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We are going to continue with our talks and I hope that all of you will get the greatest benefits from them.



In ancient Chaldea and Egypt there were wonderful catacombs, underground crypts where the Mysteries were cultivated.


It is worth remembering the crypts of Thebes and Memphis (unquestionably, the first were even more famous).


From the western side of the Nile, there were long deep passages that reached the desert of Libya. In such crypts, the secrets related to the "Kuklos Anankes", the "Inevitable Cycle", the "Circle of Necessity" were cultivated.


In instants in which we talked about this, the Serpent Temple in San Juan de Teotihuacan comes to mind.


The Esoteric researcher can see there, in detail, carved in rock, the rattlesnake, and the most amazing thing about all this is that next to the Sacred Viper of the Aztec Mysteries, the Snail also stands out in living stone.


Varied Snails, side and side of the Divine Serpent, resplendent beautifully.


There is no doubt that in the subterranean crypts of Chaldea, Thebes and Memphis the Wisdom of the Serpent was really cultivated.


The transcendental study of the "Inevitable Cycle" or "Circle of Necessity ", which in spiral or spiral form is processed during the cosmic manifestation, is also well known.


You see, dear Gnostic brothers who accompany me tonight, the intimate relationship that always exists between the Serpent and the Snail. Reflect for a moment on the profound meaning that both Snake and Snail possess intrinsically.


Obviously, the Serpent is the Transcendent Sexual Power, the wonderful power that brings us into existence, the force that originates all life.


Any authentic Esoteric knows very well that the Sexual Serpentine Power of the whole Universe, has power over the TATTWAS, and therefore, over the Elementals of Nature.


The Serpentine Universal Power originates infinite creations; Devi Kundalini creates the Mental, the Astral, the Etheric and the Physical Bodies.


Now, Maha Kundalini, or in other words, the Cosmic Mother, Mother Nature, has created the whole Universe, has taken the form of the world. Obviously has also performed all his processes on the basis of the spiral line, so vividly allegorized by the Snail.


Any inner progress, all intimate development is based on the Spiral of Life.


We, therefore, already speaking in personal form, can say that each of us is a bad snail between the bosom of the Father.


Each Soul is granted or assigned 108 existences for its Self-Realization, and these are processed in turns, already higher, and lower. There's the Snail.


But let us deepen a little more, dear brothers and sisters who attend our talk tonight. We are going to study the "KUKLOS ANANKES", the "Inevitable Cycle" or "Circle of Necessity".


Very interesting is the concrete fact that such a deep subject was only studied in these underground crypts.


Undoubtedly, this is the same doctrine of the Transmigration of Souls that the Avatar Krishna later taught in Hindustan.


However, it is notorious that the Egyptian Kuklos Anankes was even more specific ... We have already said a lot, we have already affirmed in these talks what is the descent to the infernal worlds; We have placed some emphasis in saying that the cycle of the 108 lives assigned to each Soul has been completed, if we have not Self-Realized we enter the Underworlds.


Obviously, in these submerged regions, we get into involution until reaching the Ninth Circle, located in the heart of the World. There the lost ones disintegrate, they are reduced to cosmic dust.


After the Second Death (and this is something that we have already said in all our past talks), the Soul or the failed Souls resurface, they  come out again in the sunlight to start the journey again, starting a new Evolution that has to begin , inevitably, from the lowest echelon of the Mineral Kingdom.


The interesting thing about the Egyptian KUKLOS ANAKES, are precisely the specifications, the various analyzes and synthesis.


It is clear that we must take into account the Ray in which each Essence that flows from the Abyss unfolds, and therefore its line of particular development.


Varied are the plant families, varied animal species, different mineral elements, etc., etc., etc.


The Rectors of Nature will not be able to pass all the Essences that have sprouted from the Abyss for the same mineral element, be it iron, copper or silver, etc., or for a specific plant family, or through a certain animal species.


The Guru-Devas have to distribute life wisely, because some Essences can live in iron, others in copper, others in silver, etc.; not all could go through the same mineral element.


The elementary vegetable families are very well organized in the Etheric World and not all the Elementals could be pine or peppermint; each plant family is different: There are lunar plants, Mercury, Venusian, Solar, Martian, Jupiterine, Saturnine, etc., etc., etc.


Essences, according to their Ray of Creation, each will be related to this or that Plant Department, and solve all this, knowing distribute, it is something that corresponds to the Master of Nature...


The animal species are very varied, and it would be absurd to reincorporate certain Essences in animal organisms that do not correspond to their Ray of Creation. Certain Essences can evolve in the realm of birds; others in the quadrupeds; others among the fish of the immense sea. The Rectors of Life must know how to handle these elementary currents wisely, to avoid confusion, anarchy, unnecessary destruction.


