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ABOUT ASCENSION : Sanat kumara - S.Germain messages.


Face your fear! When we are able to look at all the things we are afraid of, the change in the mind cancels the need to do anything else differently. Your mind can divert disasters or create an avalanche. Are you able to use it for an ascension? Create the greatest collaboration ever with One mind and One heart.


The most beautiful dream of being alive and well can only be created when the energy of man's thinking has negated control. The predominant dynamic in this moment is death of the aliveness needed to create the New Earth. When the ascension occurs, an awareness of the number of choices man actually has can correct this dilemma. We do not anticipate any dramatic alterations happening in the next days that will stop ascension from being the catalyst for aligning to divine will......

Are the Ashtar Command and other Galactic aliens able to aid those who are awake to leave? Yes, but they can only support those who will accept their aid. Ascension is not delivery to another location. It will deliver a gross body to a light body condition. Can you accept this now? Are you doing the deleting of fear I asked you to do? If not, do it now. Face the fear with no agenda, including escape. Be willing to accept all. When this fear comes out of your body the Ashtar command may act to assist you in the ascension.

Are we clear that no deliveries to other planets will occur? Good!

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