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                                                                     THE MONTAIN OF OLIVES


The wonderful ascent of the Fifth Serpent of Light inwards and upwards through the Spinal Medullary Channel of the Causal Body, actually gave me frank access to the Initiatic Mysteries of the Fifth Degree of Venustic Wisdom.


If I wrote in detail everything that I then learned in the thirty-three holy chambers of the Causal World, it is obvious that it would fill an immense volume.


As a Causal Man, sitting with a lot of humility I crossed my arms over my chest to attend the final Ceremony...


Unfortunately, I had the bad habit of crossing my arms in such a way that the left was on the right...


"Thus you must not cross your arms" - an Adept of the temple told me - and then he added: "The right must go over the left". I obeyed his instructions.


Have you seen Egyptian sarcophagi? The arms of the deceased crossed over the chest illustrate these affirmations.

Any skull between two quills or bones of the dead, as a sign of danger, says the same.


Doing the Will of the Father, as well in the heavens as on the Earth, dying in the Lord, is the deep meaning of such a symbol...


The Great KABIR Jesus, on Mount Oliveti, prayed thus:


"My father, if thou be willing remove

this Chalice, from me nevertheless not my will but thine be done. "


"And being in agony, he prayed more intensely: and his sweat was like great drops of blood that fell to the ground."


"And as he rose up from prayer, and came to his disciples, he found them sleeping with sadness." (With CONSCIENCE asleep).


"And he said to them," Why do you sleep? "(Why do you have CONSCIENCE asleep?) Get up, and pray that you do not enter into temptation." (Because the sleeping ones are clear that they fall into temptation).


Truly, truly I tell you that your Conscience must always remain alert and vigilant as the watchman in time of war.


It is written: "Before the Rooster (the Word) sings (or incarnates in us), you will deny me three times". When the Hierophant "PATAR" or PITER forgot himself, he denied the Intimate Christ three times.


PITER, PETRA OR STONE, was the own Hierophant or the interpreter in Phoenician, and hence the famous evangelical phrase: "You are PITER and on this STONE I will build my Church" (Our Inner Temple).


Bunsen, in his "Place of Egypt in the Universal History" (Vol. 5 p. 90), comments in turn on the inscription found in the sarcophagus of a great Queen of the Eleventh Dynasty (2,250 years before JC) and that only is a transcription of the Book of the Dead (4,500 before JC), interpreting hieroglyphics of PETER, PATAR, REVELATION, INITIATION, etc., etc., etc.


In no way were the old medieval ALQUIMISTS wrong, when they discovered the "Initiating Petera" in our sexual organs...


Unquestionably, "spilling the Glass of Hermes", prostituting the Stone of Truth, is tantamount to denying the Christ...


Of the of ALL - INCOGNOSCIBLE or RADICAL ZERO, emanates, at the beginning of a manifestation or Universe, the Pythagorean Monad, the Word, the Arch-magician or Hierophant, the ONE - UNIQUE; the AUNAD - AD Buddhist, the AIN - SUPH, IN SOPH or PNEUMA - EIKON CHALDEAN, the RUACH ELOHIM or Divine Spirit of the Lord floating on the Genesic waters, the existing one by itself, ANUPADAKA, or Manú - Swayambu - Narayana, Aryan.


This, the particular Monad of each one of us, is transformed into the most exalted Double, our particular, individual, Divine Mother KUNDALINI...


HE and SHE really constitute the "FATHER– MOTHER Gnostic", the ZERU - ANA PARSI, the DUAL PROTOGON or ADAM - KADMON, the THEOS - CHAOS of the Theogony of Hesiod, the UR - ANAS or the Chaldean Fire and Water, the OSIRIS - Egyptian ISIS, the JAH - HOVAH JEHOVAH or IOD - HEVE Semitic, etc., etc., etc.


 The Sacrament of the Church of LOVE, is the SAHAJA MAITHUNA. (SEXUAL MAGIC).


We must learn to fulfill this Holy Sacrament, vibrating in tune with the Divine couple.


He must become the living expression of the Hebrew IOD; SHE must be the living manifestation of HEVE.


THE ADAM - KADMON Kabbalist, the RHA - SEPHIRA or eternal MASCULINE - FEMALE, reconciled in perfect harmony above and below, in the infinitely large and in the infinitely small, constitute the culminating note of "MOUNT OLIVETI".