Finally, the entrance of the life currents into the realm of the rational Humanoids is very delicate; It takes a lot of Wisdom to avoid catastrophes.


You see, then, what is this doctrine of the Transmigration of Souls, studied thoroughly by the Egyptians.

Wotán also tells us about a "serpent h***", in which he had the happiness of having penetrated.


The relationship between this "serpent h***" or the snake mentioned by Wotán, in Mexico, and the crypts of Egypt and Chaldea is notorious.


This "snake h***" or serpent h*** is nothing more than an underground cavern, a crypt of mysteries, where this Great Initiate entered triumphantly...


Wotán says that he could penetrate that "serpent h***" inside the Earth, and reach the roots of Heaven, because he himself was a "Serpent", a "Snake".


The Druids of the British Celtic region in Europe also called themselves "Serpents".


It is not superfluous to remember the Egyptian KARNAK and the British CARNAC, living symbols of the Mount of the Serpent.


There is no doubt that you, my dear friends, already know very well what the Serpent is; they already have such information; that's why I do not think so, that this news is new.


The Hindustani speak clearly about the Serpent; it is a wonderful Sexual Electric Power, the Sacred Fire that is hidden in each one of us.


Undoubtedly, this Igneous Power or Serpent Power seems like a snake; that is how the clairvoyants see it.


From the occult anatomical point of view, I could affirm to you, in an emphatic way that it looks like a Fire Serpent coiled three and a half times inside the Magnetic Center of the coccyx, the fundamental base of the Spine.


Sometimes I afraid you have not understood me, but I know that you have read my books and that is why you cannot miss the teaching that we are giving tonight...

First you have to awaken the Fire and make it go up the Medullary Channel to the brain; only then can we transform ourselves radically.


After (and this is the most tremendous), we must be "swallowed by the Serpent "; only then can we become "Serpents". This is the teaching of Wotán; This is the Doctrine of the Mayas and the Aztecs.


We could never enjoy the Powers of the Snake, without first having been swallowed by it, and this is something unfortunately unknown to many pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist writers.


However, I want you to understand that it is not possible to be "devoured by the Snake" without having "defeated the Dragon" before.


In my past book entitled "The Three Mountains", I also quoted the Dragon; but before I wanted to refer to an abominable monster that every human being carries inside, along with the Three Traitors, and that must be disintegrated in the lunar infernos inevitably.


Now I'm talking about a different Dragon. I am referring to the Reflection of the Logos within ourselves, here and now, to the authentic Devil, to the Sacred Dragon of the Draconties, which has nothing wrong or evil as the ignorant people suppose.


That Red Dragon, that Shadow of the Solar Logos in us, that Psychological Trainer that each one carries inside, puts us in the alleys of temptation, with the purpose of training us on the path of virtue.


We have already said and I will not tire of repeating it ad nauseam, that without temptation there is no virtue; the stronger the temptations, the greater the virtues will be, if we succeed in being victorious. Temptation is fire; the triumph over temptation is light. So let's not look down on Typhon Baphomet, the Devil, because each one carries him inside himself, and he is the Shadow of the Intimate God.


Remember brothers, that each Devil is all contrast; Devil is the Shadow of the Sun, the shadow of every tree in the light of the Star King; the night, etc., etc., etc.


Looked from another angle, seen this question from another aspect, we could say that as a Devil, it is the obverse of every medal. For the tenebrous, for the people who live in the Abyss, for the demons, the Devil is the Angels, the Gods, the Light, the Goodness, the Beauty, etc., etc.


If the people who live in the Light are scared when they see the demons, it is clear that also the demons are frightened when they see the people who live in the Light, when they see the Angels, the Archangels.


I'm talking about something that I know about, something I've been able to experience, for myself, directly.


Many times, on entering the Worlds of Hell, I have seen the horrified tenebrous ones, I have heard them exclaim: "A demon has entered us! Let's defend ourselves!" They have certainly felt dread of my presence. I am a White Demon for them, and they are Black Demons for me; So the Devil is a matter of contrasts, oppositions, etc., etc., etc.


In "The Draconties" the Dragon was revered, that is, the Shadow of the Logos, the Shadow of the Spiritual Sun, its Reflection in the Universe and within ourselves.


Do not forget that behind this Sun that illuminates us is the Phoenician Elon, or Jewish Elion, the Central Sun of this Universe in which we live, move and have our Being.


That this SACRED ABSOLUTE SUN has its contrasts and oppositions is normal. In any case, his shadow in us and within us, is Lucifer, the Great Psychological Trainer we have for our good.


But please, I beg here the brothers and sisters who are listening to me, understand what I am saying, do not fear...


The resistances that there are in some of those who are listening to me at this moment are due to prejudices, to fear, to the wrong information of some dogmatic priests.


