Dear Canadian Ground Crews,,

The GFL are experts at planetary guardianship, though would much prefer earth humans to step up to the plate of responsibilities for it, here upon your surface lands....That role is already being efficiently fulfilled in Agartha, which is fully conscious....

So, on surface earth, we need star seeds to come together and take responsibilities for designated surface land sectors, in which they reside....I have my own GFL sector command, in south eastern England and if anyone here would like to research East Anglia, you will find it's weather to be the best in England....Earth guardian ritual is group formation work and ONLY truly works, with military discipline and dedicated service, at the fore, in the minds and hearts of all the Ground Crew teams and their sector commanders...Kent was once in my sector, but taken out when another came up to the service plate and was allocated responsibility for it....These sector commands, are based upon human population densities, as well as territorial expanse...The higher the population density, the less surface area, as a rule. Alberta has a far less dense population, but a vast area which needed DEDICATED GUARDIANSHIP....The devas need supervision.

The work is comprised of magical ritual, in group formation ceremonies....Out in nature....It takes dedication and constant attention, to be an effective energy pulse...Harmonic attention makes for good nature...The devas respond well to regular supervision and should not be ignored for long periods of neglect...So esoteric skill and military discipline is needed, not a recreational casual approach, as some star seeds/light workers, seem to assume...No room for sentiment.

My sector command is run like clockwork.....I find that when in contact (telepathically) with other global sectors, several in Germany, Russia and China, similarly adopt this military style approach...Some are Sirian star seeds, like myself...We are all in contact with flight crew personnel...Important that Earth Guardian training is not viewed as "recreational gardening," by some sectors....It is not a hobby, but a service...and requires daily commitment with passion. Nobody should take on such a role, and then leave a team at a later date, to pursue a "real job." That would be illusion. One must manifest abundance and independence, from distracting materiality and thus attain a true spiritual vocation, this way. If the military and emergency services can garner dedicated servers, than surely ground crew sectors can, as well...Alberta needed such dedicated service. The consequences of that not taking shape, are there to witness, with resultant wildfires running amok....We could therefore use the axiom, prevention is better than the cure.

All advanced worlds have planetary guardians and sea guardian cetaceans, also....

Earth history explained....and why guardianship is lacking, which causes natural disasters, globally...The GFL can only do so much, but humanity must assume responsibilities for it...

I'll simplify this matter as much as possible, as it is highly complex and convoluted, in fact....
But in essence, surface humanity, though comprised of highly evolved souls, has fallen from a previous full consciousness status, about 13,000 years ago, due to genetic manipulation by the former Atlantean elites, which rendered surface humans limited consciousness, with shorter lifespans (between incarnations) and disconnected from the light body, upon the manasic plane....Which means, spirit is restricted in what it can achieve in physicality, through these limited forms of expression, this stunted vehicles, we call our bodies....

Now, over vast periods of time and through multiple incarnations of experiences, both sexes, all races, each and every soul can eventually return to full consciousness, BUT, it is a vastly limited number that do and thus we have only some
who may fulfill the ESSENCIAL ROLE of planetary guardianship....We have a group of Masters (who mastered themselves) who returned to aid humanity, when as individuals, they re-claimed their angelic wings, as it were....The White Lodge...They are the local spiritual hierarchy and were all normal earth humans at one time....They have asked cosmos for help, because the task of aiding Planetary guardianship on the surface is monumental.....That task is keeping the GOOD ORDER OF NATURE VIVIFIED and OPERATIONAL....Which means that the atmosphere, magnetic field, bio-sphere, waters, soil, plants, minerals, animals, etc, are all enhanced and maintained, to their MAXIMUM EXPRESSION POTENTIAL....So that spirit can express fully in physicality and not in a limited way, as present...Now this is about keeping Mother Earth healthy and vibrant...Earth being a living entity, with a body and soul....That soul of which is actually logoic and we are all connected with it, if incarnate here...we are one with the planet.....even we who came from other planets...Noting that the being who insouls earth, originally migrated from Venus...a Planetary Kumara (Buddha) who became a Planetary Logos.....Bringing it's great  light to Earth, and making that sacrifice for the divine expression of the do we all, we struggle to return to our former higher states of expression, through ascension....

Now the reason why the GFL is here, is to midwife a new planetary birth, as the time has come for this experiment in limited consciousness, for us all, to end...In the mean time, as humanity is unable to function in this essencial capacity
as Earth Guardians, which is actually their PRIMARY FUNCTION, that role has to be conducted by fully conscious beings from other systems, as well as from within this planet, where evolution is on a par with those other systems of full consciousness....Organic technologies of the Light, combined with ritual work, conducted on the ground, as well as in the ships, assists the planet.....Think of those ancient people, who's descendants are the aboriginal shamans, who had a close bond with nature and you will see my meaning...But, imagine the shamans with high technology and greater skills in magical work, service....and on a larger all the planetary node points....imagine a vast icosahedron and all it's nodes with temples and within ceremony conducted.....Yes, that is what it was once like on earth, in Lemurian times, when all were fully functioning guardians......That is what we should be doing, but forgot how, by and large..

