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                                                                                     Chapter 66

                                                         The Obstinate emanations scream for help.

And the First Mystery continued again in his speech saying: "It happened like this, before I drove Pistis Sophia out of chaos, as I had not yet been commanded through my Father, the First Mystery who looks inside, who did at that moment, after the obstinate emanations perceived that my ray of light had taken away the light powers that would take Pistis Sophia away , pouring them into her, and when they saw Pistis Sophia again shining as it shone from the beginning, they were enraged against her and they shouted again to their Obstinate man to come and help them to take back their powers from Pistis Sophia . 


(Even after recovering the light-powers, the dark ones return to the charge against the Initiate.)

                                       He sent out another more violent power, like a flying bolt.

"And Obstinate sent out from the height, from the thirteenth Aeon, another great light power, that descended into chaos, like a flying arrow, to help its emanations to snatch the lights of Pistis Sophia again. And when the light power fell the obstinate emanations that were in chaos and oppressing Pistis Sophia were filled with courage and pursued her with great terror and enormous alarm from Pistis Sophia. And some Obstinate emanations oppressed her. "

(The dark forces always want to wrest the lights from the Initiate, even when he has reached Aeon Thirteen.)

                                       The powers take the form of a snake, basilisk and dragon.

"One of them changed herself into the shape of a great serpent, another into the shape of a seven-headed basilisk, yet another took the shape of a dragon. Furthermore, the first power of Obstinate, the face of a lion and all her numerous emanations came together and oppressed Pistis Sophia driving her back to the lower regions of chaos and scaring her excessively. "

(The tempting serpent of Eden, the horrible Python, struggles incessantly to bring down the Initiate.)

(The seven-headed Basilisk represents the seven spawn of hell: anger, greed, lust, envy, pride, laziness, and gluttony.)

(The Dragon of Mysteries is the guardian of the Great Treasure.)

                                             The demon power of Adamas, attacks Pistis Sophia.

"Then it happened that out of the twelve Aeons, Adamas the Tyrant looked down, who also felt anger against Pistis Sophia, because she wanted to go to the light of lights that was on all of them; therefore he detested her. Happened then that Adamas, the Tyrant, looked down on the twelve Aeons , he saw the emanations of Obstinate oppressing Pistis Sophia and eager to snatch all her lights. Then the power of Adamas fell to chaos, to the emanations of Obstinate, rushing over Pistis Sophia and so it happened that the lion-faced power and the serpent, basilisk, and dragon-like emanations and many other emanations of Obstinate, surrounded Pistis Sophia together trying to take away her powers, oppressing her excessively and threatening her. Then feeling oppresed Pistis Sophia became very alarmed and shouted again to the Light , singing the following praises:

(Adamas, the great Lord of the Law, and his servants, fight against Pistis Sophia, they do not want their final liberation.)

(The Budhas Pratyekas and many gods and powerful Lords of the Law do not want the final liberation of Pistis Sophia.)

(We need to immerse ourselves in the light of the Light and in the intelligence of the Intelligence if we want the FINAL LIBERATION.)

(Bodhisattvas have to fight against the powers of Light and against the powers of Darkness when they want FINAL LIBERATION.)

(The Bodhisattva who has the Bodhisitta awake within him cannot be detained by Prince Adamas, nor by the holy Buddhas Pratyekas.)

(Only by surrendering to the Father who is in secret, can the Bodhisattvas overcome Prince Adamas and the Buddhas Pratyekas.)

(Adamas fulfills his duty to collect from Pistis Sophia old debts.)

(To achieve Final Liberation, final accounts must be arranged.)

(There is ordinary Karma, but there is also the Law of KATANCIA, the higher Karma.)

(Before FINAL LIBERATION is achieved, we must settle accounts in the higher courts of Heavenly Justice.)

(Karmic debts are settled in the courts of Objective Justice.)

(The Gods and the Great Initiates have to be judged by the judges of the Law of KATANCIA.)

(The attorneys of the courts of Heavenly Justice defend the Initiates before the Cosmic Judges.)

(There are also some cosmic executioners who execute the terrible mandates of the Law.)

(Each one carries within his Conscience the Karma police who leads him before the courts of the Law.)

(The Law of KATANCIA is no exception and the Great Initiates are brought before the higher courts.)

(Business with Adamas is appalling.)

(When you have cosmic capital, is paid and everything is wonderful.)

(Do good works and do them in abundance so that you have cosmic capital of useful works.)

(The Great Law , conjugated with the powers of the Abyss, closes the way to Pistis Sophia .)

(Adamas and his agents are never evil and wicked, they comply with the Law and that is all.)

(The Judges of the Law are beyond good and evil.)


   Sophia cries out to the Light again.


- Oh! Light, you who have helped me, let your light come to me.


- Well, you are my protector and I come to you, Oh! Light, with my faith in you, Oh! Light.


