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An alternative perspective: What is a Fair-Weather Friend?

I must speak from the heart. Speak my truth, as they say.

This isn't going to be a long post. I haven't the energy or inspiration. However, I am compelled to make a point now.

I observe the world around me. As I do so, I notice many things. One among many which I am finding increasingly disturbing is the notion of discarding other people based on convenience. While I understand making distance from someone who is toxic to you, such as an abusive relationship, or some such... there seems to be an ongoing effort to perpetuate the frivolous discarding of other people. There is another name for this: a fair-weather friend.

A fair-weather friend is only your friend sometimes. Not always. Never unconditionally. Only when you serve their purpose.

As such, I feel this notion is not only misleading but dangerous. We must be cautious to walk the right side of this line, and not trade compassion for convenient apathy. I see it all around me: the utter cheapening of relationships, friendships... perhaps the true concept is misunderstood by many, even those some of those who preach it.

"And you shall know them by their fruits."

Let me go on record saying I do not consider myself a prophet, but those who do take on a serious responsibility to lead by example, in my most humble opinion. If you find yourself challenged, and you choose to run from it rather than at least try, you may cause lasting wounds unto others who have opened up to you and loved you unconditionally when you truly could not, would not, do the same.

Is this the same as detoxifying your life of hostile, abusive people who do not intend love?

Food for thought.

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