Acknowledging the Gift you Are
Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ November 28 – December 05, 2014
received by Julie Miller
November 28, 2014

To be present, in the here and now is a wonderful confirmation of your aliveness that you have not given up on yourself, or where this fabulous journey is taking you on.

To not give up is a great demonstration that hope is alive within you, and that you have found something regardless how small it may appear, to believe in, to hope for, to aspire for; something to smile about, even if that smile for the time being is only felt within you and has not yet radiated outside of you.

In truth dear ones, there is no happiness or misery until you label it so from any experience you’ve had that provided you ample comparison to discern the difference. Until you label a moment or day to be happy or miserable, it is merely a day that offers grand opportunities and potential to feel more, to be more and to experience more that provides incredible growth and development that filters into all avenues of your person and journey.

When hope is alive in your heart, you are willing to wait, to be patient knowing that any peril you may have to face will provide you with the wisdom needed to achieve each and every interval you enter and surpass.

It takes great discipline to be able to wait for something to unfold or for all your hard work to pay off when you have been working hard on achieving a goal, or succeeded a task that needed to be done.

But you know from experience how much personal satisfaction you feel when you have persevered, you have worked and waited and the outcome is the reflection of all your heart and soul effort—it holds a magical feeling of completeness knowing you finished something you started, you followed through until all necessary steps were accomplished. Hope dear ones, helps bring you to such successes and fulfilling outcomes.

Television, newspapers and Internet sites that host information about anything and everything are constantly reminding everyone of the hostility and upset that is raging in many different parts of this bountiful planet.

It is easy to say that these happenings are not fair, and you are right, but just as there are such dark situations being faced by many dear souls, there are just as many things that are fair in life, just as many situations that are joyous, good and compassionate.

Love always mingles with grief and in time this love gives way to new hope for a brighter future that starts with change today, and not just change from all the feuding individuals, but change started with you… changes that gives you hope to better yourself because when you begin to make positive changes in your own life, you are helping to bring change to the world.

We know you want so desperately at times to help every dear soul that you see being exploited across your TV sets or newspapers, but the best thing you can do dear ones is figure out what you want and what you hope for and begin to turn those ideas into reality.

Don’t fall into the dark, dismal pit of despair when you see the many catastrophes made front and center by journalists, photographers and others who feel it necessary for you to know the woes of the world in those places.

What you can do dear ones is live inside of hope right where you are. Not admire or send emotional prayer from a distance, but embrace hope right where you are.

There are many things you can do to help right in your own community if you are unable to help those that are thousands of miles away. Being of charitable service doesn’t require a plane ticket, you have all you need sometimes at your fingertips or in your own neighbourhood in the city or town which you reside in.

This is the time of year when many lonely dear souls find themselves feeling more hopeless than hopeful. Perhaps they have had a run of bad luck or misfortune and find themselves living in hostels, shelters, on the street, or just alone without loved ones.

Hope is not a luxury. It is something everyone has, but something that sometimes gets forgotten when circumstances become overwhelming. When you see someone that appears to be down, going through some personal struggle, offer them a kind and genuine smile, let them know they are not so alone.

Sometimes people forget they are alive as they are trying so hard to get past their grief of whatever they have lost, but they have yet so much to gain and sometimes need a little reminder that things always get better.

Sometimes reaching better, happier times takes a little while, but if a person really wants to leave the dark, dismal pit of despair, then they need to reacquaint themselves with hope and add a little faith for good measure.

Remember dear ones, to love life is to live life even if there are parts that you disagree with. Even if beliefs and old ways of being seems to be crumbling down all around you, you need to remind yourself things are going to get better. You are making room for new when the old is on its way out.

Don’t fear the new, embrace with an open heart and mind, trusting in God and in yourself that you are where you are meant to be.

Your feelings always have a lot to tell you, but you need to be paying attention in order to get their meaning and message. Try to imagine how heavy your heart, mind and spirit feels when you allow your Self to be filled with despair and grief for too long.

The quicker you relieve yourself of its weight the lighter and happier you’ll feel. Then dear ones you’ll be able to hold your life in the palm of your hands and decide what it is you want to do because you have hope for yourself and for the journey you are one.

Smile when you are facing difficulties, and tell yourself, “YES I will persevere, I will continue on because I have so much yet to offer life and life has so much to offer me.”

Let hope be your companion on this journey. Don’t forget she is there with you, whispering in your ever-so quietly to try again, to not give up because what you are aiming to reach and accomplish could very well be just around the corner.

And if for some reason you have not yet reached the outcome you’ve envisioned, you have gained so much valuable knowledge of the world around you but most of all realization of your own strengths and capabilities.

You are a gift to the world, but in order to appreciate this gift, you must acknowledge yourself as the gift you are.

And so it is,

I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller

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