And if there is no Ascension, no change, then what?!

I've been reading the writings on this website,, and other websites, as well as being a member of One Vibration and their various groups, and I have boned up on the signs of Awakening, symptoms of Ascension, and the idea that there will be an Ascension of those who are ready for that kind of change.

I have viewed channeled posts and insights from many to many who have accepted Ascension as fact and are eagerly awaiting their change, scheduled to occur around the end of December, 2012. After digesting all of this, I am left wondering what will happen if none of this is true, and nothing actually happens as planned.

Let me say that I hope fervently that something wonderful happens! I would absolutely love to be a part of Ascension, moving from this 3D world to a higher dimension, in every aspect. I have experienced an Awakening, and it has changed my life for the better. I have a soul braid who I constantly communicate with and who I love very much. Reading about these things on the various websites have been very enlightening, and I deeply appreciate the efforts and insights given by the creators of these websites as they try to help others to understand the changes that they are experiencing at this time. I have received a thorough education.

BUT - and there is always a BUT - I have also seen some things that make me wonder and ask myself why? Of great concern to me is the question: What will believers do if things do not happen as they expect? How will they go on in their spiritual growth and understanding, as well as their day-to-day existence? I have read so many posts on many websites of how difficult a time people are having in every aspect of their lives, and how they expect that Ascension will erase their pains and bring them to happiness. My fervent hope is that the build up to Ascension does not victimize people and give them false hope for positive change in the event that nothing happens. None of us actually knows for sure if any of the things that are happening to us, including the physical aches and pains, are a part of Ascension, or if Ascension will play out as I have recently seen posted here on this site. The absolute assuredness of some of the posts astounds me! Statements are being given that have the whole Ascension plan wrapped up like a present, complete with a bow on the top, and I have to wonder, how in the heck do you know all of that?! Why are you so sure? What will you say next if things don't work out like you say? How will you explain that, or will you just fade into complete anonymity?

I have a problem with the concept of a person claiming to know advanced information, predicting that certain disasters are going to happen to various places on the planet, and then having people pay to attend seminars to do lightwork to avoid those disasters from happening. When those disasters do not happen, then that person claims that their special powers and the lightwork done at the seminars kept those incidents from occurring. Where is the actual logic of that? The person I am referring to is Jelaila Starr of the 9D Nibiruan Council. I could predict that my wife is going to have a terrible accident, do lightwork at home, and then when she returns home safe and sound claim that my lightwork kept her from having the accident. Anybody can predict anything, and then feel like they have done something to avert disaster. Granted, I do have strong psychic powers, and I know that others do also. Who knows? Maybe something is being averted. But there is something very fishy about making predictions of that sort and claiming to have mightily averted disaster through lightwork, especially in light of the fact none of that can be proved. To my rational yet mystic mind, SOME of the things that have been claimed must be proved in a concrete way. EVERYTHING can't be totally subjective. When I have done things in the spirit, when something has occurred according to what I have willed, I am totally convinced that I had something to do with it. I can understand that kind of conviction because you need that type of conviction in order to make things happen. But when a person PREDICTS disaster and nothing happens, or if they predict an event and nothing happens, when it is done openly and publicly, and they have people hanging on their every word, there always seems to be some slippery excuse as to why it didn't happen, and the direction of the people who are believing them is always directed further ahead in time to the next prediction of disaster or predicted event. Receiving money to do this seems to me to be very dishonest. That goes for lightwork practitioners who are charging to do energy work online for potential clients. How do I know what is or is not happening? It doesn't cost anything to manipulate energy from afar, not that I have ever seen. How does one know that the practitioner even did anything or have that kind of ability? It remains to be seen.

Also, channelings I take with a huge grain of salt. To date, I've read many, and they aren't saying anything new. We all know that we need to love each other more. I was taught that in Sunday School. We all know that we have emotional hang ups that need our loving attention to clear up. That goes without saying because they impact our lives on a continual basis until we do. That is not new information; look at all of the self-help books and articles out there. Information about ET cultures and other planes of existence is in the eye of the beholder; nothing can be proved by anyone outside of the observer or participator. One person's version of heaven or the astral plane is another person's version of "Please don't let me end up there!" I have read various people's accounts of their visits to the astral plane, and they are totally different than what I have experienced. Viva la difference! Everyone is unique, everyone is different, no one's version of heaven, the astral planes, or eternity will please everyone, just as everyone's life now, including their inner life and mental state, is very different. Nope, I don't want anyone else's place; I want my own. I don't appreciate traditional religion's insistence that we all end up in the same place, according to the particular belief system, and neither do I appreciate what I have found on these New Age or alternative spirituality sites either. Elves and fairies and elements; colored lizards and Greys and other beings; everyone is encountering all kinds of things. Every place is different; to each their own. Saying that I should end up here or there, or I should be experiencing this or that, is quite presumptuous. I know, I know; whatever you believe in your heart is true for you. I wish that everyone who is making public pronouncements would understand that! Not everyone is as self-aware as others may be, and they are being led and guided by what others are saying. IMHO, channelings should be chock full of new material, if they are coming from Advanced Beings. They should be teaching us the deeper aspects of what it means to be human, what it means to be an Advanced Being, deeper insights than we could figure out on our own about how to advance spiritually. That kind of channeling would appeal to me greatly. I have fully grasped that everything is about love, and we are all One. In fact, I've got the T-shirt. Say something else! I can go to church and a psychologist for some of the stuff I am seeing. Advanced Beings must have something more to tell us!!!

