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                                                                                  Chapter 53

When Jesus concluded, he told his disciples: "Now and therefore, let the one in whom the spirit be agitated, come and say the solution to the tenth repentance of Pistis Sophia."

Peter responded by saying: Oh! Lord, as for your light power, you have long prophesied through David, in his psalm one hundred and nineteen, saying:


(Peter, within each one of us, is that part of our Being that is understood with the Mysteries of S**.)

(In the Cosmic Drama, Peter dies crucified with his head down.)

(The inverted cross of Peter tells us that we must work in the Ninth Sphere, s**.)

(To the ninth sphere Low Mars to re-re-temper the sword, Hercules to clean the Stables of Augias and Perseus to cut off Medusa's head with his flaming sword.)

(The descent to the Ninth Sphere is the ultimate test for the Hierophant.)

(Buddha , Jesus, Dante, Zarathustra , Hermes, Quetzalcoatl , etc., had to go through that terrible test.)

(While not going through that terrible test, there are only theories in the mind.)

                                     Peter interprets the tenth repentance, according to Psalm CXIX


- I cried to you, Oh! Lord, in my oppression and you heard me.


- Oh! Lord, save my soul from unjust lips and cunning tongues.


- What will be given to you or what will be added to you, with a sly tongue?


- The arrows of the fort (one), have been sharpened with coal from the desert.


- Woe to me, I live far from my dwelling, in the tents of Kedar.


- My soul has lived in many regions as a guest.


- I was peaceful with those who hated peace; If I did not speak to them, they fought against me without cause.

This is, then, Oh! Lord, the solution to the tenth repentance of Pistis Sophia, which she expressed when the emanations of Obstinate oppressed her; these and its lion-faced power and when everyone oppressed it excessively. "


(The Lord listens to those who implore him )


(Unfair lips and sly tongues always slander the Hierophants of s**.)

(The wicked can never understand sexual mysteries and shout against the Wise.)

(The sly tongue, which speaks of what it does not even remotely know, will fall into the abyss of perdition.)

(Those who slander the Hierophants of s**, step backwards between the bowels of the Earth until the second death.)

(Talking against the mysteries of s** implies attacking the Intimate Piter, that autonomous and self-conscious part of our own Being related to s**.)

(Strong is the one who becomes strong in sexual Magic.)

(Who has never worked in the forge of the Cyclops is frightfully weak.)

(Sexual energy is the strong force of all strength.)

(Life for the Initiates is a desert, it is rare who can live in the desert of the Wise.)

(With  fire of sexual life and burning erotic coals the arrows of the fort are sharpened.)

(The abode of Pistis Sophia is far from Kedar's tents .)

(Our dear readers must not forget that this Psalm CXIX, quoted by the Hierophant Peter, corresponds to the specific functions of our Intimate Peter and the mysteries of S**. Similarly, each of Pistis Sophia's characters is one of the parts of our own Self.)

(Obviously, each of the twelve parts and each of the parts of our own Being has its documentation in the Holy Scriptures.)

(Now our readers will understand the reason why each of Pistis Sophia's characters quotes a paragraph from the Holy Bible.)

(So ​​there could be not an exception, Peter and the mysteries of s**.)

(Our readers are therefore warned about the intimate relationship between the characters of Pistis Sophia and the biblical paragraphs cited by them.)

(Obviously, the biblical paragraphs cited by them specify the functions of each of them in us and within ourselves, here and now.)

(Certainly, the Pistis Sophia is not a book to read mechanically, but to study and meditate deeply throughout life.)

(The CXIX Psalm continues, quoted by Peter saying :)

("My soul has lived in many regions as a guest." This invites us to meditation.)

(The Great Kabir Jesus said: "In my Father's house there are many abodes.")

(Adulterers and fornicators will fall into the Hell Worlds where only crying and gnashing of teeth are heard.)

(We must distinguish between a fall and a descend.)

(Whoever wants to go up must first go down. No one can go up without having bothered to go down.)

(All exaltation is preceded by a terrible and frightful humiliation.)


(Peter has the keys of the Kingdom.)

(These two crossed keys are Sulfur and Mercury of the Wise.)


(Sulfur is the sexual Fire.)

(Mercury is the metallic soul of the Sacred Sperm.)

(Sulfur must fertilize the Mercury of the Sages before beginning the ascent of the sulfur-mercury through the spinal cord.)