- Well, you are my Savior from the emanations of Obstinate and Adamas, the Tyrant, and you will have to save me from their violent threats. "

(Only in the Light and by the Light can business be done with Adamas and with the Law.)

(Adamas is certainly not a tyrant, he collects what we owe before we escape from this Universe, and that's it.)

(When it is said in Pistis Sophia that Adamas is a Tyrant, understand that this is the allegorical or symbolic way in which the Great Kabir Jesus, the Christ, speaks .)

                          Gabriel and Michael and the ray of light, again go to the aid of Pistis Sophia .

"When Pistis Sophia had said this, the First Mystery, which sees the interior, I, at the command of my Father, again sent Gabriel and Michael and the great ray of light, so that I could help Pistis Sophia. I ordered Gabriel and Michael to take Pistis Sophia in their hands and lift her up so that her feet do not touch the darkness under them, and I also ordered them to guide her through the regions of chaos, and take her outside.

Then, when the Angels descended into chaos with the ray of light, it happened that the emanations of Obstinate and the emanations of Adamas saw that the ray of light shone in an extraordinary way, with no possible measurement for its light, and, terrified, they withdrew of Pistis Sophia everywhere, from the right and left and sides, becoming halo of light around his head.

And it happened, when the ray of light surrounded Pistis Sophia, that she felt great courage; the light did not cease to surround her and she no longer feared the emanations of Obstinate, the inhabitants of chaos, nor the new power that Obstinate had thrown into chaos as a flying bolt, nor trembled with fear at the power of Adamas from the Aeons. "

(With the help of Michael and Gabriel, symbols of the Sulfur and the Mercury of the Sages, Pistis Sophia comes out of Chaos.)

(The dark ones incessantly attack the Initiate full of Pistis Sophia, but the Christic ray triumphs.)

(The Christic power triumphs over Adamas and over the tenebrous.)

(The demon power of Adamas, comes from the aeons, is sacred, it is the law of the Katancia . )

(The First Mystery that sees the Interior is the Old man of the Days, the Hidden of the Hidden, the Goodness of Goodness, the Mercy of Mercies.)

                                                                         Sophia's transfiguration.

Furthermore, by my command, the First Mystery that sees the interior, the ray of light that surrounded Pistis Sophia on all sides, shone even brighter and Pistis Sophia appeared in the middle of the light, with a great light to her left, and to her right and everywhere, forming a halo around her head. And all the Obstinate emanations could not change their faces again nor withstand the shock of the great light of the ray, which was a halo around her head. And all the Obstinate emanations fell some to the right of Pistis Sophia, because this one shone excessively, and many others fell to her left, and they were not able to approach Pistis Sophia because of its great light, and some fell on others and could not inflict any evil on Pistis Sophia because she had trusted the light.

"(The dark ones fall before Pistis Sophia totally defeated.)


Jesus the First Mystery who looks, made Sophia triumph.

"And by command of my Father, the First Mystery that sees the interior, that is to say, myself, I went down into chaos, shining extraordinarily, I approached the lion-faced power, which shone excessively, and took away all its light, containing all emanations of Obstinate, so that henceforth they should not return to their region, the thirteenth aeon. and I removed the power of all the emanations of Obstinate  and they fell helplessly into chaos. and I led her to Pistis Sophia forward, leaving her the right of Gabriel and Michael. And the great ray of light entered her again and Pistis Sophia contemplated with her eyes her enemies, from whom I had taken her light power. And I led Pistis Sophia out of chaos, she oppressing under his feet to the serpent-face emanation of Obstinate, and furthermore, treading with his feet the seven-headed basilisk-shaped emanation, and to the power lion-face and dragon-face. I made Sophia continue on the basilisk emanation with seven heads, Obstinate, and she was more powerful than all in her mean deeds. And I, the First Mystery, approached her and took away all her powers and made all her matter perish so that no seed would arise from her. "

(The Intimate Christ defeats the Lion of the Law and the dark ones, antithesis of the Thirteenth Aeon.)

(Pistis Sophia, the Initiate, elaborates the Philosopher's Stone with Michael and with Gabriel, with Sulfur and Mercury.)

(The Ray of Light enters Pistis Sophia and it triumphs over darkness.)

(She, Pistis Sophia, triumphs over the tempting serpent of Eden and over the undesirable psychic elements.)

(Pistis Sophia triumphs over the seven-headed basilisk, symbol of the seven deadly sins.)

(Pistis Sophia, with the help of the Christ, overcomes Lion`s face power, the Law of the Katancia . )

(Pistis Sophia, through the Christic help , defeats the dragon, symbol of Lucifer, who gives him the "Treasure of the Kings", the Golden Fleece.)

(The seven-headed basilisk dies with all its mean deeds and there is no seed left to emerge.)

(Thus the Christ sets totally the Initiate free.)

(The Intimate Christ is the Lord of the Great Work.)

(The Secret Christ annihilates in us even the most intimate roots of evil.)


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