We exist in many planes of existence but our physical selves live below you within this beautiful planet we all call Gaia, in some places we are 800 hundred miles as an average below the sea level of the surface...In a 4th, 5th, and higher spiritual dimension...inconsiderate action(s)...would never ( transpire )....know desperate attempts are an indication that those negatively identified are in their last throes of life, not physically but what they are and are not able to do...Please remember our brothers and sisters that your growth is not linear it is a process and each entity has their own way to move through this process. There is no wrong or right...




August 6, 2012



Pat: Hello Lona and Rai. I notice every time in the instant I send the blue beam inwards towards your community inside our Gaia so I feel grounded and I also send it up into the sun I notice that you are always at the source of the beam looking up toward my presence on the surface. Since I am new to these communications with you and your family I also need another element of sending the gold light to those of us here on the surface, up to our friends in the sky, those that are formless and to our creator, then I feel ready to communicate with you and yours which is where I feel I am in this moment.


Lona/Rai: Hello again Patrick we always welcome our interactions together. For your other friends information we are Lona and Rai and we live in what is termed Agartha. We exist in many planes of existence but our physical selves live below you within this beautiful planet we all call Gaia, in some places we are 800 hundred miles as an average below the sea level of the surface. We are joyful that you have chosen to write with us more often now as our friendship begins to blossom and we welcome this.


Pat: Sometimes I must discern as to what I am relaying is truth or it isn’t from what I am told there are those out there that now are using desperate attempts that would spread falsities. I now recognize your energy and felt confident in communicating with you all. I also now can visualize you both in form and that has helped.


Lona/Rai: If it is okay I, Lona, would like to begin.


Rai: Yes dear


Pat: You say funny things like us surface dwellers.


Rai: That was humor for your benefit.


Pat: I would like to retort with a Ha Ha Ha.


Lona: To answer your question about us being next to your grounding blue beam within the planet. Your blue beam, the more and more you send it to the areas that assist yourself in grounding and send it your friends on the surface and into the heavens has a distinct energy signature that we now know is yours. Before you send your blue beam of grounding light and love we sense you are going to be doing this and immediately place our presence where it will shine through and that we will be visible.  Sometimes we have sent our energy up the beam of your blue light to your innermost self.


Pat: I have felt the added love from you sending it, kind of travels throughout my whole being. I would like to bottle this and open it up on those few occasions I need an up lift. I can now actually see you place your being in the blue beam


Lona: You have only to call for our assistance we will always be with you.


Pat: I guess this communication will be more a question and answer session.


Lona: Ask what is within you in this moment.


Pat: I am sure you have knowledge of those on our planet and perhaps within our planet, your home, of the dark, the cabal the ‘bad guys’ and I know there are a lot of us within our community of light that would love to know when they will never to be able to harm, steal or destroy those of us that do not possess advanced technology to combat.


Lona: We should choose not to approach these dark ones in combat; as they welcome this as a means to further push back and to further control. The dark ones never thought that there would be those of you coming together, those of us within Agartha that would send only love and light to them. They choose and unfortunately continue to choose fear to influence. They also need it from the people.We all know this about them. We all know they control the money you on the surface need to survive (in ultimate reality this is a farce perpetrated as well), you require well-being as once was on the surface, love and companionship.




What we do know also is a universal spiritual law which cannot be circumvented, the law that states energy that is similar will attract more energy of that same frequency. To fight with another bring or beings there will be more fighting as they both are the same energy frequency or signature if you prefer and attract each other. Your governments war with others, generally not for the reasons they publicly disclose.


Was Saddam Hussein truly a world threat or did he not want to ‘play ball’ (we enjoy this colloquialism) with those truly in power? Much like Iran, who also does not want to play ball with the elite, perhaps this is a reason why we hear so much about “The axis of evil”. Is this why they are perceived of as a world threat or is there something else there. Disseminate the available news. Let us not forget who coined that term.


On a spiritual journey that may be new to some it is important to balance how one approaches a situation. We in Agartha have been evolving for millions of years and our beneficial choices come naturally to us.


If I may site a simple example; while driving a person in another of your automobiles turns into your lane with no indicator light and you are forced to press your brake pedal in a hasty adrenaline filled fashion. Your initial reaction may be fear at being hurt, then proceed to anger as to how that person could do such a thing, and in an extreme scenario you chase him to hold your finger up to let him know how he might have harmed you.


