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                                                                                Chapter 34

And it happened then, when Mary finished saying these words to Jesus, in the midst of her disciples, who said: My Lord, this is the solution of the mystery of repentance of Pistis Sophia.

And when Jesus heard these words of Mary, he said: Well said Mary, the blessed one, the fullness or blessed fullness, you, of which she will be sung as the blessed one in all generations.

(Mary, Marah, Tonantzin, Isis, Adonia, Diana, Rhea, Insoberta, etc., is, as we said, a part of our own Being, but derived.)

(Unquestionably, Marah, Mary, is the Igneous Serpent of our magical powers.)

(Mary is, then, the Blessed One, the Divine Mother Kundalini.)

(Sophia's repentance in the Initiate, and the mystery of such repentance, is in sexual transmutation.)

(It is indispensable to raise the Celestial Jerusalem on the Stone of Truth.)

(Obviously, Yesod's cubic stone is the foundation of the city of Heliopolis.)

(Undoubtedly, Yesod-Mercury is in S**.)

(Yesod means both Foundation and Mercury, because the latter is the foundation of transmutation art.)

(Those who reject Yesod's cubic stone fall into the abyss of perdition.)

(Peter, the great Hierophant of sexual mysteries said :)

("Behold, I put to Zion the principal stone of the angle, chosen, precious, and whoever believed in it will not be ashamed.")

("The stone that the builders discarded has become the head of the angle.")

(S** is a stumbling block and a scandal rock.)

(The ignorant reject the mysteries of s** and fail horribly.)

(Those who spill the Glass of Hermes sink into the outer darkness where only crying and gnashing of teeth are heard.)



                                                                                     Chapter 35

                                                                          Sophia's second regret.

Jesus continued his speech and said: "Pistis Sophia continued and continues to sing praises in a second repentance, and thus saying":


- Light of lights in whom I had faith, do not leave me in the dark until the end of my days.


- Help me and save me through your mysteries; Tilt your ear to me and save me.


- May the power of your light save me and take me to the highest Aeons, for you will save me and lead me to the altitude of your Aeons.


- Save me, Oh! Light, from the hand of this lion face power and from the hands of the

Emanations of the Obstinate god.


- Because it's you, Oh! Light, the one in whose light I have had faith and in whose light I have trusted from the beginning.


- I have had faith in her from the moment she emanated from me and in which you yourself made me emanate; and I've had faith in your light from the beginning.

- And when I had faith in you, the Aeons aldermen scoffed at me saying: "She has ceased her mystery." You are my savior and you are my redeemer and you are my mystery Oh! Light.


- My mouth was full of praise. May I speak of the mystery of your greatness at all times.


- Now and therefore, Oh! Light, don't leave me in chaos until the end of my days; don't leave me oh! Light.


- For all the emanations of Obstinate have taken away all my light power and defeated me. They wished to snatch all my light, completely, and watch over my power.


- They say to each other: "The Light has abandoned it. Let's capture it and take away all the light in it."


- Therefore, Oh! Light, don't leave me; come back oh! Light, and save me from the hands of the merciless.


- That those who take my power from me fall and become helpless. May those who snatch my light power from me are engulfed in darkness and sunk in helplessness.

This is the second repentance that Sophia will pronounce, singing praises to the light. "

(The Father who is in secret is the Father of all lights, and the Initiate is addressed to Him.)

(The Ancient of Days is the Supreme Lord of all mysteries.)

(Each of us has his Kabalistic Elder.)

(Each of our Elders of Days can and should save us through its mysteries.)

(The Father of all lights, the Old Man of the Centuries within us, the upper part of our own Being, can save us and take us to the highest Aeons.)

(The Obstinate god, the animal ego, must be reduced to cosmic dust.)

(The Ancient of Light is the hidden from the hidden, the goodness of all goodness, the mercy of mercies.)

(From the Father who is in secret we have been originally emanated, you know that.)

(We as human beings, essentially speaking: as souls, we are the result of the different unfolding of the Elder of the centuries.)

(The Aeons aldermen, within ourselves, mock the fallen Bodhisattva saying: "You have ceased in your mystery, you are a pig that wallows in the mud of the Earth.")

