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                                                                                        Chapter 57

                                                  And Jesus continued in his speech telling his disciples:

"It happened after Pistis Sophia yelled at me again saying," O Light of lights, I crossed the twelve aeons, have descended from them and for that reason have expressed twelve regrets, one for every Aeon. Now and therefore, Oh! light of lights, forgive my transgression, which is very great, since I have left the regions of height and I have come to dwell in the regions of chaos. "When Pistis Sophia said this, she continued with her thirteenth repentance saying:


(Christ is the Light of the lights, which, in itself, is one with the Father.)

(The Intimate Christ or Chistus- Vishnú is the Light of the Lights.)

(Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, is the light of the lights.)

(The twelve regrets of Pistis Sophia are related to the twelve hours of Apollonius, the twelve works of Hercules, the twelve Aeons.)

(These include the qualification of the eight great Initiations of Fire and four more works after the Resurrection of the Intimate Christ within the Bodhisattva.)

(It is clear that every fallen Bodhisattva descends from Aeon Thirteen and falls into Chaos.)

(Undoubtedly, Pistis Sophia must work in Chaos to ascend to Aeon Thirteen.)

(Pistis Sophia's thirteenth repentance belongs to Aeon Thirteen.)

(Unquestionably, the Initiate must work on each of the Thirteen Aeons if he wants Final Liberation.)

(The First Aeon is MALCHUT, here and in the underground Abyss.)

(The second Aeon is JESOD, in our sexual organs and in the fourth dimension within which is the earthly Paradise, the etheric world.)

(The Third Aeon is the astral world. The Sephira HOD.)

(The Fourth Aeon is NETSAHN, the mental world.)

(The Fifth Aeon is TIPHERETHT, the causal world.)

(The Sixth Aeon is GEBURAH, the Buddhic or intuitional world.)

(The Seventh Aeon is the world of the Ineffable ATMAN, the CHESED or GEBULAH region.)

(The Eighth Aeon is BINAH, the region of the Holy Spirit, the world of Shiva, the Third Logos.)


(The Ninth Aeon is CHOKMAH, the Logos region, of the Cosmic Christ.)

(The Tenth Aeon is KETHER, the Ancient of Days region.)

(Aeon Eleventh is the region of AIN SOPH AUR, the third great aspect of the ABSOLUTE.)

(The Aeon Twelve is the region of AIN SOPH, second aspect of the ABSOLUTE.)

(Aeon Thirteen is the region of AIN, UNMANIFEST ABSOLUTE.)

(Each of the thirteen Aeons must be self-realized in us.)

(Pistis Sophia must self-perform in the thirteen Aeons based on conscious work and voluntary suffering.)



                                                             Thirteenth repentance of Pistis Sophia.


- Listen to my song of praise to you, Oh! Light of lights, hear my repentance for the thirteenth Aeon, the region that I have been out of, so that the thirteenth repentance of the thirteenth Aeon is fulfilled - the thirteenth of those Aeons that I have passed through - and out of which I have been.


- Now and therefore, Oh! Light of lights, listen to my song of praise to you in the thirteenth Aeon, my region, outside of which I am.


- Save me, oh! Light, in your great mystery, and forgive my sin in your forgiveness.


- Give me the baptism and forgive my sins, and purify me of my transgression.


- My sin is the face of Lion, who will never be hidden from you; because of him I have descended to chaos.


- And I alone among the invisible in whose regions I was, I have sinned and descended into chaos. Moreover, I have sinned and may your command be fulfilled. "

This is what Pistis Sophia said. Now and therefore, that he whose spirit urges him to understand his words, come here and proclaim his thoughts. "Martha came forward and said:" My Lord, my spirit urges me to proclaim the solution to what Pistis Sophia expressed; Your power prophesied before, through David in his Psalm Fifty, saying:

(The Mystery of the Light is the Mystery of the Intimate Christ.)

(Only the Mystery of Christ can save us.)

(The Intimate Christ, as Rector of the Light, must eliminate all the undesirable psychic elements that we carry within us, only then can the Mystery of the Light be consummated in us.)

(Baptism is a covenant of Sexual Magic.)       

(If someone receives Baptism and does not comply with this covenant, he fails completely.)

(Only the Intimate Christ can forgive sins.)

(The Lord also grants that power to the "Woman-Snake.")

(The Lion Face Power is the Law of Karma in action punishing Pistis Sophia.)

(Karma is not only paid for the evil that is done but for the good that is stopped being able to be done.)

(The lion of the Law is fought with the scales.)

(When a lower law is transcended by a higher law, the higher law washes the lower law.)

(Do good deeds to pay your debts.)

(When we have currency to pay we go out well in business, but when we don't have to, we must pay with pain.)

(Credits can be requested from the Lions of the Law, the latter must be paid with good works or with supreme pain.)

(We need to free ourselves, emancipate ourselves from the Causation Law.)

(Only by waking up and developing Consciousness can we make the big leap.)

(It is necessary that the Bodhisitta, that is, the Golden Embryo, the Awakened Consciousness, fall into the Illuminating Void.)

(Only then can the Bodhisitta free itself from the world of relativity.)

(The world of relativity is the world of combinations and duality.)

(The universal machine of relativity is based on the Law of Cosmic Causation.)

(The Law of Cosmic Causation is the Law of Karma itself.)

(The Causation Law is the same Law of action and consequence.)

(Through "The Great Leap" we can dive into the "Illuminating Void.")

(Thus and only in this way can we free ourselves from the Law of Karma.)

(The world of relativity is based on constant dualism, and therefore, on the chain of cause and effects.)

(We must break chains to plunge into the Illuminating Void.)

(Obviously, the Illuminating Void is only the prelude to TALITY, that is, the GREAT REALITY.)

(The path that leads to the Great Reality is absolutely sexual.)

(There are many degrees of intuition, but the highest degree is only for mystical, religious or philosophers.).. (Intuition is the vision of the genius and who denies it is because he cannot see with his immense power)

(Only people like that, with the intuition " PRAJNA-PARAMITA, can experience the TALITY.)

(The Face Power of Lion rules in the world of relativity, but not in the Illuminating Void, nor in the Great Reality.)

                                            Martha plays the Thirteenth Repentance with Psalm 50


- Be kind to me, Oh! God, for your great goodness. By your great piety, erase my sin.


- Wash me completely from my iniquity.


- And may my sin never be present before you.


- Be fair to judge me and may your words prevail when judged.


"This is the solution to the words expressed by Pistis Sophia."


Jesus said to her: "You have spoken well, blessed Martha."


(The Intimate Christ can erase sins by forgiving them.)

(The Intimate Christ, in forgiving sins and disintegrating psychic aggregates, washes us of all iniquity.)

(Every sin, being disintegrated, is no longer present before the Lord.)

(The words of the Intimate Christ, prevailing in righteous judgment, radically liberate us.)


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