All of us, as children, have received some education, and then negative and harmful, erroneous and absurd ideas were inculcated.


We were told that Lucifer was a terrible devil who commanded all of Earth, who took us to an orthodox Hell to torture us between pots or pans with fire, etc., etc., etc.


I want friends of mine who at once know that the Devil that of the orthodox religions does not exist; the true Devil takes each one inside one.


In the Middle Ages, there was the Gnostic Community of Satanians. There was also that of the Iscariots. The Adepts of such communities were burned alive at the stake of the Inquisition.


It is a pity that the Community of Satanians cannot now be restored due to the concrete fact that the documentation was destroyed.


It also causes some pain the concrete fact that Judas Iscariot, up to the present date, is really considered a traitorous disciple.


If we analyze judiciously what Satan, the Devil, Lucifer is, if we understand that it is only the Reflection of God within us, the Shadow of the Inner Sun within each one, located in the depths of our Soul for our good, in fact and in its own right, we are doing justice to such a Gnostic Community.


Ladies and gentlemen, the orthodox, dogmatic Satan of clerical sects does not exist. The authentic Lucifer is inside each person and only thus must be understood.


Judas Iscariot is another very interesting case. Actually this Apostle never betrayed Jesus the Christ; he only played a role, and this was taught to him by his Master Jesus.


The Cosmic Drama, the life, passion and death of our Lord the Christ, was represented from ancient times by all the Great Avatars.


The Great Lord of Atlantis, before the second Transapalnian catastrophe, represented in flesh and blood the same Drama of Jesus of Nazareth. On one occasion a Catholic missionary who arrived in China found the same Cosmic Drama among the people of the yellow race: "I thought that we Christians were the only ones who knew this Drama!" Exclaimed the missionary. Confused, he hung up the habits.


Such a Drama was brought to Earth by the Elohim. Any man who seeks the Intimate Self-Realization of the Being, will have to live it and become the central character of the cosmic scene.


Thus, each of the twelve Apostles of Jesus of Nazareth, had to play his part in the scene. Judas did not want to execute the one that touched him; He asked for Peter's, but Jesus had firmly established the part that each disciple had to symbolize.


The role that Judas represented had to be memorized, and taught by his Master.


Judas Iscariot never betrayed the Master. The Gospel of Judas is the dissolution of the Ego; without Judas Cosmic Drama is not possible. Therefore, this Apostle is the most exalted Adept, the highest of all the Apostles of Christ Jesus.


Undoubtedly, each of the twelve had their own Gospel. We could not deny PATAR, Peter, Pedro. He is the Hierophant of S**, he who has the Keys of the Kingdom in his right hand, the Great Initiator. And what shall we say of Mark, who will guard with such love the Mysteries of the Gnostic Anointing? And what of Philip, that Great Enlightened One whose Gospel teaches us to go out in the Astral Body and to travel with the Physical Body in the State of Jinas? And what about John, with the Doctrine of the Word? And what about Paul with the Philosophy of the Gnostics? It would be very long to narrate here everything that relates to the twelve and the Cosmic Drama.


The time has come to eliminate ignorance and old religious prejudices from our minds! The time has come to study the Christ Esotericism in depth!


Q- Master, as for the demons that say they frighten or torment people on the roads, is that true?


A- With the greatest pleasure I will answer the question that comes from the audience: When we deny the devil of the dogmatic orthodox, we do not refuse the authentic Devil that exists within each person; neither do we deny the tenebrous demons of Avernus who torment the people.


However, we must make full differentiation between what is the Shadow of the Logos within ourselves (Lucifer), and what are the Demons or Psychic Attachments, or fallen Angels, etc., etc., etc.


There are demons everywhere, inside and outside of us: Demons are our Psychic Aggregates; demons are the psychic aggregates of the neighbor; demons are Bael, Moloch, Belial and many millions, billions or trillions more; they inevitably exist and we have to fight against them.


Q- Dear Master, what is the effective way to defend ourselves from the devils that attack us?


A- Friends, there are many ancient conjurations through which it is possible to defend ourselves from the attacks of the tenebrous ones. Remember the Conjuration of the Seven, of the Sage Solomon; the Conjuration of the Four; the Pentagram, etc., etc., etc.


In a very special way it is convenient to know that the Pentagram with the upper angle upwards and the two lower angles down, makes the tenebrous ones flee.


Q- Master, I want your kindness to tell me if the Fifth Angel that comes in war to give the Intimate Wisdom of the Being, can liberate and give the Great Teaching about the Judas Iscariot to humanity.