(The Bodhisattva is the germ of some sacred individual, located within the Sacred Sperm and with possibilities of development, that's all.)

(Indubitably, such a germ might not develop and then reincarnation would be a failure.)

(Fallen Bodhisattvas are always a true failure.)

(The Ancient of the Days is the Savior, he is the Redeemer, He is the Mystery of the Mysteries.)

(From the Ancient of the Days emanates the Intimate Christ, through which the Father saves us.)

(The Son is one with the Father and the Father one with the Son.)

(Who has seen the Son has seen the Father.)

(The mystery of the greatness of the Father of all lights is the mystery of all mysteries.)

(From Chaos the Light springs; each one of us brings Chaos into himself and within himself.)

(Alchemically, Chaos is the hotbed of the cosmos.)

(Alkimist Chaos is found in the same creative organs.)

(Sophia does not want to stay exclusively in Chaos, she wants to ascend to Aeon Thirteen.)

(The Ancient of the Days helps in his ascent to every Initiate who longs to ascend to Aeon Thirteen.)

(The ego, the Obstinate, hates Pistis Sophia and defeats her by plunging her into Chaos and despair.)

(The emanations of the Obstinate are the psychic aggregates that we carry inside.)

(Actually, all those multiple aggregates steal the Light.)

(Within each psychic aggregate there is a certain percentage of imprisoned Light.)

(Obviously, it is about of a certain percentage of Essence or Consciousness inlaid, bottled.)

(Every time we manage to disintegrate some psychic aggregate, we release the corresponding percentage of Essence or Consciousness there bottled.)

(This is how we can gradually increase the percentage of Consciousness in us.)

(Normally, Humanity has three percent free Consciousness, if it had ten percent there would be no more wars.)

(The various Adepts who in recent times have sacrificed for Humanity, during the late nineteenth and part of the twentieth century, enjoy fifty percent of Awakened Consciousness.)

(Only the resurrected Adepts possess one hundred percent of Awakened Consciousness.)

(Psychic aggregates multiply within the intellectual animal, and of course, they steal the Light.)

(Each psychic aggregate has stolen a percentage of our Consciousness.)

(Only the Light can save us from the hands of the merciless we carry inside.)

(May those who seize Power fall and be reduced to cosmic dust.)

(This is the Second Repentance Sophia will sing to the Ancient of the Days, to the Father who is in secret.)

(The Initiate, full of Pistis Sophia, sings to the Father of all lights and supplicates.)



                                                                                   Chapter 36

                                                                     Peter complains about Mary.

And when Jesus finished saying these words to his disciples, he said to them: Do you understand the way I speak with you?

Peter came forward and said to Jesus: My Lord, we will not stand this woman, because she takes away the opportunity and has not let us speak to any of us, since it reason many times.

And Jesus, responding, said to his disciples: Let that in whom he will stir up the power of his spirit go ahead and speak, so that he may understand what he said; But now, Peter, I see that your power in you has understood the solution of the mystery of repentance that Pistis Sophia will pronounce. Therefore, Peter, now express the idea of her repentance, in the midst of your brothers.

(Peter, the Hierophant of sexual mysteries, speaks with great wisdom, and we must know how to listen to him.)

(We already said that the Twelve Powers are within ourselves.)

(We already affirm emphatically that the Twelve Powers are twelve parts of our own Being.)

(We already explained that the twelve autonomous and self-conscious parts of our own Being are the Twelve Apostles of the Cosmic Drama within ourselves, here and now.)

(We must, then, understand that Peter in all of us is that self-conscious part of our deep inner Being related to the mysteries of s**.)

(Peter, dying crucified with the inverted cross and head down, is indicating the need to go down to the Ninth Sphere, s**, to work with Fire and Water; every White initiation begins there.)

(Peter implies that the Snake Woman freason many times.)

(However, Peter and the Snake Woman, within us, are intimately related.)

(The Woman-Snake, Stella Maris, must question her son the Christ many times, during the Great Work, to help us.)

(The Woman-Snake is the wife of the Holy Spirit and the Daughter of her Son.)

