2008 was the year that 5th Dimensional and 6th dimensional consciousness was brought to Earth from the Sun Alcyone bringing our original Pleiadian Consciousness and Andromeda bringing our 6th Dimensional Consciousness.

I have placed ALL FREQUENCY MUSIC SETS ONE AND TWO that are the collection of WAVE FILES--not mp3's--of all of the Music that was created prior to 2012.

All music can be experienced at

This was the period of time when all of the Aquafarians were totally in my Consciousness weaving and braiding these frequencies of transformation through me. This was the time period when all of the 12 Stellar Wave Infusions and Activations of the 12 Stars bringing their Consciousness back to Earth. This was when it was happening. The story that is told in my book 12 DNA from the Music of the Spheres and the picture of me holding the Violet Sphere of Transformation was the CENTER of this time period of the Great 12 Coded DNA being returned to Earth

. Now, after all of that work was already completed there will be those who are saying the 5DNA is coming in September 2015. Well that just isn't true. The 5DNA was sent to Earth through the 5th Infusion in 2008 and the 6th Activation in 2008. Now, in 2015 those Infusions and Activations are beginning to Blossom into the Crystalline Grids because the Time Capsules are being opened.

Now, in 2015 there are dozens of race lines already within the Earth's atmosphere and several race lines have been communicating with our governments, scientists and religious leaders BECAUSE the 5DNA and 6DNA was already brought to Earth in 2008. Those beings could not be within the Earth's atmosphere and Consciousness if they had not already paved that portal and entered into the Crystal Core Domain of Earth in 2008. This is why the collection of WAVE FREQUENCIES that were recorded in the 2005-2012 time period are so CRUCIAL to the BLOSSOMING of the DNA that will accelerate now. I have collected all of the Frequencies that are so VALUABLE, so DIVINE, so At One with the 6th dimensional Consciousness of the Aquafarians and the other Entities from all over the Universe who have made this Divine Project a Success.

This set includes the actual Frequencies of Consciousness- one individual at a time from the Entities in the Islands of Light, the Cities of Light, the Cloud Cities-- those whom we met within the Cities of Light deep within the Aquafirs within the Vortex of Earth's Crystal Heart. This set can be purchased as the Huge CD set of ALL MUSIC for $300 or NOW you can purchase this set PLUS thousands of VALUABLE Frequencies that I have never shared with anyone before as WAVE FILES.

These Wave Files are much closer to the actual Frequencies that I originally recorded than what you will hear on a CD or mp3. The CD's distort the frequencies. They do not allow the original 24-96,000 hertz band width that the WAVE FILES allow.

One little Reality check that I would like to share is this--all of those other Light Workers are telling you that what you need is the 440hrtz or the 27 hrtz or any hertzian frequency that they are telling you will change your life. I always record at 96,000 hertz. And that is not the wave of consciousness that I am actually recording. I actually record at the pre plasma level of light energy that is far beyond hertzian, infra red, visible and invisible light and even beyond xray, gamma and ultra violet blue light. I record at the level of consciousness of Divine Love which is the Frequency that transforms the Entire Cosmos into the At One Ment Frequency which then absorbs the hertzian and transforms it into the reality where the Mind of God is the only one who Sings. I have never found a way to actually send the original WAVE FILES carrying that full Consciousness at the 96,000 hertzian level before this time. If you are interested in purchasing this 32 GB (That is about 30 hours of music)

MUSIC ONLY Disk, please email me at and I will bill you through pay pal. This one is $175.


Cosmic Consciousness Heavens Rainbows Cosmic Butterfly Morphing into Heaven1,2 Ultra Violet blue Sun Islands of Light-- Private Collection of Frequencies directly from Aquafarian Consciousness Heavenly Dolphins1,2 Crystal River Mothers Day Rod and the Staff Merlins Magic Christmas Ascension Dophin Magic PAinting Mandalas 1,2 The Promise Crystal Heart Meditations Magic Merkaba Ride Complete Ascension Kit Merlins Crystal Manifestation Lift Off 1,2 Ascension Vortal Ascension Portal Ascension Vortex Magic Vortal Dolphin DNA Lunar Visions Mother Ship Levitation Mother Earth's Heartbeat of Love Parallel Universe Plasma Ship 48DNA Heaven Breath Swirling Vortex Pool Eternal Calm Healing Water Angel Dust Atomic Mirror ECSTASY 2012 Manifestation Merkaba Music and Meditation Sets The other Disk that I am offering contains about 14GB of TRAINING AND MUSIC.

It is $100. 2015 USB FLOPPY DISK CONTENTS ETERNAL LIFE PDF- explains how to use Eternal Life album Complete Ascension Process Meditation Journeys Ascension Formula Ascension Vortal Ascension Portal Ascension Vortex Magic Vortal Dolphin Therapy Wings of Love 48 DNA-Gaia Sympony, Lunar Visions, Universal Life Force, JOY, Levitation,Promise, Parallel Universe,Manifestation Merkaba, and much more. Baby DNA, ETERNAL LIFE WATERS, BABY DNA and MOTHER SHIP are also included in this package 12 DNA from the MUSIC OF THE SPHERES. It also includes the Quantum Journey Books 1 and 2 that direct the listening directions for PROMISE CD ALBUM which is included. The other albums will assist with your Ascension programming in various ways. ASCENSION KIT contains the God Language Codes of DNA activation. I recommend that you begin listening to these four mp3's first because I think you resonate more with the sounds of codes and familiar music. There is a pdf called Ascension Kit that will guide you in listening to these. ASCENSION KIT- Ascension Portal, Ascension Vortal, Ascension Vortex, Magic Vortal INSTANT MANIFESTATION WORKSHOP LISTENING DETAILS - Explains how to listen Irradescent Blue Body Meditation Story of SUN ALCYONE DNA Reconnection Complete Ascension Process - explains how to use Ascension meditations Ascension Meditations Ascension Formula Meditation 12 DNA Ascension Program Book Mother Ship COSMIC MYSTERY SCHOOL WORKSHOPS Moving to the Fifth-- an audio file explaining the process of fifth dimension Many PDFS for reading QUANTUM JOURNEY Set goes with the PROMISE CD ALBUM

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