I write the FIFTH GOSPEL, I teach the RELIGION-SYNTHESIS that was the primitive of humanity; the doctrine of JANO or of the JINAS.


This is the Wisdom Religion of the ancient PRIESTS, GYMNOSOPHES or solitary JINAS COLLEGES of CENTRAL ASIA, IOHANS, SAMANS, EGYPTIAN ASCETICS, ANCIENT PYTHAGORICS, MIDDLE-EVAL ROSICRUCIAN, TEMPLARIES, PRIMITIVE MASONS, and other esoteric brotherhoods, more or less known, whose single list would occupy dozens of pages.


This is the SECRET DOCTRINE of the KNIGHTS of the HOLY GRAIL; This is the LIVING STONE of JACOB; the PENCIL-ELECTRIX (MAGNES) explained dialectically.


Without the FIFTH GOSPEL the four are veiled; I write to tear the veil of ISIS.


It is URGENT to unveil to teach. It is necessary to preach the GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM in all the Nations of the World.


Preaching without revealing is equivalent to not teaching. We need to explain the four with the Fifth.


The GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM has never been preached because it has never been explained.


All four are in KEY and that is why no one could ever essentially explain them; with the FIFTH the Light shines in the darkness.


Here is one more book of the FIFTH GOSPEL. "To the one who knows the word gives power, nobody pronounced it, nobody will pronounce it but only the one who has it INCARNATED."






                                                                                                                          CHAPTER 1

                                                                                                THE DIVINE MOTHER AND THE HOLY GODS


"Virgin Mother, Daughter of your Son, the most humble as well as the highest of all creatures, the fixed term of the eternal will, you are the one who has ennobled human nature in such a way that its maker did not disdain become his own work. In your bosom the love whose heat has made this flower germinate in eternal peace was inflamed. You are here for us a meridian Sun of charity, and below for mortals a living source of hope. You are so great, lady, and you are so valuable that everyone who wishes to achieve some grace and does not turn to you, wants his desire to fly without a soul. Your kindness not only helps those who implore you, but often spontaneously anticipates the supplication. they bring together mercy, piety, magnificence, and all that is good in the creature. This, then, that from the deepest lagoon of the Universe up to here has seen all spiritual existences one by one, begs you to grant him the grace of acquire such a virtue, that rise with the eyes to supreme health. And I, who have never wanted to see more than I want him to see, I address all my prayers to you, and I beg you not to be in vain, so that you may dispel with yours all the mists coming from his mortal condition, luckily May he openly contemplate the utmost pleasure. I beg you furthermore, O Queen! that you can as much as you want, that you keep their affections pure after seeing so much; May your custody triumph over the impulses of human passions; look at Beatriz as she joins her hands with all the Blessed to unite her prayers to mine " (DANTE ALIGHIERI, 33rd canticle, part 3," The Divine Comedy ") .


"OH ISIS, Mother of the cosmos, root of love, trunk, bud, leaf, flower and seed of all that exists, to you, naturalizing force, we conjure you; we call to the Queen of space and night, and kissing her loving eyes, drinking in the dew of his lips, breathing the sweet aroma of his body, we exclaim OH NUIT! You, ETERNAL SEITY OF HEAVEN, who are the PRIMORDIAL SOUL, who are what was and what will be, to whom no mortal  has lifted the veil, when you are under the radiant stars of the night and deep sky of the desert, with purity of heart and in the flame of the serpent we call you "(GNOSTIC RITUAL).


"Glory, Glory to MOTHER KUNDALINI, who through her infinite grace and power leads the SADHAKA from chakra to chakra and illuminates his intellect, identifying him with the supreme Brahman. May her blessings reach us! (SIVANANDA).


Was it not ENEAS, son of the hero ANCHISES and the GODDESS VENUS? How many times did the DIVINE MOTHER show herself favorable to the Trojans, also inclining in their favor the Will of JUPITER (THE SOLAR LOGOS), father of the GODS and of men.


Oh Aeolus! Lord of the Wind! You who have the power to appease and curl the waves of the immense sea; You who submerged part of the Trojan fleet among the raging waves, tell me: What would become of you without your DIVINE MOTHER KUNDALINI? Where would you get such great power?


Oh Neptune! Lord of the sublime depths of the sea, you, great GOD, before whose divine gaze the winds flee and the raging elements are appeased, can you deny that you have a mother? Oh Lord of the depths! You know well that without her you would not wield in your right hand that formidable trident that gives you power over the hideous remnants of the abyss.


