Note from the Channelers: As Tots sat to receive this message, Allendale introduced  a group energy to the conversation that calls itself The Beings of Light. Due to a prior commitment, Tots had to leave before the message was finished. Spike picked up the baton and carried out the rest of the conversation. This is something we haven't done before but we found it to be very satisfying and interesting! We hope you enjoy this combined effort.

Allendale and Beings of Light 1/11/12

[Hello Allendale and Beings of Light...Do I have that correct?] Yes, it is correct, Tots. The Beings of Light are a unified force field of energy. They asked to be present at this channeling to relay this message. 

We are the Beings of Light and we wish to address the experience of ascension. As great energy is formed as Allendale, a warrior of the light; we are formed as a protective shield around Gaia as She transcends her energetic field of ascension.

The purpose of our visit today is to communicate our love to all Earth inhabitants. May we open a possibility that you and your world are ascending at this very moment.

While Allendale and his friends fight the good fight, we remind you to look within, prepare and imagine. However you accelerate your vibration and frequency, you are assisting in the shift of energy. To be in the shifting energy is where you and the tribe are when you channel. You and anyone who is conscious of their light connection inhabit multiple realities at once.

[Allendale and Beings of Light, would you like to pick up the message with Spike?] Yes, Spike! We would like that very much.

You intuited from the start that Allendale is a creation of the Tribe. Yes, the anonymous caller on the radio show is an actual physical person with a higher self, but that higher self was a jumping off point for an entirely original creation, Allendale, who has taken on the attributes of guardian, protector, warrior of light for the Tribe and the planet.

The energy of Allendale may be accessed by any and all who wish for a protective white light around them as they traverse the surface of your very tumultuous world.

You may (and by You, we mean the person who is reading this now) create this protective shield, this bodyguard of light, in any form that pleases you: secret agent, Roman centurion, cop, galactic warrior, whatever makes you feel safe and settled in your second and third chakras will do the trick.

You ( and now I address the group of channelers) have made this protective layer with your capacity for imagination and for storing energy. Energy plus imagination equals creation. This is how one manifests. This is lightwork at its best. Congratulations.

But before your readers think this is the meeting of the Mutual Appreciation Society, we wish to stress that you all, everyone who reads this, is capable of tapping into this film of protective light that is Allendale. All who add their imaginative energy to the Allendale being strengthen its protection and make it grow. Allendale and Beings of Light at your service.

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