Chapter 22

                                                                      Philip interrogates Jesus.

It happened then, when Jesus finished saying these words while Philip, sitting down, wrote all the words that Jesus spoke, that Philip went forward, fell on his knees and worshiped the feet of Jesus, saying: My Lord and Savior, give me authority to speak before You and ask about your word, before you talk with us about the regions to which you went because of your ministry. 

And compassionate Savior replied to Philip: You have permission to speak what you want. 

And Philip answered, saying to Jesus: My Lord, because of what mystery have you changed the union of the Rulers and their Aeons and their Destiny and their sphere and all their regions, and confused them in confusion as to their path and deceived their course? Have you done this to them for the salvation of the world, or not?

(If the Intimate Lord had not made forgiveness and Negotiations possible, many who could have been saved would sink.)

(Negotiations and Forgiveness were made possible for the salvation of the world.)

(The Great Compassionate loves all suffering humanity.)



                                                                                  Chapter 23

                                                    Why the course of the Aeons was changed.

And Jesus answered Philip, saying to him and all his disciples together: I have changed his course for the salvation of all souls. Amen, Amen, I tell you: If I had not changed its course, a host of souls would have been destroyed and would have lost a long time, if the Archons of the Aeons and the Archons of Destiny and of the sphere and of all their regions and all their skies and all their Aeons would not have been frustrated; and the souls would have continued a long time out here, and the completion of the number of perfect souls would have been delayed, which will count in the Inheritance of the Most High through the mysteries and will be in the Treasury of Light. For this reason I have changed their paths, so that they fall into deception and agitation and deliver the power that is in the matter of their world and that they mold in souls, so that those who are saved can be promptly purified and elevated, they and the eternal power, and those who are not saved, can be promptly destroyed.

(Unquestionably, the Intimate Christ made Forgiveness and Negotiations possible so that those who are saved can be promptly purified and elevated.)

(The Lord has made possible all kinds of Negotiations and Forgiveness so that people are defined and those who are not saved can be promptly destroyed.)



                                                                              Chapter 24

                                                                Mary interrogates him again

And it happened then, when Jesus finished saying these words to his disciples that Mary, the honest one in her speech and the blessed one, went forward, fell at the feet of Jesus and said: My Lord, let me speak before you and not You are outraged that I frequently bother you by questioning you.

The Savior, full of compassion, responded by saying to Mary: Speak what you wish and I will reveal myself to you openly.

Mary responded and said to Jesus: My Lord, how have souls delayed themselves out here, and which will be promptly purified?

(Souls have been delayed out here due to the inhuman elements that constitute the Ego.)

(Unquestionably, the Essence is engulfed among the multiple inhuman psychic aggregates.)

(Such aggregates personify our psychological defects: anger, greed, lust, envy, pride, laziness, gluttony, etc.)

(In Egypt, such undesirable elements were known as Seth's red demons.)

(Every demon of Seth is a I- a psychic aggregate in itself, this is irrefutable, irrefutable.)

(As long as the Soul-Essence continues bottled among Seth's red demons, Consciousness will be processed by virtue of its own confinement.)

(Indubitably, Consciousness bottled, sleeps deeply.)

(People live asleep, unconscious; they exist, they work, they suffer; however, they think they are awake.)

(Those who annihilate Seth's red demons will release their Consciousness, radically awaken it.)

(Only by radically understanding our mistakes through Meditation and the Self-reflection evident of the Being, does the annihilation of psychic aggregates become possible.)

(The mind can never annihilate any psychological defect; it can hide it from itself, justify it, condemn it, hide it from others, label it with different names, but never fundamentally alter it.)

(If we want to atomically disintegrate the psychic aggregates that we carry in ourselves, we need a power that is superior to the mind.)


(Fortunately, we have Devi Kundalini inside.)

(Unquestionably, she is Stella Maris, the Virgin of the Sea, Igneous Serpent of our magical powers.)

(Obviously, Stella Maris is a flaming power of our own Being, it is our own Being but derived.)

(Stella Maris is Isis, Insoberta, Mary, Rea, Cibeles, Tonantzín, Marah, Diana, etc., etc.)

(God the Mother within us, in us, can reduce to cosmic dust any undesirable element of our psyche, on condition of having previously comprehended.)

(The Divine Woman-Snake possesses terribly divine powers.)

(Isis is our particular Divine Cosmic Mother; everyone has their Isis.)

(The Divine Mother Kundalini-Isis assists us and helps on the condition of a straight conduct.)

(The power of Isis is reinforced by the sexual electrical power, in the fiery Forge of Vulcane.)

(This Forge is in Sex.)

(Transcendent Sexual Electricity intensifies the power of Isis.)

(During the chemical intercourse we can invoke Isis-Marah so we will be helped.)

(The Divine Mother-Snake Isis Adonia, can disintegrate any psychological defect if we invoke her in the Ninth Sphere, that is, in Sex and in full Chemical Coitus.)