A- Friends who listen to me tonight, distinguished gnostic lady who has asked the question: In the Middle Ages, certain reactionary elements, understanding that SAMAEL, my Real Inner Being, the Fifth of the Seven, teaches the revolutionary Hidden Wisdom, gave the Shadow of the Logos the name of Samael; that is, they tried to fit me into their molds so tremendously narrow.


It's up to me now to reveal, clearly indicate the path; do the dissection to many words and concepts, to see what they really have.


I am not the only Initiate who knows the Mysteries of the Cosmic Drama, nor am I the only one who has the honor of knowing the role of Judas, because we already know that the Gnostic Community of the Iscariots existed , specialized precisely in the Gospel of the Grand Master Judas, faithful disciple of our Lord the Christ.


The ignorant illustrated, the scoundrels of the intellect, the henchmen of many dead sects, threw themselves against at us for the very fact of having divulged these matter.


But we fulfill our duty, and with the greatest pleasure we throw light into the darkness, no matter what the cost.


To Judas, I repeat, justice has not been done in spite of being the most exalted of all the twelve.


What happens is that humanity dislike horribly to eliminate the Ego, and since the doctrine of Iscariot is precisely against the Self, against the Myself, then the most natural thing is that even the same scholars of the various pseudo-schools esoteric and pseudo-occultist, they hate him mortally.


In any case, the Four Gospels cannot be taken to the dead letter; they are written in code: They have been precisely elaborated by Initiates and for Initiates.


Q- Venerable Master, then, if Judas Iscariot was the most exalted of the disciples of the Great Kabir Jesus, then who was the traitor?


A- I answer this question that comes from the audience ... Gnostic friends and brothers who listen to me: The true traitor of the Christ is inside each one of you.


This means that not only did they betray the Christ, but they are also betraying him daily, with the ego attitudes...


The Freemason brothers know what the Three Traitors of Hiram Abiff are: Judas is the Demon of Desire, who betrays the Intimate Christ from moment to moment; Pilate is the Devil of the Mind , who is always apologizing, justifying himself, washing his hands, declaring himself innocent, etc., etc .; Caiaphas is the Devil of the Bad Will (each one takes it well inside), the one who does not know how to do the Will of the Father, the one who always does what he wants, whatever he wants, without caring a bit about the commandments of the Blessed One .


The Three Traitors murdered Hiram Abiff, the Secret Master.


Jesus, the Great Kabir, before crystallizing in himself the Three Primary Forces of the Universe, had to eliminate the intimate Judas, as you have to do each one of you.


Understood all this, understanding that the Iscariot only fulfilled a duty obeying his Master and representing a role that had been learned by heart, we must now do justice to that Adept, before the solemn verdict of the public conscience.


Q- Master, since the beginning of Christianity, the Holy Bible, known as the Book of Divine Truth, does not mention the Apostles as you call them, nor does it teach that Lucifer is the Shadow of God. Why should we give more credit to his words than to what is read in the Holy Gospels?


A- With the greatest pleasure I will answer the question that comes out of the auditorium...


Distinguished gentleman, the Four Gospels were written 400 years after Christ, not by the Apostles but by the disciples of the Apostles, and as I said, they are written in code. Certainly those are four Treatises of Alchemy and Kabbalah.


Judiciously analyzing the words of the Great Kabir Jesus, we see in them the Chaldean and Egyptian Parable; Pythagorean Mathematics and Buddhist Morality. Unquestionably, the Great Kabir traveled through India, Chaldea, Persia, Greece, Egypt, etc., etc.


Only those who have studied Gnosticism, only those who have delved into the Cainite, Satanic, Iscariot, Naacene, Essene, Pedathicenian, etc., etc., etc., certainly know what the "Lucifer Mysteries" are and the role that they play. Judas performed, and what each of the Apostles of the Master Jesus had to do in the Cosmic Drama.


It is not the Bible that is going to explain the role of each of the twelve.


Begin, distinguished gentleman, to know thoroughly the esotericism of the twelve Zodiacal Signs and then orient yourself by studying comparative religions and the Gnostic Scriptures.


Much you may intuit studying the "PISTIS SOPHIA".


In any case, we should not study the Bible to the dead letter, since it is written in symbolic form, and only the Initiates can understand it.

I am not the only one who knows all these Mysteries, but I am the first to unveil them, to make them public for the good of humanity.


Q- Master, do me the favor of explaining why Peter denied the Christ three times.


With the greatest pleasure I will answer this question. It is said that Peter denied the Christ three times, and it is convenient to know its meaning. Obviously, this is completely symbolic. With this it is meant to imply that the Initiate again and again falls into temptation; either in the Physical World or in the Internal Worlds, and he cries and suffers the unspeakable, but if he perseveres, if he is firm, if at last he eliminates the Ego and reduces it to cosmic dust; then he becomes a Master and reaches Intimate Self-Realization.


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