Alan and Drekx Discuss Process Leading To Ascension




Alan asked:

"I know that ascension symptoms are standard course, I even have them as well, wife is still on the fence on that one, thinks they are non-sense at best (she has them too) but, is unsure if they are real. Just wondering what you (Drekx) might know about this, thanks again."



Drekx response:

Friend Alan,
The natural evolutionary process can last millennia in individual incarnated Souls, who are attempting to train the lower nature, the lunar lords (emotions, persona, mind,) to align fully with the solar angel, or Soul...Ascension is the point of full alignment with spiritual impulses. The 5th planetary degree, or ascension...The Soul's alignment occurs after mind is somewhat mastered, at the 3rd planetary degree, or transfiguration...Mastery of illusions....Mental illusions. The ability to not be fooled by illusion. A mastery over your mind and it's functions at concrete mind level (logic) and higher mind level (intuitive.) Or as we suggest, fire and air, respectively...If one considers the five-fold elements that comprise a persona, earth being the body, water being the emotions, aether being the higher nature of the incarnatee...

On that bases, most individuals are striving towards higher consciousness and it is critically that aspect, that determines Light quotient and that aspect that determines your point in evolution....

Most humans have yet to enter the 1st degree. But more and more are achieving it...Many do not see through the fogs of glamour, that envelope the world in a mist that many cannot penetrate...They are shrouded by worldly "norms" that mislead emotions, that take them into directions the soul is trying to steer them away from...Always the soul is trying to make contact with the person and has infinite patience...
This process has gone on for centuries....

Now, there is a new dispensation that allows the application of the law of divine grace...It is the cosmic will that Earth's evolution be sped up and that means every effort is being made, by inner and outer impulses, forces, to assist in a planetary ascension...Human beings have a role to play as Earth guardians, so each must be an ascendee, either on Earth, or on other planets within this solar system. Venus, Mars, Pax..They too need Solarian guardians..

Cosmic pulses from both the Aquarian constellation and the galactic core, are changing the nature of bodily structures upon the aetheric plane of each person's body and this effects the lower sub-planes, as well...So you may suffer ascension symptoms, which does not mean you are ascending at the 5th degree, but it does mean you are experiencing alterations to your chakras, that allow you to absorb even more refined impulses, that help evolution...A person may be at the 2nd degree (baptism) and finding that they have headaches, as the adjustments are being made around the crown chakra...Each is moving from a 7-chakra system, to a 13-chakra system...The higher your point of evolution achieved, prior to cosmic impulsing, the less painful the process. Some are having a really hard time with "ascension" fatigue....Others have adjusted well and have mastered their emotions and mind and even their intuitive mind, so energies from the Divine Monad can flow through more readily, via the antakharana..or "rainbow bridge. The bridge has to be constructed (by devas on the mental plane,) in mental substance...That means the ascendee must THINK (heart and brain) at both levels described. Be aware, having surmounted the mount...The transfiguration. And upon the mount, can see the bright blue sky above the clouds of glamour, below...Those fogs that formerly beguiled and confused him/her...

So yes, we are each evolving and yes, there are symptoms, as the process has been accelerated under the law of divine grace...

Hope this explains, my friend...Sorry about the detail, but we must fully demonstrate that getting to ascension is not easy and will be difficult, albeit, for many, the Light chambers will complete the final stages, mastery of illusion, permitting. Namely, one must have achieved the 3rd degree, or over (through life experiences,) before even being offered such an honor. Under the law of freewill, none are compelled to enter a Light chamber. It must be with TOTAL awareness of the advantages, that an ascendee does so...To achieve the 5th degree, using Agarthan/Sirian technology, is a great honor that must be appreciated fully...This method permits what some call; mass ascension...



Selamat kasijaram zau.. (Sirian for “be blessed in the love and joy of spirit…!”) 🙏


Col. Drekx Omega

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  • The permanent mental atom, retains the light quotient vibration attained, through life experience and learning, up to the moment of physical death and beyond. Out of incarnation, as Besant correctly suggests, the atom is inactive and waiting for the chance to resume it's collection of growth experiences, those only an incarnation may afford...The physical plane experience allows for this expansion and heightened light quotient....It is the very "school" of evolution.

    So, at the point of death in one life, is determined the EXACT VIBRATION of the mental atom, at embryonic stage of the newly incarnated, in the next life..

    Attaining the necessary quality is essential for an ascension in a life..

    There are some who feel that they don't need to retain their bodies in order to ascend, as they will be reborn into a new ascended form experience.....NOT SO....
    You will be born at the exact level in which you left incarnation....

    You have to achieve an ascension, while in the flesh. While the atom is still able to increase it's potential.....
    Such a person would be compelled to continue life experiences in the human kingdom configuration.....Even a high initiate...beyond the 4th degree...

