...we have some news that we have been allowed to release and we would love to share it with you...you are...progressing out from the curtain wonderfully and we enjoy watching your growth in these matters...Ascension is not an event where one hops from jeans and a t-shirt to a white glowing robe. Ascension is what you and your new friends are and have been going through, a gradual process, some quickly, some not so quickly...



August 12, 2012




Pat: Hello Lona and Rai I want to say thank you for our meeting. It seemed like you were both very excited to communicate this time as you were almost jumping with joy.


Rai/Lona: Yes we have some news that we have been allowed to release and we would love to share it with you.


Pat: I want to ask you both something first if that is okay.


Rai/Lona: Yes of course.


Pat: Several weeks ago my son asked if I could ask the “aliens” if they would show their ships in the sky. Backing up, I have been speaking to him (10 years old) about the nature of why things are on this planet, how there is ultimately love but that there are those that seek to control and that we have very benevolent friends that are helping us in the sky and on the earth and we will be okay. He asked if they were the “aliens”, I said yes. He mentioned that friendly “aliens” have visited him while he was sleeping and if I was one of those on the earth that was helping also. I said hmmmm…I would like to think I may have a small part somewhere but as of yet it is undefined. He seemed okay with all of this


I mentioned that I was told that if we wanted to see them, that all we need is to ask. Daddy, daddy can you please ask? I live in an area where I am facing the ocean and can see out from an area called Point Dume, in Malibu, California and can see out across the Santa Monica bay to an area called Palos Verdes, both of these areas form the tips of the bay.


My son, girlfriend and I walked outside pulled the tailgate down on the truck hopped up and sat there in the dark with a little LED flashlight. Within a minute 8 balls of light appeared out over the ocean, red, yellow and white and sat motionless, then started dancing around each other, then stopped, then shot straight up then down and continued to move in unison in differing areas of the sky but within the confines of that general area. I flashed the light at one of them and a flash of yellow light seemed to respond and flashed light around this particular ball of light in response.




I videoed the whole show. It lasted about 30 minutes then they all shot off in different directions. Like most point and shoot digital cameras the images were vague and because I held it in my hand in looks like a typical ‘You Tube’ shaky UFO shoot. But the video did show the balls of light dancing. Was this you, Rai and Lona?


Rai/Lona: No those were another race of beings that are assisting in the sky of Plaedian descent.


Pat: On the night of August 10, 2012, I was on the tailgate of the truck again (not much personal life) looking up in the sky with my night vision binoculars and asked if we could have a visit again and there was nothing for a half hour. Then I saw a shooting star flash very quickly downward. Excited I asked within myself if this was one of our friends and the reply was, no it was a shooting star or what you term a meteorite. Darn! Then ten seconds later a large cigar tube shaped object appeared and meandered slowly from the ocean inward toward the canyon that I live in. Judging from the tree lines I am familiar with it was probably about 40 feet long, Was this you?


Rai/Lona: Yes this was one our ships they are indeed tubular in shape. We see that you still remember your dream last night (as I write this it is 9:44am PST) that you were ‘on board’ with us. If you could have seen the smile on your face, it filled us with much joy at how amazed you were, just like a little child looking at the sights from the perspective or our ship.


Pat: I do have clarity about this dream now that you mention it. The ship seemed to have a hull but I could see clearly when I looked up, down, sideways and backwards.


Rai/Lona: Yes you are correct that visually one can see in all directions within our ships with a thought or an energy transmission from an individual perspective. It is not necessary in the higher dimensions to have solid material to construct our crafts.You are thinking with a mind that is used to seeing and to constructing objects with material that is fabricated riveted and bolted together and that only certain areas have windows or canopies.




Our ships are created by our engineers from what you would term a laboratory with thought energy. These are the closest words in your English language we can use to describe the process of creating our magnificent craft. They are created/constructed with our collective energy, yet when inside they can respond to an individual’s energy/thought signature/frequency, if you will. Our craft occupy space with mass but also do not occupy space as a certain mass which is a scientific concept we can discuss at a later date.


Pat: Thank you for taking time to discuss this and I still remember our journey together with clarity that evening. I read a lot about my new friends at the 2012 Scenario and its blog of having these wonderful experiences of space travel and meeting with our friends in the sky and wondered (poor me) why I have not had an experience such as this.


Rai/Lona: Your growth is now beginning to expand outward from your inward being and more of these experiences will occur as the time as you know it continues and draws nearer. You do have a place and tasks within the divine cosmos of which you have chosen before your construct in your physical form in what is now happening within you and on Gaia. Your lack of whining is a bonus for us to open up to you more as well.




Pat: Yes occasionally I whine, much like my 10 year old son of which I discourage. Gee, I wonder where he gets it from. I have noticed fears of yesterday and beyond have diminished considerably, which occupied a big part of my life. They have not disappeared but things that have generated fear before do not now. Can’t explain it but I am going with it because it feels so much better than before. Financial fears were huge with me but are not now and it all seems to work out. Funds seem to show up.


Rai/Lona: Yes, you and your friends are progressing out from the curtain wonderfully and we enjoy watching your growth in these matters. As we have mentioned before and let us remember that Ascension is not an event where one hops from jeans and a t-shirt to a white glowing robe. Ascension is what you and your new friends are and have been going through, a gradual process, some quickly, some not so quickly where your old ways of reaction to life events change. Attitudes towards yourself and others progress to a more loving environment. Your judgments of people and things and places will dissipate.