Oh Neptune! Venerable Master of humanity, you who gave the peoples of submerged ATLANTIS such wise precepts, remember, great Lord, all of us who love you.


When the AQUILON raises the waves towards the sky and some castaways are raised to the stars, while others feel submerged in the abysses, there is no hope other than your mercy.


The NOTO crashes the ships against hidden reefs in the background and the EURO plunges them against the coasts, enveloping them in sand or breaking them against cliffs, but you, Lord Neptune, save many people who swim and then all is silent.


The caves where the sea nymphs live in the mysterious places, preserve the memory of your works, Oh! Great God.


You who have known the dangers of the stormy ocean of life, the terrible rage of Scylla, of roaring rocks, the rocks of the vigilant CYCLOPES, the hard road that leads to NIRVANA and the battles of MARA the tempter with his three FURIES, never commit the crime of ingratitude; never forget your DIVINE MOTHER.


Blessed are those who understand the mystery of their own DIVINE MOTHER. She is the root of her own MONAD; in her immaculate womb the child that she carries in her arms, our INTIMATE BUDDHA, is gestated.


VENUS descending from the high peaks disguised herself as a hunter to visit his son ENEAS the Trojan hero, with the healthy purpose of guiding him towards Carthage where Queen DIDO reigned flourishing, the one who, after having sworn allegiance to the ashes of SIQUEO, killed herself for passion.


The ADORABLE has the power to make herself visible and tangible in the physical world when she wants to.


O ignorant mortals! How many times, my God, have you been visited by your Divine Mother and yet you have not recognized her!


How happy you were! O illustrious citizen of the Superb ILION, when your adorable Mother covered you with her protective cloud to make you invisible!


You who crave magical powers: are you ignorant that your Sacred Mother is OMNIPOTENT?

O my Lady, only the IOPAS singer with his long hair and golden zither could sing your bounties!


                                                                                                                       CHAPTER 2

                                                                                                                PARALLEL UNIVERSES


A bold hypothesis suggests that there is a phantom universe similar to ours. There is only a very weak interaction between these two universes, so that we do not see that other world that mixes with ours.


The revolutionary scientific GNOSTICISM goes much further in this matter, it emphatically affirms the harmonious coexistence of an infinity of PARALLEL UNIVERSES.


The radical exclusion of this transcendental scientific concept would leave without logical explanation a considerable series of unclassifiable facts: mysterious disappearances, etc.


On the fragrant and delicious banks of the river that joyfully and happily glides singly through the deep jungles of a tropical region of South America, a group of innocent children watched with horror their own little mother disappear; It floated in space for a few moments and then seemed to plunge into another dimension.


"One summer day in 1809 Benjamin Bathurst, England's ambassador to the Austrian court, was in a small German town. His carriage stopped in front of an inn. The ambassador got out and walked a few steps. The horses hid his figure by a moment and the innkeeper stopped seeing him as well as his servants and some travelers who were there. He never reappeared. "


In these eventful days of our lives, the mysterious disappearances of men, women, children, ships, planes, etc., are scandalously multiplied despite the intelligence services and the wonderful radar and radio that theoretically should not afford to allow mysteries in this domain.


The concept of PARALLEL UNIVERSES is clearly more exact and more scientific than those famous SUBJECTIVE PLANES of reactionary PSEUDO-OCULTISM.


A background analysis would lead us to the logical conclusion that such UNIVERSES exist not only in the SUPERIOR DIMENSIONS of space but also in the submerged INFRADIMENSIONS.


It is by no means absurd to state with complete clarity that within each PARALLEL UNIVERSE there are series of UNIVERSES, let's call them ATOMS, MOLECULES, PARTICLES, CELLS, ORGANISMS, etc.


Please dear reader; kindly reflect and understand; here we are not talking about UNIVERSES of ANTIMATTER which is something totally different. It obeys exactly the same laws as our matter, but each of the particles that compose it has an electrical charge inverse to that of the matter that we know.


Within the deep bosom of MOTHER-SPACE there are millions of GALAXIES constituted by ANTIMATTER, but they also have their PARALLEL UNIVERSES.