                                                                     THE BEAUTIFUL HELEN  


The sublime and wonderful ascension of the radiant Sixth Serpent , inwards and upwards, along the Spinal Medullary Canal of the BUDDHIC BODY , gave me, in fact and by right, a clear step to the Sixth Venustic Initiation  ...


In the UNIVERSAL BUDDHIC OR INTUITIONAL World, I had to live through that time, some transcendental chapters of the Christic Gospel...


I want to refer now, with extreme delicacy, to certain secret admirable passages, intentionally eliminated from the original text by the scribes and doctors of the law.


It is certainly deplorable that the Holy Hebrew Bible has been so cruelly mutilated, adulterated, deformed...


What I then experienced in the cosmic Intuitional region, keeps multiple perfect rhythmic concordances, with the various Initiatic Esoteric processes that we must experience here and now.


Extraordinary scenes related to the other planets of the Solar System of ORS, in which we live, move and have Our Being.


When the Sixth Viper of Resplendent Light pierced the august threshold of its corresponding chamber in the tranquil heart, the Sun of Midnight gloriously shone in the unalterable infinite...


I entered the temple of the Initiation accompanied by many people; each one of those of the cortege we carried in our right hand a candle, candle or burning torch...


In those moments I felt myself experiencing those Esoteric, Christic verses that literally say:


"And then, even talking about him,

came Judas, who was one of the twelve, and

with him a company with swords and clubs,

on behalf of princes of the Priests( or men constituted by worldly authority) and of the scribes( that is to say of the wise ones in the world) and of the elders( those held in the world as prudent, sensible and discrete)”

     "And as Judas (the Demon of Desire) came, he went to him and said,               Master, and he kissed him."

"Then they put their hands on him and seized him."


Inebriated with ecstasy I exclaimed: I am the Christ!  an ADEPT LADY admonished me, saying: Beware! Do not say that, it's disrespectful. "


In these moments I am representing, I replied. The Sacred Lady then kept a respectful silence.


The Cosmic Drama inside the temple of the transparent walls, had some extraordinary flavor, very serious, terrible Divine...


Having become the central character, I had to experience in myself the following evangelical passages:


"And they brought JESUS to the High Priest: Caiaphas (the Devil of the Bad Will) and all the Princes of the Priests joined him (the official authorities of this world) and the elders (the very respectable and full of experience) and the scribes (the intellectuals) ".


.“And the Princes of the Priest and the whole Council looked for testimony against JESUS (the inner Savior) to deliver him to death but they did not find him” “Because many said false testimony against him but his testimonies did not agree”

"Then some stood up and gave false testimony against him, saying:"


"We have heard him say: I will tear down this temple that is made by hand (referring to the animal Body) and in three days I will build another made without a hand" (the Spiritual Body, TO SOMA HELIAKON).


"Even more so, their testimony was not conceived."


"Then, the High Priest (with his Bad Will), standing up in the middle asked JESUS, saying:" Do you not answer something? What do these witness against you? "


"But he was silent and nothing answered:" (Silence is the Eloquence of Wisdom) ".


"The High Priest asked him again, and said: Are you the Christ, the Son of God?" (The Second Logos).


"And JESUS said to him: I Am (HE IS), and you will see the Son of Man (all true Critified or OSIRIFIED) seated at the right hand of the power of God (the First Logos), and coming in the clouds of Heaven" .

"Then, the High Priest (the Devil of the Bad Will) tore his clothes and said: What else do we need witnesses?"


"You Heard the blasphemy: What do you think? And they all condemned him to be blamed for death."


"And some began to spit on him, and cover his face, and slap him, and say to him, Prophesy, and the servants slapped him with their hands."


"And then in the morning, having had counsel the Prince of the Priests with the elders and with the scribes, and with all the council, they took JESUS bound, and delivered him to Pilate."


"And Pilate (the Demon of the Mind) asked him: Are you the King of the Jews?" "And he answered and said to him: You have said it."


"And the Prices of the Priests (the authorities of this world) accused him very much".


"And Pilate asked again, saying," Do not you answer something? Look at how many things accuse you. "(The Internal Christ is accused by all people, even those who claim to be his followers).


"But JESUS (The Intimate Christ), not even with that answered. (I repeat: The Silence is the eloquence of wisdom.) Pilate (The Devil of the Mind) was amazed."


