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                                                                       WAR IN THE HEAVENS


My friends, ladies and gentlemen who are listening to me, we are going to study the topic related to the "War in the Heavens" tonight.


There has been much talk about the great rebellion of the Angels against the Eternal; it has been affirmed that Michael with his Hosts of Light had to fight against the Dragon and his henchmen.


All this, my friends, is completely symbolic; You have to know how to understand to avoid falling into error.


In past talks we gave extensive explanations about the Devil, the Dragon, and now we will go deeper into this whole question.


In parenthesis, I want to tell everyone here that I have a bet with the Devil, and this may surprise you a little...


On one occasion, it does not matter now the date or time, both sitting face to face before a table, I heard from the lips of my own Lucifer Intimate the following statements:


- "I'll beat you in Chastity, and I'll show you, you cannot do it with me"...


- "Do you want to make a bet with me?"


- "Yes," said Satan, "I am willing to catch the bet, how much do we catch the bet?"...


- "By this, and it is done".


I moved away from that character that is nothing more than the Reflection of my own Intimate Logos, treating him in truth a little bad...


In the name of truth, I want to tell you, my friends, that up to the present I am winning the bet, because the Devil with me has not been able to; in no way has he managed to make me fall into temptation, although I have had to fight tremendous battles with him.


The war, then, is tremendous; I am defeating the Dragon and I can say that I have defeated him.


This is the same thing that Michael did against Lucifer, the same struggle of all Initiated against his Dragon.


Just as Michael defeated all Rebel Angels, so must each one of us defeat and disintegrate all the Devil or Psychic Attached Ones that personify our mistakes.


Looking from another angle at this issue of the War in the Heavens, we find that such an allegory also represents the struggle that took place between the primitive Adepts of the Aryan Race and the Sorcerers of Atlantis, the demons of the ocean, etc., etc., etc..


It is unquestionable that after the submergence of that old continent, the Black Magicians of the Ancient Earth swallowed by the waters, continued to attack incessantly the Adepts of the new race to which we all belong.


The allegory of the War in the Heavens, has several meanings: It can symbolize religious, astronomical, geological events and, moreover, it has a very deep cosmological sense.


In the Holy Land of the Vedas, there is much talk of the battles of Indra against Vritra. Obviously, the resplendent God Indra is called by the sages "Vritrahan" for being the killer of the Dragon, in the same way that Michael is the winner of it.


It is clear that every Initiate that kills or defeats the Dragon is swallowed by the Serpent and in fact becomes "Serpent", like Wotán.


However, sexual temptations are often frightening, rare are those that do not fall into temptation.


Satan, the Dragon, Lucifer, or whatever you want to call him, makes tremendous super-efforts to make the Initiate fall in temptation, and it is clear that almost all fail, that is why it is very difficult to get Self-Realized people. The weakness of people is precisely there, in s**, and no matter how strong they feel, in the long run they succumb.


It is therefore that of the War in Heaven something terrible, almost impossible to describe with words (sexual temptations are not little thing)...


Is it very easy to defeat the Dragon? The most serious of all this is that people have the Ego alive; the Red Demons of Seth have not died, and the Consciousness of each one, embedded among their sinister aggregates, works in truth within their own conditioning, and even justifies itself washing their hands like Pilate, or postponing the error saying: "Not today I could, but afterwards I will triumph over time ", etc., etc., etc.


Thus in this form the "Michaels" that overcome the Dragon are very rare; you have to look for them with the Diogenes Lantern; these people are too weak, fragile, ignorant and absurd.


There has also been much talk about the fallen angels in the old texts of classical antiquity, but this is not understood by the ignorant illustrated, or the "scoundrels of the intellect."


Any Guru-Deva who falls into the animal generation, in fact becomes a Fallen Angel, and even a demon.


It is unquestionable that when an Adept commits the crime of spilling the Glass of Hermes, all the Inhuman Elements that had previously disintegrated are resurrected within him, and for that reason he becomes in fact one more demon.


We have arrived at the root of a subject that is much discussed, too studied and rarely understood.


What happens is that in order to understand this question you need to have lived it; the suppositions or the vain rationalisms are useless here.


Since I lived all this in a very ancient archaic past, when many Lemur Bodhisattvas made the mistake of falling into animal degeneration, that is why I can give testimony about all this, and explain them crudely as it is, and without assumptions or utopias of any kind.


I do not care if people believe me or do not believe me; I am saying what I have lived, and that is all and there each one is with his life; I affirm what I know, what I have been able to see, hear, touch and feel...


The question of fallen angels is represented in Hindustan with the religious struggles of Iranians against Brahmans; Gods against Demons; Gods against Asuras, as it appears in the Mahabharata War, etc., etc.


This of the battles against the Dragon we can see also in the Scandinavian Eddas, where the Aces appear fighting against the frozen giants: Asathor against Jotums.


I want, then, my friends, to understand the need to fight against the Dragon; I want you to understand that you must overcome it in pitched battles, if indeed you aspire to become Serpents of Wisdom and terribly Divine Gods.


Please, I beg you to come out of the ignorance in which you find yourself; I beg you to study these books and to live them; It really hurts me to see all of you converted into weak and miserable shadows.

