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Roberto Durante.

Grand Son of Charlotte Dumas.

Charlotte Dumas start to write this manuscript at the age of 12, and in
several occasions during her all life and through channelling she gets
the messages who relate the story about Jesus Christ by himself.

This book is destined for those who lives in doubt, and by the cause of
their lack of belief in our Divine Creator, they have loosed the hope
of the eternal life after physical death. The men replaced there
spiritual power by a life filled with comfort and luxury intending to
have a nice life on the this planet;

Also it is not the way that has to function! And why! When men see and
accept that his life on planet earth is only a temporary passage to
give us the opportunity to evolve our heart and to ascend to a superior
level in order to enter the astral kingdom which is the first steep of
the scale which brings us to our Divine Creator.
After this astral life there will be still many stages and after a long
way we will find ourselves and ending close to our Divine Creator and
will be one with him. When all these sereneness and pure hearts have
completed the Divine capacity, it will be possible to overcome the
evil, because only with love it is possible of over win this evil. Love
one as the others, respect ones as the others, no matter your skin
colour , no matter your religion, divide the goods of our planet to
each other, it is our mother and save here from the destruction we all
ready began, it is not yet too late
Read these pages full of wisdom, think about the words and take your
conclusions, follow the path which your heart shows you, let you guide
by your guardian angels as I let me guided; I wish you to find the same
force which I now have in me!!!

I gives you a part of the first chapter, jus to make you curious and feel the energy of his words
1º chapter
Paris 3 of October 1885
It was al ready nine o’clock, when Charlotte Dumas went to bed. It was
cold in her room without heating; even inside the window was decorated
by a fine layer of ice. One d*** wool blanket cover her bed, and she
almost disappear under to get herself warm.
She blows the candle and closes her eyes for a sweet night rust, after
while she feels something she never feels it before. It took her few
seconds before she realize that her room was filled with a soft blue
glow, she open her eyes and could believe what she saw. She thinks that
she was dreaming and has to pinch her arm to proof herself that what
she saw was real. In this blue hallow , she discover the silhouette of
one young man, his body, if she could say that he was physical, it was
more like a light transparency body.
She dint feels any threat with this encounter; the young man was just
looking to her, waiting for her reaction. The whole room was filled
with an unbelievable harmony, for the first time in her life she
discovers the feeling of love coming deeply from her soul. After while
and after looking to each other, the young man approaches her bed and
without saying a word, she could understand what he was telling her.
For the first time she was communicating with someone through
telepathy, it was a funny experience, to understand and to read the
mind of someone without saying a word. He told her that is name was
Nosayah, that was his starchild name, he cam from one other part of the
galaxy, calling The Pleiades and travel faster than the light. He
explain Charlotte that, for this reason he dint have a physical body,
it was the visualization of his soul. He tell her why he choice her to
tell the true story about his life. Long time a go; Nosayah born in
Nazareth with a very important mission for the population of the Planet
Earth, his physical name was Jesus.
And that is at the age of twelve, that Charlotte Dumas discover her
capability to channeling with other dimensions. Nosayah will guide
Charlotte her whole life, he will come to her from time to time telling
her his true story. From now on, Nosayah will also be her Guardian
Angel, to protect her and advise her. It was now midnight when they
stop to channeled, on the same way that Nosayah appear, he just
disappears. Of course he told Charlotte how she could get in touch with
him, anytime she wants it. When Charlotte wakes up the next morning,
she feels so happy and rich, she could do everything’s she want it, she
had now the power to do it.
It was al ready two weeks a go that, Nosayah have visiting Charlotte,
and in her room, she close her eyes and start to think of her Pleiadian
friend, she send him all love she feels for him from her soul. When she
opens her eyes, Nosayah was with her and start to tell her, his life

