral unfolding took place, the very natural separation of the Eidolon. With that very singular brilliance of the astral body, I moved away from all those contours longing to reach the Berlin temple. Ostensibly I had to travel deliciously on the tempestuous waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Floating serenely in the radiant astral atmosphere of this world, I reached the lands of old Europe and immediately headed for the capital of France. I walked silent as a ghost through all those old streets that once served as the stage for the French Revolution. Suddenly something unusual happens; a telepathic wave has reached my solar plexus and I feel the categorical imperative to enter a beautiful abode. In no way would I ever regret having crossed the rich threshold of such a noble mansion, because there I had the immense happiness of finding a friend from my past reincarnations. That companion floated happily, submerged in the astral fluidic environment, outside the dense body that lay asleep on the perfumed mahogany bed. In the nuptial bed the delicious physical body of his beloved also slept; the sidereal soul of the latter, outside its mortal receptacle, shared the amazing   joy of her husband and floated. And I saw two tender infants of splendid beauty, playing happily amid the magical enchantment of that abode. I greeted my old friend and also his ineffable Eva, but the children were frightened by my unusual presence. It seemed better to me to go out there, through those streets of Paris, and my friend did not reject the idea; chatting together we move away from the mansion of delights. We walk slowly, slowly, through all those streets and avenues that go from the center to the outskirts. On the outskirts of that great city I proposed - at close range, as they say around there - I proposed him that we visit together the esoteric temple of Berlin Germany; The initiate very kindly declined the invitation, objecting that he had a wife and children and therefore only wanted to concentrate his attention on the economic problems of life. With great regret I walked away from that awake man, regretting that he postponed his esoteric work. Suspended in the astral light of wonders and prodigies, I passed over some ancient walls. I happily traveled along the tortuous road that in a serpentine way here, there and over there unfolded. Inebriated with ecstasy, I reached the temple with the transparent walls; the entrance to that holy place was certainly very unique. I saw a kind of Sunday park, filled with beautiful plants and exquisite flowers that exhaled a breath of death. In the extraordinary depths of that enchanting garden the temple of splendors shone solemnly. The iron gates that gave access to the beautiful park of the sanctuary, sometimes opened for someone to enter, sometimes closed. All that delicate and wonderful set, stood out illuminated with the immaculate light of the universal spirit of life. Before the Holy of Holies, the Sancta Sanctorum I found happy many noble aspirants of various nationalities, peoples, languages. Mystical souls that during those hours in which the physical body sleeps, moved by the force of longing, had escaped from the dense mortal form to come to the Holy. In a state of happiness I walked here, there and everywhere, looking for the daring filibuster who daringly set me such a tremendous date. I burst into many groups asking about the usual gentleman of narrate, but nobody knew how to give me any answer. I understood then that that former pirate had not kept his promise; I didn't know why, I felt disappointed. Silently I resolved to approach the glorious door of the temple of wisdom; I wanted to enter the holy place, but the guard closed the door telling me: "It's not time yet, leave.". Serene and understanding everything, I joyfully sat on the symbolic stone, very close to the portal of mystery. In those moments of fullness I fully observed myself; certainly I am not a subject of subjective psyche; I was born with an awakened consciousness and I have access to objective knowledge. How beautiful the astral body seemed to me! ( Splendid result of ancient transmutations of the libido). I remembered my physical body now lying asleep in the far reaches of the Western world, in a town in America. Observing myself, I made the mistake of confronting the astral and physical vehicles; Due to such comparisons, I lost my ecstasy and instantly returned to the interior of my dense material envelope. When I sternly questioned the old freebooter   why he did not fulfill his word, he could not give me a satisfactory answer. Thirty-five years have passed since that time when that old sea dog and I made such a mysterious rendezvous. Beyond time and distance, that strange character was already just a memory written between the dusty pages of my old chronicles. However, I confess   without hesitation   that after so many years I had to be surprised by something unusual. One spring night, being absent from the dense perishable form, I saw Lord Shiva (the Holy Spirit), my Holy Super-individual Monad, with the ineffable semblance of the "Ancient of Days". The Lord admonished the old corsair of the seas with great severity; It is unquestionable that the physical body of the latter, at that time of night, lay asleep on the bed. Eagerly, I wanted to intervene as a third party in discord. The Old Man of the Centuries categorically ordered me stillness and silence. In the past, that pirate had returned my daughter to me, he had taken her out of hell where he himself had put her. Now my Real Being -Samael- was struggling to free him, to emancipate him, to get him out of the Infernal Worlds.
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