Feel free to come after me because I doubt. I have been given no reason not to doubt. It's a good thing that nothing that can happen depends on me having unwavering faith to make it come about. I've taken the red pill and I am wide awake and aware. My eyes are wide open; the scales have fallen off. This world is vaster and more colorful than I ever could have conceived! I am steadily working on learning as much as I can about the new vistas and places I have seen and encountered in my mind's eye when I Awakened. I want to learn how to astral project and lucid dream. I will continue to read and absorb the information provided to glean what I can and learn more. I can definitely say that my spiritual growth as blossomed in new directions, and the fractured parts of me are becoming whole. I am happy, and that is something that I truly treasure, because it has not always been the case.


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  • Very interesting! Good food for thought. I have been reading on quantum mechanics, and I know that the participator gets the results that they expect in an experiment. Therefore, they are creating their reality. If only I can get to the heart of that! That is what I seek, the conscious, reliable creation of my reality. I wonder if we are prevented in some way from creating a different version of reality than what we see all around us. I want to use other materials for my creation kit than the materials we have on this dimension.
  • Deep down I've always felt this...
    That our life is nothing but a dream.

    If we are truly our own creators, where nothing in our experience wasn't materialized from our conscious or subconscious will of creation(worded differently, meaning we have complete control over absolutely everything that happens to us directly and indirectly, and so we are creating absolutely everything ) I equate this very much so to dream. Very much akin to our dreams while we sleep at night, where we also create all the acts/thoughts/actions without even always consciously realizing it.

    Now because we live in a dream, where we are the ones that create everything around us, that there exists a possibility that each and every one of us will experience ascension differently. Moving forward with this possibility, this can also mean that if there are 7,000,000,000 people on this planet, then there can be 7,000,000,000 different ways ascension will transpire on Earth. However only 1 way it will transpire on our Earth, our dream.

    I’ve always had this deep down intuitive feeling about this, and even while it may be wrong or right, I think it serves as a reason that it is up to US to change our lives and our very own dream.
  • what a remarkable show of will power. i salute you. you are absolutely right in your own respect to question the faith to be givin into certain reality fields. i am one to say that ascension is fact but i know this as a term of evolution and progressive nature that to me is obvious throughout scientific study. By action do we set causes in motion that affect the future. what is the point in sitting around and waiting for some miracle to fix all the things you see as a problem. sometimes the key to a change that is needed is right under your nose in this world but maybe you need a small shove in that direction by an outside source. There are many ways to practice being a better person( a galactic being)and this is shown in many different forms of religion. have faith in what you feel and believe gives you joy. i feel that you cry for truth and validation to a reality that you honestly would like to see exist. well, the short and quickest road is to act as if that reality already exists even if you question it's possablity. the more you enact within a contained space of self fulfilled energy the more likely your reality will follow suit. It might sound kinda crazy or that you would be living in a fantasy world that doesn't exist but this is not true and will not be true in the new energy structure of the new earth. our thoughts are becoming manifest quicker and quicker as we come closer to the source in physicality. A reordering is in order and you might not see it because you choose to stay where you are and that is fine. alot of work is being done that bridges these spiritual realities(prophecies)with scientific data(physical proof). could you ever think that while doing a study or experiment that your thoughts towards the experiment and the outcome might actually effect the results. I tell you now and mark my words, -the validation you SEEK will come-! AMEN
  • Thank you for your comments, Goddess. If I had been tracking this since 2003 my brain would be completely fried. As it is, I have too much time on my hands, and I've been investigating and pondering over this for a few weeks, learning much in the process about many facets of spirituality that I needed to know in order to figure out things that have happened in my life. So, no matter what happens, I have learned much that I needed to know, and I am very thankful for that. In Kabbalah, it is said that when there are enough messiahs among the masses to reach a critical point, the global Messiah will appear to lead us into a Golden Age. That is a very interesting concept, and points out that many people have their own perspective on how a Golden Age will come about. What seems to be a point of agreement among most is that there WILL BE a Golden Age eventually, somehow, some way. I hope that I am alive and kicking when a transition occurs. I would love to participate and be a witness to something like that!
  • I thank all of you for your comments. Shebaba mentioned the rapture. I came up in the belief in the Rapture, the idea that Jesus is going to come and take His saints away, out of this world to heaven, tearing up everything in the process. For many years this was a firm belief of mine, and it took me many years to question this teaching. To this day, I don't know for sure what will happen, if at all. I have read that many of our US leaders believe in this, and their belief dictates our government policies. The creation of Israel in 1948 was also partly because of the Rapture beliefs, because Israel had to exist as a nation before Jesus came back. If a person believes in the Rapture, they don't feel connected to our world, and as a result they don't care about fixing or taking part in solving some of the injustices many people encounter. I would be disappointed for people who are awaiting Ascension to get the mindset that they don't have to engage anymore, that the possibility of leaving their worries and cares behind freezes them in place and stunts their growth. If there were a Rapture or an Ascension that was physical, you know something? I would want to be first in line. But the reality is that I have to hedge my bet and continue to engage the world, and work on myself, and broaden my spiritual horizons, in case absolutely nothing happens. I ended the anticipation of a Rapture, and I'm not going to adopt an anticipation of an Ascension.
  • Thank you for your healthy skeptism. You pose solid questions that no way undermine your commitment to ascension, whatever that is or if and when it will take place. Is ascension the New Age rapture? I hope not. Are charlatans afoot? Certainly. I think it is not only wise but helpful to maintain a dose of healthy skeptism while forging ahead with our enlightenment movement.
  • The whole discussion on ascension is a long one! First step that may guide you is connecting to your higher self- (ur self that lives in dimension 4 through 15). Your higher self knows the "truith" all is the illusion..u DONT need any channelled info, masters etc AT ALL..u already have ur own soul/monad/christos avatar/rishi and ascended master self waiting for you to wake up :) This whole journey of ascension in my opinion is connecting to our higher selves..Dont give ur power away to any entity in exchange for "ascension"!!
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