(The Woman-Snake is Marah, Mary, Isis, our Divine Mother Kundalini.)

(The intimate Christ knows that the inner Peter of each of us fully understands the solution of Repentance that Pistis Sophia will pronounce.)

(Peter, PATAR, with its radical lyrics, knows very well that the key to repentance is in S**.)

(The three radical letters of Peter, PATAR are the following: "PTR".)

(Only the power of the Spirit can understand the words of the intimate Christ.)

(It is necessary to receive the "Donum-Dei" to understand all the science of the Great Work.)

(True repentance has its foundation in sexual mysteries.)

(It is Peter who must express the idea of Repentance among his Brothers.)

(Peter's brothers are the other autonomous and self-conscious parts of our own individual Being.)


                                           Peter interprets the second repentance in Psalm LXX

And Peter responded by saying to Jesus: Oh! Lord, listen, for I could say the idea of her repentance, of which time before your power prophesied through the Prophet David, who expressed this repentance in the Seventieth Psalm:


- Oh! God, my God, I have trusted you; Do not let it be disgraced forever.


- Save me in your virtue and deliver me; Tilt your ear to me and save me.


- Be for me a strong God and a firm place in which to take refuge, for you are my strength and my refuge.


- My God, save me from the hand of the sinner and the hand of the transgressor and the wicked (one).


- Well, you are my resistance, Oh! Lord, you are my hope from my youth.


- I have entrusted myself to you from my mother's womb; You have taken me from my mother's womb. My memory is always you.


- I have become a madman to many, you are my help and my strength, you are my redeemer, Oh! Sir.


- My mouth is full of praises; May I praise the glory of your splendor throughout the day.


- Do not throw me away from you in the days of my old age; If my soul faints, don't abandon me.


- Well, my enemies have spoken badly against me and those who wait for my soul have advised against my soul.


- Saying to each other: God has abandoned him; let's chase him and get hold of him, for there is no one to save him.


- God, hurry up to help me.


- That those who slander my soul, suffer shame and be destroyed. May shame and misfortune involve those who seek my evil.

This, then, is the solution of the second regret that Pistis Sophia expressed.

(The Inner God of each one of us is what counts.)

(Only our Inner God can save us from all misfortune.)


(The Inner Lord, the upper part of the Being, listens and helps us.)

(May the severity of our God save us.)

(May the mercy of our God protect us.)

(The Lord will save us from the hand of the transgressor and the hand of the sinner and the wicked.)

(The transgressor, the sinner and the wicked are within ourselves.)

(Truly, transgressors, sinners and impious, are the psychic aggregates that we carry inside.)

(The Intimate God is our resistance and our hope, our strength and reality.)

(He who has incarnated the Intimate Christ knows very well that he has left the womb of his Divine Mother Kundalini.)

(By the will of the Elder of the Centuries we leave the womb of the Mother.)

(We must never forget our Father who is in secret, each one of us has his Father.)

(The things of the spirit are crazy for the intellectual animal mistakenly called man.)

(We should praise the Father who is in secret.)

(Many times the soul faints, but if the Father fortifies us, we will be victorious.)

(When the son falls, when he perverts, the Father departs.)

(When the Father departs, the son falls into disgrace.)

(If the Father were not absent the son would not fall out of favor.)

(He who is assisted by his Father never falls into misery.)

(Miserable is the evil son who has his Father absent.)

(It would be better for him not to have been born, or to hang a millstone around his neck and throw himself at the bottom of the sea.)

(The Old Man of the Centuries can give us everything, if he wants to, or get away from us.)

(Woe to him who is far from the Ancient of the Days.)

(The enemies of the night, the red demons of Seth, alive personification of our psychological defects, speak evil against the Being.)

(Seth's red demons, the psychic aggregates, wait for your Soul dear reader. In truth, within each of them there is a certain percentage of soul Essence.)

(Seth's red demons are advised against your Soul.)

(Woe to him who loses his Soul,)

(The dark ones that dwell within us, exclaim: God has abandoned him! Let us persecute him and seize him because there is no one to save him.)

(Our inner God can help us.)

(May shame, misfortune and destruction be for Seth's red demons )



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