(Sulfur and Mercury open the doors of the different regions of the Universe.)

(Sulfur and Mercury, although opposed, are reconciled by the sublimated Salt.)

(Sulfur and Mercury are the parents of the Philosopher's Stone.)

(Seth's red demons hate peace, these who fight against the Being without cause.)

(Pistis Sophia is always oppressed by the psychic aggregates and the Lion of the Law.)

(Peter, the Hierophant of s**, always gives the solution to Pistis Sophia's regret.)

(The true repentance of the Soul has its sexual foundation.)


                                                                                  Chapter 54

                                                                          Jesus praises Peter.

And Jesus replied: "Well said and very well, Peter. This is the solution to the tenth repentance of Pistis Sophia.


Jesus continued in his speech saying to his disciples: "It happened then that when the lion-faced power saw me, and saw how it came to Pistis Sophia , shining in excess, he became even more furious and threw from himself a multitude of extremely violent emanations When this happened, Pistis Sophia expressed her eleventh repentance, saying:

(As we move along the rocky path that leads to FINAL LIBERATION, karmic debts must be liquidated.)

                                                         The tenth First repentance of Sophia.


-Why was great power exalted in evil?


- His spell snatched the light that was in me, and as sharp iron took away my power.


- I preferred to descend to chaos rather than remain in the tenth Aeon, the region of virtue.


- And they cunningly took me, in order to consume all my light.


- For this reason, the light will take away all its light, and also all matter will become nothing. And all their light will be taken from them, and they will not be allowed to remain in the thirteenth Aeon, their place of abode, and they will not have their name in the region of those who will live.


- And the twenty-four emanations will see what has happened to you, oh lion-faced power, and they will fear and not disobey, but will give the purification of their lights.


- And they will see you and rejoice in you, saying: Look, an emanation that did not give purification in order to be saved, but boasted of itself in the abundance of light of its power, which does not emanate from the power in he, and who said: "I will take the light of Pistis Sophia, which will not be taken from me."

Now and therefore, that whose power has arisen, come and proclaim the solution to the tenth-first repentance of Pistis Sophia. "

(The Great Power always extols itself in evil because the latter against its will fortifies it.)

(The sharp iron removes power from Pistis Sophia under the dark spell of the Averno.)

(The region of virtue is ineffable, but Pistis Sophia descends to the lower Chaos to transform and regain victory.)

(The GENEOTRIMATSIKAMNIAN type contact, in the Aurora of the MAHANVANTARA, altered the THEOMERTMALOGOS.)

(This means that the sublime THEOMERTMALOGOS, when making contact with the primal manifestation of the cosmos, suffered some alteration.)

(Similarly, Pistis Sophia, in making contact with the lower Chaos, goes through a certain transformation.)

(The dark ones, in Chaos, always want to consume all the light of Pistis Sophia.)

(The Light will take the dark ones from their negative and fatal light.)

(The matter of the dark ones will be reduced to dust with the second death.)

(The dark ones will never ascend to the Tenth-Third Aeon.)

(There are the Rectors of Light and the Tenebrorum Rectors; the former have their name written in the Book of Life, the latter will not have their name written in the Great Book of Life.)

(The twenty-four emanations are the twenty-four Elders within ourselves, living personification of the microcosmic zodiac.)

(The twenty-four Elders or twenty-four autonomous and self-conscious parts of our own Being, will see what has happened before the Lion of the Law, will fear and will not disobey but will give the purification of their lights.)

(From his lights, radiates a Divine purification, Ineffable.)

(The emanation that does not give the purification of its light can never be saved.)

(Each part of our own Being must be perfected. The perfection of any part is only possible by eliminating undesirable psychic elements.)

(The highest parts of the Being are demanding and no one could perfect them without having eliminated all the undesirable psychic elements.)

(Whoever perfects the highest part of Being receives the degree of ISMECH.)

(The emanation or part of the Being that does not give its light of perfection is because it continues to be bottled in some psychic aggregate.)

(It is obvious that any part of the Bottled Being, boasts of itself, becomes selfish.)

(Boasting power and light that does not emanate from itself but from Being is a felony.)

(Light and real Wisdom emanates from the Being of Being and not exclusively from any of the parties.)


(Any part of the Being bottled in this or that psychic aggregate, living personification of some psychological defect, tends to boast, it is believed sovereign.)

