CHAPTER 36

                                                                                                         THE TEMPLE OF HERCULES


Resplendent companion of that marvelous temple of JAGRE-NAT, of which so many wonders A. Snider says in his formidable work entitled: "LA CREATION ET SES MYSTRERES" the SANCTUARY of HERCULES (THE CHRIST) shone gloriously in submerged ATLANTIS.


Unforgettable times of deep poetry are those in which King EVANDRO, eloquently explained to AENEAS the excellent Trojan man, all the delicious charm of the sacred banquet offered in honor of HERCULES.


If the VULCAN GOD (THE THIRD LOGOS) truly deserves so much praise, what shall we say about the Lord, CHRIST, the SECOND LOGOS, HERCULES?


The adolescent choir sang deliciously at the sacred banquet, singing the praise of the lord and his high deeds; he enumerated with singular beauty all his works.


HERCULES strangling all the poisonous snakes that came to take his life when he was still very child (remember HEROD and the beheading of the innocent).


HERCULES beheading LERNA`S HYDRA, the tempting serpent of EDEN, the horrible viper of the sinister temple of GODDESS KALI.


HERCULES cleansing with the SACRED FIRE the STABLES OF AUGEAN, that is to say, the forty-nine subconscious regions of the human mind where all the beasts of desire dwell horrendously.


HERCULES valiantly killing the furious LION OF NEMEA, that is, eliminating or extinguishing the LUCIPHERIC fire and bringing CERBERUS, the INFERNAL DOG, from the darkness, (THE SEXUAL INSTINCT) is certainly admirable, worthy of all praise and glory.


And to think ... Oh my! That HERCULES always repeats his exploits every time he comes into the world, that's terrible ... magnificent.


It is clear and clearly pathetic that we must first work on the FIRED FORGE OF VULCAN, (THE SEX), before embodying HERCULES in ourselves.


"Wretched the SAMSON of the KABBALAH who lets himself sleep for DELILAH, the one who exchanges his scepter of power for the spindle of Onfalia, will soon feel Deyanira's revenge, and will have no choice but to escape from the bonfire of Mount ETA. To run away from the devouring torments of NESO's robe. "


From the heights of the TARPEYA rock, all those who betray HERCULES are precipitated to the bottom of the abyss.


Back in the days of the submerged ATLANTIS, the temple of HERCULES stood on a rocky mass.


The extraordinary and marble staircase that gave access to the temple; its cyclopean and imposing mass, made it truly precious twin brother of the Egyptian PHILAE and of many other venerable SANCTUARIES of MAYAS, NAHUATLS and AZTECS.


If we think even for a moment about the city of the GODS (TEOTIHUACAN, MEXICO), and about the secret paths and underground crypts of that sacred place, ignored by tourists, we must never forget the colossal constructions under the temple of HERCULES.


Certainly, under the rear facade of the temple a regal portico with twelve statues of ZODIAC GODS was opened that clearly symbolized the twelve faculties of man and the Twelve Saviors of whom the GREAT KABIR JESUS spoke so wisely.


Old traditions say that such portico was similar to the famous house of the Dwarf, also called MAGICIAN`S HOUSE, of the Great TEOCALLI or HOUSE OF GOD, of MEXICO.


The INITIATES entered reverently and fearfully under that terrible portico and passed under the columns of HERCULES.


Such columns were of pure gold and on them were engraved with sacred characters the words ADAM KADMON; MM know very well about J and B. PLUS ULTRA.


Seven golden steps by which the INITIATE descended led him to a large rectangular enclosure.


That mysterious place was all covered with pure gold and corresponded exactly with the upper nave, always open to the prayers of the profane world.


That was the CAMERA OF THE SUN; There were four more chambers and mysteries shone in all of them.


The second crypt was ineffable, it was reached by descending five sections of silver tin: the sacred metal of Brihaspati, Jupiter or Ino.


In the third crypt the planets MARS and VENUS blazed. The red coloration of the one and the white foam of the other gave the area a pinkish and beautiful tint.


Of the seven solar palaces that of VENUS-LUCIFER is the third the same in the CHRISTIAN KABBALAH as in the JEWISH that makes it the mansion of SAMAEL.


The TITANS of Western allegory are also closely related to VENUS-LUCIFER.


Thus, SHUCRA, that is, the ruler of the planet VENUS, incarnated on earth as USHANAS, in Hebrew URIEL, and gave the inhabitants of this world perfect laws that were unfortunately violated in later centuries.


I met USHANAS or URIEL on the POLAR continent during the first race; wrote a beautiful book with RUNIC characters.


LUCIFER is the negative, fatal aspect of VENUS. In the dawn VENUS always shines and the LUCIFERIC forces are agitated terribly.


VENUS is truly the BIG BROTHER, the MESSENGER OF LIGHT on earth, both in the physical and mystical sense.


In the fourth INITIATIC chamber of the temple of HERCULES, SATURN and MOON always shone, shining facing on the ARA.


It is urgent to remember that from the ATLANTIS time the two paths were clearly drawn, that of the right hand and that of the left, whose struggle of more than 800,000 years is symbolically sung in the oriental poem of the Great War or the MAHABBARATA.


Descending a little more, the Atlantean INITIATES penetrated the fifth crypt, that of HERMES, MERCURY, which on the ARA looked splendid.


MERCURY as an astrological planet is the nuncio and the wolf of the Sun solaris luminis particeps.


MERCURY is the chief and the evoker of souls, the Archmage and the hierophant.


MERCURY takes in his hands the caduceus or hammer of two serpents, to evoke again to life the unhappy souls precipitated in the ORC, (LIMBO) TUN VIRGAM CAPIT, HAC ANIMAS ILLE EVOCAT ORCO, with the purpose of making them enter the celestial militia.


Remember that in LIMBO live many holy men and wise men and sweet maidens who believed that they could REALIZE THEMSELVES without SEXUAL MAGIC. Poor souls ... they did not work in the FORGE OF CYCLOPES, they did not manufacture the SOLAR BODIES, the wedding garment of the SOUL.


Blessed is he who fully understands the wisdom of the five crypts of the temple of HERCULES.

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