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                                                              THE LAW OF RECURRENCE


My friends, today's talk will be about the "Law of Recurrence".


When the Ego returns, upon reincorporation, everything happens again as it happened plus the good or bad consequences. Undoubtedly there are various forms of the Great Law of Recurrence; In this talk we will propose to study these varied forms...


Various scenes of our previous lives are repeated, already in higher spirals, already in lower spirals.


The Spiral is the Curve of Life and is always symbolized by the Snail. We are bad snails between  the Father bosom.


Obviously we develop, evolve and go into involution in the Spiral Line of Existence.


Another form of Recurrence can be seen in the history of the Earth and its races...


The First Sub -Race of our current Aryan Race developed on the central plateau of Asia, and had a powerful Esoteric Civilization.


The Second Sub-race flourished in South Asia, in the pre-Vedic era, and then the Wisdom of the Rishis of Hindustan and the splendors of the ancient Chinese Empire, etc. were known.


The Third Sub-race unfolded beautifully in Egypt, Persia, Chaldea, etc.


The Fourth Sub-race resplendent with the civilizations of Greece and Rome.


The Fifth Sub-race was perfectly manifested with Germany, England and other countries.


The Sixth Sub-race resulted from the mixture of the Spaniards with the Indigenous Breeds of Indo-America.


The Seventh Sub-race  is perfectly manifested in the result of all these diverse mixtures of races, as we can see today in the territory of the United States.


Ostensibly, the Seven Aryan Trunk Branches already exist fully, and that is fully demonstrated.

The studies we have done in the Causal World have allowed us to verify correctly, concrete facts, amazing for our current humanity.


Since each of the Great Races that have existed in the world have always ended with a great cataclysm, we can logically deduce that this our Aryan Race will soon end with another tremendous cataclysm.


We are talking about the Law of Recurrence in a superior way, and we will continue specifying for better understanding.


After the Great Catastrophe that is coming, the Earth will once again be inhabited with select people.


When we reach this part of our talk, I must tell you emphatically that the Future Race that will populate the face of the Earth is now being created intentionally by the Brothers of the Occult Brotherhood. The modus operandi of this new creation is very special.


I want you to know that cosmic travelers from other worlds visit us constantly, and that they are already taking the "select seed" of the Humanoids.



There then, distinguished brothers, the staff with whom the future Jerusalem of which the "Apocalypse" of St. John speaks will be formed.


It is unquestionable that then the glorious Esoteric Civilizations of antiquity will be resurrected.


In the First Sub - race of the Future Great Root Race, by Law of Recurrence, the powerful cultures of the First Sub-Race Aria will emerge from the chaos , but in a spiral of superior type.


In the future Second Sub-race, the civilization that flourished in millenary India (before the Vedas) and in ancient China will be resurrected.


In the Third Sub-race there will be a new Egypt, new pyramids, new Nile, and the Egyptian Civilization will be resurrected; then the ancient pharaohs will be reincarnated and thousands of souls from that glorious culture will return from the Amenti with the purpose of reviving the Hieratic Mysteries of the sunny country of Kem.


The Mysteries of Chaldea, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, etc. will also shine again at that age, but in a higher spiral within the Great Spiral Line of Life.


In the Fourth Sub - race of the Earth of tomorrow, the Mysteries of Greece and Rome will be resurrected, with the advantage of the higher spiral of existence.


In the Fifth Sub-race a certain dangerous mechanism will reappear; the Civilization of Englishmen, Germans, etc. will be resurrected, with the advantages of being more Spiritual by the concrete fact of being placed on a higher spiral.


In the Penultimate Sub -race of that Great Root Race of tomorrow, you can see something similar to the Latin World, but with a higher aspect, more dignified, more Spiritual.


The final Sub-race of that Future Root Race, although very technical, will not have the gross materialism of this Black Age of Kali-Yuga. So it is, then, friends, how the Law of Recurrence works, moving in the Spiral of Existence.


Let us now think of the Law of Recurrence of the worlds, in the starry spaces, in the unalterable infinite.


Everything that happened in the old Moon, in that satellite that illuminates the face of the Earth during the night hours, is repeating itself right now on our planet Earth.



See, then, ladies and gentlemen, how the Law of Recurrence works in all corners of infinite space.


Let us now turn to study the modus operandi of this Great Law in the Intellectual Animal mistakenly called man.


When we re-embody, upon returning, we repeat in detail all the events of our past and past existences.


There are subjects of rigorous repetition, concrete cases of Egos that return for many centuries within the same family, city and nation.

These are the ones who, due to the incessant repetition of the same thing, can predict with absolute clarity what awaits them in the future. Those are the ones who can say, for example: "I will marry at 30 years old, I will have a woman of such color, of such height, so many children, my father will die at such age, my mother at such another, my business will fruit or fail , etc., etc. ", and it is clear that all this comes afterwards to happen with amazing accuracy.


They are people who know their role by dint of repeating it so much, that they do not ignore it. And that's it!


Also included in this issue are the "Children Prodigies" who so amaze the people of their time; usually, it is about Egos who already know their trade of memory and who they return they do it to the wonder from the first years of their childhood.


The Law of Recurrence is amazing. Normal, ordinary people always repeat their same dramas. The comedians, again and again in each of their successive lives repeat the same antics. The perverse ones are continually reincorporated to repeat the same tragedies incessantly.