I am born in Betleem and the reason is that my parents cam there for a
busisness trip.My youth has gone like each children of my age from a
artisan society family, I was a shy child.The tradition want that
before the period of easten all the peoples of Nazareth and the other
city of juda were going to Jerusalem and when you saw the preparationof
the all population you could understand that it was a very important
festival who tok place in this city in march.
The first year that I was there for this big festival I was just 12
years old, I went there with my brother, my mother and a woman with the
name of Marie. My father promess us that he will arrive 2 days later.
Once we arrive in Jerusalemm, I had a wonderful feeling and my mother
noticed directly my attitude and the expresion on my face, she was very
happy with this change. We could stay during this festival in one house
of my father friend. My father had always a preference and more love
for my half brother who was 22 years old, and from this point of view I
was very jalous, I feel my heart wonded. With this difference that my
father make I could’t enjoy my children life like other kids of my age.
My mother noticed this sadness but she had a very buzy family life and
could’t help it to give me joy.
My father was a very streng men, with a violent caracter.
The softnes of my mother mad him more understanding, but he dint
accepted any contradiction from us and the naivity of his son Jesus
irritate him all the time. The goodnes from my older brother make me
understand our different meaning, based on the difference that my
father had between us. The soft Marie enjoy our way of been in the
Once we were allone, my brother and I, he sart to ask me on my
impression of this new day for me. Than he start like all the time
trying to read my mind, but this time I dint let him do it, I was ungry
about his conclusion on me.
My brothe went to sleep after this fight without saying a words.The
next day I ask him to forgive me my attitud from the day before, he
just wave with his hand few tears cam on his chiks.
My brother die few days later after this incident with me, and from now I will not talk anymore about him.
From the visitors who cam to visite us , one of them had the name of
Joseph of Arimathie, he was a good friend of my father and start to be
part of the family.
Rich, Patrician and Jew and for this motif Joseph was in rapport with
de high society of Jerusalemm, but of course also the poor part of the
population of this city.
He talk with us about the costumes of the people of Jeruzalemm and the
way the rich treat the poor peoples hiding themself behind the law of
the jew religion and abuse of them. Nobody could’t imagine or see this
Between rich and poor. He advised my mother to teach me to get my
personal point of view and he ask me about my daily house
attitud about the religion and my beleiv make him smiling and I seems
to him that I was a little retarted in my education. From my point of
view about the religion, he ask me to be more objectif and honnest for
my opinion, to learn every details about it before I make my point to
other people to protecte our original Jew religion.
He advise me to be humble , not act like an ignoramus, to creat an good
spirit like our Divin Creator want it, to understand his work and
demand, and at least enjoy his serinity. I should talk with your father
my child say Joseph of Arimathie. And I want that he send you every
year for a period of time studing with the priests of the Jew law.
In this first conversation between Joseph of Arimathie and Jesus of
Nazarett, you can see my brothers on wich way jesus had mad is
instruction on high level with the priests of Jeruzalemm and still
doing his profession as modest carpenter.From now on start the real
life of Jesus.
The first time that I go to the big temple of Jeruzalemm, I was
escorted with Spia, she was a weduw of a rich busisnesman, that was on
the day before easten, the Big Sabbat celebration.We ware together
pring in the big temple
By sunset. The silence of the temple was interonpted by wispering of
some lawer of the Jew religion, talking about the last new laws with
the repercution of few arrestation of some person.Pring in the normal
attitud, with my head between my hands and my knie on the marber
floor,I dint give attention to this wispering untill my mind captived a
sentence fronm this discution and make me curious about it.
On this moment I was in the shap of one pilar and could approche me
from the group of this pristers without Spia realising my move. I klimb
on one banc and hide myself the best I could from them. The priests
ware discuting about the decision they have to take about there
judgement for the next day on the trial, for or against there innocence.
Few ware against there arrestation and other just want to be neutral.
On this moment I have been discovered by one of the prister, and he say
to the others.
Be ware for this child,he was lessoning to our conversation,sometimes
our Divine Creator(God) give children the gifts of wisdom about a
subject above there mind.
This priest com to me and say to me.
My child, the mother who gives you education, told you that our
Divine Creator love us all without any discrimination and add by this
love your innocent love from children, what would you like to say to a
rich child, free, in good health to the oposit with poor sik children,
or prisoners in gail.
I dint need a long reflexion to this question, my fast answer was:
To this rich kid I will say:
Go my brother, go to help your brother, save them from ther siknes,
feed them, share your bread with them, thats the way our Divin Creator
want it and create it on our planet, and by this action you will be for
ever blessed.
After my spitch, the priest smile to me, tok my weet hand from my emotion and say:
By your mouth our Divin Creator (God) have talking, so be.
In meantime, Spia was watching me and I cam back to here,
She was observing from the begining and ask me how it was for me
possible to get the words from our Divin Creator (God) and to
understand the meaning of them.
She start to say to me that me as a child have the obligation to lesson
to the adult without to have the right to give my opinion even through
the words of our Divin Creator (God), and it could be dangerous to give
my opinion
Tring to make some morality and gives advises to the priest of the Big
Temple. I get a little iritate by here remarque and told here that here
God was a despot, and mine Divin Creator honored the freedom of
expression and the gifts of talking about it. The weaknes of the slave
gives the power of the masters, and the childhood prepare the youth.
In the eyes from Spia I could read an expression of satisfaction and we
leave s the Big Temple for this onforgetable day of my life. That was
the first day of a big change in my furure life. When we arrive at home
I start to tell Joseph of Arimathie what happend there in the Big