                                                                                Chapter 25

And Jesus answered Mary by saying: Well said Mary, you interrogate well with your excellent question and shed light on all things with certainty. Therefore, from now on I will not hide anything from you, but I will reveal all things to you with confidence and openness. Listen, then, Mary, and you disciples, listen: Before I proclaimed all the Archons of the Aeons and all the Rulers of Destiny and the Sphere, they were bound in their bonds and their spheres and their seals, such as Lew, the Supervisor of the Light, had tied them from the beginning; and each of them remained in their order, and each one traveled according to their course, as Lew, the Supervisor of Light, had established. 

(LEW, the deeply sacred name, relates to Light and Clairvoyance.)

(It is written that Jesus, the Great Kabir, sang a sweet song in praise of the Great Name.)

(It is written, that he pronounced the deeply sacred Name LEW, and blew them in the eyes saying: "You are already clairvoyants.")

(Unquestionably, "LEW" is a mantric word or magic code related to Clairvoyance.)

(This word "LEW" appears in the Gnostic Mass.) (Refer to the previous publication called “The Major Mysteries” to see such mass).

                                                                 The coming of Melchizedek

And when the time came for the number of Melchizedek, the Great Receiver of Light, This one was in the middle of the Aeons and the Archons, who are confined to the Sphere and Destiny, and snatched the purification of the Light from all the Governings and the Aeons and all the Archons of Destiny and those of the Sphere - for he inspired what put them in turmoil - and set in motion the Hurricane, which is above them, and spun them in circles quickly and he ( the haster) snatched the power that was in them and the breath of their mouths and the tears of their eyes and the sweat of their bodies.

(Melchizedek is the planetary genius of the Earth on which, Jesus, the Great Kabir, testified.)

(Melchizedek is the Great Receiver of Cosmic Light.)

(Melchizedek has a physical body, is a Man, or rather, a Super - Man.)


(Melchizedek lives in the kingdom of Agharti)

(The Kingdom of Agharti is located in the underground caverns of the Earth.)

(The Earth is hollow, and a whole network of caverns constitutes Agharti.)

(In Agharti, live the Earth Genie with a group of survivors from Lemuria and Atlantis.)

(The Goros, powerful lords of Life and Death, work with Melchizedek.)

(All the ancient Wisdom of the centuries has been recorded in stones within the Kingdom of Agharti.)

(When Abraham returned from the defeat of the Kings of Sodom and Gomorrah, against whom he had fought, he found Melchizedek.)

(Then, Melchizedek lived in a fortress located there, where Jerusalem, the beloved city of the Prophets, was later built.)

(Abraham gave Melchizedek his tithes and first-fruits as mandated by the Law.)

(Melchizedek has an immortal physical body.)

(It has been said that Melchizedek and his people, Abraham and his people, celebrated on that occasion the Holy Gnostic Unction with the breaking of Bread and Wine.)

(It was then that Melchizedek delivered Abraham the Holy Grail.)

(Said Chalice was, much later in time, taken by the Queen of Sheba to Solomon King.)

(The Queen of Sheba subjected Solomon to many tests before giving her such a Divine Jewel.)

(The Great Kabir Jesus celebrated the Last Supper with the Sacred Chalice.)

(Joseph of Arimathea filled the Chalice with the blood that flowed from the Adorable's body, on the Mount of Skulls.)

(The Roman Senator hid the Chalice and the Spear with which Longinus wounded the Lord's side.)

(When the Roman police entered the Senator's house, he found neither the Chalice nor the Spear.)

(Joseph of Arimathea was, for this reason, locked up in a prison for a long time.)

(After leaving prison, Joseph of Arimathea collected the Sacred Relics and went to Rome.)

(Unfortunately, there he found Nero's persecution against the Christian Gnostics.)

(He traveled through the Mediterranean, and one night, in his dreams, he was visited by an Angel, who told him: That Chalice has great power because it contains the blood of the Redeemer of the World. Keep it there. Then he showed him the Temple from Montserrat, in Spain, Catalonia.)

(Joseph of Arimathea hid the Chalice and Spear in that Temple.)

(In the Grail Castle, in the transcendent Monsalvat, the Holy Grail and the Lance of Longinus, the Roman Centurion, are found.)

(It does not hurt, to affirm emphatically, that the Grail Temple is in Jinas state).(transcended to fifth D)

(The Chalice symbolizes the female Yoni and the Spear allegorizes the Phalus of the Greek Mysteries.)

(The mysteries of Lingam-Yoni are hidden in the Chalice and Spear.)

(The path that leads to the Intimate Self-Realization of Being is absolutely Sexual.)

(Melchizedek, in the midst of the Aeons and the Rulers, always snatches what he has to snatch, for the good of the suffering Humanity.)

(The Earth Genie constantly catches the purifying Light continuously, absorbs it, attract it to our Earth world to help Souls.)

(We must not forget that the Aeons and Archons are confined to the Sphere and Destiny.)