Yet the consequences are obvious, as the world falls apart before all eyes.....Whole species die out, as mankind has become and overpopulation and also a destructive energy....The planet is not being served this way...Thus the GFL try to help, as much as possible, to fill in the gaps, until humanity can return to that prime role of full planetary guardianship....and with regard to Earth's vast population, which is far more than a planet can actually sustain well,
many humans are destined to migrate, voluntarily to Mars and Venus, to aid in the rebirthing of renewed and terraformed water worlds there....These also will need many galactic human planetary guardians, to make for sustained worlds, possessing resultant larger populations...They will be joining up with the inner continents of both those world, in which functioning civilizations already exist...but are hidden....This will be the forging of a new star nation, we call Solaris.....That is the plan for humanity...and in the mean time, the GFL have to try to maintain the biosphere, geosphere and atmosphere, as well as is possible....with the help of telepathic star seeds, who may be incarnated to aid that role.

Hope this explains why surface earth suffers much neglect and therefore many natural disasters and man-made hazzards, too.

Alberta is one such example, covered in the mainstream and alternative news, of late.

It all boils down to human consciousness and the will to correct planetary imbalances, in loving service to mother earth.

Selamat majon....!!!

Col. Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew, East Anglia Sector, England, United Kingdom.

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  • This is a link to one of your older blogs: An Introduction to the Devic Kingdom

    I find it interesting, but I've learned that the Devas aren't only the mysterious creatures we can fantasize about, they are a part of nature... 

    I haven't seen this video yet, but are these the flying rods you mentioned? 

  • Great that the Family of Light made a video out of this blog.

    I am planning to get back into my meditation flow. Instead of just focusing on inner peace and a clear mind, I want to focus on bringing more harmony into this world. First I want to try out a couple of meditations to see what works the best for me, and after that let world peace start :)

  • Gratitude to the many YouTube viewers/listeners, who have placed 22 likes on my vid, anent this topic...And thankyou, my Family of Light....

  • Hello friend, well group ritual is more powerful than individual.....It is a well known fact among all magicians, on-world and off-world....Indeed, this Aquarian dispensations offers itself to the group projects, in organised ritual, with co-operating focus within a group, is of great moment in shaping all events...Meditation is a way to open the door, to our true selves, our true powers, then we may garner greater insights and a percolation of higher knowledge and wisdom, flows more freely, making us beacons to the universe, and thus, even more, do we serve....The key is to attract our service work, through a need, which is often collective and often within the plan of creation...So WHITE MAGICK.....
    The more practiced, the more opportunities to serve are offered....The starting point being intent....the rest follows..
    Higher knowledge is stepped-down to the lower concrete mind and made real in it's application, into this realm...When that happens, you find the devas coming into our lives more to assist, just as our fellows from beyond this earth, also....
    We can connect alone, and serve in group formations, constructed in mental substance, like spider's webs of light, but physical groups are even more potent at anchoring Light....We call it aetheric anchoring...

    I do recommend that all readers research "rods" online...They are one species of Devic life forms, we use...
  • Thanks D, very interesting, but it sounds like a lot of work too.

    I've known people, pagans and happy New Agers, who were into rituals and group meditations, but I kept sitting on the fence. Questioning if they understood what they were doing or got carried away by the romantic thought that they were the high priests of Avalon ;)

    Is it enough to have the right intention, because the more we meditate, pray or invoke the light, the more our intuition gets involved, so the more we feel what is the right thing to do? Or do we need to have enough knowledge to understand the process mentally, if we want our prayers and meditations to be successful? 

    I think we need both our intuition and knowledge we can rely upon, but finding solid spiritual knowledge in this world isn't easy. Perhaps good intentions are easier to find, that moves us quicker in the right direction. 

    You talk about group ritual, but I assume that you can also work with the devas and enhance the energies on your own. Or should someone who works alone connect mentally with others who do the same type of work? 

    Another question: when you connect with the devas, is this specifically to balance and enhance the energies of nature or do you also connect with them if you want to bring comforting energies to a person or a war zone? Or perhaps you work with different devas on different occassions. 

    You wrote: Keeping the natural order vivified and balanced, by regular tending...The devas enjoy our focus and love...They become unbalanced when neglected, or when human thoughts are disordered and chaotic...Thus, when human thoughts are ordered, the devas remain calm and co-operative....

    I really need to let this sink in, because I thought it was the other way around. That we connect to these energies to energize ourselves and that they are our and nature's caretakers. The idea that we sit in the forest and talk to the fairies, so we feel good and energized again. But I never thought about building a proverbial tree hut for my fairies :)

    Yes, I'm joking a bit, because I know by now that the "fairies" are devas, energy beings who are, like humanity, caretakers of the physical world. It shows that we still have much to learn, including myself.