In a 4th, 5th, and higher spiritual dimension, first an inconsiderate action such as that the other person perpetrated in the automobile would never have presented itself. Let us deal at your present level of understanding of spiritual growth. The sudden move was unexpected but no one was harmed. You have now expended a large amount of energy in trying to ‘get back’ at this person.



You sent anger out into the ether which brought in more feelings of being justified in that 3rd dimension mind set. And we here in Agartha as we are monitoring this particular communication are positive you would carry that emotion with you for most of the day. You may expound over it with your friends at work deepening the divide between that anger within and the joy you truly seek.


The more the story is played out the more difficult those feeling that don’t feel good are to release. We invite you, as more and more of you grow spiritually into the higher dimensions to see the anger as anger and be aware of whether you believe this emotion will serve you in the person that you’re are choosing to be. How does it feel to you? Good or bad? This is your indication and the way you will know which it is you want. It is important to allow the anger to be there and not push it away as that gives it power. Allow it, love it and then let it know it is no longer needed and send it on its way and then notice the smile of your face in your mirror.


In dealing with the dark, the cabal or the bad guys (we choose not to capitalize these word as their respect is not deserved)have big giant guns, fake holographic images of negativity, a network of mercenaries and fake press, Light workers do not need these things to combat these entities and their little people under them. Their Achilles heel is that they cannot survive an onslaught of blasting love and beautifully glaring light. This is why our inner world has not been penetrated nor affected. It is also why we are seeing desperate ranting’s which are becoming less and less.


Rejoice that we know desperate attempts are an indication that those negatively identified are in their last throes of life, not physically but what they are and are not able to do as before. You in the light intuitively know this even though at times cannot see it. Be assured this is exactly what is happening.




All who are reading this know this and please reflect this; Remember this our brothers and sisters on the surface, because at the physical level we are the same, we are just taller in stature, there will be moments that who it is you are striving be, that deliberate spiritual being that transcends all that is not necessary, you might take a couple of steps backwards in your progression.

That is okay, remember what happened in those moments of that now and you can recognize those steps that were taken backwards quicker and easier next time they rear up and allow them to be released quicker and more lovingly so as not to linger within or berate yourself. And always persevere, never deviate for this is who you all are becoming, nay always have been.


We in Agartha remember many years ago when Patrick wanted to learn to surf your waves on the surface standing up. He tried very mightily is his pursuit as it did not come easily for him. Sometimes he tried so hard to concentrate on how to get up on his feet he created headaches. First he learned to catch the wave a ride it in his on his stomach. Accomplishment number one! He stayed that way riding those waves on his stomach even though his stomach was getting rashes. He kept at it; we add he had painful rashes on his nipples. (He did not want us to mention this). There were no rash guards in those days.


He finally managed to get up on his knees and fell repeatedly but got back on and mastered being on his knees. Second accomplish! Now the next and final step for what he had been working on for weeks. He now attempted to stand. Fall after fall. People would come up to him and offer assistance and he still fell. We felt the headaches he was creating and then he studied why he kept falling and remembered those events for future reference and eventually he finally rode a wave all the way to shore on his feet. Third accomplishment? Although Patrick has been surfing waves for decades now and as a result has learned to be better and better through practice, on his own and with the help of others he kept on going he persevered.




Please remember our brothers and sisters that your growth is not linear it is a process and each entity has their own way to move through this process. There is no wrong or right but it is important that we continue to move forward to persevere because the rewards you are and will experience are truly amazing. Think of how you feel inside now as to before this moment of the now, this is amazing and remember we love you at your desire to be the immense spiritual beings you are.


Pat: Thank you Lona for your insight. I am not sure how many will out there will enjoy knowing what a slow starter I was in learning to surf but your friendship is meaningful to me and I trust how I feel about our communications..


Lona: You are welcome. The surfing metaphor allows others to believe that there are no mistakes any of you are making in their individual progress, only that there is a process and rarely do we get it ‘right away’. Keep sending out the light and sending out the love as you have been even to those that would harm as this is the only way to rise above that which is not benevolent.

Pat: One day we will meet.


Lona: We already have. Go and spread your love as you have been. We here love you all immensely.


Pat: Good bye I love you



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  • Dear Pat, Lona and Rai, Thank you so much for sharing :)  Love, Darryl



  • Words of wisdom are always benefitial when they remind us of how far we have come, on our own paths. A reminder of how to transmute our fears and anger of what the cabal are doing by sending them love and forgiveness, I find to be very soothing.  Thank you for these beautiful lessons.

  • Thank you KH

  • ok one down and a hundrd thousand to go ,thanks Love Bob

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