(It is possible, individually, through Forgiveness and Negotiations, to arrange the affairs of the Law with the Rulers and Aeons of Destiny and the Sphere.)

(This is what it means to snatch the purification of Light from all Aeons and Archons from all the hierarchs of Destiny and Those of the Sphere.)

(So it is said, that Melchizedek snatched the power that was in them, and the breath of their mouths and the tears of their eyes and the sweat of their bodies.)

(Melchizedek, in us and for us, as Lord of this planetary abode in which we live, sets in motion the Hurricane, which is above them, and spins it in circles, quickly.)

(This means that accelerating our intimate Self-Realization is always possible based on conscious work, voluntary suffering, negotiations and forgiveness.)

(Melchizedek answers for all the Souls of the Earth.)

(Jesus, the Great Kabir, is a Priest forever, according to the Order of Melchizedek.)

("For this Melchizedek, King of Salem, Priest of the Most High God; who went out to meet Abraham returning from the defeat of the Kings, and blessed him.")

("To whom Abraham gave tithes of everything, whose name means first King of Justice, and also King of Salem, that is, King of Peace,")

("Without Father-earthly, without Mother-earthly, without genealogy; that neither has a beginning of days, nor an end of life, but acts similar to the Son of God, remains a Priest forever." (HEBREWS 7).)

                                                                Of the molding of the souls of men.

And Melchizedek, the Receiver of the light, purified those powers and brought his light to the Treasury of the Light while the servants of all the Archons gathered all the matter of all of them; and the servers of the rulers of Destiny; and the servants of the sphere beneath the Aeons take it and mold it into the souls of men and cattle and reptiles and wild beasts and birds and send them down to the world of humanity. And then, the receivers of the sun and the receptors of the moon, if they look over and see the configurations of Destiny and the Sphere, then they take them from the energy of light; and the sun receivers get it ready and deposit it until they present it to the receivers of Melchizedek, the Purifier of Light. And they bring their useless material to the sphere below the Aeons, and they mold it into the souls of men, and they also mold it into souls of reptiles and cattle and wild beasts and birds, according to the circle of rulers of that sphere and in accordance with all the configurations of their revolution, and distribute them in this world of humanity, and become souls in this region, as I have told you.

(Melchizedek, the Earth Genie, must again and again purify the powers of this world with sacrifice and terrible transformations.)

(Great cataclysms are necessary.)

(Melchizedek must, thus, purify the powers of the Soul of the World and bring its light to the Treasure of Light.)

(A correct parallel indicates that within the Microcosm man the same thing must occur when one wants to reach the Self-Realization of the Being.)

(The Workers of the Great Work, work ceaselessly on themselves and on the Universe; this is specified in all religious Genesis.)

(It is up to us to do within themselves what the Army of the Word did in the Macrocosm.)

(The servants of all the Rulers gathered and gathered all the matter of all of them.)

(It is about gathering Salt, Sulfur and Mercury, for the Great Work.)

(Through the wise combinations of Salt, Sulfur and Mercury, the Great Work is done.)

(Those who have done the Great Work present it to the Melchizedek Receptors.)


(Those who have performed the Great Work enter the Sacred Order of Melchizedek.)

(The useless material is thrown into the Hell worlds, that is, into the submerged sphere that is below the Aeons, region of beasts that personify our psychological defects.)

(From the Abyss frightful things arise according to the rulers of that sphere and according to all the configurations of their  revolution, and everything is distributed among humanity.)

(Ultimately, through Buddhistic and Christic  Annihilation, disintegrating psychic aggregates or dry Mercury, we can crystallize Soul in us.)

(The Receptors of the sphere below the Aeons do wonderful works that people do not even remotely suspect.)

(They can mold the useless material that falls into the sphere, below the Aeons.)

(They can mold such useless material, into souls of reptiles and wild beasts and birds according to all the configurations of their revolution, and distribute them in this world of humanity, and become souls in this region, just as I have told you.)

(They can and should direct in the submerged sphere, which is below the Aeons, the involutive processes of wild beasts, reptiles and cattle, furious bulls and crocodile-faced demons.)

(Such beasts of the Averno are psychic aggregates personifying psychological defects, spawns of hell, egos that come from human organisms.)


(The Rulers of the sphere below the Aeons have power over Life and Death.)

(The Rulers of that submerged sphere direct the waves of Life and Death.)

(Specifying, we will say: The Regents of the infernal submerged sphere, which is below the Thirteen Aeons, have the power to work with living creatures that live on the surface of the Earth and with the beasts of the Abyss.)

(The psychic aggregates that constitute the ego have animal forms.)

(Those who enter the hell worlds, get into involution in the time until the second death.)

(Through the second death the Soul, the Essence is released, then enters to the Eden to restart or restart new evolutionary processes that must arise in the Mineral, continue in the Vegetal and continue in the Animal state, until reconquering the human state that once was be lost.)

(All this work with souls of men and beasts, on the surface of the world and in the sphere below the Thirteen Aeons, is directed by the Regents of the Averno.)


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