No physicist is unaware that this Universe in which we live, move and have our being, exists thanks to certain constants: Speed of light, constant of PLANCK, number of LAWYER, elemental charge ELECTRON-VOLT, ENERGY at REST of a body of mass 1 Kg, etc.


When a UNIVERSE has radically different CONSTANTS, it is totally strange and unimaginable for us: However, if the differences are not very great then the interferences of our world become possible.


Modern sages have invented an amazing magic mirror: THE PROTON ACCELERATOR.


The scenes of our neighboring PARALLEL UNIVERSE located in the fourth DIMENSION, are certainly amazing.


It causes perplexity, indecision, uncertainty, the extraordinary behavior of a certain mysterious particle called MESON K.


Three Chinese scientists residing and working in the USA, Lee, Yang and Mrs. Wu, discovered to their amazement and surprise that the Law of Conservation of Parity is not fulfilled with K mesons.


This admirable, stupendous and portentous discovery has come to show that MESSON K behaves strangely because it is disturbed by the wonderful and extraordinary forces of a PARALLEL UNIVERSE.


Modern scientists are getting dangerously close to the FOURTH DIMENSION and even trying to pierce it with the help of NEUTRINE.


THE NEUTRINE is prodigious, marvelous, astonishing, has the ability to traverse an infinite thickness of matter without appreciable reaction.


The photons or grains of light, can come from the unalterable infinity, but a delicate sheet of paper is enough to stop them, on the other hand, the NEUTRINO can cross the planet earth in its entirety as if it were a vacuum. It is thus clearly the agent indicated to penetrate the neighboring PARALLEL UNIVERSE.


Some time ago the famous Italian scientist named Bremo Pontecorvo proposed to build a NEUTRINOS telescope, his idea is surprising, portentous; with this optical and revolutionary instrument one could penetrate into the NEIGHBORING PARALLEL UNIVERSE.


It is certainly admirable to know that the MESSONS, whose strange behavior allowed Chinese scientists to hypothesize the PARALLEL UNIVERSES, are obtained in decays with emission of NEUTRINES.


The PARALLEL UNIVERSES interpenetrate each other without being confused, each one has its own space that is not our area.


REVOLUTIONARY SCIENTIFIC GNOSTICISM goes far beyond simple HYPOTHESES and ASSUMPTIONS and solemnly affirms the existence of PARALLEL UNIVERSES.


ESOTERISTIC students need a SPIRITUAL CULTURAL REVOLUTION; that question of PLANS and SUB-PLANS, is a matter or topic that, in addition to never having been clear and objective, has led to confusion.


It is URGENT to modify the ESOTHERIST lexicon; a new occult vocabulary is needed, a special revolutionary language that serves exactly the ideology of Aquarius.


Instead of the above-mentioned METAPHYSICAL PLANES and so many bombastic theories, it is better to speak of PARALLEL UNIVERSES.



                                                                                                                                    CHAPTER 3

                                                                                                                                      RUNE FA





Dear reader,


In our previous "Christmas Messages" we said in a very solemn way that the poor INTELLECTUAL ANIMAL is just a chrysalis within which that which is called MAN must be formed and developed.


SOLAR FIRE is certainly what is needed to MAKE and develop within ourselves that AVAILABILITY to MAN.

FOHAT is the generating FORCE, the living and philosophical CENTRAL FIRE that can originate within the COSMO-BIOLOGY of the RATIONAL ANIMAL, the authentic and legitimate MUTANT, the real and true MAN.


There are many kinds of FIRE. Let us remember the SAINT ELMO`S LIGHT during the storm.


It is good to remember that mysterious COLUMN OF FIRE that led the Israelites in the desert at night.


It is useful to remember those strange meteors that, in its own way, Physics has cataloged under the name FATTY FIRE, in cemeteries.


There are many reminiscences of ball-shaped rays; meteor-cats, etc.


HP BLAVATSKY in his monumental work entitled the «SECRET DOCTRINE», alludes in that paragraph that says: "THE CHAOS of the ancients", to that SACRED FIRE of ZOROASTER or the ATASH-BEHRAN of the PARSIS.


How ineffable are the words of HPB, when she speaks of the FIRE of HELMES.


The explanations of this GREAT MARTYR of the XIX century are remarkable when it reminds us of the FIRE OF HELMES of the ancient Germans; the flashing lightning of the CIBELES; the TORCH OF APOLLO; the altar flame of PAN; the bright sparks in the hats of the GODS, in the head of the Gorgons, in the Helm of PALAS and in the CADUCEUS of MERCURY.