(Whoever pretends to have all of Pistis Sophia's light, ignore that they ignore.)

                                                 Salome interprets repentance, according to Psalm LI.

Then Salome approached and said: "My Lord, your light - power was previously prophesied through David, in his Psalm Fifty-One, saying":


- Why does the powerful (one) boast of himself in his evil?


- Your tongue has studied iniquity all day, as a razor sharp you have skillfully practiced with it.


- You loved evil more than good: you wanted to proclaim evil more than virtue.


-You loved the hypocritical words and the cunning tongue.

- So God will abandon you totally and tear you away and uproot you from your abode, and throw your roots out of life (selah).


- The righteous will see and fear; they will despise him saying:


- Look, he is a man who did not trust in God's help but in his great wealth, and who was extraordinary in his vanity.


- But I am like an olive tree full of fruits in the house of God. I have trusted in the grace of God from all eternity.


- And I will recognize you, because you have dealt loyally with me; and I will wait in your name, which will be favorable in the presence of your Saints. "

This, then, my Lord, is the solution to the eleventh repentance of Pistis Sophia. When your power arose - light in me, I spoke according to your will. "

(Psalm LI specifies the functions of Salome within ourselves, here and now.)

(Obviously, none of Pistis Sophia's characters are outside of ourselves.)

(Unquestionably, all the characters of Pistis Sophia are autonomous and self-conscious parts of our own Self.)

(The Self looks like an army of children, so we perceive the "Service Brothers" with the Olooestenokhnian vision.)

(With this type of vision you can perceive a whole Hooltampanas of the Universe.)

(A Hooltampanas equals 5,764,801 tonalities of the Universal Cosmic color.)

(No one could have the specific type of the Olooestesnokhnian sacred vision, without having previously passed through the Buddhist Annihilation.)

(Salome as virtue and virtues, Law and laws, knows very well that the mighty boasts and boasts of himself in his wickedness.)

(The tongue of the wicked became sharp razor for evil.)

(The wicked love evil for love of the same evil.)

(Liar words and cunning language characterize the wicked.)

(Salome knows the good of the bad and the bad of the good.)

(Every part of our own Being has its sacred ministry.)

(Above and below, in the Macrocosm and in the Microcosm man, the creative powers are divided esoterically into seven, three and four, within the twelve great Cosmic Orders reminiscent of the twelve zodiac signs in the Macrocosm and in the Microcosm.)

(The highest group in the Macrocosm and within the Microcosm man, is constituted by the Lions of Fire or "Lions of life" of the zodiac sign of Leo.)

(It is worth remembering that just as the zodiac belt exists in the sky, so there are also the flames of the constellation of Leo within man. In the Macrocosm and within the Microcosm man is the Hierarchy of Fire the most important thing. )

(After this little digression necessary to clarify concepts, we will continue with the biblical verses cited by Salome and her corresponding comment.)

(God abandons the one who marches on the path of perdition.)

(When the son falls, the Father walks away.)

(When the Father departs, the son falls into disgrace.)

(He who does not trust in God's help but in his material wealth and who has developed the psychic aggregate of vanity falls into the abyss of perdition.)

(The psychic aggregates or aggregates of vanity, prevent the correct relationship with the upper parts of the Being.)

(Vanity is a relative of pride.)

(Vanity is prater, pride is silent.)

(For vanity someone would speak certain things, but for pride he would shut up.)

(Any elegant person, would have in his house an old car, possibly from the last century, this out of pure pride, but for vanity he would prefer to use a car of the latest model.)


(Wounded vanity causes frightful suffering, but hurt pride can cause death.)

(When vanity and pride come together, they can perform monstrosities.)

(Vanity is also often disguised in the modesty suit. A painter or vain scribe may appear in public dressed in beggar's clothing.)

(An artist injured in his vanity often falls into terrible painful situations.)

(Olive tree full of fruits is one who works on himself and trusts in the grace of God from all Eternity.)

(The Lord knows how to pay well to those who trust in His Holy Name.)

                                                                               Jesus praises Salome.

It happened then that when Jesus heard Salome's words, he said: "Well spoken Salome. Amen, Amen, I say to you: I will perfect you in all the mysteries of the kingdom of light."


Kingdom of Light is formed by the Conscious Circle of Solar Humanity that operates on the higher centers of Being.)




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