"However, on the day of the party a prisoner would release them, anyone who asked"


"And there was one called Barabbas (the Demon of the perversity), imprisoned with his mutiny comrades who had killed in a revolt" (Because the EGO is the homicidal and evil).


"And when the multitude came, he began to ask to do as he had always done to them."


"And Pilate answered them, saying, 'Do you want me to release the King of the Jews?'


"Because he knew that by envy the Prince of the Priests (the authorities of all kinds) had given him."


"But the Princes of the Priests incited the multitude to let Barabbas go before." (Authorities of all kinds defend the EGO, they say: First ME, Second ME, Third ME).


"And Pilate answering, he says to them again: What then do you want me to do of what you call King of the Jews?"


"And they shouted again: Crucify him (Crucifixia! Crucifixia! Crucifixia!)."


From the ineffable Sancta I left ecstatic, after having directly experienced the tremendous intimate realism of all these verses, lines above.


Clad in a new tunic of Glory, splendid maxi vestment, I left the Great Cathedral of the Soul...


How happy I felt to contemplate the wide panorama from there! Then I saw the flow and reflux of all things...


THE BUDDHI is like a thin and transparent vessel of ALABASTER, inside which the flame of PRAJNA burns...


ATMAN, the BEING, has two Souls. The first is the Spiritual Soul and is feminine (BUDDHI). The second is the Human Soul and is male (HIGHER MANAS).


THE INTELLECTUAL ANIMAL, mistakenly called "MAN", has only the ESSENCE embodied within itself.


Ostensibly, the latter is the Budhata, a tiny fraction of the Human Soul, the psychic material with which the "Golden Embryo" can and should be made. (See the Mystery of the Golden Blossom, Published previously in this site).


The SOURCE and BASE of the High Magic is found in the perfect betrothal of BUDDHI - MANAS, already in the purely spiritual regions, or in the terrestrial world.


HELEN clearly means the betrothal of NOUS (ATMA - BUDDHI) with MANAS (The Human or Causal Soul), the union by means of which CONSCIENCE and WILL are identified, leaving for that reason both Souls with Divine powers...


The essence of ATMAN, of the primordial, eternal and universal Divine Fire, is contained within the BUDDHI, which in full conjunction with CAUSAL MANAS (HUMAN SOUL), determine the MASCULINE - FEMALE.


The Beautiful HELEN of Troy is the same HELEN of Goethe's Faust, the SHAKTI or Feminine power of the Internal Being...


HE and SHE, BUDHI - MANAS, are the Twin Souls within ourselves (although the INTELLECTUAL ANIMAL has not yet incarnated them), the two adorable daughters of ATMAN (THE INTIMATE), the Husband and the Bride eternally in love...


Such love has infinite correlations, already in the conjugated pairs of the Double Suns of the Sky, and in that of the Earth with the Moon , already in the protoplasmic "ANFIASTER" of the determining cells, as it is known, of the mysterious phenomenon of the karyokinesis or morphological duplication of the one cell, already in the universal symbolism of the epics and all the remaining literature, where the ideal love between two beings of the opposite sex, constitute "the Alma Mater" of literary production.


Unquestionably, the "SAHAJA MAITHUNA" as Sacrament of the Church of ROME-LOVE repeats itself with the Twins in the AKASHA TATWA and continues gloriously with OSIRIS - ISIS in the region of ANUPADAKA.


 Obviously SEX is the Church of LOVE.


The theory of the Twin Souls does not imply any danger when we catch its deep significance.


The Chemical Coitus, the Metaphysical Copulation, shines gloriously in the zenith t of the Ideal, without the slightest shadow of impurity ...


The legitimate infatuation is never separated from SEX. The sexual act is certainly the consubstantialization of love in the PSYCHO - PHYSIOLOGICAL realism of our nature.


The betrothal BUDDHI - MANAS is only possible through Chemical Coitus. Sexual enjoyment is a legitimate right of man-woman.


RENATO made the grave mistake of affirming, emphatically, that the HELEN of SIMON the Magician was a beautiful woman of flesh and blood, whom the aforementioned Magician had found in a brothel of Tire, and which, according to his biographers, was the reincarnation of the Greek LENA.


Such a concept does not stand up to a substantive analysis: the authentic Initiatic Colleges teach, with complete clarity, about that the beautiful HELEN the BUDDHI, the SPIRITUAL SOUL of the Sixth Venustic Initiation , the potential SHAKTI Feminine.


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