The most important change will be in how you think about and treat your own beingness (we create words in your language when there are none to satisfy what needs to be said). Those attributes of which you term negative patterns of behavior will ultimately be released, and as your Jesus of the past and present says, “you will know a peace but it will not be of this earth” we do not quote what was distorted from your bible but share from our brother Sananda.


Pat: I was never much a bible reader but I did grow up catholic through my mother mostly. But most of their teachings seemed contradictory. For one example, and this always puzzled me, we are supposed to have free will, they spouted this constantly, but the catholic church claims that there is sin. The priests tell us that if we do certain things that God does not like it means we have sinned and have to confess and do other things to make up for it ad infinitum. I asked this one priest if we have free will, how is it we could offend God by performing certain actions that he dislikes. Do we have free will or not? Response; this is for us of the church to know these answers and yours is to follow. To myself I said; Huh?


Well it is my belief that if God is all loving and all powerful and loves us unconditionally, he can never be harmed or offended through acts of those he/she has created. Just my limited belief but this makes much more sense to me.


My mother was a staunch catholic and when I started driving at 16 and since I was living at my parents’ house I was supposed to drive myself to church. I became a Los Angeles County lifeguard at 17 and worked at a place called Zuma beach.


One Sunday I dressed up for church and stashed some other clothes in my car (swim trunks) and said goodbye to my Mom as I was to go to church. Well I went and took off to the lifeguard headquarters to hang out with my fellow lifeguards. All of a sudden one of them says, “Hey, there’s your Mom”, gulp! Apparently she watched which way my car went and it was not toward the church. She let go on me for not going to church. I left, went to church and months later explained that I could not accept what I was being told and after some time she accepted my explanation. Even my Father stopped going for much of the same reasons.


I realize religion has helped a lot of people but it appears I had another path in mind, just didn’t know it at the time.


Rai/Lona: That is a very interesting and somewhat comical story and we had watched those occurrences take place.


Pat: Wow, you wanted to tell me something and I spouted on and on.




Rai/Lona: If it is okay, I, Lona would like to share some recent updates on the recent world and galactic scenarios that are shaping up.


Rai: Yes dear.


Pat: There you go again. Yet sometimes us men know that ‘yes dear’ is the best thing to say under certain circumstances to our other half, our flame as you say.


Lona: We have been working with those that are in our Gaia’s space for eons, with our friends and cohorts in other dimensions and those that are non-physical and we have been advised to make our beings and our ships to be at the ready. The dark ones are more desperate than ever and as you can see are only able to pull off little stunts such as Colorado and a few other trivial pursuits. We do not discount the unfortunate loss of life from these events but these games that they play are akin to the puppeteer becoming its own puppet and that is what is now happening with them and the time is upon us to be ready to assist.We have been assured that each one of you will play an important role when the time comes and there is nothing you will need to do, for it will be intuitive.


Pat: I am new to these communications and this sounds great however to give hope and have it dash is disheartening. Everybody has heard the word ‘soon’ from what I have seen for years and even though ‘soon’ was not used in this communication with you it seems implied.


Lona: Know that all the work, all the thoughts, all the meditation of all of those whom have placed themselves at the forefront and placed themselves in danger for this time have done so knowing that your day is coming where you will be able to be at peace, to be comfortable in your own skins and to have worry dissipate. The decree has been activated. Those individuals at the forefront intuitively know this and we encourage the rest of you working behind the scenes in the light to feel this within your being as well.


Pat: I enjoy imparting feelings of love and hope more than anything, but for the last day I have felt You and Rai excitedly tug at me to come and communicate and I apologize as I get caught up in earning that money thing and making arrangements for the care of my son while I am working as it is summer, buying food and all of the other things of a day in the life. But ships being on the ready and things like that are not what I expect to come from our communications. It is also interesting that I can see both of you while communicating with you as if you are right in front of me. Your features, hair color, etc.


Lona: You are with us in our moments of communication in these moments of the now and we will explain inmore detail how this can be in a later discussion. However, there are those that can place themselves or an essence of themselves in another location while their physical body is in another location while experiencing no sense of separation and this is, in a general way, how you are able to perform this experience. This is one aspect and a part of the ascension process for your particular experience.




Some experience more telepathy, some more healing and some more joy than they have before, among other aspects.

We will depart at this point as we know you have plans with your son today and please allow each and every one, not just your new friends, to grow at their own pace as is appropriate for that individual. Please hug your son for us and we will be back again, and as we are allowed to release a little more information, we shall.


We would like to share our world with you and our wonderful life we experience here within our beloved planet Gaia, how our learning is imparted on our young and how we are always spiritually growing. We will be honored to share this with you. Perhaps you would enjoy this experience in communication if we do not meet beforehand.




Pat:My son is wondering why we are not leaving the house, we must go too. I love you both.


Patrick Sullivan




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  •    Wow...  This is so fresh, and so beautiful.

       The Agarthans, and the  Thelosans are  the ones I ask help from during my meditations.

       Though no real memories, but I am more than convinced, that I have met some of them, and that could be the reason that I always remember them, and ask for their help while I am meditating.

        Thank you Pat, and have some more  SWEET  DREAMS!!!!

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