 Q-Master, would you like to explain to me if a person who is working in the Fired Forge of Vulcan falls, the I or the “I's” that he has managed to disintegrate reappear in it?


A- Distinguished gnostic sister, it is unquestionable that with any sexual fall, in fact, some subhuman subjective element resuscitates by fact and by its own right. That is why our Lord the Christ said: "The disciple must not let himself fall, because the disciple who lets himself fall has to struggle a lot to recover the lost".


Q- Master, you speak to us of the War in the Heavens, and we know from the teachings that the fights against the Secret Enemy must be made in the Avernus, that is, going down to the Hells. Could you clarify this?


A- Friends, the allegorical meaning of all religious writers, whether these Christians, Buddhists, Mohammedans, etc., etc., is unquestionable. The issue of "Heavens" refers to states of Consciousness; undoubtedly, our different Conscious states are altered in the struggle. The battle against the Secret Enemy can lead to final liberation or radical failure.


Certainly, it would be incongruous to suppose even for a moment, passionate temptations in ineffable Divine Regions; for this reason we must translate here the word "Heavens" as states of Consciousness or as functionalisms of the Essence, etc., etc., etc.


Q- Master, when you were talking about what you bet with your Intimate Lucifer, can we understand that the amount of this is your own Soul?


A- Friends, Gnostic brothers, there are valuations and devaluations of the Being. There are also Cosmic Capitals equivalent to virtues.


The amount of such bet is based on a certain Cosmic Capital; This is valued in a similar way to how the world's currencies are valued, and therefore would be devoid of a certain amount of virtues, or devalued intimately. I believe that with what I have expressed here, the brothers of this audience have understood me.


Q- Master, we have been told that working in Vulcan's Fired Forge can disintegrate the Ego. What can you tell us about that?


A- Distinguished lady, already in past talks we talked very widely about the modus operandi for the dissolution of the psychological aggregates.


We also made extensive explanations on the same subject in our book entitled "The Mystery of the Golden Blossom".(published here in this blog see it for more information)  Then we said that there was a need to work with the Spear of Eros, during the Chemical Coitus or Metaphysical Copulation.


I believe that this audience does not ignore our Gnostic, Esoteric procedures; The most important thing is precisely knowing how to pray during the Sahaja Maithuna.


In such instants we have to supplicate the particular Divine Mother Kundalini (because each one has his own), so that she eliminates the error that we need to eradicate or extirpate from our own Psyche.

It is indisputable that Transcendent Sexual Electricity can reduce to ashes any Psychological Defect.


Undoubtedly, our Divine Mother Kundalini, skillfully handling the Holy Pike , will be able to turn into dust to any Psychic Aggregate, to any Intimate Defect.


We also said in past cathedra that it is necessary first, to have understood the defect that we want to extirpate from our nature; It is obvious that only through the Technique of Meditation can we fully understand any error.


Understanding and Elimination are basic for the Dissolution of the psychological aggregates.


Q- Master, would you like to explain to us if spilling the Glass of Hermes is the Kundartiguador Organ developed?


A- Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, it is urgent to understand that when the Cup of Hermes is continually and regularly poured, the Abominable Kundartiguador Organ, the famous Satanic Tail of the Tenebrous, the Negative, Sinister Fohat, develops in the long run. It leads us down the path, infrahuman, to the Abyss and the Second Death.

 Q-Master, would you like to tell us if you are working in the Vulcan Fired Forge without spilling the Vessel of Hermes, but without disintegrating the Pluralized I, in the long run the Kundartiguador Organ also develops?


A- Friends, distinguished lady who asks the question, it is very necessary to understand the need for a Straight Conduct when working in the Forge of the Cyclopes.


He who does not die in Himself, the one who does not dissolve the Ego, eventually develops the Abominable Kundartiguador Organ, even though he is working in the Fiery Forge of Vulcan (S**-Yoga).


We already said in previous chapters that the Abominable Organ of all Fatalities develops in adulterers, in those who betray the Guru, in the sincere mistaking accustomed to justify crimes, in the angry and perverse, etc., even if they are working with White Tantrism, although they do not spill the Glass of Hermes.


Only by dying in Himself and truly working in the Ninth Sphere, and sacrificing for our fellowmen, is it possible to develop in our intimate nature, the Igneous Serpent of our Magical Powers.


Much later we have to defeat the Dragon completely, if indeed we long to be devoured by the Serpent to become "Serpents".


Q- Master, the battle that Archangel Michael fought against the Dragon and the Rebel Angels, should we understand that he did it with the Spear of Longinus?


A- My friends, the Lance de Longinus is the same Lance of all the magical pacts, the same one with which Saint George wounded his Dragon.


There is no doubt that this Holy Pike, this pole of Achilles, is the marvelous emblem of the Sexual Energy with which we can incinerate, burn, radically destroy the various parts of the Ego, the Psychological I.


Q- Venerable Master, what is it that the Rebel Angels allegorize?


A- Friends, it is said that Michael fought against the Dragon and his Rebel Angels, as we have to do against the Intimate Lucifer and the Psychic Aggregates; it's about inner struggles, secret, terrible and very painful.


Each one of us must become, then, a "Michael", fighting incessantly against the Dragon and his mortal hosts

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