    That is why you must preserve your DNA/RNA, as if it were "gold dust." The dark seek to take away your potential to ascend.....Resist them...
  • Theosophist Annie Besant wrote, about the essential PERMANENT MENTAL ATOM:

    "At the end of a physical life, this permanent atom has thus stored up innumerable vibratory powers; that is, has learned to respond in countless ways to the external world, to reproduce in itself the vibrations imposed upon it by surrounding objects . . . the physical permanent atom remains; it is the only atom that has passed through all the experiences of the ever-changing conglomerations we call our body, and it has acquired all the results of all those experiences.
    Between the periods of incarnation the permanent atom is said to "sleep":

    It sleeps through the long years during which the Jivatma that owns it is living through other experiences in other worlds. By these it remains unaffected, being incapable of responding to them, and it sleeps through its long night in undisturbed repose.
    At the moment of reincarnation, the permanent atom re-awakens and attracts the materials to build a new body, regulated by karma:

    When the time for reincarnation comes, and the presence of the permanent atom renders possible the fertilization of the ovum from which the new body is to grow, its keynote sounds out, and is one of the forces which guide the ethereal builder, the elemental charged with the building of the physical body, to choose the materials suitable for his work, for he can use none that cannot be to some extent attuned to the permanent atom. But it is only one of the forces; the karma of past lives, mental, emotional, and in relation to others, demands materials capable of the most varied expressions."
  • yes I like it too, and I know that patience is not my strength 😂
  • As usual, Ivy states facts that are music to my ears....Lovely way to put things, dear one...Drekx x 😁
  • I think that we should relax and at the same time put effort into moving into the direction of our own soul and truth.

    Trying too hard and worrying too much will wear us out. But some people may want that and it works for them.

    Passively waiting and expecting that others will fix us, without working on ourselves will not get us quicker to our destination.

    Some people are more ambitious than others, some have developed a steady pace while others are less consistent but are still making progress. Effort matters, how much, that is up to us.

    I also noticed that the awakening of others inspires people to move into action. And that is awesome to watch.

    I think it’s okay to be human and to take a break sometimes. But if our soul wants us to move forward we will very likely feel inspired to go with the flow of our soul.
  • Alan, would you like to contribute on this blog...??
  • Well, each must open themselves up to inner guidance...A very useful technique for manifestation was shared by myself recently and it related to texts within the lost biblical book of Thomas..Now reclaimed.
    If larger numbers practiced such techniques, more could be accomplished, in a shorter timescale...

    However, let us get this in perspective....When I said that most humans have yet to enter the initiations (factual,) it is within the context of an overpopulated planet, comprising 7 to 8 billion incarnates...Many of them will be continuing evolution on Mars, after Earth ascends. This planet will be too refined a vibration, for such ones to incarnate here...However, the planet must and will ascend..

    Earth ascension is scheduled for a timeline within a human lifetime...It must and will happen to the planetary Logos....This planet requires Earth guardians and the population will be mostly contained within Agartha..There is no strict population target, but it must be 2 to 3 billion, rather than 7 to 8 billion...Others will migrate to Venus and Pax...Starseeds will return home, or work in both systems. But a distribution of a variety of levels of light quotient, among individuals, will be taylor-made for Solarian requirements...

    Moreover, first contact and the day of declaration will happen before mass ascension...These events, in their own right, will rapidly expand consciousness, in even the less evolved people...It really is all about consciousness and self-realization...

    Yes, you can be more active in spreading the messages...I would always suggest that all meditate upon any worry they may have...Live the moment, rather than dwell on an unknown future..
    All desires will arrive, with divine right timing...Place your individual part of the puzzle.
    Don't just wait for time to elapse, instead, bring time forward, to yourself......It can be done and if everybody did so, we would have Heaven on Earth, already...
    Think and feel, with heart and mind. Make the two, one. Be enveloped by your target desires...Be grateful for what is manifest. Behave as if...IT IS DONE...

    Be a microcosmic logos....Plan to be effective..
  • I mean, I have accepted the way of spirituality, but I want to know for sure if I should do more or relax and wait for the event, I think you know what I mean :)
  • Hello Drekx, you wrote:
    "Most humans have yet to enter the 1st degree"
    and then
    "Namely, one must have achieved the 3rd degree, or over (through life experiences,) before even being offered such an honor"
    Now my question is: will the event (first contact and ascension) happen in our lifetime?
  • Important to note that one's light quotient applies to all human beings...It is not the reserve of mainstream religion, nor monks in a Tibetan monastery, nor the new age movement. An atheist may possess such a point in evolution. His/her mind may reject the notion of "spiritual evolution through matter," yet he may sense this truth within. He may intuit that at some stage in his life, he may well re-evaluate his atheism and instead, assume the mantle of agnostic. At that point, this hypothetical atheist may have traversed a degree in consciousness evolution, without fully understanding it...YET IT HAPPENED TO HIM....A step nearer his inner truth, a step nearer his higher self...
    Ultimately, it will dawn upon him that there is a divine will, propelling humanity towards some grand goal...That God is real and within and outside, also, in the many faces he sees around him...
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