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An angel is an angel's plaything!

Hi All,

We are in a virtual reality game.

I have spirit guides who are totally lovely and wise, but also here to help me to ascend above my egos and stop taking myself so seriously. I call my guides 'angels' and I believe that we are all 'angels' too, on the other side.

So my angels have shown me that I/we have emotional buttons that they can switch on and off. When they press them I may suddenly switch from happy and non-judgemental to vain and critical, which is the anger button. I can tell now that it is a lie and can overcome it. Sometimes they out me on "loudspeaker" so I can hear my thoughts loudly as I criticise the flaws of others, whilst cringing.

Over time they have played so many practical jokes on me. Even God gets involved, with cloud formations matching my paintings, and so on. "Go outside and look at the sky!" Wow!

Once I was about to do pendulum with an old lady's deceased son who had been coming through to me for a while before I finally approached her. It was extremely important that everything was clear and that there was no interference and so on, and I felt the responsibility enormously. When I got upstairs there was a handsome photo of him when he was younger on the table and my guides made me fall in love with him, pressed my vain button and put me on loudspeaker, so they and I could hear how I was planning to seduce him. They also pressed my guilty button so I was mortified by what I was saying, as well. Then they switched them all off and I was left shaking my head and listening to them all laugh..  

These practical jokes can be brutal at the time, but overall, usually involving an enormous amount of forgiveness from others, it's harmless fun.

It's like: "Go on, do that! If it doesn't work, that's funny too!" They egg me on, and I pick cards that confirm it, and then it's ON. So with one eye on them, and the other on the physical world, and my pending actions, with them nodding and smiling encouragingly, I do it. Then typically it's "Holy crap! What have I done!" and they are laughing their heads off.

The verdict came to me from the Higher Self of a young man, who thought I was completely insane. His Higher Self said "An angel is an angel's plaything".

Anyway, all of this has helped me to "get over myself" and to release false guilt, as well as to see the funny side, from their perspective.

I suspect that when it was my angels' turns to be in the physical, and I was in spirit, I was also pretty cheeky with the button pushing.... (nothing without everyone's prior permission, of course)

I have just been taken for another ride. The first big practical joke was that I was going to be rescued by a space ship. The latest was that I'd met the love of my life. So many crazy coincidences, that it was undeniable. Yet I was wrong.

Where will I be in 5 years? is a helpful question to ask when working out how important the issue is.

With time and retrospect, it is genuinely funny. I'll pay that.

Well, at least the Indigenous people think that I'm quite normal.

Has anyone else had this experience, or similar?


Love and light! and if that doesn't work, laugh! :D











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Comment by Moanna on July 18, 2013 at 1:39am

Thanks for your input, Dreamsicle. I understand where you're coming from. These guides have helped me enormously and when they first appeared I was in a very sorry state, taking myself and life very seriously indeed. They lightened me up to no end and showed me how funny life is in spirit world. They introduced me to Jesus and God and I have been bombarded with truth and wisdom, comedy and non-judgement of anybody at all, no matter what they are doing on earth in their life, ever since. They help me to work with people who need help in so many ways and I often say things that people are thinking. They have inspired me and helped me to write a book which is full of wisdom and non-judgement, about how to remove our egos and become non-judgemental. I have no false guilt anymore because of their guidance, so these jokes are genuinely funny and the reasons behind them become apparent in time.  

I always take everything they say with a grain of salt. Of course I trust my own intuition and intelligence before acting on their behalf. I'm not that silly! But sometimes we are guided to throw caution to the wind and really live life, just like in those inspirational sayings.

These same guides wake me up from dreams, gently rocking my shoulder and saying "What do you think of that one? Get up and look it up in the dream book!" So they guides my dreams. Yes it was disconcerting at first knowing that they have such a power in my life, but within a short time I realised that they were really beautiful and trustworthy, and that we'd chosen to work together.

They told me to ask why I wasn't rescued in a space ship. I realised through the experience that I had a death wish. That wasn't apparent to me before that, so I had something important to work on. They said "The reason you weren't rescued in a space ship is because this life has such a brilliant ending, that you would KICK yourself if you missed it." Since then I have met so many people who have told me that they have a death wish and I am able to talk to them about it and explain that it is quite common, because life is so stressful, but if we suicide, our loved ones will blame themselves forever. We are all in this hell together. Also, when I couldn't go with them, I declared from the bottom of my heart that they should all come here then, make Heaven come to Earth. "Yes!" they said. "That's the plan!"  

As for the love of my life, I know I said that I was wrong... however I am still not sure what the outcome is. I'd given up when I wrote this blog, but today it feels like it's still pending. Whatever the outcome is, I've shared a lot of important information with this man and at the very least I hope it helps him to evolve and rise above his own fears and judgements. His happiness is more important to me than anything else that may or may not eventuate from it.

And yes they have supported me to do yoga, go vegan, stand up for myself, meditate, meditate, meditate, look outside the square, do courses to improve healing abilities, and when I met them and released my fears, my luck improved. I have always felt protected by them and have learnt to Trust in life. They made my life magical and gave me a reason to live again. I also get repeatedly rewarded for thinking positively and laughing at myself. These days I always seem to land on my feet, and in a beautiful place.

So there is method in the madness, Dreamsicle :)

I probably should have added all that..

I hope this clarifies it.





Comment by Dreamsicle on July 17, 2013 at 5:44am

Do you feel you need others to help yourself? As in, do you think it's possible you can live your life and figure things out without the help of those that also lie to you?

Those are some serious lies they told you. It's good that you have a sense of humor and take it as such... in another person's hands, they would've terminated the "relationship" immediately. I think that if they were supposed to be trusted, they would act trustworthy and mature. Anyone in a teaching position wouldn't be so reckless. There's a time and place for jokes and pranks.

If these beings told you these lies, I would consider reevaluating your trust in them. I think you should learn to trust yourself and your own decisions making skills and not them. Because even if you try and have a stern talk with them and make them promise not to fool you again, it could be another lie. Ya know? It's like they're middle school kids. So I personally suggest, to view them as such, immature children. There's nothing wrong with that if you like that sort of thing, but there is a degree of caution to be taken when trusting your life with such characters.


"Fool me once, shame on you.

Fool me twice, shame on me."


Are you sure they have your best interest at heart? Do they want you to have good friends? A good education? A good job? A good diet? A good exercise regime? Do they want you to have a good life?


If you find yourself anti-social and not taking care of yourself because they want you to listen to them... they are not a wise influence on you. That doesn't mean they're bad "people", just not very smart.

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