Temple, I was so exited that I was talking like an dronk man and my
mother ask Spia what we have been drinking on the way home, my mother
was not use to that I hade such vocabulaire and that I was saying such
wize words.
Joseph of Arimathie try to convince my mother that I will have a
destinity to realise very big things who could change the way of
thinking of the people. On this moment I feel growing above every one
in the room, knowing that , thats was my mission to do here on this
planet, to share the words of our universal Divin Creator (God), to
tell the true to everyone living on here mother Earth. To restablish
the brothership between all human, the humility of the riches and the
integrity of the poors.
The next day I went to the Big Temple , but this time with my mother,
it was full of people, we found at least a place for our prayer, I was
looking around from the point of view of an very high level humanbeing,
looking down to this population. I recognise the priest from the day
before and told my mother that she could better keep praying, what I ad
to do was not on here level, that was nothing in commun with my
knowing. I feel this arrogance by the fact that I kwno that I have a
superior spirit and understand inmediately my attention on other
One priest was talking about the justice of our Divin Creator (God) and I compare him with the Angel Raphael
Coming dow earth and sharing the Divins Words.
I realise this when he start to shoot that the justice of our Divin
Creator was against the oppressors.Inlight your expression, apear
before your eyes by sunset when you are afraid for the cruelty of your
masters. This is not a sunset, this is not the extinction of your
I was lessoning to this words with excitment, now it start to be clear
in my mind, I saw, mine Divin Creator releved me all mysteries flashing
before my eyes, i was reading in the sacred book and at least I was
understanding the universal justice of our Divin Creator. I was dealing
with amazings conceptions, I was inlighting by the Divin Lightnes. I
was starting making insens but generous project.
I decide to follow this Divin Light and this martyredom in the unknow
dimension. I cam back to myself when my mother call me, for one instant
I look to her from my inlighting soul,and she dint say a word, because
she know that as the warm can get cold, my enthousiams could be breaked
by her intervention. I start to talk to here and told her that from now
and through me our Divin Creator have sow a new seed in my soul who
will releaved his words to to the world, that from now on the wish from
our Divin Creator will be my command and that I will give him my all
life to realise this big work on a physical dimension.
And mother, go back to your house work and let the son of our Divin Creator do his job.
My brothers, my staying in Jeruzalemm have been for 6 years consecutif
to be ready to execute my mission. The day I get 29 years, I leave
Jeruzalemm to discover the next population.
My first impression in Nazarett was not very succesful, for this reason I move to Damas where I have been welcome.
Far a way from Jeruzalemm, in Damas I was not disturbing by the
autority of the Jew gouvernment. There I start to talk to the people in
the street and the press look at me as the new prophet, I still keep
telling the words of our Divin Creator through my mouth to the people,
I give advise and make instruction to every one who was asking for, no
matter where they com from, witch class, rich or poor. In the summer I
leave Damas for one other city and went to one other challenge in my
life, Once I arrive there, I first study the costume of the population,
analise there sens of beleiving and relatived there religion. In
general my opinion was that the men deed there busisness without any
scrupulous and faithless feeling about our Divin Creator.
The women ignorant and slave of there body in possesion of evil, ware
sharing there life with luxury and decadence of there soul. In the mean
time start different movment to teach about the eternal life of the
soul who was part of the Divin Creator. Thanks to my protectors I have
mad, its was possible to breng the existence of the priest who had
abused the people out of there power. Soon I have the oportunity to
start a big campagne who show me the way to teach the doctrine of a new
future life full of light and love. I had the protection of our Divin
Creator and with this power I had the conviction in my words to
convince the new generation on this planet. Without any material
possession and living very humble I was loved by the good men and
women, the children.The oldest one feed themself with my words and
sheerish me with food and places to stay.
They love talk and discuse with me, give there opiniojn and lessoning
to my Divin Words who gifts them the power to leave this physic worl
without any fear. To prepar them for there new metamorphose, to guide
them in the light.
On one very hot day and after the sunset, in the front of one house door where I have been sitting few day’s a go.
Big clouds where coming into the sky from the west and annoncing a big
tunder storm, the people in the street ware walking fast as they could
to go in there homes. Like a daily happening a group of women’s and few
childs ware around me, tok me inside this house. The rain start to fall
and the storm light in to the dark sky.

The natural fight of the elements make me say this sentence:
“The goodnes of our Divin Creator is in everything you can imagine,
everywher you can imagine, the human would have to understand the
lesson we get from our Divin Creator, to realise that the titel they
give themself as master of the earth by not lessoning to the wise words
of our universal masters of the Divin Creator. Feel inside your body
when the passion invade your soul, like this tunder storm here today.
The same phenomon are going on and are the true evidence of the work of
our Divin Creator to warned you form the wrong path you are chosing.The
hand of our Divin Creator is above us to protect us if we se it, look
to the birds and the insects, before the tunder storm start they are
all ready hide themself, by the warning to them by the Divin
Creator.Bad luck for the impudor and the proud who dint lesson to the
warning and have been lazy to face the law of destruction, they will be
carry by one blow of the storm. The storm who is coming in your heart
my brother its the result of your life with the need of pleasure
illicite or negatif for your spirit. Wher are the weak but proud men
after the outburst of passions. In the damned dimension wher the sadnes
is Queen and ther spirit is an atonment of theyre madness. The serenity
of the blue sky , my brothers is the image from your soul in
comparaison of the darkness of your life. After this tunder storm
follow the sweet harmoniy of the elements, like the one of the winner
of his un controled passions.”

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