How sublime! It was the unquenchable FIRE in the temple of APOLLO and that of VESTA.


How lofty! it was the EGYPTIAN PTAH-RA; How Great! The GREEK ZEUS CATAIBATES, which descends from heaven to earth according to Pausanias, shone in the night of the centuries.


The tongues of fire of Pentecost and the flaming bush of Moses are certainly very similar to the tunnel burning in the founding of Mexico.


The inextinguishable lamp of ABRAHAM still shines brilliantly and terribly divine.


THE ETERNAL FIRE of the BOTTOMLESS ABYSS or PLEROMA of the GNOSTICS is something that can never be forgotten.


When speaking of the SACRED FIRE, it is convenient to mention, name, quote, the glowing vapors of the ORACLE OF DELPHOS; the sidereal Light of the GNOSTICS-ROSICRUCIAN, the AKASHA of the INDOSTANI ADEPTS; the Astral Light of Eliphas Levi, etc.


INITIATIC books are written in FIRE characters. We need to fertilize our intimate nature if we really want the SOLAR MAN to be born within us.




Among the multiple fires that sparkle in the DIVINAL EAGLE, the one that shines, and sparkle  in the PINEAL GLAND, upper part of the brain, is always the singer of the HOLY SPIRIT that transports the ARK, from city to city, that is to say from chakra to chakra, along the spine.


With MAXIMUM URGENCY and cannot be postponed we need to AWAKEN CONSCIOUSNESS if we really want to SELF-KNOW OURSELVES thoroughly. Only the SELF-CONSCIOUS man can penetrate the PARALLEL UNIVERSES at will.


INDOSTAN HATHA YOGUINES talk a lot about DEVI KUNDALINI, the IGNIOUS SERPENT OF OUR MAGIC POWERS and even suppose that they can awaken her through BREATHING EXERCISES and many other complicated and difficult physical practices.


We GNOSTICS know that the BRONZE SERPENT that healed the Israelites in the desert, the DIVINE PRINCESS of LOVE, only awakens and climbs the SPINE through the MAITHUNA; however, PRANAYAMA should not be underestimated.


It is useful to know that the magical science of breath wisely combined with SCIENTIFIC MEDITATION, allows us to use certain sparks, flashes, rays of the KUNDALINI with the healthy purpose of achieving AWAKENING.


Working CONSCIOUSLY in the different PARALLEL UNIVERSES, traveling at will in a lucid, brilliant and clear way through all those supersensible regions, is only possible by transforming the SUBCONSCIOUS into CONSCIOUS.


There is the JUDO of the SPIRIT; We are referring to RUNIC EXERCISES: these are formidable to achieve the AWAKENING OF CONSCIOUSNESS.


Whoever wants to work with this JUDO must start with the MERCURY RUNE, whose violet color originates extraordinary cosmic forces.


It is therefore to know that this above-mentioned NORDIC RUNE contains in itself all the power and the impulse of fertility.


We need the breath of FOHAT to fertilize our own PSYCHES, PENTECOSTAL sparks to become SELF-CONSCIOUS.


If we analyze the practices of the RUNE FA, we can show that in them there is PRANAYAMA, PRAYER, MEDITATION and a certain sacred posture.





We must greet each new day with immense joy and when we get out of bed, raise our arms towards the CHRIST-SUN, Our Lord, in such a way that the left is a little higher than the right and that the palms of the hands remain in front the light in that ineffable and sublime attitude of one who really yearns to receive the SUN RAYS.


This is the sacred position of the RUNE FA , once like this we will work with the PRANAYAMA inhaling through the nose and exhaling the air through the mouth in a rhythmic way: and with a lot of FAITH.


Let us imagine in these moments that the LIGHT of the CHRIST-SUN enters us through the fingers of the hands, circulates through the arms, floods our entire organism; it reaches the CONSCIOUSNESS, stimulates it, awakens it, calls it to activity.


In the mysterious and divine nights, practice with this RUNIC JUDO before the starry sky of URANIA and with the same position, and praying like this: WONDERFUL FORCE OF LOVE, fan my SACRED FIRES so that my CONSCIENCE awakens. FI ... FE ... FO ... FU ... FA ... This little and great prayer can and should be pray with all the heart as many times as you want.




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