    What is good is that there are still people who believe in fairy tales and who are willing to work with these (mostly) invisible energies. But on the other hand the fairy tales that still exist should be replaced by comprehensible and workable knowledge that helps us to understand how life and nature really work and how to work with nature ourselves in a wise, balanced and constructive way.

  • FAO Family of Light (FOL) YouTube account....Hello dear friend..feel free to convert this blog of mine to a video, if you want....I would like to raise the content profile, if possible...People in Canada especially, may benefit from it...

  • Welcome dear friend...Several questions and I'll answer as best I can...

    The importance of BEING is certainly salient in the process, but, as you suggest, it is not the full method and we still require some degree of co-operation with the devic kingdoms, in order to fulfil our primary task, of planetary guardianship...To be at peace with self is a start....Be comfortable in our own company, that we may be at ease in the company of others, of similar good intent...and thus, we cultivate a habit of being comfortable and at ease with our devas, on several planes, within our four-body system, as well as those that operate within the wider spheres of planetary life...Remembering, as always, that nature is a living be nurtured, tended and we ourselves enjoy being loved, so to does nature....and the atmosphere, for example, has within it various elements and at sub-atomic levels, planer devas of all the aethers, including those above the states of gas...upon the plasmas and super-aetheric....all of which must be nurtured and enhanced...

    To put it very simply, our devic friends respond to human THOUGHT energy...As per the axiom, our energy is where our focus is...

    There are atmospheric collectives of devas, that manifest in forms that can be seen on the physical aethers, as well as higher (depending upon one's abilities to "see" them.) They are called "SPRITES." They are essential allies in cleaning up pollution, of both a man-made nature, as well as pollution caused naturally by forest fires and volcanic eruptions...They are also very good at neutralising chem-trails...

    Group formation ceremony is key to the best results for a given sector command....Albeit, others may link up to visualise at agreed times, better to make for a proper aetheric anchor, as do our Sirian comrades..

    There are three basic stages.....Breathing the Light is a start and we can garner much VRIL from our surroundings this way...

    Call in UNIVERSAL energies from source...Invoke the blessings of Heaven, in the endeavour of service.

    VISUALISATION of the desired results is a stage....So imagine a sky cleared of whatever pollution is present...see it as CLEARED and pristine...See it as healthy...IT IS SO...

    Toning is the next stage....It is conducted for half an hour, to an hour....Using such methods as the words of power, as used by the Logos...the mantra.....There are several, including Sirian mantras, of which the words must not be revealed to those who are not within the circle.

    The ceremony is closed with all participants in a higher and altered state and in the mode of joyful gratitude....It is a state that ventures into the buddhic plane, which is a higher correspondent to that of the astral....

    IT IS DONE....

    These techniques work and the best way is the preventative way...Keeping the natural order vivified and balanced, by regular tending...The devas enjoy our focus and love...They become unbalanced when neglected, or when human thoughts are disordered and chaotic...Thus, when human thoughts are ordered, the devas remain calm and co-operative....Noting that there are several orders of devas...some are less conscious than human beings and others, super-conscious and to be invoked for more serious projects....Elohim, arch-angels, time lords, solar devas, etc..

    Hope this helps understanding....It is very much simplified and I have had to omit certain parts of the ceremony, but have given a jist, or flavour for you... ;-)

    Cheers, Drekx x

  • In the mean time, as humanity is unable to function in this essencial capacity
    as Earth Guardians, which is actually their PRIMARY FUNCTION, that role has to be conducted by fully conscious beings from other systems, as well as from within this planet.


    This is something to keep in mind. Humanity is the guardian of this planet, but we "forgot" about it. If humanity would take care of this planet and know how to do it, we would live on a much more harmonious planet. 

    Btw, I lived by the assumption that we only had to be, and when we would be peaceful and caring enough, nature would take care of us and we didn't need to worry about a thing. A more passive life style, without an active caretaker role. But it seems I'm wrong about that, life is more than hugging trees and waiting for them to hug me back.


  • Hi Drekx, this is a good post. 

    Could you give a simple example of how to enhance, balance, harmonize and vivify the energy of a location?

    What are the right focus, attitude and energy you need to bring positive change and balance? And how do you keep your inner balance when you are actually uncomfortable or worried about something? 

    When I'm able to find inner peace I'm also able to radiate that peace for a while. I think this harmonizes the energy around me, but I don't know how far my energy reaches and if this is effective enough for a larger area. 

    I'm particularly interested in bringing more harmony, calmness and comfort in the area where I live. I'm not really into extended rituals and long invocations, I prefer it short, sweet, simple but effective. That should work with the right intention and focus. 

    Thanks :)

  • Good to see an emergency appeal, but in some ways it would be so much better to prevent these events before they happen....That province has been rain free for months...

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