All these events, which are typical of repeated existences, are always accompanied by good or bad consequences, according to the Law of Cause and Effect.


The assassin will return to be in the horrifying opportunity to murder, but will be killed. The thief will return to see himself with the same opportunity to steal, but he will be put in jail. The bandit will feel the same desire to run, to use his legs for the crime, but he will not have legs, he will be born invalid or he will lose them in any tragedy. The blind man from birth will want to see the things of life, those that possibly led him to cruelty, etc., but he will not be able to see. The woman will love the same husband of her previous life, the one who possibly left in the bed of illness to go with any other subject, but now, the drama will be repeated in reverse, and the subject of his love will leave with another woman, leaving her abandoned.  Will return the assailant of ways to feel the desire to run, to flee, he will cry, possibly in a state of mental delirium, clothed with a new body of possibly feminine nature, he will have strange delusions, he will not be able to flee from himself, he will go mad, he will be mentally ill, etc., etc. So, friends, that's how he works the Law of Recurrence incessantly...


Q- Master, a country that was affected by violence so long, is it due to the Law of Recurrence?


A- Obviously, the violence of the crowds in that country was the repetition of similar violence  occurred in a chaotic past; Think of the civil wars that occurred in times before to the violence occurred; war of political parties of right and left, repeating itself in the present as a result of the past. That is the Law of Recurrence.


Q- Master, if a person has been correct, if he has behaved like a citizen in the fulfillment of his duties, how would the Law of Recurrence operate in his next return?


A- Friend, friends, do not tell me that this guy was a paragon of virtues, a well of holiness. As a magnificent citizen, he had his very human errors, his scenes, his dramas, etc., and it is clear that in all this there is repetition in his new existence plus the consequences; this is how the Law of Recurrence operates.


Q- Venerable Master, there is some confusion regarding the relationship between the Law of Karma and the Law of Recurrence because I have the concept that with the termination of Karma the Law of Recurrence will be terminated , would you like to clarify this point?


A- Friends, in any way there can be confusion between the Laws of Recurrence and Karma, since both are the same with different names. Undoubtedly, Karma works on firm foundations; it is but an effect of the cause that we sow. Therefore, the fact itself has to be repeated, plus the good or bad results.


Q- Master, people who apparently have not done harm to anyone suffer from economic deprivation. Does this have to do with the Law of Recurrence?


A- Distinguished friends, ladies and gentlemen, the Father who is in secret may be close to us or far away. When the son goes wrong, the Father moves away and then he falls into disgrace; he suffers because of lack of money, he goes through terrible needs, he does not explain for himself the reason for his misery. Ostensibly, such people believe they have done no harm to anyone; if they remember their previous lives they could show for themselves the concrete fact that they walked by lost steps, possibly they gave themselves to alcohol, lust, adultery, etc.


The Father who is in secret, our own Divine Spirit can give us or take us away. He knows very well what we deserve, and if we do not currently have money it is because He does not want to give it to us; It punishes us for our good.


"Blessed is the man whom God punishes." The Father who loves his son punishes him always for his good.


In the specific case of this question, the victim of the sufferings will repeat the scenes of the past plus the consequences: Poverty, pain, etc., etc.


Q- Master, does the Law of Recurrence end with the 108 Lives?


A- Friends, concluded the cycle of human existences assigned to all Soul, also concludes the Law of Recurrence in the Infernal Abyss, repeating Humanoid scenes, resembling animal, vegetal and mineral states.

Before reaching the humanoid state, we passed through the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms; but when entering the Abyss, after the cycle of human existences is over, the animal, vegetaloid and mineraloid states are repeated again. This is how the Law of Recurrence works.


Q- Master, does the one who manages to free himself from the Wheel of Samsara no longer repeat the Law of Recurrence?


A- With the greatest pleasure I will respond to the lady who has asked the question ... I want you to know, ladies and gentlemen, that the Law of Recurrence, in its superior form, corresponds to the Law of KATANCIA (Superior Karma) ).


They have the Holy Gods that repeat cosmic scenes of ancient Mahamvantaras in each new Great Day that dawns, plus the consequences.


Remember that the Gods are also get wrong. Those Sacred Individuals who in the present terrestrial period gave the Abominable Organ Kundartiguador to the humanity, repeating similar dramas, will pay their mistakes in the future Mahanvantara (Cosmic Day).


Our present Earth, together with the humanity that populates it, is the result of Cosmic Karma, and it repeats incessantly the historical periods of the ancient Moon along with the cosmic results.


Any Great Initiate can verify for himself the concrete, clear and definite fact that the former inhabitants of Selene were certainly cruel and ruthless.


We have the results in view, in the black pages of the black history of our afflicted world.


Q- Master, what are those that are free of the Law of Recurrence?


A- Look at the Law of Recurrence in its superior and inferior aspects of the Great Life. We can solemnly assert that only those who achieve crystallize in their inner nature the Three Primary Forces of the Universe are free from the Law of Recurrence .


The SACRED ABSOLUTE SUN wants to crystallize in each one of us those Three Primary Forces. Let us collaborate with him and his Holy Designs, and we will be forever free from the Law of Recurrence.




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