I have finally seen my share of a UFO two nights ago. It happened so quickly I saw it only for about five seconds because it spun and spiraled behind the trees -_-

But there, it was a triangular shape, lights of many colours and HUGE. Then yesterday, a friend and I were at a gas-station. I watched something in the sky: a disk as it hovered over the city like a hawk. My friend didn't care because he is one among many of skeptics who deny, deny, DENY. I do try to explain to him, yet even if he believes, his answers and replies are always arrogant and hostile, saying he would have to carry an AK gun if he saw spaceships landing. Maaaaan, people are soooooo ARROGANT. But many of friends are exactly like that. As a friend, I must try and persuade them to see from anther angle: the LIGHT. Then, I got visited last night in my sleep. . .can't really explain that one, but I requested to contact Ashtar Command and had a very vivid dream. . .

     The beautiful weather in Fayetteville, NC this year is unusual. Spring is usually skipped as Summer rolls in early when Winter has gone. I'm not complaining, but the opposite actually: enjoying myself. I can feel the changes in the air, in the vibrations and I'm not the only one. Many of you say you "feel" it too :) So I know it's not just me. But I too hear the callings of nature to come out and play too!!

     In a short amount of time, before even concluding any information about Ashtar Command or the Federation of Light, I had put together puzzle pieces of historical events and theoretical conspiracies, along with the Bible and the many religions from diverse cultural origins. Need I mention the stars and the moon: Astrology and time?

     What I mean is EVERYTHING connects to EACH OTHER. All is one, and one is all. We are God, and God is we. That's how we know God exists, because we exist. Like a King without his people, and people without their King, one simply cannot exist without the support of the other: light cannot be without darkness, good cannot be without evil. YING AND YANG, the dark side of the moon, ect.

     Every being, including animals, have a sense of a higher being above: the SOURCE from which all is created from, including bad. Even Lucifer came from God. In the end, returns to God. And most of you know this, but many on the "outside" don't because ignorance blinds them.


-sigh- IDK what I'm rambling about. I guess I needed to sort my thoughts or catch them before they leave my mind. Wonderful things are happening with more to come. Do not dismiss any possibilites of casualties though.






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